Daood Butt – Eid Al-Fitr 2020

Daood Butt
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send the new all our goodies for the aid we say a Docomo bada can say to be fair about la casa Casa de

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co co hosts taco a taco a Docomo Baba concert he said we're gonna do our tech Mira to Sharma tada you can join us with the tequila today's ad sharp

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what is

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what is

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what's up

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What's up?

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go, go, go, go.

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go. Don't go.

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What is

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what's up?

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sisters? Just give us a short reminder

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about the hook and the shallow

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takeaway. Or you already pre.

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We've already prayed you already prayed. So

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those who who are you can tell them Shannon Shannon and He will give us a short

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Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh a Baraka Taco Bell a lot of men and women come

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May Allah subhanho wa jal accept from you throughout this month of Ramadan that has just passed us and we ask Allah subhanho wa Jalla to bless all of you and your families, and grant us all complete and full forgiveness. I mean,

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I thought it was my daughter's

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social distance.

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So, we're gonna give you a few minutes in sha Allah for those of you who have not already prayed your eight Sala

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then please do so right now in sha Allah to Allah for those who are wondering how to do it very quickly, it's to Raka and you will add an extra six to be rot after you say a lot about and begin you will add an extra six took the rods before reciting sort of too far to have and in the second Raka when you start

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Luck about income up from your son's death, you will add an extra five tech via bots. And that's it from the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that you recite some amount of detail earlier in the first paragraph and attack your Hadees rahasya in the second paragraph. And that's basically it. If you don't know those two suitors, it's perfectly fine. You can recite any sources or any is of the court and after sort of 230 will give you a few minutes in sha Allah to pray your prayer if you haven't already done so. And then we will begin the hook but in about five minutes in sha Allah is optimal level five.

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For those of you that are at home, who have already prayed, you can continue in the tech along, como ma, ma, ma, ma, ma,

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ma, ma, ma, ma Ma. Ma, when he learned in and on ma, ma, ma,

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ma, ma ma, ma, ma ma in Hill.

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So while we wait for people to finish up fingers Sana

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if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. I know some of you have still been asking about as a counterfeiter, if you haven't already done so, you know, after the leads honor itself, then it is considered a sadhaka. But if anyone wants to, you know, contribute

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or hasn't already paid their fifth while you can go online and do that, especially if you go to it cannot release they've already contributed a certain amount extra to accommodate for those who do pay it late or pay it on the day of their eat, I should say. So if you want to go to the econo relief website, just google it can never leave Canada and you can donate there as well or you can go to our mustard website, which is econo Milton calm and you can pay yours a castle fits on there as well if you haven't already done so. And again, that is usually something that should be done before that meets Allah.

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So as we wait for people to finish up inshallah, we will begin our chutzpah um, just for those of you who are logged in just recently, just giving a few minutes for people to finish up their prayer, Allah subhana wa tada except from every single one of us, bless you and your families. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to grant us the best of this world and the best of the hereafter. I mean,

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quick question to everyone who's live streaming who was on from the beginning, were you able to hear properly with the microphone? Because I want to know if I should use the microphone to livestream or is it perfectly fine if I you know, don't use the microphone. You let me know and

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let me know how it was for you with the microphone Were you able to hear clearly?

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Okay sister Donna says Yes, sister Donna Why are you on shift the ads live stream and not mine.

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Scott shalonda Zack Hello Hayden. Is Mubarak to you and your family

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so yeah. Mubarak to you and your family as well.

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Zahra or even Mubarak to you say it to me Raza eight mobarak

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saniya azeez serverside hyatts aha eight Mubarak to all of you and your family Mohammed hitting me

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on G s Sienna Mashallah I don't know how to spell that the aid Mubarak to you and your family as well.

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Why this? It's the you want to use it. Okay.

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Just for outside. Yeah. Because we are not getting anything. None of that because I didn't start giving people five minutes to free. Okay, so you are gonna be doing it from here from there.

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So okay, just make sure that whatever you say in the light so there are two speakers outside.

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I love zorya lava siesta silicone.

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nano, you would pray on your own. You're pretty good on your own solid eight on your own shot level.

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For word Hannah mobile say about a taco mobile okay? Docomo varkala. You're right spread a Docomo box eight

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All of you there, Hamza blue box a

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solid lead in Serbia has almost had a the komova crusade could look on the Helen

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Aloha, Aloha,

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Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar when he loves

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my brothers and sisters on this blessed day, very easy. We begin by saying to every single one of you and your families, your friends, your relatives, all of you that are watching from all over the world ain't nobody to you may also kind of want to accept all of our good deeds. And we ask a lot of words added to allow us to benefit from many more months to come in the future. I mean, I want you to take this opportunity. And as usual, I keep the football very short on the day to be less than 10 minutes in short.

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And what I want you to begin with is calabasa counterpoints. Allah reminds us in the end, after the month of Ramadan, with the day begins also cannaboids Allah says, wanting to get the reward

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will come to school on

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time, reminds us the importance of showing gratitude to him, gratitude for being guided to Islam,

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guided to what is right, guided to the truth and having benefited from the month of Ramadan. throughout this entire month, we've benefited and we're blessed from a loss.

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We ask for his forgiveness. And remember also cannaboids Allah says,

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Call upon me and I will answer you. So we should all feel and believe and trust that if we sincerely and honestly SAT or stood and asked and begged also candidates Allah for forgiveness that also can which added truly is

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and has forgiven us not only forgiven, but pardoned our sins of the past and the loss of kindness and teaches us how to show gratitude to him after the day of or after the month of Ramadan. He says what

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led to the increase in our tech, to be honest, and this is why you'll notice on the David Reed families are getting together wherever they are in their households and saying that out loud, and the profits have low

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voices out loud

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in the wall.

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And by doing so, Allah says what do you do?

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That we show gratitude to mobicip Hamlet's Anna for guiding us to this Diem and allowing us to benefit through our prayers. So the more you say to me often glorify and praise

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the more you're showing gratitude to Allah. In addition to this, my brothers and sisters, I would like to share with us and I am

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Genesis Yeah.

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Sorry, yeah, you're living in Hema topo Luna mela?

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Oh, you believe Why do you say that which you don't do. And on this day, we have to remember that since we spent the whole month of Ramadan and worshiping

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in the best way that we possibly can. We have to remember that after the month of Ramadan, we should not return to do things that we said we were not going to do throughout the month of Ramadan. So all the things that are wrong and all the things that we said are how long we should stay away from not do or things that may not be wrong, but Allah is displeased with he dislikes. We should stay away from these things. My brothers and sisters, we also need to look at the advice of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam where he teaches us the best of deeds the best of South Africa is that which is done to the family and he says how you come from the ethnic,

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ethnic, and so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teaches us that I am the best from amongst you to my families. Right? He says the best from amongst you are those who are to your family and I am the best amongst you towards my family. And so we need to be the best people that we can especially on this day read my brothers and sisters. It's a day of happiness. It's a day of of joy. It's a day of pleasing

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Also by pleasing others by having fun with family and this is why we call it

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the day of feast the day that we celebrate the day that we rejoice the day that we are pleased with our families and has blessed us with so rejoice and be happy with your families treat your children my brothers and sisters it's sad when we see that the non Muslims are celebrating things like Halloween and their children have big bags of candies and chocolates and they get to eat from it for a month continuously. But for us as Muslims sometimes we say no no, no you can only have this one chocolate for a day and then they can't eat the rest of their gifts. Let them enjoy let them be you know at ease let them have fun on the day. And for the next few days they sacrificed a lot

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throughout the month of Ramadan standing for children during Ramadan is not easy fasting for children during Ramadan is not easy even though it may not be compulsory for the younger ones, they still try and so they please also cameras and in doing so a poor luckily had our

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hero in

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a lot of a lot of other.

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alone, alone, alone.

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Alone, alone, alone.

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My brothers and sisters that of the month of Ramadan has passed. And now that we go back to a what we call a normal schedule or a normal lifestyle, we have to remember that the month of Ramadan was a time that we understood our limits with a law and in terms of ricotta.

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And so the fact that we were able to throughout the month of Ramadan and here our own selves reciting the Quran, how many parents this year stood behind their children installed out how many parents stood in front of their children or in front of their spouses and let them install up how many family members never thought that they could lead to Are we on their own, whether they were reciting from their memory or they were reciting from reciting out of the Quran, they were able to do that. And so now push forward to my brothers and sisters in the little bits and pieces of data that you were able to do throughout the month of Ramadan carry that forward throughout the entire

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year. And the loss of Hannah which added will show you another blessing here another month of Ramadan to come in the future where we can benefit from so my brothers and sisters we don't want to take up too much of our time. It's the day of happiness. And we know very well that here in our community at the Islamic community center of Newton we will be having a drive thru as well what it took

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to make people come to the masjid they haven't come the whole month the parking lot will be opened at 12 o'clock for families to drive through. Drive Thru not drive and install drive thru and come in and pick up some sweets for you and for your family. Pick up some goodies for your children as well meet and greet myself with a fresh every year smiling at you sing to you rejoicing with happiness praising the loss of handling to add it all together and we invite every single one of you between 12 o'clock and two o'clock this afternoon in sha Allah which is just in less than an hour. So after this livestream, get into your cars come over to the Islamic community center in Middleton here and

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we will see you in shower. Outside you can pick up something nice for your family stay within your cars but roll down your windows and wave at us and say remove our can we grant we greet every single one of you with a bottle we asked a lot of cannabinoids to add to bless all of the Muslims around the world. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to shower His mercy and blessings all over this world. We ask about to take people who are suffering out of pain and torture and difficulty and oppression we ask the loss of hundreds added to remove the oppressors from their positions we ask also cannabinoids Allah to grant ease to all human beings that are suffering wherever they may be on this globe, we

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ask the loss of calories added to take people out of poverty and to grant them joy and happiness. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us medical assistance in places where it is most needed. That's colossal countable, which Allah to make us a means of helping those that are suffering and struggling in different parts of the world. I mean, the article al Ameen need to come over to the Amazon to defy the laws of India and now also cannot accept from you and your families. We look forward to seeing you here at the Santa Community Center in 50 minutes in sharp five zero in one hour in shot law does that the local favor said Mr. wall here

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Shut up to a level. So my brothers and sisters, you've heard it. You've heard it on a coffee calm. So this is the time to go and practice and implement. And just one last thing and shout level to Adam. Sisters, as it is today Today is the day of rewards. It is way back in less than a minute, less than a minute, less than you can count less than a minute. Do they have payback? Do they have reward and just want to make you even happier and Shama? hota? Anna, what have you had it of homosexuality reported by Bukhari and Muslim when the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam he said in the Day of Judgment, there will be people who will be coming along with mountains have since had its

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authentic mountain stuck myself. Mountains of since Allah subhanho wa Taala will forgive them all in sha Allah who will forgive them all. Today is that day of forgiveness you fasted you made pm you gave the cat you gave sadaqa and you made to Allah subhanho wa Taala you stood up on the night of the power and made love a better Allah is going to pay you back and shout louder. award you not only with forgiving your sins, but also in Charlottetown. All of you, admitting you and if that wasn't his family and his loved ones it makes you need to defend those through the door of the gate of Allah Yan insha Allah. May Allah

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bless all of you, a Docomo Bella can say a dog or a dog or a dog is a dog or a dog or a dog, or

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a dog or a dog or a dog, a dog or a dog komova consign II

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Morocco is the Moroccan and mobile

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a dog or a dog.

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see you shortly saw the parking lot.

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Senator Warren to everybody while you're about to kick, Zach Lowe. Clayton will

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