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In this episode, Daood Butt speaks about developing stronger love for Allah SWT, how our beloved Prophet SAW developed greater love for Allah SWT, his teachings to get closer to Allah SWT, time management and recognizing the blessing of Allah SWT.

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Brothers and sisters,

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another short reminder.

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You know, there's a question that a lot of people ask, it's a common question that comes up pretty often.

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How can we develop a stronger sense of love for a Muslim kind of?

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How can we develop a stronger sense of love for the prophets?

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Or what are the things that the Prophet some of

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them did, that brought us closer, or brought him closer I should say, to the remembrance of Allah subhanho, wa tada and develop developing a globe that is strong for the one that created each and every one of us.

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And we have to analyze our own lives.

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wants us

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to praise him, and to remember him at all times. And today, we see a lot of people who are trying to love us, or trying to develop this sort of, you know, connection with him by doing it the wrong way. I mean, they do it in a way that, for example, they're doing a job and a lot of us Canada in a way that was not been done by the prophets.

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And then a lot of people use the excuse that, oh, he was a prophet. He didn't have to do things like this, but we're not prophet. So we have to do more. We don't, we don't have to do more than what the prophets

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were supposed to do what he did, not more than what he did. If we're trying to do more than what he did. That means we think we're better than him, in a way, right.

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My point here is that we don't even live up to what the profits.

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Like, for example, as I'm driving here, driving for about

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300 320 kilometers back to Boston.

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the amount of times that a person can say,

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you know, in three hours of driving the car doesn't take any extra energy. In fact, all I did was push the record button on my smartphone.

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And I can record this video, right? I don't have to do anything, it's not distracting me from the road, I'm not even looking at the camera, or paying attention to the street thing, attention to the mirrors, you know, rearview mirror of changing lanes, check my blind spot, you guys actually witnessing that.

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It doesn't take any energy to just move our tongues.

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Back, sometimes we're driving our cars, to pick up our phone and make a phone call, or you know, hold our phone in our hand and start texting messaging people, which is against the wall to begin with, right in many countries around the world right now. It's against the law to send a text message while you're driving it, we can do that. But we say Oh, we don't have time to remember a loss of handle what? How Don't we have time, we have loads of time, we just don't realize it. And we spend the time you know, the precious time that we have that we're never ever going to get back again for the rest of our life. We spend it doing absolutely ridiculous things, or just wasting it,

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doing nothing, and not really achieving anything beneficial. So

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my point here, brothers and sisters, is that we can remember most of panelboards in ways that were done by the prophet, so

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he would always be, you know, busy. And his tongue would be voiced with the remembrance of Allah.

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Very simply by saying stuff it'll last.

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So many, so many different types of jobs that we can say or phrases that you can use to praise the boss.

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I mean, look around the fact that you may be driving through one of the most beautiful cities in the world or countries in the world. Or you may be driving through the worst, most disgusting place you've ever been to. It doesn't make a difference. Either way, whatever is around you as a blessing from

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the fact that you can drive is a blessing from Allah.

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The fact that you can see the fact that you can speak you can breathe, you can hear you can smell, you know, you can point to things. You can use many different senses at the same time, like watching the road listening for cars coming, checking your mirrors turning left and right. There's always a way that we can praise or recognize the blessings

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that are around us. And that's something that I wanted to remind everyone to do.

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Sisters, I hope that this is beneficial and I hope that it's useful. And I really love to try to encourage others to recognize what Canada has blessed us with and placed us in the round.