Treating Homeless People

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month we're gonna treat your family out somewhere where every week you guys come and have dinner at my house every Saturday. My wife's gonna cook for example, and you come and eat at my house, how many of us do those things?

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You have to start thinking outside of the box. We are so happy to invite our friends that we know they can afford food anyways, invite people that we know all the time we sit there we chill with them, how many times we invite people that can't afford things and we feel content giving to them and how did I offend someone that I know they can't afford this. Even if it's buying a homeless person, a cup of coffee and Tim Hortons, take them inside because you know if they walk into Morton's a lot of the time, employees not to Mart's shouldn't say let me take warrants any restaurant usually, you know, in a homeless person walks in and the clothes are all ripped to

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pieces. And they might not smell nice, hair is long, and then dirty fingernails are dirty. A lot of restaurant or snowboard store owners would just say you know, just stay outside, stay outside, don't come in, even though they might have the money to buy something, bring them inside, tell the employee No, he or she is with me. They're with me. Take them in, buy whatever they need. sit down with them, have the meal with them, talk to them, at least find out what their name is. At least find out what their name is. have that nice cup of coffee with them. Give them a nice doughnut or a bagel or sandwich, whatever it is, buy them something that's good and healthy for them. Something

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that warms them up makes them feel good and happy. Get to know them.

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Tell them a little message of itself

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that the seed have established

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and make do or have for them in front of them in front of them.

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So you know what I asked, my Lord asked a lot. I ask God to make everything easy for you. And I will truly remember you sincerely I will remember you in my prayers. And we should be doing this with our children.

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Believe me, believe me, believe me if we do this with our children, so our children will love us. When they grow up.

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They will experience things that they will be able to tell people my mom and my dad did this with. It took me to places they helped me to help others. They taught me how to feed others. We need to do this with our youth. And I think one of these Fridays we're going to cancel I don't plan to do this. We're going to go downtown and we're going to do this in

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the next chapter we'll go through these mp3 proclaim shalom town

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in Germany recorded from his paternal uncle are made.

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are they they've been added. And he

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said that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to them with signs on him that he had taken aback. So he came to the Sahaba of the abattoir. And it looked as though the prophets along it assigned to the bath, right? We all know what that means. It means your hair might look wet, etc. So he was cheerful. The prophet SAW longer and he was someone was cheerful, and we thought that he had been with his wives. We said messenger of a mark, you see that you are cheerful. He said yes. And praise be to a lot. Later, wealth was mentioned and the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there is no harm in wealth for someone who has taqwa. But health for the

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person who has taqwa is even better than wealth. cheerfulness is a blessing. So prophets along with me who said that first of all, we see that it seemed as though he came from taking a bath, which goes to show us when there's a habit on the Obama era, no thoughts, you know, they assume he came from being with his wives.

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It goes to show us that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teaches us being with your family should make you be in a cheerful mood, you should be happy. And the prophets along with some of them seem to be in a cheerful mood, right? He didn't leave his home. Ah, man, I can't stand this. You know, this lady, right? It's how some people leave the house. I can't stand this lady. I can't stand up men.

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How many times people will barge out of their house and they say these things and profits alone. I

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saw him and they said he was cheerful. He looked happy.

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So he just came and obviously what's meant is that he was just with his family. So he was happy. And he says there's no harm in wealth for someone who has tough one. So seek your wealth you have that was seeking love why cuz you're going to use it in rightful no righteous ways. But he says so long. I think it was seven health for the person who has wealth.

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Sorry, health for the person who has taqwa is even better than wealth

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and cheerful

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This is a blessing, really cheerful, this is a blessing for us to kind of what we see our children being happy. And sometimes we wonder how they still have to, what is it that makes them so happy? And really a lot of the time, it's because they're living in the moment that they're in. What makes us sad and depressed and have anxiety attacks, is because we're living in the future. Our minds are thinking of the future. I'm thinking of the bills I need to pay. I'm thinking of the things that have to do. I'm thinking of the rent I need to take care of, I'm thinking of, you know, how I need to go buy groceries, I'm thinking of the meeting I have tomorrow on the weekend that I don't want to

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go to. So we're thinking of all these things that are not even a reality yet we might not even live to them. And that's what makes us different than children. Because we're too busy thinking and our children are too busy enjoying themselves right now. Right? Chanel, right. He's got a big smile on his face. Right? He's enjoying himself in the situation that he's in right now. That's what matters.

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