Through Volcanic Ash New Muslims in Philippines

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Philippines in a very remote area

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the Ag as you see flying around us

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is basically volcanic ash. There was a volcanic explosion in this area

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a while back

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we can see the faces

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with indigenous people

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and we are moving in a caravan

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to be joined by

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sisters behind the rope that

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the husbands are here they are with us in the back, you might even see them

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Muslims need to wake up, they need to come out of these areas, these regions and do the out to people.

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Whether it's in the mountains, whether it's a desert, whether it's Ireland, whether it's big continents, it doesn't matter where people we have to reach out brothers and sisters. This is the message

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the message is we have to reach out we cannot keep any part of the earth

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unless now I started that pod. This was the vision of the prophets Allah

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I love for the Messenger of Allah requires us to reach out to people the Prophet said they will not be a home made of my straw or gosh look at these houses look

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he's a indigenous people

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go go go Listen Go there

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we're being escorted by the police local police like paramilitary

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The point is

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the Prophet said David won't be a house

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these are new Muslims a lot of them are new Muslims so brothers

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look at these people

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look at these people

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they are new Muslim and look at these houses the promise that Allah said they will not be a house on the back of this earth made of mud straw clay whatever I'm paraphrasing the Hadith over the phone Allah

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accept Islam will enter it

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and this is what we're trying to fulfill. This is the vision of Ira

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this the vision of Ira reaching out to distant places

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to be able to give power to the people these are new Muslims indigenous people have this

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is always difficult for free about to come back and he has different areas to go through. But now they're doing at the back that's what they're doing all three special outreach activities

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this is one of our brothers

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one of our brothers is doing a new Muslim class

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Okay, hello

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hello baby

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people registered person i 7373 non Muslims.

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So you're doing our right now? Mashallah. And then

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the new Muslims Yeah, so those are new Muslims people who have accepted Islam

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There you can see them and these are non Muslims who are receiving now right now I brought everything down here. Okay, so

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these are indigenous people living in remote areas of Philippines, they live distant from cities, villages, very, very remote areas.

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Undeveloped underdeveloped areas. So, we are here today.

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So the reason why we're showing showing you all this is for you to realize how important this work is. These people have accepted Islam and inshallah many of them will. And that means many people save from hellfire. We believe that when people accept Islam and they enter Islam, they will enter Jannah so long as they die Muslim, they believe in Allah and His messengers, and they follow Allah and His messengers

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and the last and final Prophet salallahu Salam prophet Mohamed Salah Salem in the follow them, they will go to Jana. Okay. So this is our belief and that's why we are here.

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This work is very important all of you have to join in whatever capacity you can support this work

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you become a poodle

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you began

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your ID, Guinea, Gilliland, Joseph.

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India none of us