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The transcript discusses the third verse of the Quran, which describes Islam as creating life and death, and how it is used to use science to examine the sevenuriets. The cosmos is linked to spiritual teachings and the advice given by Allah is to look at the sky, see the planets, and look over and over again. The complexity of the universe and the possibility of an expanding universe are also discussed, along with the concept of the "by accident" and the concept of the universe's clockwork. The speaker explains the concept of the jinn and its parallel parallel to the universe, and how people are able to go up to the bottom of the heaven and receive information about the universe through light and sound. The jinn is not indicative of the devils, but is a parallel to the universe and is not indicative of the devils.

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LaHood Rahman Rahim in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Most Merciful. I'd like to welcome you their viewers to another in our series understanding the Quran. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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In this segment, in which we are looking at the interpretation of Surah, Al Mulk, 67th chapter of the Quran, we will be focusing on the third verse of the chapter Bismillah him

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unless he hung up on

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the bow

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down on the

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LAN, it

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fall down on me

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Who has created the seven heavens one above another, you can see no fault in the creation of the Most Gracious, then look again, can you see any riffs after Allah has spoken about the purpose of creation.

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And the second verse, in which he said that he had created life and death, to test who was best in deeds,

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as an expression of faith,

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Allah then goes on, to invite reflection on his creation.

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He focuses on the seven heavens, and says, It is He Who created them.

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we should look in them to see if there is any fault

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he created them. And by addressing their creation, he is also making us aware of the status of our own creation, human beings who tend to think of themselves as being the greatest of creation, Allah humbles them, puts them down a few notches in the 40s chapter of the Quran in verse 57, in which he said, Indeed, the creation of the heavens and the earth is greater than the creation of mankind humankind, but most human beings do not realize it. So, Allah is

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causing us or asking us or directing us to reflect beyond ourselves, we tend to look in ourselves and look at the world immediately around us and we forget our place in the whole cosmos, that we are in fact, quite insignificant speck in that whole process. In doing so,

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there are science for us.

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Allah uses the term the seven heavens

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and what is meant by it, of course, we cannot establish with certainty, different theories have been put out about the different layers above the earth, you know, the the atmosphere, the biosphere, the you know, where the, the ozone layer ends, and we go off into space, you know, different levels, people, you know, have tried to give and divide this up into different segments, etc. But we can't link the Quranic description of the seven heavens to it. We know of course, that it is not the seven heavens for example, at the Prophet May God peace investment funding went through doing and merge. Because these seven heavens Allah tells us to look at them and reflect on them, obviously, they must

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be ones that we can see. So, it is not out of this universe, so to speak, but when Allah called out cause us to have a look at it, and to reflect and to look again, whether we to see whether we can see any rifts

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what is drawing us to is the

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cohesiveness of the cosmos. When we look at the planetary systems, and we look at our galaxy, our galaxy amongst the various galaxies in this universe, I mean, what we find is order everywhere the human eye looks it sees systems, you know, orderly systems throughout it.

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And this has caused a number of scientists who in their high school days are in

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They're university days had become atheists due to the philosophies of secular society.

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But having practice their field of specialization in astronomy, looking at the cosmos, and seeing the cohesiveness that is there, you know, they came back stunned

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and came back, really accepting that there must be a God,

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all of this organization, all of this design, it must indicate a designer. This is not chaos, it's not chaos out there. It's not the product of accident, accidents produce chaos.

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What they find is, is order throughout the universe, wherever they look.

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And this is a part of the general invitation of the Quran for human beings to reflect on the world around them, in order to be conscious of God.

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the human mind is made in such a way that design, when they see design, they automatically reflect on who designed it. When they see a footprint in the sand of a beach, they reflect on who worked there, they don't go to the, to the

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freaks of nature to explain things which are obvious, obvious design, this is their nature to do this. So Allah, Most High invites human beings to reflect on the cosmos reflect on the planets, the sun, their relationships, their movements, and then our solar system, our the other solar systems that make up our galaxy, and how it's all in motion, and how the whole galaxy is moving through space, and other galaxies are out there moving with systems similar to ours, and there are links between them, you know, all of this

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points to a creator. And this is the purpose of this.

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This advice that Allah gives human beings to reflect, can they see any inconsistency and a lot goes on, in the verse following it, in verse four

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na can

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then look again, and yet again, your site will return to you in a state of humiliation, and worn out a lot challenges human beings to look over and over and over again, don't just look one time or twice with Luca, third time on a fourth time, keep looking.

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See if you will find any inconsistencies there, there is no disharmony.

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Human beings, we know it's natural that when we observe something the first time you observe it, you might miss some details about it. So you look at it a second time, you'll find out some more details. A third time again, some more. So Allah says, you know, don't treat this any differently, look at the sky, look at the heavens, look at the planets, etc. Look again and again and again. And you will come back humiliated and worn out, you will thought that you are so great and so mighty and everything was under your foot, you will look out there and it will just make you feel like a little speck a little nothing in this whole universe.

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you will be worn out will be worn out because no matter how hard you try how much time you spend on it, etc. You will not find any inconsistencies there. Even things like what are called black holes,

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which imply that like there's holes out there and universe black holes, I mean, what is happening is that no light is coming from this area. Black Hole is a hypothetical cosmic body of extreme intense gravity, from which nothing not even light can escape. A black hole can be formed by the death of a massive star.

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Those have more than three solar masses. Stars

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With a smaller amount of mass evolve into compressed bodies, either white dwarfs or neutron stars, so this is a theory that the astronomers have that larger scale stars, which are like three times the size of our own Sun, when these

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develop in stages, they reach a point where they, the pressure within them, the gravitational pressure within them become so great, they implode the turning on themselves, and they even the light cannot escape this region. And this is this is their explanation as to

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what are black holes, but of course, it says this is of course theory

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to explain, but they're not really saying that there is nothing there, it's just light isn't coming out. So we cannot observe anything there. So there's really no holes, no holes there, those cracks rifts in the, in the heavens, when we look up.

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And the greater the telescopes, the Hubble Telescope, which they've put up, which is orbiting the Earth, now to be able to see further into

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space, and they're putting up new ones in my bigger telescopes plan to be sent up into orbit, you know, even more powerful to see, to the farthest reaches of spaces, they say, you know, where they think things have run out, there's no more galaxies, etc, than they knew the new telescopes fine. Oh, there were some more that we couldn't see, you know, from the earth, or with our most powerful telescopes, you know, there are, as far as we can see, there is,

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matter there is, there are planets, or stars, which they believe have plants around them, you know, and wherever we look, there,

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we believe theoretically, there must be an end to all of this, there must be an end to the universe, they see things expanding, they believe it expanded from one point, the so called Big Bang Theory. But regardless,

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this theory, which talks about an expanding universe, from, you know, from a single point, if directions were not given to matter, as it expanded already, from the very beginning, and things we're just going to link together, you know, out of accident, then there is no way we would find the kind of organization consistency out there in the universe, we'd have galaxies crashing into other galaxies, and all this kind of thing. And when we don't have that, well, we find the galaxies all shifting out, you know, all the solar systems within them, you know, moving and it's just a mass of we can say clockwork scholars look at it and it's just like clock, every part moving, you know,

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individually and, and set their, you know, when we look at the clock and the intricate parts of the clock. I mean, we don't imagine to ourselves that this happened by accident. So how can we reasonably rationally look at the universe whose clockwork is far more complex than the little clocks that we make? And then we seek to say, this is just an accident. This is an affront to God is an affront to reason. It is, it is a lack of reason, which will drive in an Indian individual to make such claims.

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Then Allah goes on, in the fifth verse, to address another issue, while God is a young

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duniya be now for the Howard

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money Shailene you are

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and indeed, I have adorned the nearest heaven with lamps, and I have made such lamps as missiles to drive away the devils and have prepared for them the torment of the blazing Fire. Alarm goes on to describe aspects of the heavens, for us to reflect. As there is relevance to ourselves. It describes the stars out there like lamps. In a dark night when we look at a city that have lamps in the windows, how the light will flicker. The stars out there seem to flicker before our eyes. They're like lamps. Allah describes them their sources

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of light.

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And he says, some of them have been designed as missiles or missiles to drive away the devils. Now he's speaking about a phenomena which is taking place in the universe, which is not observable to us. We look out in our telescopes, we don't see devils being chased away by missiles. When Allah informs us, that

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from the world of the Jin Jin, the parallel universe, which is parallel to us, invisible to us, creatures that have a choice between good and evil, like ourselves, among them are those that are able to go up into the farthest reaches of the skies. And they're able to go all the way up to the lowest heaven, and listen in on some of the commands and instructions that are being passed down by the angels, to angels who will come into our world and do certain things, and they will get get this information and try to bring it back down to certain individuals on the earth. And the law has some of these missiles who are that are comets or meteors, which move through space and drive away these

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elements of the jinn from the lowest of the heavens and the farther reaches of the Universe. Allah describes it elsewhere in the Quran in surah Jin, where he said, and we have sought to reach the heavens, that is the jinn, speaking about themselves that we have sought to reach the heavens, but found it filled with stern guards and flaming fires. And verily We used to sit there in stations to steal a hearing, but any who listens now we'll find a flaming fire, watching him in ambush and then swirl hedger, we also find and that is 15 Chapter verses 17 and 18. Allah saying, and indeed we have put the big stars in the heaven and we beautified it for the beholders. We have guided it from every

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Outcast devil, except Him, that gains hearing by stealing it is pursued by clear flaming fire. So this phenomena has been explained in the Quran. As as reality not to us, it's not a fable. It's not a story,

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explaining things which we are not able to explain. You know, as in the past, we know societies. They do make up fables and mythologies to explain certain events and things which happened in history or a nature etc, which they didn't have scientific knowledge to explain which later on, we're able to explain and say, Well, this was just nonsense.

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This is not the case in the Quran. Because whatever the Quran speaks of, as fact, when we look at how many things Aquinas spoke spoken about, with regards to science, which have only been proven in our times, I mean, it leaves one without any possibility of doubting the facts that are there in the Quran. So though we are not able to observe the process of the jinn being chased away from the skies, from the outer reaches of the solar system or the universe, we believe it is taking place, Ally informed us about it, because of the fact that some of that information which they bring down, they do bring it into our world in such a way as to influence events in our world.

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Now, this is of particular importance, because of the fact that the practice of fortune telling has a great impact on our lives on many of our lives. Fortune telling is a popular form of recreation, as well as a form of seeking knowledge amongst many people, many human beings. And the Prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him, had informed us that the jinn would pass information back down with those who manage to bring that information

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until it reaches the lips of a magician or fortune teller. Sometimes a meteor would overtake them before they could pass it on. If they pass it on before being struck, it would add to it 100 lies

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is the nature of the information being given by the fortune tellers. I share the third wife of the prophets I seldom

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I reported that when she asked him about fortune tellers, he replied, They were nothing. She then mentioned that the fortune teller sometimes told things which were true, the prophesy Salim said, that is a bit of truth with the gin steels and cackles in the air of his friend, when he mixes along with it 100 lies. So, fortune telling,

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which is

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on a level where the information conveyed

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is accurate. This involves dealing with the world of the jinn. Of course you are fortune tellers, who just give genuine information and that information has a certain amount of truth to it, because they're generalities, you know, you're going to get married, you're going to travel these type of things, but there is an element amounts of false fortune tellers that are actually dealing with the jinn and they have a high degree of accuracy in some of their predictions. Now,

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this topic is a topic that we need to look at in more depth and we will do so in our coming segment. The issue of the jinn fortune telling and Allah's protection of human beings by informing them about this phenomena. Okay, dear viewers, I'd like to thank you for being with us in this segment of our program, understanding the Quran. I hope to see you in the coming segment, Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh