Can I Excuse My Husband From Paying Mahr

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Can one excuse their husband from paying Mahr?  What evidence does Surah Nisa from the Qur’an provide for us in this regard?  

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi provides answers.

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The speaker discusses the importance of giving back to a deceased couple's belongings, rather than just using their money. They suggest that as long as the deceased's family doesn't take anything, it is their responsibility to handle the situation.

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A wife asks, Can I excuse my husband from paying me the Maha?

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Allah says in the Koran that Muhammad is a right that the husband has to give to his wife. And yet at the same time, the wife has the right or the prerogative to forgive as Allah says, and sort of then is that for in vanilla C'mon shaman who listen for guru, honey and Medea, if the wife of her own free will of her own accord without having been pressured, if she gives something up, and she returns it to the husband, then that is permissible and fine. So as long as the wife is not pressured, as long as she's not forced, she may give up a portion or even all of her money that is up to her, but it is a duty that the husband has to offer to his wife, and then it's up to the wife

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to accept or to gift it back to the husband.