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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim in Al Hamdulillah Muhammadu monastery you know who want to start Pharaoh, when are also Billahi min srry and fusina woman sejati Anna Lena Maja de la hufa Mobile Allah. oma yoga lil Fela hardy Allah when a shadow Allah Isla in LA more hula hula Shetty. Kela wanna shadow under Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was big he was sold into Sleeman kathira arriba law. We'll see Come on FC bitok Allah azza wa jal kemah call Allah subhanho wa Taala. by the rules we'll be learning Amina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem yohannes It took over a backhoe mala Ji Kala Kakuma enough Seema Haider wahala common has au jaha Rowbotham in Houma

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regional and Kathy are on when he saw what Docomo her lady TESSA aluna b he will or ham in more her can early econ Mara peba. My brothers and sisters, here we are during the month of Ramadan. With 1/3 of it's already gone. This is the 11th day of this month of Ramadan in the Hijri calendar year of 1442. My brothers and sisters every single year, every single Ramadan, when the beginning of the month comes around, we tend to give it all we've got we tend to strive extremely hard we tend to push as much as we can to seek the blessings and seek the rewards and seek you know the the Dharma and the forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala every single year we wait for it and move on to

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come around. And this was the way of this How about the Allah who and whom as well. They used to pray and wish for six months before Ramadan came around, making Tao that Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah blesses them with another month of Ramadan, making dua that Allah subhana wa Taala allows them to reach another month of Ramadan, where they get to seek not only the forgiveness, but the rewards that are immense throughout this month of Ramadan. My brothers and sisters at the beginning of this month of Ramadan, or even in fact even before the month, we reminded every single one of our selves of the importance of striving hard and doing as much as we can in order to please Allah subhana wa

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tada we looked at the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as to how deeds are multiplied drastically from 10, to even up to 700 times. And then with regards to fasting, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that our law says that fasting is for me, as in it's for Allah, and he will reward it accordingly, for in who Li will earn an edge Zb. And so the fasting that we've been doing for the last few days throughout this month of Ramadan, the last 10 days and now this being the 11th day, is a reward that we can't even imagine. We don't even know where these blessings are coming from, in the sense that when we return

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to Allah subhana wa to add on the Day of Judgment, and we see all these rewards and all these bounties and all these blessings, all these good deeds that we've done, and we sit and we ponder and wonder, I thought I was a bad person. I thought I wasn't doing so well. I thought I was really struggling. I thought I was just dragging my feet trying to get by in life as a good person. And here you are standing before Allah subhanho wa Taala with mountains of good deeds, with blessings beyond belief and gates of Paradise are opened to those who fast in those who love to fast the gates of a young man, my brothers and sisters, remember the drive remember the push? Remember the

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motivation that we had at the beginning of this month of Ramadan? Do you remember how much we strove to reach this month how much we may do our Allah Ya Allah allow me to be from amongst those that live to see this this year's month of Ramadan? Well, here we are. Here we are. This is it. What more do we want? What are we waiting for? Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed us with so much goodness already throughout this month of Ramadan. And still we feel that something is missing.

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When 10 days of Ramadan has passed, every single year we usually start to give up. We usually start to let go. We usually feel as though Okay, there's another 20 days of this and I don't know if I'm going to be able to get through my brothers and sisters. Remember the times that you struggled in

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Life. Remember the day when you made your heart to a law in such because you were going through something that was extremely hard, extremely difficult. You didn't know how to get through it. remember the time when a family member or a relative was sick, and you turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala into her and you begged and you cried and you asked Allah, Allah grant them health. It may have even been our own selves. He or Allah grant me health. Yeah Allah strengthen my Eamon Yeah, Allah strengthen my body, Allah remove this illness from me.

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remember the time when you reached into your pocket,

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and then you reached into this pocket

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and you reached into all the pockets you had

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and you didn't have enough to get through your day. I remember a time when I was in the city of Medina to munawwara.

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And we finished praying Salatu Juma and it was returning from the from musty, the neverwet to the university. And I got into a car just a random car. You know, people take you for a ride and you give them two rounds, three rounds, five rounds to get back to your destination. And we were crammed in this car. And when we got to the university and we got out of the car reached into my pocket and I realized someone stole my money.

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My wallet was there and I opened it up but they opened my wallet, took the money out and put it right back into my pocket. And I didn't have any money on me. And I thought to myself, I had a few 100 rehouse as a student, that's a lot of money. How am I going to make do what am I going to do? How am I even going to pay this person who just gave me a ride I had nothing on me. When I look back at it right now. It's a moment of happiness that Allah subhanho wa Taala took care of everything. Allah subhanho wa Taala made it easy. Allah Subhana Allah Allah sent another student who said no problem here and paid the driver for me. Allah subhana wa tada made it such that a friend of mine

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ended up helping me out for a couple of weeks until I could get my mukava once again, and then you know, return that favor, and hamdulillah so my brothers and sisters, Allah is the one who takes us out of these hardships takes us out of these difficult times in life. And if we look back at those times, we say Alhamdulillah we do Shakur to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right, we are thankful to Allah for him having helped us through these difficult times in life.

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But what about the times to come?

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What about the times to come?

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What about the days when we can no longer walk straight, upright, and we hunched over and we walk with a cane in our hands trying to get to our destination,

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making it so making everyone around us make it so seem so easy to go from the bedroom to the washroom to the kitchen to the living room. But what about the time when we reach an age, when we can't even get out of bed, when going from the bedroom to the bathroom is a mission, when going from the bedroom to the kitchen is a mission when taking the food from the plate and putting it in your mouth is a mission.

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My brothers and sisters, just because we are in comforts today doesn't mean that we will be in comfort forever. Just because we have health today doesn't mean that we will have health forever. Just because Allah Subhana Allah has blessed us with maybe you know, happiness and joy and ease in our lives doesn't mean that we will never taste stress and anxiety and depression. My brothers and sisters, we need a law more than ever, the struggle is real. These are the middle 10 days of the month of Ramadan. This is a time that we seek knowledge. This is a time that we push ourselves to limits that we didn't think we could achieve. But we realize throughout this month of Ramadan, that

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we can achieve these goals even though we are fasting. Even though we are lacking in sleep. Even though we don't have you know the proper feeling in our bodies. You might have a headache, your mouth is dry, you feel exhausted, you don't have any physical energy in your body. But Alhamdulillah we are still able to achieve great things. So throughout this month of Ramadan, and throughout these 10 days before we reach the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And I know throughout the last 10 nights of Ramadan, we push hard. We try extremely hard to get that night of power Laila to Qatar. But before we reach that to my brothers and sisters, I remind you again, what guarantee do I or you have that

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we will live to see the 21st 23rd 20

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If 27th or 29th night of this year's I'm upon, there's no guarantee. So push right now. Ask today for Allah to forgive us from the sins that we've committed in our past. Asked today for Allah to forgive us for the times that we were backbiting someone else asked a lot today to forgive us for the times that we told a lie to our parents, because we wanted to get something from them. ask Allah today for the times that we cheated on exams in school, elementary or high school or university. If you did, I haven't. But maybe some have asked Allah subhanho wa Taala today for forgiveness from all the things that we do that we're not even aware of. At times we say things we don't realize we're

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harming someone else. At times we do things or go places that we don't realize other people are watching and feel bad about. At times, we may dress a certain way that people feel bad about because they don't have what we have. Now that doesn't mean that we shouldn't live our lives. And we should only be focusing on what other people are seeing of us. But we should ask Allah for forgiveness for the times that we may have done something unknowingly.

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You see my brothers and sisters, we need to bank a lot of extra good deeds. We need to fill the good deeds that we can throughout these you know limited amount of years that we have on earth so that when we return to Allah will be able to benefit will be able to benefit. So my brothers and sisters, now is the time to turn to a loss of Hanover wetter hair. How can we do that in these middle 10 days of Ramadan? What can we do that will be beneficial to us and beneficial to our family members? Well, Allah Subhana water Hanna says in the Quran, he tells the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to say what will rob Bz do any

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work good luck visit Myanmar. Just ask Allah Allah increasing me in knowledge. Before we even start seeking knowledge. We have to ask Allah subhana wa ohana to allow us to take in the knowledge allow my brain to absorb the knowledge and to understand it allow my heart to feel the importance of it and to implement it in my life. Allow my limbs my eyes, my mouth, my ears, my hands, my fingers, my toes, my feet, my knees, my elbows, my the palms of my hands. Right allow my heels to feel the knowledge that we are gaining. Imagine when we make a prayer to Allah subhanho wa Taala any one of the prayers fudger avadh is a mother very sharp with the Sunnah nothing of any of the prayers that

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we make. When you stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala What did we have to do? We submitted our entire bodies to Allah. We went and we open the water and we let the water flow on different parts of our body. We made it touch our skin to remove not only the dirt, but the sins are dripping away. As the water drops off of our limbs. This the sins are being removed. We wash our mouth, our nose, our faces, our ears, our feet, our heads, and then we walk and now our heels touch the ground. Our feet touch the ground, our toes touch the ground, our ankles are bending, our knees are moving, our hips are shifting, our back is moving, our shoulders are upright, our hands are swaying, our eyes

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are going in that direction. our ears are listening for goodness, our tongues are saying Bismillah before we start anything and do anything our prayer, right we say Allahu Akbar, we are breathing good, fresh air, every single part of our body is submitting to Allah Subhana voice.

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Because Allah allowed us to seek knowledge that would be beneficial to us, so that we can implement it in our lives. When we go about doing anything as believers. We go to recite the Quran, we are using many parts of our body, we are giving sadaqa we are giving Sutherland this way, right? We're giving sadaqa this way. It's interesting because when we have donation boxes, the hold is on the top. But when we give, we should give this way so that the person who's receiving is taken from the top. And so we give sadaqa this way because we can't make it fall out the bottom. But technically, the box should be this way. Right? But everything would fall out. And so my brothers and sisters,

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when we give a donation, we think to ourselves, oh, I'm simply giving. You're not simply giving. It's not just the money, every aspect of our body, even our brains are involved in giving that sadaqa our heart is involved.

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Our breathing is involved. Our eyes are involved, we are looking towards good or we are looking towards bad you choose, you can look towards good and refrain from looking at the bat. every single aspect of our body is being used in goodness, this time throughout Ramadan is a time to appreciate Allah subhanho wa Taala and the knowledge that he's blessed us with.

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In order to make this easier for every single one of us, my brothers and sisters Alhamdulillah through the Islamic Center, Islamic community center of Milton,

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what we're doing this year, and is what we've done last year in the previous year Alhamdulillah you know, I give all the credit to the backend work of all this to my wife hamdulillah You know, this was a project that she really wanted to do and started up three years ago, two years ago, throughout the month of Ramadan over here we used to do it to on a daily basis in the masjid, I used to just ask questions throughout Tada, we and people would answer those questions and you know, we would just do it lightheartedly with you know, some simple prizes here or there. But now we've initiated

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the Quran quest quiz 2021 once again, so for those of you who did not hear about it, or those of you who haven't taken part in it before, the Quran quest quiz is a quiz where five questions related to the Quran and Tafseer of the Quran are revealed every single day, at if bought a time last night at if thought was when the first five questions were revealed, and you have 24 hours to answer those questions. So if you haven't taken part in this quest, or an quest quiz yet, then begin by going to the Islamic community center of Milton, Instagram account iccm dot Milton, go to the Instagram account, click on the link in the bio. And you don't even need to have Instagram you can simply just

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Google it. Go to iccm dot Milton, Instagram, and you will see the profile pop up, click on the link in the Instagram profile and in sha Allah hota Hana, you will be able to answer or receive the questions for the five first questions of the quiz every single day for the middle 10 days. This is your task. This is the test that I'm giving to you that we are sharing with you to encourage us to continue that drive that motivation to please Allah subhanho wa Taala seeking beneficial knowledge is part of our Deen and it is an important aspect of the of the believers life where we continue to learn and to gain knowledge that will benefit us in this life and in the Hereafter. What do we take

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with us when we die? My brothers and sisters?

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What do we take with us when we die?

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We take the rewards that we continue to gain as a sadaqa jariya

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we take the benefit of the dura of the children that we leave behind to make Dora and remember us. And we take beneficial knowledge that we gained and we shared with others. Imagine if we learn one new thing throughout this time of Ramadan these 10 days and we share that one new thing with one other person and that one person shares it with one other person. And every year only one person shares it with one person just as a simple, minimal example. On the Day of Judgment how many people would have shared something that they learned with someone else that you benefited from

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hamdulillah that's the blessings of the reward of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So my brothers and sisters, please do check out the iccm Milton Instagram account so that you can get the link. I do believe that it's been sent on the WhatsApp groups as well the iccm WhatsApp groups, I'm going to double check that afterwards and shot a lot of data. For those who are saying that they missed last night's quiz. You did not miss it. It only began last night so you still have a chance. And the prizes this year are awesome. First prize, a brand new MacBook Air with a new m one chip that is designed by Apple right I looked into it myself. Alright and second prize, third prize, fourth prize

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fifth prize, we have prizes for the top five winners, and we have two iPads as well that we're giving away brand new Alhamdulillah. So my brothers and sisters please do take part in it not initially for the purpose of the the prizes, but take initiative in this so that we can seek knowledge and we can use these 10 days of Ramadan in a simple way in the from the comforts of our home in front of a device. Maybe doing

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Some research online to answer these questions. Lastly, my brothers and sisters

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I mentioned last night in our live session where we do 30 for 3030 pages of a quote and in 30 days

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the importance of looking after the massage it what unelma Sergi delila he fell out of the room while he had the massage it belonged to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And in the masjid only Allah subhanho wa Taala is worshiped.

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Right. So when we think of our mustard, the Islamic community center of Milton, many of you have picked up these boxes, you should have already received your box. If you live in Milton, and you have not received your box, let us know. And we can have one delivered to your house in shot along with the ad. And if you feel that you don't need the box Alhamdulillah you can go to the masjid website and donate what is the purpose of this box? That I'm avant sprint 2021 is a fundraising campaign that we do in the masjid here so that we don't have to spend the 27th night of Ramadan, fundraising for the masjid, we could spend that night doing other types of very bad. That doesn't

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mean that we won't ask a force that we're going to ask, right but we're not going to spend a long time doing a fundraiser. So my brothers and sisters what we request is every single family living in or around Milton to take one box and to raise as a family $300 throughout the month of Ramadan. What does that mean? That translates into $10 per day, from the beginning of Ramadan till the end. If you have three children, and a father and a mother living in the house, that's five people, each person contributes

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$2 per day. So a contribution of $2 per day for five people or $10 in total as a family up to $300 as a minimum for the family to give towards the systemic community center of Milton. My brothers and sisters think of this if we are to do this all together 1000 families raising only $300 if we raise more Alhamdulillah please do try and and match your goals and reach it, reach it but Excel beyond those goals. If 1000 families are To do this, we can reach our Melbourne target our at Melbourne target very simply and easily. And remember my brothers and sisters, if you've raised your amount or you're satisfied with your amount, then return it to the mustard, you can come to the mustard right

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now, you can come to the mustard right now to deliver or to drop off your box. But before you do that, make sure that on the side of the box, you put your name, your phone number and your address or on a piece of paper, you put your name your phone number and your address inside the box. Okay, make sure you put it inside the box. Why? So that we can issue a tax receipt for you. We can issue a tax receipt for you. And that way you'll also get your tax receipt for the 2021 donations that you've made throughout the year. My brothers and sisters This is our responsibility. It is our responsibility.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us this month of Ramadan as a gift. What are we giving back to Allah, we're giving our energy. We are staying away from food. We are practicing our you know abilities to stay away from backbiting and cheating and lying and stealing and doing all the things that are wrong that we're not supposed to do throughout the whole year anyways. But in addition to it, we want to impress Allah, how do we impress Allah subhanho wa Taala by doing extra good deeds, and from the best of good deeds is sadaqa from the best of good deeds is sadaqa and southern never diminishes our wealth. So my brothers and sisters, make sure that we contribute towards the Islamic community

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center of Milton how these boxes secondly visit the website, www dot qcnet milton.com I usually type it out, I can easily pop it up over here on Facebook and YouTube. You know you can simply go to the masjid Website www dot iqnet milton.com and you will be able to donate and shout Allahu to Hana towards the masjid and the masjid projects that we have going on. You'll you'll have ease of donation in sha Allah by doing that, I'll put it up here post it and then I will pin it for everyone in sha Allah Tana. If I'm able to pin the comment, very good. Can I pin this one? No, I'd have to type it out myself. I'm good hamdulillah people are putting it up. They're just not gonna locate it.

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lastly, my

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Brothers and sisters Remember to use this month of Ramadan as best as you possibly can. I've given you some information on how to do that. Visit the masjid Instagram account iccm dot Milton, right? And in sha Allah who to holla you'll be able to take part in the Quran quest quiz. I believe that the link for the questions has been sent out on WhatsApp on the WhatsApp groups so hopefully that's there as well and every single day at if not a time, five new questions will be put up and the five previous questions will be taken down. So you have from it's now two o'clock 3456786 hours to take part in de ones questions in sha Allah to Zakouma log will fade on and please do visit the mustard

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website to donate our brothers and sisters Lastly, we need to make dua ha Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa ala Ali Muhammad Camus and later Allah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim nica Hamid Majeed or baddeck Allah Muhammad wa ala Ali Mohammed comma Baraka Allah Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahima innaka Hamid Majeed Allah mofi Lana Wareham now what is Okinawa Athena along the vertical NF ed in in our dunya you're blind I mean, a llama Taco Bell Mina via the shadow mobile Nokia or harmala II mean along in a careful winter half of f1 Aloma in a careful winter we'll have a fair run along the in the careful winter had we'll have with our f1 Allahumma hammary module and amin and along the highway Moodle and

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amin and now Allahumma haddaway Moodle hanami now we ask you yeah Allah, Allah we raise our hands and we ask you for forgiveness yeah Allah Please forgive us of our sins that we've committed in the last year that Allah Please forgive us of our sins that we've committed from ramadan ramadan ramadan ramadan, Allah Please forgive us of our sins that we've committed at any point in time in our lives. Yet Allah please make it easy for us to seek your forgiveness and to continuously do good yeah Allah please make it easy for us throughout our lives to constantly do higher than Baraka to constantly do hide and receive Baraka from you. Yeah Allah please make it easy for us to excel throughout this

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month of Ramadan to seek knowledge knowledge which is beneficial knowledge that will help us and help our family and to help those that are around us. Yeah Allah please make it easy for every single one of us to take part in not only the Quran quest quiz, but to take part in reciting the Quran throughout this month of Ramadan Allah please make it easy for us to raise our hands and seek your forgiveness you know Allah please make it easy for us throughout this month of Ramadan to be at ease and patient with the hunger that we feel due to fasting a lot please make it easy for us throughout this month of Ramadan to give extra Southern caught Allah please bless us with more

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wealth yeah Allah This is tax season when Muslims and non Muslims are receiving extra amounts of money hopefully from their tax returns yeah Allah those of us who receive extra amounts of money from our taxes yeah law please make it easy for us to give in charity and for those of us who did not receive anything extra or those of us who are in need yeah law please make it easy for those who did receive extra money to give to those who did not receive and those who are in need you know a lot please make it easy for every single one of us to submit to you and to submit to you alone. You know law please make it easy for us to get through this difficult time with the massage and being

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closed and the inability to stand side by side shoulder to shoulder with the Imam without any masks Yeah, Allah we see the Muslims we see the Muslims around the world in Australia in New Zealand enjoying being in the masjid filled from front to back shoulder to shoulder standing in prayer night after night yeah Allah Please grant us the ability to do that once again. Yeah Allah please remove this pandemic from Amman from upon us yeah Allah Please allow us to change ourselves because you say in the Quran in the law Hello you're very Roma becoming Hector you have a year or maybe unfussy him here Allah you say that you will not change the condition of a people until they change the

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condition of themselves. So yeah, Allah make us from amongst those who pledge and who give our strength and time and energy from now from today from this very moment, to change ourselves for the better to do what is good to do what is right to make it easy for us to get through this pandemic. Yet Allah we begged from you Yeah, Allah We beg from you. Allah We beg from you, to grant health to those who are not well, those who may be suffering from COVID-19. from cancer from heart disease and illness. Yeah, Allah, those that are suffering and struggling around the world, whether it be medically related or due to oppression due to difficulty in their country due to financial

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constraints and hardship and recession. Allah please make it easy for all those that are suffering and struggling. Yeah, Allah you brought the struggle. Yeah, Allah you can remove this struggle. You have the ability to bring good and to bring hardship and when you bring hardship bring lots and lots of ease afterwards. Yeah, Allah please make it easy for us.

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To get through the difficult times in our life for you say for in them or other ersity use law in America nursery use raw with hardship comes ease. Yeah Allah we are going through hardship. Bless us with ease, bless us with ease, open your doors have mercy and allow them to shower down upon us. He or Allah We beg from you and we ask you and we seek from you day in day out day and night in the daytime, we are fasting at nighttime we are praying yeah Allah, what more can we do except to continue and to push and to continue and to ask and we will we will we will continue Yeah, Allah

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Ya Allah please make it easy for us to see our family members once again. And those of us who have lost loved ones whether our parents due to old age or some sort of sickness or illness, yeah, Allah Please have mercy upon them. Allah please widen their graves and make them wide open, sweet scented gardens of Paradise. Allah, please make it easy for every single one of us to get through the hardships that we go through in our lives and make it easy for us as parents to parent our children and make it easy for us as children to be children to our parents and make it easy for us to fulfill the rights of the parents upon us and the rights of the children upon us and the rights of the

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spouse is upon us. I mean, in the late model Villa Hadley well ehsani were at the record about why on her annual fracture you want one carry one burly Yocum, La La Quinta karoun with Cora law of Cordova, remember Allah you have corkum and he will remember you have cotulla high of Qualcomm, where the ruhul yesterday Blackcomb while Eric rula aka Malawi alum matters now when my brothers and sisters Jazakallah Hayden for attending as a reminder every single day, one hour before, if thought mulleted time in Toronto.

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We have a live online session that we do every single day. So please do join that. And also make sure you take part in the Quran quest quiz. Right We have over 50 people last night at midnight, there were already 50 submissions and hamdulillah so please do take part in that. And my brothers and sisters Remember to donate to our mustard at WWW dot Aigner milton.com ICN amilton.com and you can always come to the masjid right now as well. We will be there in sha Allah huzzah Anna there are, you know management team members that are there that you can go and drop off your donations in person. We're bringing your Amazon sprint 2021 boxes and lastly, every single day, from one o'clock

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to two o'clock and every single day from six o'clock to seven o'clock. You can stop by the masjid to drop off your donations. The Masjid is not open for us to go inside. But there are you know management and staff that is there to receive donations. giacomin located on roboticle Alfie Kohn are some of our cinema Vatican endovenous hamadryad earlier sacmi wasallam was Santa Maria Kumara