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The speakers discuss various topics related to animals, human health, and social media during a video lecture. They emphasize the importance of fasting during quarantine and avoiding wasting money. The speakers also discuss the benefits of good deeds and rewards, the importance of praying before events, and the use of delayed events and discomfortful eating options. They suggest praying before events and emphasizes the importance of keeping others out of the crowd. The speakers also mention upcoming classes and events, including a new class at 8 o'clock in Charlottetown and a new class at 5 o'clock in Vietnam.

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So today in shalom to Anna, what we're going to do is starting up our Friday family program once again in sha Allah. And I figured since there's a lot of things going on, and a lot of people have been asking a lot of questions. And it's been very difficult to,

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you know, to communicate as well considering the massages are not open. And we're not meeting in person in the masjid that we would

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just do a general open q&a session.

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And so if anyone has any questions about anything, of course, try to keep them respectful and try to keep them general as well, not private matters. Anyone who has anything private, then we can discuss that

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side of the online public platform in Charlottetown. To begin with, earlier today, on online, we had our Friday jomar lecture. And in that we were talking about the importance of

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you know, not engaging in promoting or doing anything that is wrong.

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And how we lost a pound of water and it says man patelin fcmb, Lady nefs in olfa said in *a and Mr. Patel and message me a woman here

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in San Jamia. And so I know some people had written some questions out there, and I figured we would just do an open online platform q&a session for today, we will, you know, keep it at maybe 30 minutes, we'll go to 45 if needed.

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And so if anyone has any questions, feel free to type that in there. Also, for those that are on Facebook and YouTube, please feel free to type that in there as well.

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I noticed here some people are asking with reference to sadaqa is there specific Hadeeth about it?

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Yeah, there's lots of Hadeeth. With regards to setup if you simply go to simnet.com. So there's a website that has the major books of headings translated on there and not, you know, all the different books that are out there, but just go to su n and h.com sun.com. And then just type in sadaqa, right type in the word setup or charity, and then you'll see many headaches that will pop up there with regards to charity. So that's something for light spread, light spread, if you have any need to research any questions related to Southern Africa, then you can do that as well, you know, you could simply

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check that out, go to go to some net.com. And you'll get a list of Hadees you just type in suppose you have an Arabic keyboard, you can do that as well. Also, you can type in the word charity,

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and ohms as well, Al m s, and you'll probably get a whole list of different hobbies pertaining to sandakan charity. Once again, for those of you that are joining us, it's an open q&a session. So if anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. And we'll usually as I'm talking or doing a lecture, a lot of the time people will start asking questions, and I'm not able to answer them on the spot because of what's going on. So or because you know, it's a specific topic or you know, we're trying to fit the lecture or the time within a specific amount of time.

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So, you know, tonight, I figured we'll just open it up for an open q&a. And

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it seems like whenever we do an open q&a, people don't really come out to ask your questions. So feel free to ask if there's something that you've been thinking about with regards to animal bone with regards to fasting with regards to

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show was also with regards to hedge that's coming up or you know, things related to

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our dean and things like that, feel free to ask at this point in time. So anyone has any questions, you can just type that in there anywhere in Java, I know that the attendance is going to be low today on purpose because it's our first time going back and the email was lacking the poster so I noticed that the poster was not sent out in the email, but inshallah that that will be done from the weeks moving forward. Further a bit of sheet here actually before that kasana says send him article while ecommerce sent him. In fact I don't know if you're typing in a said Mr. alikhan. There's Alice and then a lamb so it's a little lamb seen lamb and if name right a seller

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so what you type there was a Salaam

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So I've the machine bar here says, What is your opinion about, hey, Gemma at this modern world?

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Hey, Gemma, I'm assuming you mean, hey, Gemma is in cupping.

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So it is something that is found in the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And is beneficial. I've had cupping done myself both wet cupping, and dry cupping. So the two different kinds of cupping, there's cupping, where the blood is drawn to the area, and then just left in that area. And there's a cupping where the blood is drawn to that area and then removed, that we see more in the center of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And so that is something that I feel is still very beneficial. A lot of athletes use it. I have, you know, a sister in law who's in sports medicine, and, you know, that's something that that is done still

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in various different

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areas of, you know,

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health and well being and so on. So it is something that I think is encouraged to do. And also there are some hijama clinics that are out there

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that have you know, studied this and learn how to do it properly. And also we travel those who travel a lot to we are able to get to different places as well. Did the winners and quests get announced? Yes, the winners did get announced and the winners were contacted. And we dropped off all of the gifts and company law to the top 10

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participant of the top 10 winners.

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And so that was done as well. I see on Instagram here a couple of things were typed in let me quickly look here with reference to Seneca what is the difference between paying cash versus Seneca of animal? example goat and sheep?

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As in pain, hmm. What do you mean by some type of animal? like giving an animal as a soda or paying it on the not too sure if you're referring to zecca right now that's why I'm a little bit hesitant to ask this question. So be a little bit more specific and Sharma queen bee says in the morning come up with low or anything like that. Okay. My question is regarding the sauna, said at the mosque during this pandemic. Okay, what about it? Alright, scroll down. And here's a question. Is there any Islamic ruling or permission from the Hadith that says we can pray without standing close together at the masjid? Okay. So with regards to this, we are supposed to be standing close together, right

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Islamic we were supposed to be standing close together, we're not supposed to leave any gaps for shavon to come in between us. However, we look at what is more important as in Is it more important to upkeep the congregational prayer. So if we are not going to space ourselves out, and we're going to pray all together, if we're going to pray all together, then the prayer can't happen by law. But if we're going to space ourselves out, then the prayer can happen, right? And so what's better to completely cancel the prayer or to have the prayer but people spaced out? Now, having the spaces between everyone is obviously not what is encouraged within our team. However, because of the

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current situation, we are able to, you know, give a leeway to that and allow the prayer to continue to to continue

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happening while

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having people spaced out. Right, so people can be spaced out and pray the prayer is that the norm is that what's encouraged? No, it isn't right. But during this pandemic, because we are not allowed to and we should not stay close together in order to prevent the spread of any you know, germs or virus from one person to another, we are spaced out. So, it is not the norm and is not something that should be done regularly. But because of this current situation that is what is being encouraged. And this is something that we see to be permissible during this time only. And then once things go back to normal, then you know we are to pray by closing the gaps and not spacing ourselves out. So

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we look we basically way it right yes has done it. We look at whether it is permissible to have the prayer even though there's an exception made so this is an exception that's made for the sake of continuing the congregational prayer and having it in those massages that are able to actually host it some places are allowed to and other places are not

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hindered. If you cannot make up missed fasts due to period being on antibiotics and other fasts that may be we are not accepted. What can one do? If you feel you cannot make them up by fasting, can you give money? Okay, so first of all, we are trying we are to try and make up those fasts right if someone missed fast, if they're not able to make it up now, let's say maybe right now

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Someone's taking medication and they're not able to fast. But are they able to in six months? Or will they be able to in six months or seven months or eight months?

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If that's the case, then the person should make up those fast when they're able to make them up. If they're not able to, then they have to feed someone for every single day that they missed. Okay.

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We'll move to this Instagram. Then we'll come back to Facebook and YouTube and Sean k for the questions.

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Just quickly go through this. I'm running off to my piano while he comes Samar while you work at the same URL, he says, when the answers of the call and class will be Oh, when will the answers Okay, so I think

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I think they're supposed to start coming out soon. I will inquire about that in Montana. And you'll start seeing that on the Instagram very soon. inshallah. Can you elaborate white fasting, please? It's the white days. Uh, yeah, we'll be right. And what is meant by that is nothing to do with race. What is meant by that is the moon is full.

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And so there's a bright glow that's coming from it, right? So it's called a m and b of the days when the when the moon is full and glowing, right? glowing bright. translated, people say the white days, right. But that's what's what it's referring to, in fact, not really days. It's nights, right? The nights are going right? And so the days are the days that are fasted. Okay.

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We will go to Let's go.

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I miss anything.

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Okay, so we'll go here to Facebook and YouTube

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can swap the sheet thought it says can the act of a newborn child be done at a later date due to hardship of COVID-19? Yes, it can. Okay. So the vehicle can be performed later on, does not necessarily have to be performed within a certain amount of time from the from the birth of the child, it could be done a year, two years, five years, 10 years. 15 years later, if the family's not able to afford it, it can be pushed off to a later point in time. But it still can be done at a later point in time.

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Muhammad Zafar says My father has passed away in any way.

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Can I pray no effort for him and what else I can do for him? Okay, so here's an interesting question. Can I pray no often prayers for him, pray the method of prayers for yourself. Okay, pray them for yourself. A person is supposed to have prayed supererogatory prayers within their own life. Okay.

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The more that you pray, though, because your parents are probably the ones who taught you how to pray. So the more good deeds you do from the things that your parents taught you to do, the more rewards your parents will get as well. So for example, in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that mentions that there are three things that a person takes with them in their grief when they pass away.

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So the kajaria, right, sadaqa jariya. Also, what is mentioned is a child that is pious and makes for them or a righteous child that makes to offer them. So making up for the parents is something that, you know, we take with us in our grave, but also the things that we teach others. So we know that when when you teach someone something and they do it, you share in the reward of it, right. So your parents taught you and showed you and guided you towards doing goodness. And so the more you do have the goodness of what your parents taught you, the more they will also benefit from those rewards. So continue to do good that your parents taught you to do. Okay.

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Casey says, Mr. Nick, I'm gonna have to warn you about accounting. And I said, why didn't come I set out to lie about what I can say you'd

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rather say Don't worry, come on in, come sit down.

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Hope you had an amazing read with social distancing.

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Really appreciate all the staff and volunteers for doing it. You drive through a success.

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I wanted to ask if there is a Hadeeth in regards to sing a love of Covenant before reciting to our note.

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Just a level of faith. Okay, so I'm assuming that you are referring to

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the width of prayer, okay, that you're referring to the width of prayer. If you are not referring to the widow brand is asking about saying a long walk went before door knock on wood. I don't know. I haven't heard of any. But if you're referring to the prayer, and the prayer that is prayed according to the Hanafi must have in the way that the Hennessey's pray it, you know, to begin the flute in that way, is from the teachings of what we find in the books of Hades to get the actual specific headings for you. I don't have it at this point in time.

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I'm going to draw a look for it. If you want to message me about inshallah,

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we'll move over to my Instagram and take some questions here.

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Light spread, says sadaqa, which is better between paying cash versus slaughtering animal as a Seneca, which is preferable. Okay, so it depends, right the best type of Seneca is a Celica that is where we see the profits of the longer idea to sell inventions, that the best type of set of cars etc, that is done to your family that you give to your family, right that you spend on your family, we also see that,

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from the best kinds of Southern law is a set of law that is done in its place, as in, you know, if someone is in need of food, and you give them a pair of shoes, you're not really like you're not really maximizing from that opportunity of giving someone food, what they're actually in need of.

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So, you know, when it comes to doing some work or doing favors doing something good for another, we should look at what they are in need of doing as well. Now

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getting cash

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Can, can be used for multiple things, right? Maybe a family is in need of paying their rent, they have food, maybe they're collecting food from a food bank, and

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they are not receiving enough money to pay for their rent, or they're not receiving enough money to pay for transportation or to pay for certain things that they need in their life that is that is financially linked, then it may be better for us to give them money instead of food, right?

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So try to find out what the people in need are actually in need of and try to provide that for them. That is what's preferable. Okay, giving people what they actually need. Another question here from come 13 Cameron 13

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it says.

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So if the missed fasts are not made up within the year, and next time I'm alone arrives, do we add up the missed fasts? Or can we pay off last year's missed ones and trying to make up the current mistakes fast? Okay, so what we need to do is make sure that we try to make up those Miss fast before the next year if we know that a person is not going to be able to write for for whatever health reason, or maybe they're not going to be able to make up those fast because they're pregnant, and then they think maybe next year, they'll be breastfeeding, for example, and it's going to be difficult for them, then they could try to make up those fast throughout the year because you have

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11 months to do so. And also the days are going to be shorter in the winter months. But if someone is also still not able to or feels like they just absolutely will not be able to then they should, you know compensate as in, pay out that video and

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feed a person for every day that they missed of fasting Okay, before the next album comes around, that should always we should always try to look after

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things before they add up right especially when it comes to them a bone you know, the scholars say that if a person doesn't make up the met the fests that they made that they missed of the previous year, then they are sinned for those days of fasting that they missed, right so we tried to make up those days of fasting

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any questions here was safe Michelle, lots of watercolor hope you're doing well in Sharla

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any questions here none here we'll go back to YouTube.

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Rasheed photo p says Sarah Molly culture while equals Sarah sheet hope you're all doing well in July everyone who says sell them or have a concern and hope everyone is doing well and your families also machine says are we debt free now? If not how much to go and what are the plans in childbirth? Okay.

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So the most it is not debt free we had

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it was if I'm not mistaken, close to 1.5 million that needed to be paid off. And we managed to raise throughout the month of Ramadan $233,000 hamdulillah that's absolutely amazing. So throughout the month of Ramadan, we managed to raise for the semi community center Milton $233,000. So that will go towards a good chunk of that will go towards the payment of the debt that remains still I'm not part of the management. So I don't know the exact details as to how much will be spent on that but the management will let us know when they do make the payments and we always do announce that to the community. So whenever that is done inshallah and the updates on how much is left of that we will

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let you know in sha Allah to Anna, and I'll let you know once I get the update on that. The other thing is that due to the current situation of covid 19 and our massages not being open, it becomes very difficult for us to assure that we are going to be financially free

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Table moving forward and so the management of pretty sure is you know regulating all expenses and looking after things for example, you know the heating has been off in the mustard for some time making sure that the AC is not kicked in and turned on you know stuff like that and and making sure that the mustard is running as efficiently as possible. And you know, cutting back on all extra expenses

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while still maintaining all programs that were able to maintain and, you know, contribute to the society that we live in or the community that we live in. Having said that, in terms of the amount that's left I will update the entire community when that is given to me in detail inshallah, but so far from what we've received, and what I've been told by our chairman hamdulillah is to inform the community that total for the masjid itself there was more that was given in terms of sadaqa there was more that was given in terms of soccer. So the total amount that was given in terms of seconds one, we don't include that in what's going to the mustard as a counterpart will go separate. The cow

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will go separate as a counterfeiter will go separate, right? Remove after removing all of that, that was donated, so people who donated a cow or Echo, you know, stuff like that, that is separate that's in addition to the 233,000 but we don't calculate that as going to the mustard because that has a specific purpose right. And how do I know that our management here at the salmon community center Milton in the last few years has been looking after trying to make sure that this kind of money does not get used for our mustard right is it kind of goes to those in need and hamdulillah and any

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anyone who has any questions about it can always contact the mustard with regards to the details of finances.

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We're debt free Okay, so we need this we need to do it. Some people claim that interest can be taken in certain circumstances Is this true? Look a loss of Hannah water Anna says that dealing with interest is like waging war with a loss of habitat a person has waged war with Allah. So those who might say certain things it might be in a specific circumstance, okay, which requires a fatwa.

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And Allah Subhana Allah knows best what each person's situation is. But generally speaking, no, it is not permissible to deal with interest to take it or to pay it right to get it or to receive it. And we ask a lot of handling data to protect every single one of us from being in a situation where we are dealing with interest. Look, nothing that says said I've already come around to what you're about to counsel and dealt with but says where are they going to set him off into law he will get

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I've received Taylor Sorry, I've received five Sorry, I keep saying Taylor because I have a good friend. One of the emails in Kingston His name is Archie Taylor. Which is why I keep saying that but I've never seen him it says on summer long days in Canada after how long

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after how long is it a sham

00:23:07--> 00:23:10

prayer Okay, so I think what brother up bittersweet is asking is

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how long after mulleted Can we pray there shall prayer

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so what I would say is look, all these calculations have been done they'll have the largest follow the calendar of the mustard that you typically frequent. However, the the definition or the general rule in the start time for saw that today shot the general rule for the start time for a prayer in our youth know this, we taught this to our youth in the masjid the Emerson Academy youth.

00:23:42--> 00:23:53

The timing for the beginning of a short prayer is when this guy is has no colors left in it so that when the sky is black and dark, okay.

00:23:54--> 00:24:04

So when you still see light in the sky, and the sun has set, that's motive time and then you'll still see colors in the sky right after that. You'll notice that

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so after that, you'll notice that the sky still has some colors in it, it goes purple and so on and it's still bright. Once all the colors of the sky are gone. Okay, brother a better sheet once all this, the colors in the sky have gone. And all you see there's just darkness and the moon and the stars. That's technically the beginning of the time of Asia. Okay. It can vary from place to place, right can vary from place to place. And when we say when you're asking this question in Canada, you know, in northern parts of Canada is very different than in southern parts of Canada because Canada is huge. Okay, so I can't really answer that specifically. But generally what I like to say is

00:24:54--> 00:24:59

follow the calendar of the mustard that usually frequent but a general rule here in the US

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Approximately 100 is approximately 90 minutes, right an hour and a half an hour and 30 minutes as a general rule, but once again

00:25:10--> 00:25:12

you know we we do

00:25:13--> 00:25:15

suggest that

00:25:17--> 00:25:32

you follow the calendar or the timings that your local Masjid has set for your community. We'll go back here to Instagram and see if there's any questions here. Instant genome, instant genome, none on the masjid account. Okay, Alhamdulillah.

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Go back to my Insta genome.

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Let's see.

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I didn't know about the sins from adding up for missed fasts in this case, can one fail altogether, etc. Okay, so again, if someone missed fasts of previous years, and they're able to make up those days of fasting, and then they should, okay. hanzi so if you're able to make up those fasts, and you didn't know about it, I must have had without it doesn't hold us accountable for things that we didn't know. And we ask Allah subhana wa tada to have mercy upon us, however, try to make up those fasts. If you can't, then try to expiate, try to do something, as we mentioned before that will, you know,

00:26:20--> 00:26:23

remove that burden of fasting

00:26:25--> 00:26:27

and Rizwan to

00:26:28--> 00:26:32

or M Rizwan squared says at MIT Medical Center.

00:26:33--> 00:26:42

If someone's husband has passed away, and she's the provider of the family and has to work, does she need to complete the period at home?

00:26:44--> 00:26:55

Okay, I'm going to read that again. Because it's moving. If someone's husband has passed away, and then evaluating that later, Roger was added make it easy for whoever it is, that has lost their husband. I mean,

00:26:56--> 00:27:14

and she's the provider of the family and has to work does she need to complete their entire period at home? Okay. What is that? This is a big question. A lot of people ask this question, what is the idea for a woman? or How is she supposed to spend it okay? So if someone's husband passed away, and she's a widow,

00:27:16--> 00:27:18

then it's four months in 10 days

00:27:19--> 00:27:22

as the time of the day for that person.

00:27:25--> 00:28:05

And how she is to spend that is to remain at home however she's allowed to go out and to look after things that are a necessity for so she needs to go into groceries or she needs to go to work because she's the sole provider now for her family or she's the one who looks after her family financially she is allowed and permitted to go to work. The only thing is we are not encouraged to do anything extra. Okay, so our sisters are not encouraged to do anything extra as in go somewhere else go and chill. You know, spend nights other people's families, other people's homes or family members homes and stuff like that, we should stay at our own home. Okay, so if a person needs to go out to work or

00:28:06--> 00:28:51

to buy groceries or to take their children to school, you know, when this pandemic is over and stuff like that, then they are able to, to do that, right? That is something that you can do during a day you're able to look after things that are a necessity for you. When is a YouTube Could you please tell us to and before flowjo is supposed to be prayed before the end or can we pray after the event Okay, so the two of us have some footage of should be prayed after the time of flagella enters. Okay? So for example, the masjid might call the end 10 minutes or 20 minutes before the Salah takes place. But that may be called after the time of Muhammad has already begun. So the son of funjet

00:28:51--> 00:28:56

should be prayed after the timing of budget begins. For example, if you

00:28:57--> 00:28:59

if you pray for budget at home at

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five o'clock, okay, for example, and the time of fundraise comes in at four o'clock. Okay, as an example.

00:29:12--> 00:29:23

But as a family, you wake up and you pray at five o'clock because maybe it's easier for your children and so on, you know to pray at that time, they'll get an extra hour of sleep. And so what you end up doing is

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you would be able to pray your funds out sooner from five o'clock from the timing that fudger begins. And then you can have the event called afterwards. Now preferably we call the event first. But there are times when the event is called after the timing has already entered for whatever circumstance or whatever reason. However, the timing of the of the operation the after the timing of budget has already begun. For kids who have to wake up early, is it okay if they pray a shout prayer? Maybe after an hour of motherhood please suggest okay. So it's the kids or young children

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are young they're not mature yet and you're training them to pray fudge, and to pray and to pray their prayers, then yeah, that's something that could be done praying a little bit earlier and so on. However, if the children are about to reach that age where they are supposed to be praying soon, then I would suggest that they get into the regular routine because eventually they're going to have to do that. So, you know, for example, fudge of don't wake them up like two hours after fudge and be like, okay, pray now. They'll wake them up at fudger time and get them to pray. Okay.

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Missing all the time spent with ESL from hedge 2019. Yes, we're all missing that time. Yeah, make it easy. I'm coming back to you, Facebook and YouTube. We're just going to check out what's being said here and then

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screw please scroll.

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Okay, so if someone is not able to fast then yes, feed one poor person, one meal per day that you miss a fasting. Okay.

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Back here, Facebook and YouTube.

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Where were we?

00:31:26--> 00:31:29

Okay, we mentioned that we answered that.

00:31:30--> 00:32:16

Someone said he says is it possible that Monthly Statement of accounts be posted monthly and audited accounts be posted at the end of the year? Yeah, so the the statements usually aren't posted on the bulletin board within the mustard every I think every two months, they post them there, you know, two months. So they do like every two months and post them there every month. Those are always there. And for anyone, like I said wants to contact the masjid accountant. For any details, you can do that. Can we combine both monthly binnorie shows so that we have enough sleep time until fudge? No. Sorry. What you can do though is delay Alisha, as in. If so there there are two times when

00:32:16--> 00:32:18

praying saw that to a shot is

00:32:19--> 00:32:22

you know, permitted or encouraged. For example,

00:32:23--> 00:32:28

if someone knows that they're going to wake up in the middle of the night and they're going to pray, right?

00:32:29--> 00:33:15

Then they can go to sleep right after Saturday. And then wake up a few hours later, breather Asia, pray a little bit of 200 if they want, right if they can, and then go back to sleep and then wake up or stay up until Tricia pre there to share and go to sleep right away. Okay, so it is preferred that we actually do delay slots in Asia or we can delay satiation until the middle of the night. Okay, not all the way till fudge of time but until the middle of the night. So you'd have to wake up in the middle of the night British and wake up again for fudging? Okay, if I fast in so while six days because of my cycle, am I able to get this the lab of schelotto month or I have to keep six more

00:33:15--> 00:33:50

days extra? Okay. So there are some scholars that allow you to combine your intention of what you missed in Ramadan and what you're fasting now inshallah, personally, I don't prefer that. Right. And of course, people will say, well, you're not the one who's missing days, no, but I fasted all the days. So the days that I missed when other when, when a sister maybe, for example, was eating junk animal done, you know, we were fasting, then, you know, we make up those days separately. That's what I usually encourage. And that's what I feel should be done, especially for those that maybe missed a few days. However, some of the scholars say that, you know, it is very difficult for

00:33:50--> 00:33:53

someone to make up those days.

00:33:54--> 00:34:28

And then fast another six days of show so they can combine their intentions. If they make intention to do that. We leave it up to a loss of habitat and one of those best, is it permissible to eat kosher meat even if halal options are readily available? Yes, it is. Okay, yes, it is. Just make sure that there's nothing in the kosher food that is prepared for you. That is how long so he specifically said kosher meat. So if the meat is kosher, is it permissible for us to eat even though there's a lot of options available? Yes, it is. Right? No one could say that. It's how long because the loss of time without us isn't the end of the food if that is helpful for us, right?

00:34:29--> 00:34:39

If I am praying at home with my daughter in Java, is it necessary to say the event at home though I played an event prayer clock that I have, okay.

00:34:41--> 00:35:00

The then clock does not take place of the actual event. Okay, so the end clock that you have or the watch that you have does not take place or even our phones that have the application with the end that's called on it. It does not take place of the event you still have to call the end in your home or when it's time for something

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

Okay, so just because you heard the clock doesn't mean that, that you no longer have to call the event that it doesn't take place of the actual event being called.

00:35:11--> 00:35:43

Also, the person is asking a thief is asking if you prayed with your daughter in gym isn't necessary to call the event at home. If you're praying alone, we should call the event and the economy even if we're all alone, because there are angels who join in or jinn that also join in, in the in the prayer, right, those that are believers. And so there are other creations that are less accountable, it's added that we need to inform of the time of prayer and together in prayer, so even if a person is alone, they should call the end as well as the karma.

00:35:47--> 00:36:20

So Mohammed is saying thanks I thought that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam did combine both motivated shot Yes, he did combine motivation, but that was for specific reasons. For example, traveling, right when someone is traveling, they're able to combine them have a bit of a shot. If someone is not traveling, then there's there's no exception there. There's no need for the person to be combining those prayers, right unless the person has an absolute need to combine the prayers. Okay, that's a completely different question. If a person does not sleep after until budget, what is the best time to offer them a shot namaz.

00:36:22--> 00:36:40

So the best time to offer a shot prayers either as soon as he enters right or in the middle of the night, right. So offering a prayer, praying the prayer on its time or at its time when the time begins is always the best time to pray any of the prayers. Okay.

00:36:41--> 00:36:43

Let's go to Instagram.

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We answered all these. These go here. And we've answered everything there. Okay. We'll take one more shala

00:36:57--> 00:37:00

Maria hasn't says that. mRNA comm

00:37:02--> 00:37:45

widecombe Center is it for almost a hub to call the event at home. So it is not fun. But it is nice to have it is encouraged. And it is from the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his teachings it's hovered over your lover and home with the Sahaba of the lover and home that they call the attend even if they are alone. Okay, and if someone is going to be praying at home, we saw that the latter part of the story abubaker Viola and called the other end within his home when he was restricted to his home and he made the the courtyard of his home his Masjid. Right. And so he was calling out the event there and praying dnn as well.

00:37:51--> 00:38:04

Okay, so suffice to say that in sha Allah does not come along or famine, or barakallahu. Li come and we will keep you posted on upcoming classes and sessions. Someday In short, a lot of data we will have our

00:38:07--> 00:38:23

essential fifth class at eight o'clock in sha Allah, okay, Sunday evening at eight o'clock and we'll do that every single Sunday in Charlottetown. Bach Hello, feed them some love, send them all about going into Vietnam. You know, send him or send him or any camera to why he would want to cancel