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AI: Summary © The Surah and the Bible are discussed as both documents that test one's ability to achieve a life after death. The importance of death as a test is emphasized, along with the use of death as a test for personal growth. The transcript describes passage of legislation, quizzes, and a general caution against disrespecting people and promises of profit. The negative sentiment of "we" is also discussed, along with the importance of letting people know that knowledge is available and that actions of the Prophet are the responsibility of individuals.
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Joaquim Tarbell aka the big hill muku hawala coalition. Cody

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shortly Sunday, we're certainly Emily Wadler, octet and Melissa nia. Oliva Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah alihi wa sahbihi Germaine. So know that once again Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Everybody. Today I'm going to share with you some things that will help you get to know Salat Al mulk, the 67th rule of the Quran, a very beautiful Sula that the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam commented about multiple times. So before I give you an overview of the subject matter of the soul, I'd like to share with you some of those comments bioresource isonem. These are all from authenticated narrations in the solar domain kitabi lahemaa, here in less than a

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tuna Ira shafa at the module for a gentleman and now we're adhaalath agenda. There's a pseudo from Allah's book is nothing but 30. I got this one that makes a case on behalf of a person. It intercedes on behalf of a person and gets him out of the fire and gets him entered into heaven. In pursuit of the miracle. Angela Tula, I attend a theologian who fear Allah who is certainly a remarkable suitor from the Quran. 30 is worth that intercedes on behalf of a person until it grants it gets forgiveness granted to him. Well, he has sudo to Tabarak and then he via the hill book, and it is a surah that begins with the Baraka DB at the hidden Markov blessing. And how incredibly

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stable is the one in whose hand all kingdom and all Dominion lies

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and an abyssal aloha lucidum kind of lay Anam had a Accra Island and zeal. Elif lamington zeal What about a candidemia hillbrook there was also saddam did not used to go to sleep until he resided at if lamingtons he will get up even Allah had ice cream and also diabolical antibiotic, meaning this surah was part of his regular daily practice.

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And then the prophets of Salaam also said narrated by Ernest slotomania Koran ha summit and sahibi her political agenda, a surah from the Quran that makes a case and argues on behalf of its companion until it gets them into genda Tabata can it be a deal book. And then of course, the final one that is narrated by Eben Masaru de la putana. And who, as soon as Tabarak here maniototo Minato will cover this. So Tabarak the surah is a prevention from the from the punishment of the Fire and prevents the companion of it, the reciter of it, the one loyal to it, the one who befriended it in his recitation, and her recitation, from the punishment of the Fire May Allah protect all of us from

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the punishment actually punishment of the grave, particularly, the surah is very unique for many reasons. It's got six sections, from what from the way I've been able to divide the subject matter. The first of them is actually a demonstration of a less power, diabolical idibia. The Look, the one who has all kingdom and dominion in his hand, and is capable of all things are really truly remarkable collections of themes and subject matter. I was honored to actually engage in a deep study of the surah and present an exhaustive lecture on the surah. And I'm hoping and shallow that some of you that have the time will, will take advantage of that study that I've done. But I want to

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highlight some things from that first passage to you for now, unique statements are the hola como tal hyah. Talia blue Akuma ucommerce, Andromeda, the one who created death and life he didn't say life and death, he said the one who created death and life so he may test you, which has been thought about a lot by Mufasa. And why did he mentioned death first, but the most obvious of the meanings is actually he's referring to our death. and thereafter life again. And he created that afterlife so that he can test you. In other words, if there was no afterlife, then what's the point of this life if you don't, if you if we're not going to be resurrected again, then this life is not

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a test. It's just do whatever you can grab whatever you can eat, and sleep and have whatever fun you can. And you know, before you check out of here, because there are no consequences beyond this life, right. But he says, The only reason you will see life as a test is if you realize there's a life coming after this one. Which means that's the life of results. This is the life of a test. Just like you're sitting in an exam, you're when you're sitting in an exam, there's limited time and you got to do what you can do. And then there are going to be consequences that you will see whether you passed or failed after the exam is over. So this life is that exam period. And then thereafter we

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come out. It's interesting that in that first passage, Allah compares death and life and the continuity like we think of death as like the end of our life. Allah doesn't want us to think of it like that. So that's why he actually in the very next ayah gives us a parallel for death and life and how continuous they are. And says under the hollow cassava, somewhat empty but not

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I feel healthier and even tougher with the one who created the skies in the earth into layers that are fused with one another and you can find any crack or any flaw or any gap in between any of them for gel basa look at it, look at it again over and over again contemplate and how see how seamless and continuous to seven skies are the word debark which is used to describe the levels and the continuity of the skies. And how they how consistent they are with each other is also a variation of that word is used elsewhere in the Quran, to actually describe the phases of our life and how we journey from the wombs of our mothers out into older from youth to old age to death to the grave to

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come out of the grave. Allah says letter kabuna same word again the Takapuna token and for the family home, you know. So that's the kind of the the essential message of the first passage is that allows great power and his power to give you life after death. That's the overall scheme. Then what Allah does in the next

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or the next rather passage, a rather long passage. Also something beautiful about that passage, it opens with Allah describing how he beautified the sky. And he had that long passage closes with how he made the earth vest. So sky and earth at the two ends of the second passage, and in the middle is an exhaustive discussion of what's going to happen after we are raised after we die. Meaning those who disbelieved either Mujahideen number seven Nazi, you know they're going to have the punishment of *, what a terrible place that is. And then the first time they hear the roaring of the Hellfire semi Allah has shaken every time they're being pushed in it. The Warner's of * are going

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to be saying Illuminati community, the guardians of * are gonna say didn't the Warner come to you? They're gonna admit you and under the rule of law, a warner did come but we call them a liar. lokala Manas Allahu minchie and we used to say a London You know, a lot didn't send anything in until we laugh Ebola in COVID. All of you are just totally confused. We completely disregarded those who gave us warning, and then they show their regret makalu loco Nana smarthalo nappy Lu na Coronavirus habit sorry, if we had only listened, if he had only thought about things and understood things, we wouldn't be among the people that are being you know, thrown in flames and scorching

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flames today. Then on the flip side in the Latina show, Laura Bahama La La Moffitt on Washington cabbie, those who are actually afraid of their master, they will have great compensation, and huge reward and forgiveness and huge reward. So that's the contrast between, you know, the believer and the disbeliever. In in the afterlife. And that's interesting, right? So the first passage, he said, he has the power to give you life, death and life. And let me tell you what that next life looks like. And he paints it all. And he puts that between, on the one hand, how powerfully he created the sky, and how it seamlessly how seamlessly he made the earth once again, comparing the skies and the

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earth and lost power to create with life and death. From there, you get to the third and final passage of the first half the suit, I really you can divide it into two halves, three passages make up the first half, three quick passages make up the second half. So when you get to this first half, Allah says, well, let's not wait till the afterlife, you feel safe that you're not going to get punished in this world. I mean, to manifest somebody who

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you know, and you see that it can house even a man having a diva jungler Can you know, over and over again he'll ask rhetorical questions to and then to rhetorical questions saying how safe Do you feel that alone attack you right now that you won't get buried into the earth? How safe Do you feel that level and stop said it'll just stop sending you water from the sky? What are you going to do that? How is this really the army you have that you're gonna use to stand up against God? Is this the army you have that you're gonna that's gonna provide for you? You're welcome in um, soccer is up to women who for, you know, if you were to withhold His provision, what are they going to do? they're just

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they're just gives his diagnosis has been led up to when wonderful. They are just, you know,

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they're stubborn in their animosity, and their resilience against Allah and theirs in their arrogance. And in their hatred, we know for a fact am shimokita Allah was he at the ammonium she Savi. And Allah Salatu was stuck in the imagery of the skies. And the earth repeats itself is the one who walks with his face heading towards the ground, his face rubbing in the ground. Is this person more guided, or someone who walks upright, in other words, your all your views only of earthly things, and you don't think of a reality that comes from the skies, the angels that descend from the sky and take your soul? You don't think about that. You don't think about any Heaven,

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heavenly reality. But who do you think is more upright, the images of someone walking, dragging themselves on the ground and someone walking upright, and the emcee. So we had us a lot in the stampede. So that would be the first half of the sorta in the second half of the surah. You have a series again, three short passages and all of them are dominated by what the prophet should say to them. So in the first part of this passage allows all powerful and you know the description of the afterlife and by the way,

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Don't just be threatened by the afterlife you could get a luz wrath coming to you your way in this life as well. That's the that's the point this worried this threat from Allah this this warning from Allah has been given. Then on the next part it's just a prophet being told you tell them as though a lie so angry at them now lies chance just telling his prophet to speak to them so long I'll tell them first of all, that they're ungrateful and chacun hola the angelicum bajo de la casa our vasavada when Uppsala when a feeder kalila mata Sharon, who will accompany Sharon, you're so ungrateful. He's giving you hearing, seeing, he's giving you hearts, but you're sold so little, you

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show gratitude, and he's the one who spreads you out in the land, and he's gonna be the one to bring you back again. That's one just tell them this. No need to convince them of it. Just let them know these are the facts. This is what's going to happen with you. They respond well, you're cool no matter how well we're doing quantum suddenly they're tired of hearing this argument about this judgement day coming and resurrection and nation being destroyed and punishment coming from the sky or the earth swallowing us up. So they just come out and say, when is this promise going to be fulfilled? Let's see it. If you're telling the truth, if all of you you you profit and your

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followers if you're actually telling the truth, let's see it happened in kuntum sadati. And then you just respond to them call it number anymore en De La Hoya in number and under the rumor being just tell them now that knowledge that knowledge belongs with God, in the laws of the law, I'm just here to warn you. And by the way, they will believe but when will they believe follow Mara whose will fatten when they see it come out in its full glory. See at Whoo hoo, Latina cafaro faces of those who disbelieved are going to be just full of a horrible mood, they're going to be made ugly, deformed, faces the idea as you look at something and you're disgusted, that see. That's what

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they're going to look like they're going to have this this horrible expression on their face, when it actually manifests. And then finally, the last passage of this law actually concludes where we where everything began. Life and Death and death and life belongs in the hands, even the death and the life of the Prophet himself. Or Ottoman alleghany Allahu wa Maria, Allah Humana. Tell them what do you think if allow us to even kill me? Or those that are with me? Or show us mercy? Who's gonna who's gonna protect this believers from painful punishment? Whether we die or not? How does that solve your problem? You know, if you're wishing that because of because they wish the Prophet would

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die. That's actually what they wish. And the profit is being told, you can wish for my death and the luck controls my death, and I'll die but that doesn't solve your problem. And then he goes on to say, oh, man, he's the incredibly, unbelievably merciful, overwhelmingly merciful and loving, we've believed in him and we've put our trust in Him for the time

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being, you're gonna soon find out who's actually in obvious confusion. And it's the as Allah says this, on the side note, the unique quality of this will all tell you less. I'll tell you one of the coolest things about this last segment. All right, Domino's, Bahama okuhara tell them what do you think if your water was to just get absorbed into the ground, familiarity can be met in money, who's gonna bring you water that's clear and fresh, who's gonna bring you springs of water? When Allah mentions this at the end, it's actually a reference going back to the first day of the solar, the one who owns all dominion and all kingdom, a king is known by his throne. And his throne is in water

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is upon water I'll show who can show who Alma has thrown was upon placed upon water. And the sign of a less divinity is actually the rain that he sends down. It's actually a glimpse of his ash, droplets of his ash that are being brought upon us when it lessens water to us. So Allah says, if this king stops giving you even some small droplets of his kingdom, this water what's going to happen to you? Why are you so arrogant, so we're reminded of alleged dominion and his kingdom by the end of the surah, a unique, unique lesson in the sutra that I find very beautiful. Isn't that statement when the prophet SAW Selim said, if a lower to kill me, if allowed to kill me and those

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who are with me, and then the contrast is not if a lower to kill me or let me live. It's rather if a lower to kill me and my followers, or show us mercy and love. And you know what that means? This life is a manifestation of love, love and mercy. This life is not a curse. This life is not a punishment. None of us, none of us that are alive today, that are breathing, that are that have the ability to enjoy life are actually here as a punishment. This life by definition, is actually an act of loving care and mercy. None of us none of us should think of this life as a curse for the people who are cursed, and Allah wants them to be in hellfire. And there there's fate their fate is sealed

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and they have no hope anymore. There's no reason for Allah to keep them breathing. There isn't it's, you know, there, if there's hope for you, Allah is keeping you alive. There's hope for you. You can still make dough but so long as you're reading and there's so there's still a room for you to enjoy the mercy and love of Allah in this life. Allah has always had make us of those who earn his love can

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Mercy in this life and do so again in the next one barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Episode 18 – Surah Al-Mulk – Nouman Ali Khan

June 22, 2016

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