Da’wah Tip From Langkawi

Daood Butt

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Topics: Dawah

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In this episode Daood Butt shares his experience about meeting Mufti Ismail Menk. This small yet powerful tip is about the usage of perfume for the muslim men who intend, want and are doing dawah.

Episode Transcript

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Brothers and sisters

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you know, when I shook his hand he smelled so beautiful that he was wearing just reminds me of the products and

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he would love to wear perfume and this attracts people to you. So it's a means of getting down into others and you know, in people's cars sales of air fresheners and stuff like that and you'd like you'd like to be in their car. You don't want to jump into like one of those New York taxi cabs that stink like crazy. Do you know that's not the proper down setup. So for all the taxi drivers out there, get some air fresheners and for all the brothers that are want to go down and walk around the streets and talk to people that put on some nice perfumes and nice Cologne and shalva and people will be attracted to you like magnets. So inshallah that is my tip for you today. So I can have all

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kinds of cinematic