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Kamal El-Mekki
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the early history of New York City, including the infamous New York Mothership Institute and the use of multiple techniques to analyze history. They also mention a worker who approached people in his tribe and respected them, leading to a rise in public opinion. The speaker emphasizes the importance of identifying the sources of the infamous Mothership Institute and the use of multiple techniques to analyze history.
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What can we learn from our books? Our techniques, by analyzing the names of the earliest people who gave our mothership Institute presents QA with Gamal el mekki? Alright, look at this day one obergurgl on who gives Dawa to Isabel, our talks have not obeyed the law does not have nothing to hide north and south of New York costs. All right now everybody knows this. Most people know that yes, I will Booker gave down to five out of the 10 given glad tidings of paradise. So we think we're going to just went and just started getting down to some folks that he knew. But there's some more to it when you analyze some of these people. First of all, you find a number of things when you stop

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and look at these names and analyze, number one, their ages number two, their tribes number three, their relationship to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So for example, it's not that fun was 28 years old.

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112 was the oldest one he was 30 years old. Paul had not obeyed the law was 16, a suburban 115. Saudi Arabia costs 17. So we're seeing that he didn't go after the nobles, or of just people in the top, you know, rungs of society. But he spoke to everybody and he spoke to you 15 1617 years old, and the oldest was 30. So number one, we see from the techniques of the early Muslims that when they approached everybody, number two, if you look at their tribes, they came from the tribes have been in Hadith, they came from the tribes of Benny Juma and from burning Muslim. So that means a worker of the law and didn't just go after people in his tribe. But he took the dowel personal, and he

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approached everybody all across tribes. And not only that, he also approached people that he knew or had some kind of relationship with them. He liked them. They liked him back. And when you like someone, there's more of a chance of you getting a yes out of them. And this is what studies have shown now. So he approached people that he knew and they knew him back and they respected him. He was a wealthy businessman known for his honesty, known for his knowledge of lineage, so people already respected him, and he didn't just approach anybody. But here's something really amazing. You look at their relationship with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, there is a Buddha Lama and as a

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bourbon, these two were related to the prophet SAW Selim because there's a burden on his mother is Sophia the answer the Prophet Rasul Allah, and Abu Salah, his mother is Barbara winter Abdulmutallab, the sister of Sophia, also the author of the prophets of Allah. So what's amazing is that these are cousins of the Prophet lamp. And you would think that a worker would say, No, no, those are the prophets. cousins, he'll deal with them, I'm sure but he went and approach them, which shows you how much he took personally and seriously. That he went and approach to start with Nebula cos was the uncle of the prophet SAW Selim. So Obama could have said, I'm not gonna approach the

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uncle, the person for sure, the prophet who said, I'm gonna deal with him. Let me go talk to someone else. But he took the Dow personally, and you only learned that when you analyze the names, you'll see the ages, the tribes and their relationship with the process. And then you get a small glimpse of what kind of an incredible die of a book rather low on who was. We're talking about looking at the story in detail details versus just names and information. That's what we do it Desert Rose, coming soon to a city near you. Hope to see you there with Somalia come around to live work out.

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