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The history and use of "has" in Islam is discussed, including its use to express pride in individual actions and its importance in shaping culture. The speaker also touches on past experiences with abuse and family members losing their legacy, as well as the importance of the Korean Congress's success over the past century. The transcript describes the behavior of different people, including Allah Subhana wa Tada, who gives gifts to whomever he wills, and the negative impact of past experiences on one's skin and on their bodies. The speaker also discusses the origin of zecharia and how it is created by "has been barr extraordinary" in older age.

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Etosha. Sarah, welcome back to your viewers to another episode of embracing put on. We're looking today and I am number five Allah subhana wa tada says quoting the Korea Elisa, we're in the 15 Medallia muhuali well Canada marotti aka run for hubballi middle I don't care what a year

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but before we go into it number five, Allah subhana wa tada said and for just as a recap into our or the beginning of the two others Zachary Elisa was making in the beginning goes as such, oh my lord, in the one hand I have no meaning. My bones are starting to get weak, which the sushi bun and my hair are starting to grow gray when compared to our eco Bishop here and I never felt that I was miserable. He might do I was in responded when I made the art to you a lot of good as a teenager. So that era said I'm started off the drama with a number of things. A, he mentioned the Lordship of Allah subhana wa tada because the Lordship of Allah subhana wa tada is one of the names of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala, the attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala, which we use, and employ in order in order to bring the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Remember, because Allah started this off by saying the Quran at Arabic, the Rama of your Lord, right? the mention of the retina of your Lord. So rathna is attached to the Lordship of Allah subhana wa tada because absolute and ultimate Rama can only come from Allah subhana wa Tada. For this reason, Zachary, Allah cerami starts us off off and he says that I'll be my Lord. In the wind, I have no meaning. My bones are starting to become weak, which the shaman might hear are going growing grain. And I had never felt as if you hadn't answered

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my calls before. So three things the Lordship using the right name of allah subhana wa tada mentioning the weakness that you have because of which you can attain this, mentioning the fact that you actually have good thoughts about Allah subhanho wa Taala because of the previous experiences that you've had in Allah subhana wa tada told us in our heads under one DB RMS, my servant perceives me to be and thereafter you also mentioned why you are in need of this specific drop that you're asking. And that's what Zachary at a salon next us. He says we're in the 15 Murali me water and I was afraid of them allottee my family members, my children of my uncle and my cousins and so forth.

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I was afraid of them. What am I afraid of? The fact that they are not pious people the fact that they're not holding fast to the laws of Allah subhana wa tada to the legislations of Allah subhanho wa Taala. For this reason, I'm afraid or a lot of Buddhism in general that they are not going to be able to maintain and uphold this legacy that you have given to me. I am afraid of this. After our die, broken at the marotti aka on

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And my wife has been awkward. She has been very barren. Okay. My wife can have children throughout our lives when she was younger when I was younger now we're in our 60s and in according to certain durations in our 70s she was barren then. So how am I going to get some, you know a child now that we're older, but Corinthian pratyahara fell heavily melancholia. So Oh Allah subhanho wa Taala You are the only one who can provide for me, someone who's my wedding who's my friend who is my guardian that will guard my legacy thereafter, okay. Who will become a close ally of mine that will guard my legacy thereafter for heavily milliarden and grant me this from you or Allah subhana wa tada because

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he realizes that nobody else can grant this right now. Okay, when you're making dua to Allah subhana wa Tada. You make for many things, certain things all of them are granted only by Allah Subhana without Bert certain things Allah Subhana Allah has placed the capacity of them within human kind, meaning Allah subhana wa tada has granted you know a car to someone so you ask for a car you can ask a human being right in reality Allah is giving it to you. But Allah has granted the capacity of this grant to such and such leave of Allah subhana wa tada right.

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But there are certain things that only Allah subhana wa tada can grant and period there is no room for anyone else to give this at all. Because they are against the norms upon which Allah subhana wa tada has founded this this world you know Allah subhana wa tada has placed certain physical norms right there the laws of physics when you grow past the age of menopause, women can't have children anymore. This is something that Allah subhanaw taala has made as a as a norm within the physical you know, laws that Allah subhana wa tada has placed, but over here, he's asking for Allah subhana wa tada to give them something that actually goes against the laws of normality, and against the laws

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of physics. So Alice, Alice, messengers, Acadia, he starts off by attributing the grant to a loss of Hannah Montana, for have any meaning legenda from your law, because he knows nobody else can give this grant when he and a friend, someone who will guard my legacy and so forth a child, right. So some scholars, they said, because, you know, the question was against the norms. He didn't request directly a child use the word welly, right, which is basically someone who will guard his legacy, someone who will be affiliated to him, even though Allah understood that he's asking for a child for heavily militant Cambodia, URI Sunni. Why are assuming early aku this child of mines, this wedding

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of mines, this friend of mine, this one who will guard my legacy, he will inherit from me. Oh, Allah subhana wa Tada. And he'll inherit also from Al Yaqoob, from the family of yahoo. alayhis salam, okay.

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So he's saying that he will inherit from me. Now notice, first of all, the messengers don't leave behind anything for inheritance. So that's why the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a hadith that is authentic, that inner Mashallah MBA learners what we do, but that we, the assembly of the messengers, and the prophets, we do not give anything off inherit inheritance, whatever we've left behind is considered soda. And that's why everything that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had left behind, it's not like he was living a lavish life anyways, was still considered something that the children wouldn't have gotten Matata canal soccer, whatever we, you know,

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whatever we left behind that is considered soccer. But what they do leave behind is is found in another Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in an MBR then you went to dinner on what are the ramen enema? What was

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a hobby a hobby have been washed, that the MBR of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala, they did not leave behind for inheritance any Deneuve any gold coins, nor did they leave behind any silver coins, and he did arms, and he got on. Rather what they left behind is simply written in no matter what all they left behind is a hobby, a hobby has been washed, whoever takes this knowledge that the MBR the profits, their legacy, the prophetic legacy, whoever takes and holds faster that than that person has taken a held wife at a very, very great, you know, position, a very, very great amount, a very, very great share. And that also leads us to another conversation

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and discussion. And that is that the greatest shear that a person can have is a shear from the legacy of the profits, because the profits early he was Salatu was Salam. They would leave behind nothing but the legacy of knowledge and the legacy of piety and the legacy of prophethood and all of the things related to that.

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Whoever ends up taking from this legacy, then he's taken a great chair, you know, people of the world, they do all sorts of things. People all over the world, they will do all sorts of things, and believe that they are actually above and beyond the supersede. And they are supreme over and above those people who took from the legacy of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But we say Kalani, never ever because those who took from the legacy of Rasulullah sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, they are the water ambia. They are the inheritors of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the prophets at large. So this is what the Korean Peninsula is asking for his child as well. He's saying

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get a Sunni he will take from my legacy. You will literally be my heir. He will be someone who will inherit from me and I will leave behind what the legacy of prophethood knowledge piety and so forth. We already zoom in on Yahoo. And you'll also take from the family of Yahoo, who's Jaco Jaco, according to some is jacoba Hassan, as in the the one known also as a serene, and that's why the Israelites are known as mentally ill because they're very awkward. They're the children of jacobellis era. And according to some it is another Yeah, boo boos from the progeny of Suleyman, Elisa, but in either case, he is from the progeny this yaku either iacobelli salam or another yaku

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from the progeny of cinema Elisa. In either case, he is considered a person within whose family happened to be the legacy of prophethood. Now, Yeti Sunni, he's saying he will take from me, the Korean restaurant, is what he's referring to himself, he says directly he will take from me, yet he threw me without the word from I'm saying that to be explanatory in English, but in Arabic without the word from However, in the next part, he says, Why are you filming earlier? And you will take from the earlier code from the family of jacobellis around, right, because in the places the men in there, they call this minute of men, which basically refers to a partial portion of the matter in

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discussion, because Alia who are multiple people, it's an entire large family, and he will take only from some of those family members and not all of those family members. And those are the prophets and, of course, the wife of zecharia ceram was from Alia COVID. That's why he will take from both of those legacy. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us a trophy after practice to convey join us after the break as we continue to discuss the story of Zachary it Sarah was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Sooner hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah Welcome back to our viewers to embracing Quran.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said as we were discussing it number six, what your bill of the year and make this child make this friend make this person who will take my legacy, someone who you are pleased with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Immediately after the Korea Elisa mixes Dora, Allah subhana wa tada makes his daughter come to life. Allah subhana wa tada says, Yara Zakaria oza. Korea

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in an overshoot okay. Viva la misma. Here we are giving you a glad tiding Osaka de la Salam are the hula we are giving you a glide tightening of a child we are giving you a glide tightening of a lamb, a young boy is Mahalia. His name happens to be Yahya lemenager abou Samia, we've never ever made another person within this world who has the same name as the

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till that point nobody had been given the name. Yeah, people were not known as Yeah, before that Allah subhana wa Tada. From above the seven heavens chose the name yahia. For the child for whom the Korea Ali Salam had made this dua.

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And by the way, this is also something unique to mention here. And that is that people just as human beings in the way Allah subhana wa Taala has created us, we prefer to have names which are which are particular to us, right? We prefer to have names which are known only to us specifically, or we are only known by and so on and so forth. And that's why if you notice, people are always looking in the dictionaries of names and so on and so forth when they have a child to try to get a name that nobody else has or not many people have. It's not very famous. Why? Because there will be a unique edge to that name or a name which is very, very easily pronounceable. If you look at the name yahaya

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especially for the culture

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It's being given and it's an easily pronounce pronounceable name a and at the same time Allah subhana wa tada gave him a new name and it has a great meaning as well. Someone who's lively, someone who lives and so on and so forth. Yeah zucchetti in Nan Nova shirakami hola Minas muya. We are giving you a Bush era and this is no butchulla no joke. This is no joke. This God tiding is no joke. Because Allah subhana wa tada says in an OVA shuttle we are giving you the butcher and they say the national is the plural, the plurality of what?

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Of of royalty. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is the ultimate loyal royalty and he is giving a Bushra through His angels to zecharia la Salaam. So it's a glad tidings coming from the royalty you see when ever we get something from the royalty meaning a president or a king or so on and so forth. We always feel you know, obliged. We always feel a sense of honor for that right? Allah subhanho wa Taala is above all royalties. Allah subhanho wa Taala is our Buddha is that he was around the lord of honor and the Lord of grace and the Lord of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala is above his the medical model keys the King of all kings, Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one to whom every single

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person no matter how loyal they become, do they return. So Allah subhana wa Tada, this person who is the supreme royalty, Allah as as our agenda, he is the one who's sending down this crucial rock, lactating of our present from Allah subhana wa tada and it is, in fact, a present and that's why that's why zecharia salam, he said so heavily melancholia and so gift to me or Allah Subhana Allah, a person will guard my legacy and that's why Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran, as well yeah budimir shot enough and while you have the manga Dooku that Allah subhanho wa Taala gifts to whomever He wills innocent females and whoever he wills he gifts them also what he gifts them that

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meals as well. Why because a child is literally a gift from Allah.

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So Allah subhana wa Taala gives the special of Yara lemenager Allah human kaaboo semia on

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the carry rs ramsons Ravi Anya kuno de una cara de maratea

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according to me Nell Kibera it this is a very shocking matter or Allah subhana wa tada

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I mean, and I couldn't live without How am I to have a child Oh Allah subhana wa tada How am I to have a child? By the way, he's not necessarily contesting a law This is a Prophet he recognizes that the capacity and the power of Allah subhana wa tada is as such, in fact, the moment that he made this drop, the first moment that he made this there was a moment when he saw something of amazement from the other or from the capacity and capability of Allah subhana wa tada and that was when he entered que la la la has occurred El Mirage, bajo de Engelhard is right, that every single time you would enter into the place of worship of Maria, Maria Maria said he would always find some food

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there. So you would ask her out and he would say, Where did you get this from? Right. So Maria Medina said I would then reply back that Allah subhana wa Taala grants this to whomever He wills without any calculations at that moment, Allah subhanho wa Taala says is found in sudo RM Ron when Attica Zachary era. That is the moment he made this to our that will be heavily Allah grant me is Ria which is very, very pure and beautiful. in Macedonia. You are the one who answers all calls. So he was amazed at that moment that Maria Maria saddam is getting literally it is sustenance and food and provision from Allah subhana wa tada without anyone bringing her anything. And because of that

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amazement, he made that go out at that specific moment trees. He knows that Allah subhana wa tada is capable over here, he's just verbalizing his I mean, amazement, he's saying, Oh Allah, how am I to have a child

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and my wife used to be barren when we were younger, and we made it at that time as well. Well put the word out to me and keep everything here. And now at this moment, I have reached an old age, literally, everything yeah, you know, they say I tattoo is used for a tree or like a tree trunk or another wood or so on and so forth. When it becomes dry. You know, when you're when a person is a child, he's young, he's lively, there's, you know, you can feel that the skin is nice and moist, and, and crisp and beautiful. As a person grows older and older and older, what happens, wrinkles begin the skin becomes less moist, you need moisturizers now for the hands and so on and so forth in

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the face. excetera. So literally, as you start to dry up the juice from your body, you know, decreases to a degree that you start to have wrinkles and all of these things. That's what ETR means, because the word is used for a tree when it starts to dry up. So he's saying, I have now gotten to this age where literally I've been

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For over the years I'm done now, how am I to have a child now? Right? Allah subhanho wa Taala replies back God, Allah says, Allah will say no karateka call out a book, okay? Allah is saying that this is what your Lord has said. That's it. This is what your Lord has decided. You know, if Allah subhanho wa Taala wishes for something to occur, it will occur that's why we should never ever disappear from the mercy of Allah subhana wa tada because it's close and it's within the capacity of Allah subhana wa tada you see human kind, are very, very keen on looking at the reasons of the existence of things right the ASVAB but Allah subhana wa tada wants us to recognize that Allah is

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above the ASVAB Allah is above the reasons in the means because Allah subhana wa tada created the reasons and created the means.

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Allah Subhana Allah created the reasons and Allah azza wa jal created the means as well. He's the most happy with Bob. And hence if Allah subhanaw taala is the Musab B, LS BB, then there is no reason for us to become you know, afraid that Allah Subhana Allah will not be able to deliver that's why I lost this cattolica that is how Allah subhana wa tada has said and decided who is a human that is very easy for Allah subhana wa Tada. It's not difficult for Allah subhana wa Tada. Right. And by the way, look at how Allah subhanho wa Taala is speaking to second era surah Allah says kundalika Kala book, that's how Allah is. Your Lord has said, right? He doesn't say that's how I have said,

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right? Because that is amongst the gracious ways that royalty speak. Even in the world, we noticed that royalty speak that way. The prince has decided the prince has come in the princess, you know, the king has decided the king has come, and so on and so forth. Right and the person may be speaking about himself, because that's one of the ways that speaking about yourself in a second person, that that's one of the ways to sort of glorify oneself and express the loyalty, the loyalty of oneself, right? And so Allah subhanho wa Taala does the same thing. He says car karateka color book, that's how your Lord has decided and that's how your Lord has said, Who are they? Yeah, you don't. But now

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he makes the conversation personal as well. It is upon me. Oh zecharia it is very easy. For me to give you a child or an old age. It's very easy. Why is it very easy? Allah Subhana Allah says, what are the Hanukkah two Canon COVID What am takushi I created you before this and at that time, you were nothing. You were made of nothing at that moment that I created you. So how would you then be shocked at me creating you be creating a child for you, whilst you are actually something there? What Allah subhana wa tada is trying to say over here is he's trying to make Zachary Ali Salam remember the origin of all existence within the human kind and that was Adam. Adam, Adam Elisa was

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created without a father without a mother without a meal. Without a female Hawa was created without a female with a meal alone. And Allah Subhana Allah created recently salam, without a meal, and just with a female, and now Allah subhanho wa Taala, saying, if I can create the creation like that, then there's something that's even easier upon me. And that's what and what's easier upon me is the fact that you are older, you're already there, the male and the female are both there. Yes, you may appear to be barren right now, but I can place within you the capacity, even if the woman has reached the age of menopause. Even if the man has reached the age of the old age as well, I can

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still create that capacity within you Why? Because I was the one who created without the male and the female bacala to come in kaaboo What am takushi and I created you before this and before this, you are nothing I your parents, them and Hawa they were not there but Allah created other than Allah subhanho wa Taala created her well, and Allah subhana wa tada can create the idea as well from your beer and wife that you think to be barren. I asked Allah Subhana Allah to grant us a trophy to practice to convey. Please join us in the next episode as we continue the story of zecharia la ceram and also yahia la Serra de como lo Harun for listening or something Allahu Allah CDM hamedan Rolla

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It was like a big man.

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t v Maria.

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taba that mean

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shuttle t

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me carry to bash

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the lobby, kung fu the