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salatu salam ala rasulillah

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also good to align the last piece in the last message was

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based on

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preserve traditions, on love.

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And all the Christians

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always like to talk about God is love and everything is love,

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we have one statement by Prophet Muhammad.

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And as you said,

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hotter or cooler,

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none of us truly believe

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until I become more beloved to him

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than his

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and all of mankind.

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So, our face

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contingent on

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loving the Messenger of Allah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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more than anyone

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but the issue is

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how is that love nanosec

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is celebrating is versus

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dancing and singing,

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reciting poetry, which gives him the attributes of Allah

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I came across a

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fellow and Nadia

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how do we love

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loves him

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by following

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the same way that you love a lot.

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In quantum law,

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the law selling terminals I sell them to sell us in

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If you love a law, you wish to love the law. Then Follow me Follow Prophet Mohammed

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and allow

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the love of Allah

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is contingent on following

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the process.

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And the love of the process

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is so contingent on following him.

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Because if we say that we'll know the process, I will tell them that we are doing what he told us not to do.

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We're inventing all kinds of practices and things which you've never instructed us to do.

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After you've already told us Makarov to share in your parable from an ally in our article that I didn't leave anything that will bring you closer to a law except that I told you to do it. And ally already said 1400 years ago and nearby most of the communicants today are competed for religion.

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How can we love a law and love the messenger of the loss of our settlement

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when disobeying

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which is a false love.

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This is a false love.

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It may be very emotional because of course those are involved in celebrating the birthday.

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You know brewers with great fervor

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great enthusiasm

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Hello, how can we deny? Well, Hindus

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in celebrating their festivals, the rally and all the other reasons,

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this foundation of love,

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love of Allah, never the messenger of the loss of life.

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This is the foundation of us,

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to follow Him, follow him act in the external acts that he has instructed us to do.

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The external aspects of the Sharia

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sanlucar it only recently, as you saw me pray

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for the army men articles

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take from me your rites of passage.

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On one hand, we should comply with the letter of the law.

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And on the other hand, we should also take from him, the spirit of that loss.

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The lessor and the spirits have to be together.

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So we have to be Muslims,

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not only externally, but internally.

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We practice to assume that we live

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not as a set of rituals that we go through motions that we perform.

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But as a way of life that we actually the

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the process that I found them, gave us another principle of law.

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He also said

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you shouldn't

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none of us

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until he loves

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what she loves for himself.

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If we want

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without fail,

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And there's a particular tradition

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that I

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heard one

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time I end up

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I remind myself that I wanted to go and get it from the books and find out exactly who narrates it and details about it. But we'll talk

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about a circumstance that was part of Amazon selling was sitting in ministry.

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So falen can remind me who the person was.

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And it's in the morning

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and he tells his companions that you sitting with him in the circle. The next person who's coming into the masjid

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is among the people of paradise.

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The narrator of the Huskies

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are all waiting to see who's

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a particular individual came in.

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The others accepted.

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This man is going to be one of the people in Canada.

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The narrator of the IBC said I wanted to know what it means that you're going to move to one of the pieces. He was one of you know any special people want to do you know any special things as far as shooting so you want us to follow them so

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he stuck with him.

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In the end after following him for some days,

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he asked him

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to do it as a people of paradise.

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You do anything special, you're not staying up every night in Jersey not doing any extra work out in the masjid, you know, extra days of fasting just see

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To be doing

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what is what I want to know. So the companion said

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anything special I don't know how I'm doing it especially so there'll be things I can think of is just

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before I go to bed at night

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I don't have

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this like in my heart,

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in his heart towards me on

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the basis of this

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go to bed at night without rancor

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loving for one's rather what one loves for one

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Abdullah is an amorous

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but this is something that I think we need to take to heart.

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This issue of love in Islam love is very, very important.

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Monica salon has stressed that our faith is dependent on that love.

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The completion of our case is dependent on the level of a law level of the province also love and love of our brothers

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never begin evil face is loving those who allow love

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and helping those who allow him not hating those who allow love and loving those who are

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shaped on

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YouTube amongst our ranks for the diseases.

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And this is what we have to struggle against.

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We have to fight against it.

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We have to read it out.

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Because we will never agree

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on everything.

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No matter what we study, how we study where we study.

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We will never agree on everything.

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We Sahaba didn't agree.

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No matter how hard we try to practice Islam.

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How many?

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How many days of fasting,

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we will never be infallible.

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We will always make mistakes.

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The Sahaba

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companions of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salaam Salaam of them stole.

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Some of them landed and we're lucky.

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Some of them committed fornication.

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Some of them committed adultery and were stoned to death

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and those who are starving to death. Having said

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forgiveness and repentance which they made in this was divided up over the people of Medina who have been enough to carry them out of paradise.

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So I'm not inviting you out to commit adultery and fornication.

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I'm just saying that to say that the Sahaba were not angels.

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They argued

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they were upset with each other.

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They committed errors they were human beings.

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they strove together to establish Islam and take it to the world.

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There was tolerance there,

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there was tolerance there.

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And tolerance comes out of love.

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If love is there in the hearts of the believers for the believers, then they can be tolerant with them

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tolerant with their mistakes, not overlooking them. Meaning just forget it. No, as the weather said, I do know,

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we must advise

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the religion is good advice.

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But at the same time, we should be tolerant, meaning a brother makes a mistake, a sister makes a mistake, we do not cut them off from the whole community

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has nothing to do with them anymore.

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We love them when we have to try to hurt them.

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So this foundation of love, having a pure heart, free of rancor, towards the believers, is something that we all need to strive for. If Paradise is our goal,

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then we need to strive for five months I fell on this turtle and it is one of the roads.

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This is what we want and let us work for

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them. Therefore, when we have a brother who commits himself or herself work for the sake of a loss, this must come.

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Is everybody is happy with you all the time everywhere you go. No, as some scholars say that something wrong.

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They say you can't please all the people all of the time.

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Something is gonna be wrong.

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So people will

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condemn, people will label people will do these things. We have to accept it.

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But the point is,

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what do we do?

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When we hear these things? What do we do?

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When we hear something about a brother who we know who has striven, who has worked, etc. We hear these kinds of statements about a brother or brothers or sisters, or an organization or sections.

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We have to reject.

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We have to give our brothers and our sisters and our Islamic organizations that we know to be striving to help establish Islamia and benefit the Muslims who have to give them the benefit of the doubt

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as the brother was saying about guns in the run.

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Some suspicion is

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it is sinful. It is sinful to say it is sinful to entertain it.

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You heard the descriptions of how strict Prophet Muhammad was with regard to any kind of backbiting. Ayesha raises their hand and says you've done something so bad it will

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turn the seeds rotten.

00:19:19--> 00:19:20

something so small.

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That is the sooner we love

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them that is the sun that we have to follow.

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When we hear that fail, then we have to say that Please don't say

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this is the way this is the only way

00:19:42--> 00:19:47

because there is no other ways. But the way of assuming loss of human life

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is is the only way

00:19:57--> 00:19:58

this is my advice.

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The advice

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love which we must develop. And I tell you all,

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from the bottom of my heart and I love you all for the sake of Allah

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and I hope inshallah, that you all love me

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the sake of Allah.

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And I pray that Allah help us all

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to remove any rancor, any feelings that we have towards our brothers and sisters

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that in doing so, we can come together

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and really do some serious work for the sake of Allah.