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Calisha Bennett
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Calisha is the founder of Grounded and specialises in teaching the foundations of Islam and Quran Tajweed as well as designing unique courses and workshops, providing private consultation and contributing to community development. She has presented as a keynote speaker at international Islamic conferences and has been invited to represent the Islamic faith for non-Muslim audiences at schools and at community and multi-faith events.

Calisha’s endless passion for sharing the Islamic faith and teachings for over almost two decades stems from a deep sense of responsibility. She believes that her fellow Muslims are in urgent need of essential foundational Islamic learning and support in order to confidently overcome the deluge of new-age challenges they currently face and which no doubt lie ahead.

Calisha’s mission is to impact and strengthen the Islamic faith, identity and confidence of Muslim women and youth worldwide. She dreams of a future where more members of the Muslim Ummah will stand strong and proud as a leading generation of educated and purposeful God-conscious believers who call to belief in the Oneness of God and the Islamic faith as they create positive change in the world.

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