Ahmed Hamed – Hope for Humanity | Remarable Ramadan 2020

Ahmed Hamed
AI: Summary © The importance of belief in oneself and others to instill hope and achieve success is emphasized in the current crisis. The need for belief in oneself and others to gain success is also emphasized. The importance of patient mentality and embracing family members is emphasized, along with the need to be patient and stable in difficult situations and create a positive mindset to overcome challenges and create a better life.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah, Allah, Allah, he was happy as mine, my brothers and sisters, welcome again to our last session of the day on this beautiful, blessed day, the Friday in almoner International Convention during the theme, which is also beautiful, remarkable Ramadan, well, hamdulillah we just stopped in Ramadan, and some had a lot some good news for the people of Dubai that you know, there is a restrictive hours that has been opened, you know, how,

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as it was closed for a few weeks, well, hamdulillah I feel this is going to be a beautiful and a blessed, you know, move in sha Allah. But at the same time, we need to ensure that we, you know, take care of ourselves, you know, more, you know, the authorities have done so much May Allah bless them all, the authorities have really really, you know, instilled the hope in, in the people of this beautiful nation.

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Well, my topic, inshallah, you know, after hearing the talks, by our shoe, and having a beautiful, you know, engaging panel discussion on a very vital topic, and that was, you know, after every difficulty or alongside difficulty, there is hope. My topic, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam, and in humanity in general is, you know, very vital to the current time. You know, in life, we face situations, which are sometimes bad, in sometimes good. Sometimes life is easy, and sometimes life is difficult. But there's one key word that keeps us on the move, that carry us forward. And that is hope, Yes, you heard it, right. Hope is the key word that drives us in a

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direction which is constructive, which is positive, the path which gives us, you know, positive vibes to to move forward. But hamdulillah my topic, therefore, for tonight, my brothers and sisters is hope, for humanity.

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Hope is certain, you know, and it's an essential element of human life. Imagine without hope, there is nothing Subhana Allah, if we do not have hope for after an hour, for our children, for our spouses, for our future, for our career, for our business for our own life, then we will be in absolute depression, and will be absolutely distressed. Therefore, my beloved brothers and sisters, that topic, hope for humanity is absolutely vital. More to do so in the current times where the humanity is facing a tough time, you know, a very challenging phase of their lives, where things are, you know, became quite difficult for them to catch up. So my topic, inshallah would be, by the

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rule of law by the mercy and the permission of Allah would be a relief sector for one and all in sha Allah. So, I have actually, here, I've structured my talk in five pointers. So for you, and myself, in order to instill hope in our hearts, we need to have these pointers in our lives, so that we may become the recipient of hope, you know, hope, this word this key word hope, it means to expect something. So panela in both easy and difficult times, we expect from the one who has the control over everything, we go back to the one who has the power over everything. And that is the reason the first point that I would like to share with you, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam is to have

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belief in our hearts and minds in order to instill hope in order to gain hope we need to have be

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leaf in the one who is the maker of everything, who is the creator of the entire creation, who has the power over all things, and that is Allah Almighty. In this blessed month, always make sure that you revive your belief in Subhana love, belief is something which is tightly connected with hope. So the way you think about Almighty, the way you have the connection with the Creator, the way you build up something highly hopeful from Allah, Allah gives you that way. So as Allah Almighty says beautifuly in Surah, two Allium, run surah, number three, item 139, Allah subhanho dynasties, one at a Hindu 101 Tamil are Alona in control of money. Don't be sad, don't be hopeless, don't worry, don't

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be in grief, you will be successful, you will come out from anything if you are believers. So belief is something which is so crucial, so crucial that Allah Almighty says while you're in Santa Luffy, hoser, by the token of time, the whole of mankind is an absolute loss, you know, the whole of mankind is an absolute loss, except those who believe those who believe those who have that trust in Allah, that hope in Allah, that good thinking and good thoughts about Allah, they are the ones who are out of the scope of loss. So along with this, as well as in the insert on a few calls, and a lot of laser, he gives us the exceptions. The first exception is Elon Davina by noon, except those who

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believe, who believe in Allah Almighty, who trust in Him, we have good hopes in Him, we have positive expectations from him. So the belief factor is so much important, you know, otherwise, the way that we can actually, you know, get into a situation, if you don't have belief, then we would think that everything is happening, you know, with no sense Subhan Allah, and that is not the way how we should look at as believers in particular, we need to have belief in Allah, that beat any situation, beat any scenario beat any phase of our lives, we have to endure, we have to be patient, and we have to be hopeful that insha Allah, the, the difficulty will be removed and ease will come

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into play. So this is the hope that is generated out of belief factor. So when you have that strong, firm belief, and you're convinced internally, your heart will be addressed, it will be, you know, flowing with that positive and hopeful wave Subhanallah so the first thing that you and me need to have is the belief in order to gain hope in our lives, and for the humanity in general. Because, you know, Subhanallah Ramadan is such a beautiful one month, that it it gives us a big, big reminder and that is the revelation of the Quran was sent down in this month, the glory score on of humanity. Remember, in mark these words, the Glorious Quran is the recipe of all remedies. It is the solution

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for all the problems of mankind. You know, we have to realize and understand this fact, that life is not straightforward, as many would think. And that's the reason they get into different you know, directions of how to love, life has ups and down. We need to make sure that while we go up meaning that when we are good when we are blessed with bounties, with flame, you know, favors and with good things. We need to be grateful to Allah Almighty and remember him. So we'll be tested in that way. This belief factor will give us that strength in order to be grateful to Allah Almighty Who give us is what when life goes down. When life becomes, you know, dark when it doesn't give that real, you

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know, you know, hope factor, that is the moment our belief will give the light to our

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lives and gives us the point that you know what, even if we slow down the difficulty that is there in my life and in your life, it's from Allah Almighty. And I need to be a little bit patient in that phase of my life. So when we, when we went to we actually practice these things, only when we have faith in almighty. So the first thing that we need to realize and practice in our lives, in order to gain hope, in our lives and the humanity when they when the humanity wants hope, they need to have that belief factor in their lives. That's number one. Number two, we need to engage ourselves in good actions, righteous actions is what gives us hope in our lives, you know, there are two

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approaches that we can actually, you know, have in our lives. One way of approach is that we become sad, depressed, distressed, disappointed, and debt remained our selves in a way that we cannot even come out of our homes, a lot of work. But this is one way of how you approach your life, when you face difficulties, or when you encounter challenges. The other approach, which is constructive approach, is that you understand that life has to encounter this. And it is the decree of Allah Almighty, who brought this thing into my life. So what do I need to do? I need to deal with it with the help and the, you know, Mercy of Allah Almighty, I need to enjoy myself and this is where my

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belief will be tested. If I have all throughout my life, good, you know, then then what's the point? I will never be tested? And what's the point if I have the complete live in darkness, so life has both defaces we need to ensure that with the belief and with good actions, that's the number one number two good actions is what makes me positive. When I or the humanity goes in, or faces a kind of difficulty, or challenge, a turmoil kind of in a situation, what do i do i do good actions, with our good actions. Allah Almighty, He removes the problems in our lives, Allah Almighty, He removes the difficulties and the challenges, or at least by doing good, Allah will give us strength, the

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ability to deal with the issue, and to how to love when we have

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gained the ability from Allah subhanaw taala to deal with it. That's it, I mean, we can actually move forward and that is the reason Allah subhanaw taala in Surah, teleserye countered the second exception, WA Miller saw your heart, and those who do good actions, who are righteous in their lives. So always remember these words, my brothers and sisters, a righteous person, a pious person, is never a depressed person is never a hopeless person is never a person who is disheartened and disappointed from his life. He always gains the ability to deal with the situation. And he gains the strength from Allah Almighty, He gains this support from Allah Almighty to come out of that

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difficult situation. So righteous action is the second point that I would like to share that is needed for us to actually practice in our lives, to give hope to ourselves and to others, as well. Point number three Subhan Allah, this is so powerful, so beautiful as well. And that is, in order to instill hope in our lives and others, we need to have the sense of gratitude and the sense of patience, if we have gratitude in our lives. Those people who always remember Allah Almighty and who thank him for whatever situation that he is into, or whatever way that he's dealing, you know, in his life, or her life. This gives him hope, in his life or in her life. So when you gain the

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momentum of

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Gratitude, you know what, whatever could be the situation, maybe I'm still in lockdown. And if I am grateful, if I'm thinking on the famous that Allah has already given me surrounded by me, then I will never lose hope. I will always be looking at those people, you know, who are, you know, who are not able to get what I got Subhanallah a lot of times we do a mistake. And that's the reason we become hopeless. What is that? We actually look at those category of people who are better than us. Subhan Allah, Allah Almighty, through the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam gave us this beautiful phenomena of life, how to be happy, how to be hopeful. And he said, if you want to look at those who

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are better than you look in the matters of Dean, look, if he is pious, you want to aspire yourself to be like him. But when you want to look at the matters of dunya then look at those people who are below you who are inferior than you who do not have what you have. So this pointer actually instill hope in our lives, we become grateful and that's the reason Allah subhanaw taala commanded in the Quran. A lot of Billerica, he says, was cruelly, one attack Varun, be grateful and do not deny the favors of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So my brothers and sisters, we need to have the element of gratitude in our lives, when we look at around ourselves hamdulillah we have, you know, groceries

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around, we have things just a call away, we call away and we get things you know, in our life, in our in our homes, and we have general delivery, we have government who is taking care of so much we have family around us. So how Allah when you look at the favours given by Allah, you will show up gratitude, this gratitude will lead you to live a hopeful life. The second thing which is coupled with gratitude is what is patience. Allah subhanaw taala he says in the Quran, in Allah ma Saberi, Allah is with those who are patient, patient is so powerful, that it creates hope in our lives. You know, as I said, there are two ways that we can actually treat any situation, which is difficult.

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One way is to lose hope and give up our lives. And the second way, which is very positive, is to be patient and be stable for some time, because we know that difficulty do not last for long. So when we want to have this, this hope element in our lives, we need to be patient a little bit, when we start stay strong, when we are stable in our lives. And being patient is that is what it means to have a lot to stabilize yourself on that which is good to protect yourself from that which is wrong, and to move forward positively in a way that is pleasing to Allah Almighty. So when you have gratitude and patience, you actually gain hope in your lives in anyone, anyone who wants to really

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gain hope they have to be great grateful. And they have to show up their patients in times of difficulties. The fourth pointer that I would like to share with you, my brothers and sisters, is that we need to have this reflection that we are with very close contact with our own family members, especially relevant to this time, where we see there are lockdowns in many countries. If you really reflect the families have got together very closely, they got the opportunity to interact and to be with them in a way that is so engaging in a way that is that had made them to love and to create that sense of you know, the giving that kind of responsibility respect time and energy to

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them, which they could not get perhaps for many, many years altogether. Or you realize that this lockdown, perhaps, you know, it is bad in in or out very challenging in many ways. But there are ways that we need to actually look at and we need to always have that reflection that it

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gave us an opportunity to be a person who focused on the family, the way that it was never been there, Allahu Akbar. So I got very close to my mother to my spouse, to my children, and taking care of them in a way that I've never taken care of them in my past Subhan Allah. So when you have that element of reflection, the focus on your family, that gives you hope, that gives you hope, and that gives you happiness in your life, my beloved brothers and sisters, Allah subhanho wa Taala is extremely merciful. It is the new that we need to understand his wisdom. In many times. Allah Almighty says, you know, perhaps there is a thing that fits you may dislike, but it's good for you.

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And there is a thing that you may love to do it or love to have it. But it's not good for you. Allah knows, and we don't know. So we need to do what we need to rely and trust in Him and have this element and this reflection that is required in both easy and difficult times. The fifth pointer, my brothers and sister, you know, that I would like to share with you is we need to realize and to gain that momentum, of hope in humanity, that difficulties, problems, challenges, or issues that we encounter in our lives, they all are bearable, to hear that every situation, every problem, every difficulty that we face, in our lives, they all are bearable meaning that you and I are capable of

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that difficulty to face, if we were not able to allow would not put that burden on us as Allah clearly states. Now you can live level knutsson illa Saha, Allah will never put a burden upon you that which you cannot bear. So my brothers and sisters, the hope ignites, you know, when you think that you know what, I know the situation is tough. I know the situation is difficult, I know there is a big challenge, but

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Allah has given me the ability to deal with it, this is positivity. This is hopeful, this is something which actually owns you the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So when you have this ability to understand that you know what, life has so many difficulties and so many challenges, you know, this is not the first one, and neither this is going to be the last one. So my life must go on with a with a positive mindset in in my life that I have to deal with it whenever it comes. And I need to move forward in my lives and I need to make sure that I help people, you know, this is something which is also very, very powerful. Allah subhanaw taala help those who help others. Allah

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is kind to those who are kind to others. Allah forgives those who forgive others. Allah is merciful to those who are merciful to others. So this element of you know, hope that comes into your mind and heart is that which when you actually worked for others as well Subhan Allah, when you gain this ability, that you know what I am evil, that's the reason Allah gave me the situation. Now I need to take an extra mile and just create you know, smile on my neighbor's face. I need to give hope to my friends, I need to help out to my relatives, I need to do something which is of well being for others as well Subhan Allah, so these are the pointers my brothers and sisters that I wanted to

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share with you, in this moment of of Ramadan have just blessed moment. Subhan Allah We ask Allah Almighty to bless us all and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to remove the difficulties and then in the tough times that we are going through We ask Allah subhanaw taala to cure those who are suffering from this COVID-19 Coronavirus. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect all of us to protect our beloved ones to protect the entire humanity. In my brothers and sisters, we ask Allah subhanaw taala for the entire humanity to have mercy on them and to give them the the element of hope through these pointers insha Allah We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us all the highest

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levels of gender

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in the company of Rasulullah Salallahu alaihe salam, witnessing the feast of Allah subhanho wa Taala What are you gonna Anil hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen

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