Daood Butt – May 29, 2020

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The upcoming month ofFinancial is a blessing for those who missed it, as it is the month of the year when the Church of God gives thanks to its followers. The importance of reciting surah to calf and praying for a period of time to obtain a license is emphasized. Fasting during the month of Guinea is crucial for natural goodness and helping individuals achieve their goals, and individuals should avoid the lack of fasting during the month. The importance of protecting everyone is emphasized, and families are encouraged to register for the fall semester of the program.
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hamdulillah Nana Dooku monastery you know who want us to Pharaoh, Naruto billahi min surey and fusina woman sejati Anna Lena mejor de la who philomel the Nana one mejor de Lille Fela howdy Allah when a shadow Allah either in Allahu Allahu la sharika when I showed you under Mohammed Abu who was a pseudo someone who he was, he was somebody he was sending to Sleeman kathira about the law will see kumana cb taco law he azzawajal came upon a loss of Hannah who were to Allah burn the rules we'll be learning in a shape on a virgin. This Mila hit him.

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Yeah you Hannah's if taco taco lady Hola, Coco enough. Simla Haider masala caminhadas jaha Oba thermen humare. Jalan caphyon on when he said, What taco la la de de una be here we'll have him in LA her can la como la cleaver, my brothers and sisters.

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Today on this first Friday after the month of Ramadan, I know that many people feel the sadness many people feel as though Ramadan is gone. And we left something absolutely amazing behind us. And many of us feel as though the rewards that we got throughout the month of Ramadan cannot be achieved or cannot be received from Allah subhanho wa Taala after the month of Ramadan.

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And this is where year after year, we remind ourselves and we remind each other that Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Lord of Ramadan, the Lord of the month of Ramadan, the one who owns the blessings in the mercy of Ramadan and who owns the forgiveness that we are granted, the one who owns all of the higher and Baraka that we receive the goodness that we received in our lives. So the month of Ramadan still remains. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah continues to bless us throughout the entire year. So the blessings and forgiveness of Ramadan don't only happen during that one month in the year, they don't only happen on the last 10 nights or during the last 10 nights of Ramadan. They

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don't only happen in the odd nights of Ramadan, and they don't only happen during the night of Laila to recover. We see that the profits on the longer I leave us seldom encourages us to continue in doing good continue in seeking out hire. And Allah Subhana Allah tells us that in the end was your eternal fear it never become.

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A loss of hand with Allah mentions in the Quran is what was said before right to compete with one another, and to strive and to quickly rush towards the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so it's not something that ends after Ramadan ends. Ramadan as a month has ended the blessing guest and the blessing month has ended but Allah Subhana Allah continues, and Allah has the ability to forgive whenever he wants, and whoever he wants wherever he wants, however he wants. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala continues and remains He always was and will always be now

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the prophets on the long run I think he was seldom taught us that whoever stands during the month of Ramadan as in whoever brings Ramadan to life men comma Ramadan and Eamon de Silva with firm belief in a Muslim Hannah who went to Anna submitting to a Muslim Hanoi to Allah and also hopeful for rewards from Allah in their actions of Ramadan Littlefield, Allah will not to condemn him in dombey that person will seek will receive forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa tanunda for all of the things that they've passed in, that they've committed in their past. Now that's one aspect of it. The other thing my brothers and sisters that we see is

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after the month of Ramadan, the Sahaba of the alumni, they became very sad that this blessed month has left them and so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam encouraged them to fast this six days of show one man sauna, Ramadan, and some better who be sitting minchah well Kanika Solomon daddy couldn't write it is as though the person has fasted the entire year, if they follow up the fast of the month of Ramadan with six more days of fasting in the month of show what

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now, is it compulsory for us to fast throughout the month of Sha one? No, it isn't compulsory. Is it something that is encouraged and highly encouraged or recommended? Yes, absolutely. Because of the reward, there's a great reward, and especially those that are seeking rewards and those who feel you know, maybe I fell short, maybe I could receive more maybe, you know, maybe I deserve more blessings. Maybe there's a little bit more that I could have done throughout the month of Ramadan and I just want to seek out more. We see my brothers and sisters

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That Allah subhanho wa Taala grants us so much blessing throughout the entire year. It's not only an Amazon. And so those of us who missed the Ramadan, we can carry over the good deeds. But remember those of us who only become close to Allah throughout the month of Ramadan, this is a reminder for all of us. And this is something that most imams don't really focus on. They focus on Oh, you know if people are sad, because I'm about ended, so there's something more for them to get. And that's true. That's right, there is something more, there is the reward of fasting the entire year by fasting six days of chawan. And we have a whole month to actually complete it, except for the first

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day which is the David read every other day throughout the month of show when a person can fast seeking out that reward of having fasted the entire year. However, my brothers and sisters This is also a reminder, those of us who become practicing are those of us who only start to pray during Ramadan or those of us who only fast throughout the month of Ramadan or only do very bad. You know what, there are many Muslims and they come and they say it right they say it their friends know it, their family members know it, they say, you know, I only really come close to a lot during the month of Ramadan. Throughout the Yes, the rest of the year. They're far from Islam, far from Allah subhana

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wa Tada. This is a reminder that we should not give up at the end of Ramadan. We shouldn't only be practicing Muslims or good Muslims or devout Muslims throughout the month of Ramadan, we need to continue doing that throughout the whole year. There are specific times like the six days of chawan that we can fast and receive, you know, forgiveness from a loss of Hannah who went to Hana or the day of Asheville at all right, you know, the 10th of Muharram. There are other days like fasting the Dave out off for those who don't go for hedge which is coming up very soon, right, those who are not going to be going for hedge and that's probably every single one of us this year, I must have

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handled it and it knows best. But you know, that is something that comes up as well. And so my brothers and sisters, we have to keep in mind that our boss from head to Hana blesses us in so many different ways on a Friday. This is a blessed day as well recite surah to calf and Allah will put new in your week. And what that means is that you will, you will have natural goodness from Allah subhanho wa Taala that comes into your week from week to week to week if we simply recite surah to calf every single Friday. And that's something that we can easily achieve and easily do every single morning after so lots of fudge on a Friday or maybe waking up a little bit early or after the Jamal

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you know lecture that we're listening to right now we can simply open up the floor and for 20 minutes 30 minutes if people recite slowly and recite sought out to a class and that's the end of it right? It's so simple to do. It takes a small amount of time throughout the day. And in fact, when you factor in the time that we're saving, going to the masjid on Juma on Friday coming back from the masjid the drive that usually have either you're going from work to the masjid or going from home to the masjid or you're going from work to the masjid and then back home afterwards because maybe you take the rest of the day off the time that you would save on driving. Why not put that towards

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reciting sorta to the gods now, because we're not you know, actually driving to the masjid. So my brothers and sisters

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take advantage of the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala had all his remains and the fact that Allah Subhana Allah His blessings will always be there. And the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala is looking for those who are going to continuously seek those rewards from him. Remember my brothers and sisters that the month of Ramadan is a time to train ourselves. It's not just a time where we turn to a loan or about that and that's the end of it. So we should be still praying an extra minimum to Sunnah. After salata, Asia, for example, or a minimum of two, you know, America in the middle of the night sometime, maybe before fudge. For those of us who were not punctual with our son

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of budget, remember that the reward of praying those two sooner before it's fallen to the budget, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teaches us that those two would occur sooner is better than this whole world and all that it contains, right? Better than the entire world and all that it contains. So, so have a look. If we felt that in Ramadan, we were able to pray those two signals, then maybe we should start with continuing that throughout the rest of the year. Those of us who started to pray Our prayers throughout the month of Ramadan, regular prayers, try to continue that throughout the rest of the year. Because that's important for us. It's compulsory, just as fasting

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was compulsory. Also, praying our prayers five times a day, especially on time is important to my brothers and sisters throughout the month of Ramadan also.

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Now, throughout the rest of the year, also not just throughout the month of Ramadan. Now, the fact that we were able to train ourselves into a typical routine in the month of Ramadan means that we should be able to carry on some of those

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didn't remember at the beginning of the month of Ramadan, I always remind every single one of us the importance of identifying something that will be good for us to carry forward throughout the rest of the year. So identify certain actions in Ramadan that you were able to do on a regular basis and carry it forward for the next 11 months. And this is the time to actually do that. One of the simplest things that we did, my brothers and sisters was fasting. And I know it's not simple. I'll be totally honest with you. Fasting is not my thing. Some people love fasting, and they feel really, you know, at ease with fasting, they can eat one meal a day, and they maybe typically do eat one

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meal a day. And that's it. But for others, like myself, I don't prefer fasting. Fasting is not something that I find to be, you know, very easy for me or something that I enjoy so much, right? I love food. I might not show that I eat so much food, but I love food, I love the flavors, and so on and so forth. And so my brothers and sisters, we need to be people that carry certain things forward. And I was doing a little bit of math this morning. I don't have a calculator in front of me, and my pen is right here. But it was doing a little bit of math this morning. And I was thinking to myself, let's see if some of you are able to do this. You can read it in the chat. And I see that

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a lot of you are asking questions, but this isn't really the time or the platform to be asking questions. It's Friday, right? We're giving a little bit of a Friday message. So here we go. If someone was to fast, every,

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every single week, Mondays and Thursdays, okay, Mondays and Thursdays that means two days, every week, how many weeks or in a year.

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Let's see if you're paying attention how many weeks are in a year, type it in in the comments section see who is paying attention during this drama lecture. How many weeks are in the year and remember it is permissible to respond to the email even in the in the masjid during the hoop of Juma has the Imam asks, it is permissible to respond very good 52 hamdulillah we have some people that are paying attention. One of them is called Samsung Galaxy Shama. Alright, so two times 52. Okay, so two days, every single week, Mondays and Thursdays is soon not too fast. And if we multiply that by 52, that equals How much? Four, two times two is four, and two times five is 100. That's 104 days of

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the year. Okay, now, let's subtract eight from that, because eight of those are being fasted during the month of Ramadan. So that brings us to 9696 days of fasting throughout the year, divide that by

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30, right 30 days in a in a month, that gives us three months, and six days, three months,

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and six days.

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one month, which means four months, and six days

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of the year, a Muslim can easily fast, which means it is easy to fast for one third of the year, what is the best type of fasting my brothers and sisters, the best type of fasting the profits on the longer, Elihu SLM teaches us is the fasting of deleeuw, Allah, his son and prophet dealt with his setup. And he would fast one day and eat the next day, fast one day and eat the next day, which means

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if we were to fast during the month of Ramadan, and then fast every Monday and Thursday, right, and then let's just say we add six days, six days of show, while for example, right, we could do that. But let's not get too picky and technical. Technically, here, what we're doing is if we're simply fasting in Ramadan, and then fasting every Monday and Thursday, what we find is that we would be fasting one third of the year, four months, and six days of the whole year, we would be fasting. Now, when you think of that, anyone who says Oh, fasting, the fast food is like impossible to do. Technically, if we were to fast, the three middle days of the month as well. So three days every

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single month, right, the 14th 15th and 16th of every single month of 13 1415 of every single month. That means three times 12 is what 36, that's an extra month 36 plus four months, that's five months, and 12 days.

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Add the day of actual add the day of alpha and so on and so forth. It would be easy for every single Muslim to fast half of the year. If we were to simply fast the three days aim and build in the middle of every single Islamic month, and Mondays and Thursdays and the month of Ramadan. We would all be able to fast six months of the year or five months of the year, we should say, right, five months, five and a half months. Do you see how easy it is? How much blessings and rewards and when you think of it you're like wow, what's fascinating

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Two days a week. It's not that hard, technically, especially in the winter months, right, we can get away with it really easily. So what loss of habitat is blessing? The reason why I'm showing you this, my brothers and sisters, some of us think that I you know what, it's too hard. How is anyone logically it's like impossible to think of someone fasting every other day.

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The technically what we see my brothers and sisters is that it is possible for us to get the rewards of fasting for half of the year by simply following a simple formula fast throughout the month of Ramadan, fast every Mondays and Thursdays which was the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and fast the middle days of every single Islamic month, and we will get a total of five, what five months and I don't remember the number is now five months in 12 days, right? So five and a half months of fasting throughout the whole year. Think of the reward, think of those gates of Orion that are open for those that Allah Subhana Allah will allow to enter into paradise from those gates.

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And that reward is so easily attainable my brothers and sisters because the prophets on the one hand he was selling them teaches us that the best of deeds are those that are done consistent consistently, even if they're small. The best deeds are those that are done consistently. A Duomo, ha what income as the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam says, and so my brothers and sisters, when we think of little rewards, or little actions, little deeds that we can do that have such a great reward. Sometimes we don't realize the amount of Baraka that Allah subhanho wa Taala puts in our lives and I know people will start doing the math and saying, Well, you know what, some of the

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middle days of the month are going to overlap on a Monday, they're going to overlap on a on a Thursday, that's fine. The point is there is that we are trying to do something that is extra for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada that we never did in the past. And so those of us that want to try and do this, especially in the months that are you know, the winter months that are the days are shorter, my brothers and sisters, it's so easy to actually do that. So we see here that Allah subhana wa Baraka is put into so many different areas of our lives, we just need to take advantage of it. To conclude my brothers and sisters, I want to remind every single one of us first of all,

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that this month of Ramadan that attended Allah was a very, very beneficial month for every single one of us not only in terms of rewards, but we do need to thank every single one of our community members or our brothers and sisters around the world who have contributed towards our mustard. I will get the final amount in the details soon from the accountant in sha Allah to Allah and let you know how much we were able to raise throughout this month of Ramadan.

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I haven't been given the final number yet inshallah. But maybe next Friday in sha Allah I'll have that. So my brothers and sisters, I do need to remind every single one of us first of all, just Kuma level height on May Allah Subhana which added bless you and your family for your contributions towards the masjid for the sake of Allah subhana wa tanunda not for anyone else, not for anything else but solely for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala that's the first thing. Secondly, my brothers and sisters, you know, this month of Ramadan was absolutely amazing in terms of it being something still filled with blessings, despite not being able to congregate as a community. So we

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have to remember to continue to make dua out to a bus of Han with Allah to allow us to return to the mustard to allow us to congregate. I remember in the drive thru, we had a drive thru, you know,

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gift sharing at the masjid on the day of read.

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And so many people came in and I tried to you know, try to speak or give them or greet every single one of the families that came into the parking lot and left or as they were leaving, and hamdulillah that was a blessing. And I do need to thank every single one of you from my family to yours Jazakallah level halen or even Mubarak to every single one of you. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala accept all of your efforts. But it was amazing to see people with tears in their eyes, because they missed the mustard. And I'll share this with one of you one of the brothers told me he says every single Friday at the time that I typically would leave and go for Juma. He says he still goes and

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drives up to the masjid pulls into the parking lots and then turns around and goes out. Another brother told me he still goes to the masjid and just you know, send Allah and send them upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when he's there because it reminds him It's Friday and that's something that's good to do. And he continued that up right hit continue going on the route to the mustard and then returning from it on the Friday and hamdulillah that's something that's amazing. So community members are still you know, seeking nearness to Allah subhanho wa Taala by trying to still find that connection with the masjid in whatever way shape or form that they're capable of doing.

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But still, my brothers and sisters remember that it's a Friday and every single Friday is a time that we usually raise some funds to keep up the maintenance of the masjid. So please do remember to contribute towards them.

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mustered today. And every single Friday, you know, let's try to contribute a little bit, myself and everyone included towards our Masjid here in Milton, those who are asking about the website, you remember it very clearly. Alhamdulillah Aigner milton.com, right, we'll pop it up right here in front of you on Facebook and Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, on Instagram, you can type it in over there, I'm not going to do any fundraising of hamdulillah. You know, we did that during Ramadan. And we pushed really hard and we want to be very thankful to every single one of the community members who contributed. But Lastly, I do want to remind us that the programs at the masjid are ongoing. So

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for example, next week, we will continue our Friday night program from next Friday in Charlotte, Canada, we also do have the, you know, put on classes, those of you who are attending the classes or your children, were attending the classes with Chef with Eva, or the other teachers, please do, you know, email them and find out the updates with regards to that I'm sure that emails are sent out already. Also our youth program if you go to our website, so please do go to the mustard website not only to donate, but to stay updated with what's happening. So on June 13, until July 26, we are resuming our way ama sessions. This is a special summer semester that is taking place online, we

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figured we would launch another semester, we typically don't run a semester in the summer. So we're doing it this year from June 13 until July 26. So it's going to be starting in two weeks in shot Montana, myself and brother Ahmed Hussain will be teaching the class it is it is titled then and now. So this semester is titled then an hour, an hour, then, and now. Okay, so the past and the present, then and now learning Islamic history and living it today. So insane is going to be teaching us you know, the then parts and I'm going to be teaching a little bit more than now part. So when he talks about, for example, Spain and the Muslims in that region of the world, I'll talk

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about it and also show pictures of my travels to some of these parts of the world and certain regions of the world that we are going to talk about from the then and then now and learn about how the Muslims are in the current situation in those worlds in those countries around the world right now as well. So this is open to family members, primarily to youth, right, we say boys and girls between grades seven and 12. So it's geared at that age range. And we are not charging per student, we're actually going to be charging per household. So if you have one child, or five children who are within that age range, it doesn't matter. We are going to be charging per household. You know,

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if your parents want to sit with their children and listen in as well, that's fine. But we always encourage that the youth are the ones that are interacting on the on the platform are going to be conducting it through zoom, once again in sha Allah to Hana that's going to be every Saturday and every Sunday, and it's a one price for the entire household. So $70 for 70 weeks, that's just $10 per week and a lot of data, there's gonna be two classes every single week, on Saturday, as well as on Sunday from 11 until 12 on Saturday and 11 to 1230 because we do have an activity after that class on Sundays. So every Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 12. And then the activity for 30 minutes

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on the Sunday afterwards. Look forward to seeing all of you register your your family, your children, simply go to the website and you can register. It can milton.com or email in iccm dot y [email protected]. And you can you know take part in that as well. We encourage every single one of us to do that and a lot of time, just from a local fate on my brothers and sisters botica level ficam we conclude by sending Peace and blessings upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam along with Sonia I know Mohammed Ali Mohammed the camera so later on in my email Addy Ibrahim needle Majeed although to Karla Mohammed Ali Mohammed

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Ibrahim Ibrahim Majeed

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We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us complete and full forgiveness and to accept all of our deeds and efforts from the month of Ramadan I mean, let's go Buster pan with added to accept the fastest of those who are contributing towards fasting the six days of show was throughout this month of show one, ask Allah subhana wa tada to remove all the hardship and the difficulties that we are facing around the world and to remove this pandemic from the globe and from our region and from all over the earth we escola some kind of way to add it to shower his blessings and mercy and safety and protection upon every single one of us and to remove oppression that is upon those who are being

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oppressed in various different countries and regions around the world. That's called lesson plan of what to add it to take those who are in poverty out of poverty and Grantham wealth and strength and health. ask Allah subhana wa tada to protect our children and keep them upon amen and Islam and allow us to live and to die upon Islam and he

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Man as well, I mean the article and I mean, we ask Allah subhana wa tada to protect our community here in Milton and to allow and to allow us to be good

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and amazing role models for the entire town of Milton and the entire GTA and the entire country of Canada. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to open our hearts to him, and to allow us to continuously connect with the Quran not only throughout the month of Ramadan, but throughout the entire year maskull wa subhana wa Jana to bless our children with the ability to learn the Quran, to recite the Quran to teach the product unto others as well. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to protect every single one of us in our lives and to grant us good health. I mean, you know, a bit I mean, which is a common level haven or some law who was sending them a little darker and then a VM

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hammered or something he was sending him or send him Where are they from? What often that's why he got a cat

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