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A representative from Academy alive is speaking to a customer on behalf of the church. They discuss the importance of teaching Islam to people, even small amounts, and the need for confidence in asking people questions. They also mention the need for personal confidence to pass on information to others.

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Assalamu alaikum This is your sister Felicia Bennett from developing diamonds coming to you on behalf of Academy alive. I can't tell you how many Muslims I've met who felt apprehension, fear, insecurity inadequacy, about being able to teach someone else, even just the basic aspects of Islam. And it's actually a really sad thing to see that people feel like they're not good enough and they don't know know enough to teach maybe even their children the Arabic alphabet or to teach a new Muslim how to pray. we're lacking this huge sense of confidence and that's a really unfortunate thing. But I wanted to remind myself and remind you that we have a responsibility to teach whatever

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little we know, even if it is a very, very small amount, even if it's just a letter, and the Prophet peace be upon him. He said in a hadith recorded in Buhari, convey my teachings to the people, even if it is a single verse, even if it is just good, who Allahu Ahad say he is God, the one if you know one little thing about the religion, you learn one Hadith, you won't learn one verse of the Quran, you learned one aspect of believing in God's oneness, teach it to someone else, talk to someone else about it, pass on the message, because that's what this religion is. this religion is a passing on of the message of truth. This meant this religion is a faith about reminding people of the bigger

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picture of the purpose of life of what God is calling to have, you know, a reminder about accountability, a reminder about connecting to God's word and scriptures. And, and if we don't do that, then who will, if you and I don't step up in whatever little capacity we can, then who will, we can't save it only for the bigger figures in our communities, the big scholars and you know, the big public figures, may Allah reward all of them, you and I, the average person day to day in our little interactions or within our families within our homes, we have a responsibility to teach whatever little we know of the religion. And again, you want to improve your confidence you want to

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improve in how much you know, you need to be on that path and on that boat of being a person who seeks knowledge as well. So we need to convey the message of Islam to others, even if it is a very small amount. Allah, Allah tells us he says that. Ask those who know if you know not. So if we don't know something, we should ask someone who does know and fill that void fill that gap in our knowledge. And likewise, if those around us don't know something, let you be the person who's the go to person that when they have a question they can ask you, and you either have the answers or you're able to help them find the answers to the questions. We have Zilla as Muslims, we have a religion

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where we can question and ask, you know, to a certain degree about every different little facet of life, we can, you know, ask how can I live like this? And what is the best decision for that? What's the Islamic stance on this? We are encouraged to question and find the answers that we seek throughout our lives. But we also need to be people who are equipped with knowledge to answer those questions. And we need some confidence to be able to share whatever little we know with others. And remember, you know that you might not know the answer to something, it's fine to say I don't know. But I'll find out the answer to that. But whatever little you do know take that responsibility as

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something that you want to have on your shoulders to pass on to others and others want to Allah will honor and reward you for that effort that you've made.