Haitham al-Haddad – Short refutation against ‘Quraniyoon’

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The importance of obeying the messenger of the law of the universe is highlighted in Islam, where actions are recognized as part of a framework for rewarding the creator. The speaker explains that the statement, made by Allah, is based on a combination of narratives and the Koran, and that it is possible to accept it. The speaker suggests that accepting the statement means accepting guidance from the Prophet and not just following what he said.
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Should Pamela woman you mean biller he? Yes, the folder and the log in Nevada knows everything then Allah, Allah introduced another important principle. What is that principle? After listing lo se, at events, Allah Allah Allah said, What are you law of the universe, obey Allah and obey His Messenger. If you turned away the interval later, then you should know that we will punish you. It is not our Prophet who is going to punish you for in Mr. Sunil Bella movie, indeed, our messenger is only a conveyor, he conveys the message only. And as you know, that has been our best said the city is always three commands always come with three other commands in the ayah. And he mentioned that when

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Allah Allah commanded us to obey Him, to obey,

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to obey the parents, normally it is mentioned after obeying Elijah lo Allah. And the second one is whenever the law commands us to obey Him, He commands us to obey the messenger of the law of the universe.

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And this confirms this confirms that those who claim that they are for Atlantis, they believe in the Quran and they don't

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listen to the or they they don't believe in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam to sell them and they don't follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam are misguided. Why? Because Allah Allah, Allah said, we'll have to assume a lot of the overshoot. And as the scholar said, If you obey Allah, but you did not obey the Prophet, in fact, you did not obey Allah in the first place. And

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as some of them say, No, we believe in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, because this is a clear IO of the law of the overthrew, but the Sunnah, that has been narrated now, and recorded in books like Sahil Bahari, and sorry, machinima etc, is not really confirmed that this is what the prophet sallallahu Sallam said, had it been confirmed that it is what the prophet sallallahu Sallam said, then we would have listened to it. Okay? You have to understand that logic is not just simply that they rejected the sooner.

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Yeah, okay. And the answer for them is to say, when Allah Allah Allah said, well,

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it means that he knows that we will know about what the prophet sallallahu wasallam said, we as other generations other than the companions, otherwise, what is the point of him, gentle of Allah, revealing to the whole mankind and respective of the place irrespective of the time. So when he commanded us to obey the messenger, he knew that we will have access to the messenger, how do we have access to the messenger

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through the center, which means that Allah commanded us to follow whatever we have, we knew about the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam whatever, the whatever should nourish us is what allowed us to obey. Yeah, otherwise there is no point of appeal. And by the way,

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I had a discussion with with a person who is I don't I don't know what they call them pervasive or

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or anyone here and

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I told him why they differentiate between four and sooner

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and he said, because for an is preserved, and I said, Sure, now the sun has not preserved

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Okay, just to cut it short. I said to him,

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but for an is sooner

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but for our listener, so he said, No. I said no, but any sooner.

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He said, No.

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I said no, think about it. Who brought this

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is the Prophet solo? Who brought it up?

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He said Allah I said, Yes, Allah, but who Allah revealed it to you

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To the prophet to who brought it upon

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the prophets Allah is Allah

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or brought both

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Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and he is the one.

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This is another point. He is the one who told us about the Koran that it is.

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Agree, did you get it?

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How did we know that this is an

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because there is a sooner that says that this is

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One time the prophet SAW Selim was sleeping and then he woke up and then he said, I received gibril just came to me and

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recited Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in

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So this statement or this chapter,

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yes is dependent on what

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on the Hadith

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is dependent on the headache. So if we do not believe in the Hadith,

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we will not believe in it.

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Because who brought it is the Hadith. So, it is based on the heavy

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it clear.

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So, it took some time to for him to understand this. And then when he understood it, you can see that his face changed Subhanallah as if the Sherpa was confusing him.

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And I said to him, now you have no choice but either to believe in both or to disbelieve in both.

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Because both came through what?

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One source. If you accept this, you would accept this. He said yes. But the Quran preserved I said how the Quran was preserved

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through narrations. And we say the same thing. So no was preserved through narrations.

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They said but there are manuscripts from the old manuscripts. I said what is the nearest manuscript to the Quran, the nearest manuscript, or the oldest, the oldest manuscript now, which is the nearest to the time of the Prophet Solomon, etc.

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What is it

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they say, might

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not be allowed to Allah and Who wrote it? I said, Yes, okay. That is fine. But we have not seen that as man of the law. This is a possibility. The third, the second thing is between the time of this man or the law of the time of the Prophet salaallah, Salah there is 20 plus years, or almost 20 plus years. So there is a gap.

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Yes. Moreover, there are some sooner that was recorded in a very early age, will you accept that sin that was recorded in a very early age or not?

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So if you accept for an because it was recorded in a very early age, you should accept at least the sooner that was recorded in what in a very early age. Moreover, why did you believe in what is written more than what is

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Is it just because the Koran was founded written by a man a fan of the allow you believed in the Koran and you rejected in the center because it was not recorded at a very early age? Are you following Is it because it is written?

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Yeah, maybe the memory is more stronger than what is written. Moreover, Who told you that this copy of the arm that was found is actually

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what this man wrote?

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Who told you this?

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Who told you this? You have to go and to accept what the generators say.

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Yes, because generators who are human beings, narrated that this copy has been found? Yes, and it is the one that is man raviolo Tada and who wrote, are you following this? Which means that you have accepted the end

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interference of human beings in narrating the revelation. And this is your problem, that you do not accept the interference of human being in narrating the divine scripture. So, if you reject this, it means that you are going to reject the whole deal.

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Yes, and of course, the other thing is Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah have seen the oma

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since the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, okay, have seen the oma during the term of the Sahaba. In that rhetoric in fourth generation, fifth generation, sixth generation, following Yes, as you claim, fabricated books, and he allowed him

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would Allah do this, that allow

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millions or trillions of people to be misguided?

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And does not give them any indication that they were they were misguided? Come on.

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This is not Allah. Allah didn't do something like this. Allah is so merciful. Allah will not let people to go astray all of them.

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Yes, and then He will punish them because they weren't yesterday. But He punished them He will punish them for something that is not in their control

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will allow just allow them to go astray and then punish them. Now. Allah will send them what clear guidance. So definitely, Allah accepts, the sooner that they are going to follow.

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And that's why Allah commanded us

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anyway, yeah, inshallah, it is clear for inter later if you just turn away you don't obey Allah old you don't obey them a senior thing NEMA Allah Selena Bella movie, and this is again Subhana Allah

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