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Is it haram to drive Uber Eats while fasting?

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Aarij Anwer

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This question is asking about so this individual says if you are fasting is it haram to drive Uber Eats? So I think the question here is about delivering food during the month of Ramadan. Yeah.

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I mean like, are you so tempted by the food that

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like I must break my fast

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what's good food my car?

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I don't think you know there's nothing wrong with that. But you can do it. Charla you can drive Uber Eats still deliver food, there's no problem in China with that.

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Just be mindful of not to deliver alcohol because some of these apps are adding on alcohol delivery. Just be mindful of that. But anything else in Sharla is totally fine. And you know, it's a good test of your patience.

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But it's true. That is true. Delivering like you said that smell the good food. It sits there. That's another test, I guess. Right.

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I was I think I was in the MSA when I was in the University of Waterloo. And we had like this iftaar that we will host every day. And then one day me and my friend had to go pick up pizzas and we had like a minivan. It was full of pizzas. It wasn't long. It was like a 20 minute drive and me and him were just dying. We're like, this is my good man.

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You guys show you to sneak out a slice or something. We did it. We did.