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Muhammad Allah what occurred to him that handily let him know when you know when to stop filming now that we learn and surely unforeseen elements at our Melina Miyagi level for them will be later. One minute little fella her de la

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ilaha illallah wa who la sharika lahu eyeshadow Anna Mohammed Abdullah, what a solo solo Allahu Allahu Allah Allah He was so happy he was settling into Sleeman kathira

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Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina. Habib, you know whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if you are willing, or suddenly were Selim osito barik ala Sayidina whenever you know Muhammad in Philadelphia or in Allahumma salli wa sallam was it to abetik Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi rather early was it was seldom filler where Lena will fit in our family and our camera I mean, a lot of Muslim Nemanja hinda Makita because of him Allahumma barik Lena filho an alim, which I know many who have katella what he he Allahumma I mean we pray that Allah subhanaw taala blesses us with the protection that he's endowed in the reading of the Quran and

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makes it a source of guidance for myself and you. Always we begin with the praise of along we send our salutations and choices blessings and benedictions upon our interview Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam early he was so happy he was selling test Sleeman kathira You're always welcome in Charlotte to go back to last Sunday's program where we began that discussion about sawtell molk the importance of the sooner the reality of it and why it is something of great benefit to us. And we introduce the first idea and today we begin with sawtell Monique, we're going to study in child law. The first three verses but even the later add up. Are we the Willa humanists shaytani r rajim

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim tabouleh can levy via the hill Moodle kohala coalition in Cody and levy hola como el hyah. Talia Beluga comm au come ask then why am Allah wa hawala Xena, of food and levy holla pasa bass and wet in the bath or metal Rafi hollow rock, many, many firewood, federal jail belts are held.

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For two

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we began by saying that Allah subhanho wa Taala identifies himself without mentioning his name, his glorious name, the name that we all know him by Allah.

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Rather, he speaks about himself by alluding to himself by alluding to his blessedness and his completeness, in his power and his ability over mankind. And Allah subhanho wa Taala begins his surah in a very unique way that is only found in three other into other places in the whole earn lots of Hana with Allah says tabela can lady be Eddie Hill, Monique, he is blessed Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and we said that the word about okay is an exaggerated mobile as a form of the words that relate to bottlecap. And it's a way of a loss of Hannah with Allah establishing for himself that he is the only one who can provide blessing because he is the only one who has completeness of

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blessing within himself as an attribute of himself subhanho wa Taala that is undying in him. And we said that the concept of Baraka comes from to Arabic concept in the Arabic language from a linguistic perspective, Bearcat, which is, you know, an average sized pond of water, a large section of water that has been sitting there for a long time for many years, that has been of great benefit, but also booty, which is that you know, the movement of an agitated camel or the lack of movement, refusing to to get up from its place just wanting to stay dormant and unwilling to move. And when you put these two concepts together, what you understand is that the concept of Baraka doesn't mean

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something that's blessing like the water that is found in in a desert area, but it also means that it will be long lasting, stubborn in its will our unwillingness to depart and Allah subhanho wa Taala is the is the source of Belka. He is the only one who blessing a dura is derived from him, and only the only ones who kind of went to Allah Who has the power to provide from where others cannot. And Allah speaks about himself, Olivia Hill Monique, and we went into detail with this last week. We said a levy he is the one so a lot doesn't say about a koala. Levy. He doesn't mention his name subhana wa Taala because who else can be the source of bulka who else can be the one who has power,

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authority, ability creation at the assistance of his creation? So therefore the it is referring to Allah without mentioning

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Getting a lot this is a very important

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attribute of Allah subhana wa tada the soul on the basis of a total milk is meant to give you an inference of thought and therefore when we get to verse number 10 Allah Subhana Allah say lm yet to come has in there come to you knowledge has in there come to you a warner having you come to this recognition where you understood right from wrong good from bad truth from falsehood. Isn't this something that you have come to understand? by your own doing? Well, who adequately chayton Kadir whoa what he did is he alone I lab, who is well manifest and established elevated above all thoughts and processes cliche in Kadir, the only one who is capable to do with his qudra it's not called the

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one who is able Cuddyer The one who is ultimately all ability is given through his ability, all power is because of the power he has vested in others. And therefore he is called de or Subhana Allah, the One who has power not because it was given to him but because he is the source of all power. And now we come to our formal discussion of the first verse that we study today that hasn't been discussed previously.

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And let the Holocaust mounta Well, here it is, He who is he Allah subhanaw taala. So once again, a lot doesn't say Allah who led the Holocaust mountain here, he makes it clear that there is none other than me, who has brought death and has brought from it life Savannah, who went to Anna Alevi, the one who always once again referring to a law. This shows us the supremacy of a law that Allah subhanho wa Taala is aware that there is no one to contest him. There's no one to say this is referring to me, I'm the one who has brought out of nothing. I am the one who was brought out of nothing. That's something I'm the one who created I am budhia I am the one who fashions. No one is

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going to be able to make this claim before a loss of Hannah who went to Ana, and therefore with Allah subhanho wa Taala there is no need for him to self identify, because he is self evident. Subhana Allah to Allah, from what we will come learn of his attributes gela Allah, The first area of sawtell molk discusses the three levels of tawheed that he do, you hear that our loss of hiding with Allah is the only Allah so Allah Subhana Allah says that Barack is the one who is the source of blessing, only he is that one. It also is there he Aruba via that he's the only creator only sustainer only one who has the ability, only one who has power. And it also describes the names and

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the attributes and they'll see fats of Allah Subhana Allah, bi d in his hand is all power and authority gela gelato, what are called desert, smell, and may holy and sanctity be upon His names and attributes that He has given to himself, those which we know and those which he has taught to us through our Navy Salalah what he would sell them and those he has kept with him in his mystery of essence, suparna who whatever Allah, Allah, Allah,

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it is he meaning alone, none other than Him who has brought forth the creation of El mount well, higher death and life. So Han Allah mount the word error, the word death in Arabic doesn't mean death in the way that you and I understand that something is already alive and then death has come to it. The word mount is in the term is in the understanding of lifelessness and therefore, it is a very corporeal understanding that we will discuss shortly in sha Allah, that life and death are in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And Allah created death and created or lifelessness as much as he created life and that's a powerful, powerful similitude that will be cast by Allah subhanho wa

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Taala. And it's as if Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying Melwood is a condition before life. And therefore before life, there is an existence of lifelessness so even before you were born, you were in a state you were in a condition that is referred to as lifelessness. And it's something that you may not be aware of it in our consciousness of our life today. But it was a form of existence that is known to Allah subhanho wa Taala created by Allah, and that's a very important philosophical understanding that we have within Islam. Allah subhanho wa Taala uses the word mount in a variety of contexts.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala, for example, alumna Sanjana, Mohammed,

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Allah subhanaw taala will say in sort of an am He speaks about

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lifelessness as being a condition of life less in faith, a spiritual death, and the law says a woman can meet him. For a Hey, now Who could it be like the one who was in a lifeless state, that their soul was not charged and connected to Allah, for now we gave them like meaning the life of faith. law also says in Surah, Al Baqarah

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going to attend

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that you were in a state of lifelessness, and he brought to you life through May you need to come to me your ego, then he will bring you out of that lifeless state life and then death. And then you will find the final existence, the true life with a live xojo. Allah also speaks about death as being a condition of this earth,

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you'll heal out of your heal out of a bad demo data, a lot brings life back to the earth after its lifelessness its death. It's not death as in a soul departing from it. But that's as in movement is no longer in it. The Arabs, when they would refer to a snake, for example, they would refer to a snake as how, yeah, that which moved. And what would make you understand this is that if you saw a branch in the wilderness, and it didn't move, you would say I saw, but if it moved, you would say hi, yes, this looks like a stick from a distance, but it's actually a living thing, meaning it's a snake. Now, one of the interesting things that you can read in the Tafseer

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is the statement of Abdullah, Ambassador, the Allahu anhu. And I'm delighted now, it's quoted that he said, and, and other than Him, it's not just him, that life and death have corporate real are corporate real entities, and death, its imagery is in the shape of a RAM, a massive Ram. And life is in the shape of

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a horse, that which travels with the swiftness of the wind. And this is taken from statements of the authentic Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, that on the Day of Judgment, death will be brought in the shape of a ram and it will be ordered that it will be slaughtered. And the people in Hellfire will be devastated that there's no death to take away relief from the punishment, and the people in general will be delighted because there will be no more death that they will have to endure. And therefore there is a real presence to the concept of Mount, that it is something created and brought into existence, that we understand from a philosophical perspective as Muslims. Also,

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it's also important to note that death and mount is generally perceived as a negative phenomenon. Although it's not meant to be seen as a negativity. mount for us the concept of death is that it is

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an existence it is a state of non existence. So it's a thing it is a something that has not yet come into existence. So there is a reality to the existence that we can understand and comprehend in our consciousness. But before that there was a form of existence that is different to the existence that we are in. And therefore before you were born into the world, your soul was present, but it's birth into this life, you're the soul that was entered into your body, your body was fashioned in your mother's womb. But in the 40, after 40, after 40 of the prophets, I said Lim says in the hadith of Abdullah minimis rule, then Allah sends an angel to breathe the soul of your life within your body,

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and therefore you were before you were, and therefore when there was a pre world and a pre life before this life, we call that pre life, a state of Mount, which is a death that we will return to, and therefore we go from death, to life to death, where our soul departs, the body goes back into this state of death. And then we enter into the final life, which is the day of clamor that leads us into Jenna. May Allah subhanho wa Taala gather us in it. It's on this basis that we need to think about why Allah is given this imagery. Why does Allah speak about death than life? Because Allah wants us to understand that the default position is that we're going from an unknown back to the

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unseen and unknown. And the time that you and I have here are to fulfill that trust the MN in the auto, Amanda Alice semi, what do you want out of the day, well, gee, bad Fabien I mean, in total, as of the third or last, second, or the third last verse of the surah, that Allah gave a covenant to the heavens and the earth and the mountains they refuse to accept. But mankind took on the burden of fulfilling the trust, which are to be obligated to fulfilling the life of having a Cognizant understanding of right and wrong and understanding the difference.

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And being obligated to him Subhana Allah to Allah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala Minkus from those who fulfill the trust with Allah azza wa jal, Allah, the Halak, it is he who created who brought into existence, the non existence in this temporal world of death, but is in existence in its own realm. Well hire who brought into it the existence of life and movement that were able to understand Leah bloom for one purpose

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that you may be put to trial. And the word you have blue acumen is a very interesting word in the Arabic language, you know, Bella, it means to be given a heavy test. And you know, there's different forms of that word. So there could be the word Yeah, blue, that you're given a test. Leah lucam. It means to be given a purposeful and determined test, meaning that a loss of Hannah went to Allah did not just give us this test by accident, but rather, we weren't created and brought into this world, Sudan were hemella with no purpose or in a state of chaos. But in fact, it's very much a determined test, and net Vitaly comm, you know, in sort of the insan, inevitably, that Allah says, I

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purposefully gave you this test, Jana who's me and basura and I gave him the faculties of hearing insight to recognize truth and to come to it and practice. So what is the test the test is how well you will perform within your competition of yourself and in relation to others. Leah Beluga Comm. Au comm sny mela,

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Leah Blue accom that year, the purpose of death that leads to this life that leads to the death again, is that we are to be put to trial. And in the parts of the Koran Allah subhanho wa Taala will speak of course about what this trial is and how it relates to us. And Allah Subhana Allah says to us that this test is one that we are intending to meet our account with Allah Subhana Allah.

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Allah says Lia Balu Welcome to test you. Are you come? Say No, not not that we have host new normal, or that we have.

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Act thoroughly examine it a lot doesn't say to test you who will do more deeds, acts or deeds. Allah says Central, the best of deeds, not just hydro ml, the good deeds, but setting a non ending pursuit of gaining excellence and the word sn is not has said has said means that it's good and it's seen as good by others but accent is that you've preached you attempt to do better and better. So the first time you prayed is great the time you pray after it, you want it to be better. And therefore you remember the day that we make at the end of our conclusion of Salah aloha marianella Vickery wushu chiricahua Houston a magnetic to make an excellent even greater attempt at your worship of Allah

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said no Amitabh, not act thorough. And that's something for you and I to understand, what does it mean to do a good or the best of deeds, it means that you fulfill the two conditions of alignment of sila good deeds, means first that its intent is seeking only Allah. So your deed becomes better than the next person on account of your sincerity to Allah, both of us prayed, but one of us our prayer is better than the other not on account of whether we recited the same amount of surah whether we face the same Qibla whether we had made the same will do but now it's on the intention of the heart, the sincerity and the reliance that we have upon a lot and therefore the prophets I seldom says

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enamel and Malou Binney yet so actions therefore are judged by the intentions and therefore Allah doesn't speak about how many actions you do, but the quality of the actions you do, and the the thing that is not constant the variable in the actions is the intent that precedes them during them and concludes the May Allah subhana wa tada give us the best of intentions. And second condition. Is it conformity to the sooner of our Navy Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which is found in the authentic hadith where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Men, Camila melon laziale a marina So who are the one who does any action that does not have our sanction our permission,

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doesn't have our precedent in it is not from my tradition for who it is rejected back to them. And that is a hadith narrated by the Imam Muslim faith.

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As all of you know, Allah Subhana Allah tells us in sort of the Nisa which is the fourth chapter of the Quran verse number 65. Fellow Arabic Allah you mean by your Lord they do not truly believe how dare you hacky McAfee Masha Java home until they let you judge in all of the matters that is concerning them and in the disputes that they have

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thrown malaria do you do in a fee and then in their heart they don't find anything that is in discomfort from what you have given them and what have been shared with them by you. Yeah, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Why is death an important part of the beginning of this at the sutra and therefore one of the secrets of the sutra, as we said last week, is that it is a sutra we recite to protect ourselves from the punishment of the grave and the torments of death is because it speaks about death in a very real life like manner. Allah subhana wa tada inspired them to be so I sell them to tell us that of the greatest signs of our commitment to Allah is that we are ever thinking

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of the day we will return to Allah abuela radi Allahu anhu reports. As a narrator balumama imagine there's discussion about the chain of narration, that the prophets are allowed to sell him said

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that death is the thing that destroys had demon lives that is the thing that destroys the pleasure of life, that activity will mean victory has has been like that or had him in love that indifferent rewire make mention of and keep in your mind, keep thinking of the destroyer of ambition, the destroyer of sweetness and the pleasures of life. And it is death. I'm not a NASA radi Allahu anhu the great Sahaba of the prophets I send them he mentioned that there may be some Allah Allah USL Lim said that death is sufficient as a preacher. It is sufficient to warn us of our duties to Allah and Allah who I know used to wear a ring that used to say, at kefa been melty lacquerware Ivan Jamar,

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that is enough of a warning for you. Or moto May Allah Subhana Allah grant us purity in intention and inaction Allahumma Ameen.

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olevia halaqa mount will hire Leah Blue accom to test you are eucom sanwa Mela, who is the best in their action, I'm a means actions and IML is not just movement of the heart, although it includes it, but it is the movement of the body the discussions that emerge from the tongue, and it's not just the feeling and therefore the great aroma and has an anniversary of them. He said lazy man will be Timoney Eman is not something you just wish for. It's not just residing in your heart. In MLM and Makarov will call v man resides in the heart or soul duck on hula men but it's proven through the action and therefore action is the fulfillment of the intention and they are synonymous with each

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other a byproduct of each other. A lot of them are looking at me at and slightly had done while I'm LNP been moto cabela May Allah give us a Nia that is sila, an actions that are accepted by Allah subhanho wa Taala Who of you is best in their actions and deeds and therefore the competition is with yourself.

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So I'm not looking to my right and my left who of us is better? It's who of us is better in what Allah knows of us. And what Allah knows of us is not that outer deeds, but what is internal at the commission of the action. There were people who stood behind the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that people would be astounded by the amount of prayers they performed. of the warnings of the prophets I seldom spoke of are the people of extremism, the people who we refer to as the whole adage, the Renegades in Islam, the prophets I seldom said when you look and see how they devoted, devoted they are in their prayer in their days of fasting, you look down upon your own solar, but

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the prophets I seldom said but their prayers and the reading of the Quran does not trends it down towards their throat meaning does not reach their heart at eucom snrm Allah who is best indeed, by man by the nature of humanity, we are very much in competition. And the greatest competition is within ourselves in the short time that we have, but it's also to channel that desire Allah Subhana Allah wants us to have a race with each other Sadie Oh sabya who raised one another hurry between each other who is going to reach the mercy of their Lord more think of the Hadith of the Allahu anhu narrated and also here, where he said to himself, today I'm going to do more than Abu Bakr because

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Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu and so have it as mine was always minister

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And well in the first and the most in his fulfillment of his obligations. And I said today I'm going to take more charity than him. So Omar gathered half of his belongings to give towards the message of the profits on the law and he was selling them being delivered. And he soon found that Abu Bakar brought his whole state and Abu Bakr is about how you He is a person who always reached the destination of doing good before others, and therefore you could see that there was arrive early what time when, while we were taqwa, assist one another impiety so compete with each other in memorizing the Quran and doing that which is pleasing to Allah as though a gel what a youcam acid or

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MLA, what is the eventual end so now we've been doing our good deeds, what do we discover what Hawa it is, He who is he a lot doesn't say a lot is a lot of Al Aziz al Aziz have a four. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, well, whoa, well, azeez will look a fool, you will come to discover that He is Allah subhanho wa Taala, who is Allah Xiao Hua refers to Allah. He is Allah Aziz, the Almighty, the Old Firm, the old, powerful, and it will help for the old Forgiving, the one who is capable of all levels of forgiveness. So Hannah Montana, the word Aziz is to show you that he is able to punish, but his

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love and compassion for his creation, compels him to temper his strength with mouthfeel. And this is a unique characteristic that only Allah subhanaw taala possesses, that Allah subhanho wa Taala is not prone, as is found as a defect in his creation, that when they have mine, they find it difficult to forgive. They can forgive once or twice but not consistent. But Allah is the one who is all mighty, all capable, all powerful, all firm, all able, but in his essence is that he is aloha food cat about a book of Allah and FC Rockman because your Lord has prescribed upon himself to treat his creation with a merciful stance. Allah subhanaw taala doesn't refer to himself here as well who well

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as easels have or will have well as he is off here, he says, Allah for and love here go for so far all come from far ah the same. Try letter root word, but here I was a fool. It means who gives forgiveness often? So it doesn't matter how often you ask Allah for forgiveness, he will forgive. And look how far he is the one who forgives Allah, Allah Hafiz. He is the one who forgives and it doesn't matter how large the sin is. So three important qualities consistent and constant and forgiving. He's the only one with the power to truly expunge and forgive and he is the one who will forgive irrespective of the size of the error that was performed. The loss of Hannah Montana wants

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us to understand that he is a disease and not to discount that he is the most forgiving Savannah who went to Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala continues and we recite verse number three. I love the Hala has led the Holocaust set by Sir Martin dibaca it is he Allah subhanho wa Taala who created the seven heavens one above another t balfa. In Arabic When we say Chubbuck it means a plate, right? It doesn't mean a plate it means one that you stack over the other. More Tabatha is to you know metabox is a type of food for example, motorboat means folded pastries, one on top of the other. And the word taboc. a means to be stacked. Semi wack means that which is above that which shades from above

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setback is an important number in the Arabic language. It's an important number in our Islamic tradition. We are not people who rely heavily on numerology and that's one of the ways that the shaitaan has led some of the oma away from Allah subhanho wa Taala. But there are certain numbers that are consistent that there are seven heavens that are created by Allah subhana wa tada and this is a determination of Allah, Allah, the Kala Who is the one who is a levy, it is Allah, because no one will come and say I'm the one who created the heavens. No one will come and say this cosmos is made by me and I like the word Cosmos as a better translation than the word heavens or skies. I love

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the halaqa set by Simon what it is he Allah alone who is the one who is capable, but he's also the one who is the only one who has put into creation, the seven realms, the seven Cosmos t Balcon stacked above each other, and the word about it doesn't just mean you know, one on top of the other in that sense, but it it is an important

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Understanding to note that there are two implications. So to Balcon Yes, one on top of another, another in levels and they ascend in one being, one can be greater than the other and one is built upon the other. But also it also means consistent and synchronized, that things are multi Baka that they are mutawa that they are in harmony with each other. So he created the seven Cosmos that are consistent with each other, which also can mean that there are other heavens that are inconsistent with this heaven with these seven heavens. And therefore the number seven is not for a hassle. It is not to define a limitation that there isn't more than the seven cosmos. But it's to say that there

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are seven Cosmos that you can understand are a part and parcel stacked with each other consistent with each other, that are themed within your creation and understanding all of the Imams, they came to understand that the seven heavens are the least of them, the lowest of them is the one that is visible to us, and that there are at separation between each of the heavens that is of a vast magnitude as is mentioned in the Hadith of the prophets, I send them between each heaven that there is a distance that can't be traversed in 500 years. What are the years of is it years of solar calendar? Is it years in the knowledge of a loss of Hannah to Allah were one day in neoman and

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Arabic elfi Sunnah is like that of 1000 years of your time. So what is the 500 years is it in in terms of distance traveled in it or in time spent? It is neck era, unending and known and ambiguous only known to a law and to what he has taught of our Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The word semi White is also really rich in the Arabic language and is a really powerful word said that means anything that is above you. And sometimes Allah Subhana Allah uses the word step back, step by step I want without mentioning a semi a dounia. And later on in area number five, which we will study next week, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, semi adonia the sky that's closest to you

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closest to the place where you live. The dunya means that which is lowly, and this is the heaven that is nearest to it. In the hadith of Al Islam. When mal Raj the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he mentioned that there was a distance between each of the seven heavens and gibreel would ascend and there was a gateway. And Allah subhana wa Taala refers to these gateways in the passages between one Cosmos to the next, as the marriage sort of marriage is very consistent with this understanding. According to many of the Imams of Tafseer.

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The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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is one who was sent to bring us knowledge from Allah subhanho wa Taala. But that knowledge is not one that is defined with a literal meaning that you and I can always appreciate and therefore in the Arabic language that are words that are used in one sense that have a meaning in another sense in a different time and in a different place. But Allah subhanho wa Taala refers to sub bass MLF, seven realms seven Cosmos seven things that are consistent with each other stacked above each other. And above all of the creation, separate from all of that which He has created is a lot of beleza firmly established in the manner that befits His Majesty arising above the outage. Suhana who went to

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Ireland, and led the halaqa Sabbath as Mr. Martin de Baca, matter of halka Rockman you do not find in the creation of the merciful notice here Allah identifies himself without the name of Allah, but identifies himself as a rock man. Why Because Allah Subhana Allah is speaking and will soon speak about the punishment that is deserved for those who will look up into the heavens and deny him. So it's as if Allah is saying the reason I haven't destroyed them. The reason I haven't made the heavens rip apart above them, and the earth fracture from beneath him is because I am a rock man. And therefore whenever anyone claims other than Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, the reason that Allah

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subhana wa Taala allows them a sip of the water of this dunya is due to his alma mater, Rafi Hulk, ronnen. The word man description of Allah subhanho wa Taala is very unique.

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None of the names and the attributes of Allah are ever used in the Quran. unilaterally. None of them are used on their own to define a law except the word Allah and the word ramen. All of the other names and attributes are in combination as we saw them the idea before this, as these allergies or food and how you how you

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

olalia mon Hakeem

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But here many places in the Quran in fact the opening verse of the surah out of ramen, because the quality of Allah being out of Ramadan is the essence of who is a loss of Hannah who went to Allah. It is the greatest identifier in describing Allah Jalla Jalla Lu. So the wonders of the heavens and the earth now are being discussed by Allah through our Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam matter of Alka ramen, you will not see Matt Torah See, in the creation of the merciful mean death out with any tough out and the word depauw. It is a powerful word in the Arabic language, that would mean something that you have lost or something that has been left behind fat that you lost it You

00:35:47--> 00:36:34

missed the opportunity, meaning the fact that you won't find one exceeds or go past the other, meaning you won't find an inconsistency because they are tabaka. They are consistent with each other stacked with each other assigned to each other. thoroughly and bizarre. So look again Subhanallah look out. Look again, don't just look once look again fougere and belser. Health ROM info tool. Do you see any flaws in the creation and the magnificence of the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala? Do you see anything that is consistent any major in consistencies? Do you see a lack of synchronization or misalignment and to panela no one will ever study the physics and the

00:36:34--> 00:37:21

astrophysics of the cosmos that surrounds us the multiverse that we are in that which we know of and that which we are trying to understand the math that is behind it, except that they come to a recognition that there is a hand in the design there is something greater than just chaos and the theory of chaos. Loss of Hannah Matala says masala you will not see and this is nephew. This is a consistent you know statement from Allah it will not ever be found that there is to felt that there is one that overlaps the other that one brings into a destruction of the other without the command of Allah subhanho wa Taala and it's important to note that Allah subhanho wa Taala asked us to look

00:37:21--> 00:38:02

and look again and therefore this is one of the inspirations where Allah subhanho wa Taala seeks us not just to be students of the end and the text of the Quran, but to look up into the heavens and the earth yet to have a Corona the Hulk is somehow it will odd that they look up and they deliberate over consciously assess the creation of the heavens of the earth. They come to the conclusion Robin mF HELOC. They have that bell Tila, Oh our Lord, You did not create this for not there is a purpose and a design. And we ask to be of those who submit to you on account of our belief in you Oh Allah, federal Jerry labasa return and look return back from the same place that you initially looked from,

00:38:02--> 00:38:48

to the original position. Go back and search again and again, health are meaningful to you. Do you find any full tool Do you see any gaps, any rips, any places that are torn apart anything that is missing? Subhan Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to know who he is, without declaring himself to us through identifying himself by his greatness, His power, His creation of the heavens and the earth. And therefore you could see that the first two verses are a self reflection about Olivia de Monaco who Allah cliche in Kadir Allah The hola como tal hyah. Talia Blue accom look into yourself, determine your place. And then Allah says hello, Jerry buss are now go out, look into the cosmos,

00:38:48--> 00:39:30

look into the universe and see that it will bring you an inspiration and return you back to me. These are the first three verses of surah and Monique, the dominion, the authority, the power, the control is only with Allah Subhana who went to Allah. And I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us greater and greater insight into the Koran that we recited by night, practice it by day, and makes us from those who it is approved for them and not against them on the Day of Judgment. I pray that a lot keeps us and protects us during these difficult times and during these difficult moments in 2020 with the COVID and some of the issues that we're dealing with all around the world, that

00:39:30--> 00:39:53

Allah subhanho wa Taala protects us as we've been isolated from the masajid but our heart is in the house of Allah and we've turned our homes into massages are a matter of no santagata the Allahu anhu used to intentionally pray extra devotions into into his home and he would recite the idea of Allah subhanaw taala commending penninsula ila and ourselves to make it you know, will you

00:39:54--> 00:39:59

make your homes into a quibbler into a place of prayer and a body of Allah subhana wa

00:40:00--> 00:40:39

Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala erect for us every herb in our home as money. Amalia Salam had one. May Allah subhanaw taala give us a Makarov in our home as our Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had one, his regular place of worship in his Masjid, but also in his hospital. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to allow us the blessing of the shefa over and over you Mohammed so I sell them and the protection of the reading in the study of soil to the moon, in our graves, Aloma amin, or suddenly Allahumma salli moseyed wa barik ala Sayidina Mojave Bina whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam and I hope that you will share this discussion with your

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friends if you find any worth or merit in it. Whatever said that is correct is from a law and any errors from me and from the shaytaan and Allah and His Messenger are free from it. Well, suddenly lahoma was eliminated robotic Allah said you know whenever you know Mohammed, Allah have little said our mo Salah, why time would tiempo tasleem was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh