Angels in your Presence #13

Omar Suleiman


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Episode Notes

Episode #13 informs us of the function of the angel when people remain just and fair when judging a dispute.

The prophet said that when a person is asked to judge and they do it righteously Allah s.w.t sends angels who guide them to the truth.

There is a story of Omar Al Khattab who had to judge a dispute between a Muslim and a Jew. The Khalifah judged in favour of the Jew over the Muslim and the Jew said that Omar had judged correctly. Omar wanted to know how the Jew knew this.

Listen to the end of this brief talk to discover the Jew’s reply to the honourable Khalifah.


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the idea of judge's position and the importance of having a bias towards one's friends and enemies. They also mention a recent incident where a Muslim man claims to have been a victim of abuse by Microsoft. The speaker suggests playing the role of the shape or the truth to maintain justice and avoid negative consequences.
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One of the assumptions that we sometimes make when we're navigating through these ahaadeeth. And these narrations, especially as they pertain to drama, is that we're going to be the center of the drama. But all of us know that at times we are called to judge in a dispute, we're caused to pass judgment on something that's unfolding before our eyes sometimes where we have no business doing so. But we're often caused to judge and the greatest verse of justice or one of the greatest verses of justice in the portal. And so Allah Subhana, Allah says, well, they actually amend the commission under common law to do that you don't let your hatred for people causing you to square from justice

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that you always stay upon justice. And that is a quality and trait that you will rarely find, even amongst righteous people, that you naturally have a bias towards those that you love. You naturally have a bias towards your friends. Your friends are always misunderstood even when you're when they're wrong. Your enemies are always devious, even when they're right. Right. So you're always, you know, torn.

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The prophets lie some talks about the formal position, though of being asked to judge in an affair, okay, which comes with authority. And obviously, there's the formal position of the Collie, the judge in a state and then there is the, the arbitration or some sort of dispute that requires you to step in or where you're asked to step in the profit slice. And I'm said that whoever forces themselves into a position of judgment, meaning a position of authority will be entrusted to it, meaning they won't have any blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala. But when a person is asked to judge and they judge righteously the prophets lysozyme said, No person is asked to judge and they're

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reluctant to do so because they fear doing wrong by someone except that Allah subhanaw taala sends an angel for such data analyst pentatonic guides them, right, guides them to the truth. And there's a beautiful incident that took place with a mental health hospital, the lavon, who of course, is known for his justice. He's known for the way he held the standard of justice to everyone, but at the same time always showed great mercy and just cultivated such a beautiful society in his time. It'll be a lot of time I know. And that justice was shown even when it was Muslims and non Muslims Under Armour, real hip hop of the Alon, society, women will say, well, the law anyway narrates he

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said one time a Muslim and a Jew had a dispute, under the authority of armor to help follow the alarm. And armor will help us judged in favor of the Jew over the Muslim. So the Jewish man, he said, You have judged correctly. So I'm a little below I know he had his he had his daughter, his his stick, and he poked him and he said, Well, now you drink. He said, Wait, how do you know that I just correctly What are you talking about? And he said that no person judges in accordance with the truth except that Allah sends two angels one on his right and one on his left to support him in that once he leaves the truth, the angels leave him. And that's something that almost all the law I know

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confirmed, and obviously that's confirmed through the words of our own messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So when you are called to a dispute to judge between two people, you could either play the role of the shape or you could play the role of the devil and perpetuate things and make them worse and be unfair. Or you can play the role of the truth. And make sure that you establish justice to the best of your ability and allow it send a special angel to assist you in doing so.