Did Umar b. al-Khattab bury his own daughter alive before Islam?

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In this video,Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi sheds light on the strange narration about Umar RA and his daughter and critically analyses the facts and fiction.

An uncanny narration started making the rounds before the advent of Islam about Umar Ibn al-Khattab RA burying his own daughters alive as per the custom of the pagan Arabs of his time. The story tells us how an innocent little baby girl playing with her father’s beard and her father Umar RA mercilessly buries her in the scorching desert whilst she was still alive!

Was Umar Ibn al-Khattab really ever guilty of this crime? Listen intently to fully comprehend this narration.



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Another another story narrated about Tim and this is a very important story to to bring up. It is an infamous story. And all of us have heard this story. And that is the story of him having buried his daughter alive

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in the days of Jay Z, and we've all heard this story. And the story goes as follows. In case you haven't heard it, the story goes as follows that

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Bob would narrate in detail, the story that his wife gave birth, and she hid it from him for a while, because she knew the temperament of Omar. And then one day, it was discovered, and the baby was playing with him and playing with his beard and everything. And he very, very cruelly, the details were there, they threw in the pit and he and he buried in everything. Now this story is mentioned and all of us narrated. But the fact of the matter is, it is not found in any classical book of biographies of history. It is not found in any book written in the original era of Islam, or the first five 600 years, we don't find this story at all. And it does seem to be a complete

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fabrication to be honest. And one needs to realize our honorable hautala de la one is despised by a group of Muslims and the non Sunni Muslims, they do not like him at all. And it is not too far fetched, that these types of stories are put into circulation, by people who do not like or motive will help out with the loved one. The fact of the matter is that this story appears to be a complete fabrication, for many reasons. Most importantly, number one, it is not mentioned with any it's not not even a fabricated it's not in any classical biography, or work of early Islamic history. It's not mentioned in autobody, and had been copied and as a hobby, it's not mentioned in

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was the HMI basically, all of the biographical dictionaries of the Sahaba that are well known, you can go look them up, they don't have this story, it does not have it. And in fact, this story, it is actually

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made popular by modern people. So for example, the Arabs, you know, of this person, I bust man with a pod, the famous

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I didn't mention his nationality, or the one who was to bring it in.

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The famous

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writer, poet, any self professed failure, failure, Sue, for me, is just a Roger de biani person of a dub. He's not an island, nobody considers him as an island. And frankly, he has shared that is also a bit bizarre and weird. He's just a When did he die 1960 or something, and he died last generation. And

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he just wrote a number of books. He's This is perhaps the source where the story becomes popular. Now, who is an app called to be an authority on multiple hotels, biography? Obviously, nothing, you go back to the authoritative books, it's not mentioned. So this is the main point. Another point is that the tribe and the reason I go into detail is because we need to, we need to expel this rumor. And all of you should be aware that this is a lie. It is simply not true. That unreal, hottub did not stop for a lot kill his own daughter, even though if he did in the days of Joshua, he is forgiven, you understand in the desert, but still, it is something that is inhumane.

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And it's something that is difficult to imagine.

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Even a cafard who doesn't believe in the Day of Judgment doing this, right. It's something only the worst of the worst to do. And I'm horrible hotdog is not guilty of it. That's the point. So what is another evidence for this? The fact that his tribe, the bundle? Id we're not known for this practice? Yes, it was found. But it was not the bundle ID, the bundle ID we're not have those who practice this. And there are plenty of women in this tribe who are well known, including his own sister, Fatima, Fatima, and many others of the women who are alive. And from that era, nobody's killing them. Okay. And his firstborn. Another evidence that this light has to be a lie. his

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firstborn child is none other than half

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and half so was born pre Islam. At least five years before Islam. hafsa is born before Islam. So why is hafsat alive? In fact, his kunia is about house so remember the low end was Kenya as our house. There is no house he didn't have a house but because

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Generally the punia was for the male and hafsa was born and she's female. So the name is converted to a male and he becomes a powerhouse. His Cooney is our house. So he's proud that he's able house he had hafsa is alive and she's a girl pre Islam, which shows what

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he's not going around killing his own daughters. Okay, this is perhaps the most obvious evidence that the story simply cannot be true. And then there is a final evidence and it is a hadith narrated in a tapa Ron is more Jamila Kabir and I bought it myself too so that you can just read it directly. It is

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Hadeeth on volume 18 page 337 where it is mentioned by a note might have been Bashir that I heard Omaha Bob asked about the ayah what is Elmo? ooda to sue ilets? Somebody asked, and we're gonna talk about the ayah what is Elmo ooda to shoot he lets you all know the ayah right when the one who is the babygrow that is killed is asked to help responded. I even asked him came to the Prophet salallahu idea he was sending them and said, I killed eight of my own daughters in La Jolla. Omar is narrating that he even asked him he said to the processor, I killed eight daughters in La Jolla, what do I do? So the prophet SAW Selim said, free for every one of those ate a slave.

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So he said, I don't have slaves, but I have camels.

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So the problem said, okay, find a bandana, which is a type of female camel, that is very pricey. We'll find the bandana, and free eight buttons, one for each. Now, this hadith tells us that Omar rhodiola. One is narrating that another person

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did this to his own daughters.

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This indicates he didn't do it, or else he would have himself narrated a story about himself. It also indicates that if he had done anything, he would have had to also give the button or the photo. And he didn't do that. So all of these evidences put together clearly indicate that the story of Roma hottub murdering his own daughter is simply false. It never happened. And it needs to be erased from our literature and our vernacular, unfortunately, people they keep on quoting this and it is simply not true. And will lie if you think about it, it's just not possible to imagine a person of dignity doing this to his own daughter is simply not possible. And so to accuse me of doing this, or

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the long run, especially the vivid detail, by the way, and this is why a number of our modern scholars have said this is a fabrication from the other group, because the vivid detail that she was clinging to me and you know, she's crying as I put her and I mean really, you know, I mean it's such like a melodramatic, you know, scene out of a vicious You know, this is this is not you You see what I'm saying here, it's not something that even makes sense that a man would even tell all of you these details and and and and you know, life goes on doesn't work that way. You cannot do this, you know.

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That's what I'm saying that he was playing with my beard and cleaning the beard. The all of this has mentioned any

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job, it doesn't make any sense really, right? It goes against human intellect reason, it goes against common sense, what law you don't even need all of these other things, but put together and I go into detail because, unfortunately is too common to hear the story. And it is simply not true. But I'm going to hop over to the law. One might have done things in his youth of drinking wine and whatnot, which is what everybody did, but he did not murder his own daughter. And that's something that needs to be eliminated from our literature.