If You Had Only 3 Hours Left to Live

Haifaa Younis


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If someone comes right now

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looks at me and says, Hey, fat 10pm You're going to be dead?

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Is that possible?

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Of course, do I know when I'm dying? Do you know when you're going to leave? So Allah gave me a three hours and 15 minutes warning, what I'm going to do is

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I'm going to go and watch TV. I am going to go and get my coffee. I am going to go and just sleep because there's nothing else to do.

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What I'm going to do

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everything I can do in this three and 15 minutes that I need to do, that's all my life. I said one day, I'll do that. Then you are ready to go.

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Well, is that Julie O'Meara, he'll get ready and don't only Age.

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Age has nothing to do with the day we are leaving. There's people who died when I went in the earthquake, the mother, the grandmother was 60 She's alive talking to me and the girl. 10 years old, she died.

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So taqwa, Allah is always in my mind, like we always saw aware of people. We are always aware of people. If this needs to change, you are always aware of Allah subhanho wa Taala