Why Is My Dua Still Not Answered

Yahya Ibrahim


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June 14, 2016

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Many people, they say, you know, Chef, I look forward to the month of Ramadan. It's a month where I want to make my job. And I'm hoping that my daughter will be answered. But it doesn't seem to get answered. What's the problem? See, Joe is a sacred thing. And sometimes we may do it in a way that is ineffective.

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It's important first to deconstruct this word draw your art isn't a wish. It's not like wishing upon a star. It's not like saying, Oh, I wish this could happen. Do I is actually a determination of habit. So it's something you are requesting a lot to assist you in for you to achieve it. And therefore you never see in the four iron that someone simply says give me and a lot just gives them without making a condition of some form of action. profit, are you he's unable to move he's laying in bed. His body has becoming firm. He cannot stand on his own. Wait. He says, Padma Sonny adore my lord harm has touched me. When to hammer rock. I mean, festa janella harm has befallen me You are

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the Most Merciful Oh Allah cure me. Allah says we answered in festa, Japan, Allah immediately. And then Allah says Allah could be roglic touch the ground with your foot. Well of water will come up that you can bathe and clean yourself. It will kill you. the operative word is village lick. Use your foot. He had to do something. Maria Maria Salaam, the mother of Jesus. You know she's a woman who was given the Immaculate Conception. There is no father with her. She's left her family to give birth out away from everyone in society. She leans on the on a date tree that hasn't fruited. Miraculously fruits Come on that tree. But she still has to shake it. Well, who's the LA cabbages I

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nakhla. Miriam, shake the tree so that the fruit will fall upon you. It's not just given to you. So although Allah is with us, each and every step of the way, your art is not a wish. It's not just something that materializes out of nothing. It's about you changing the condition that you are in to make it happen with the assistance and the TOEFL of Allah subhanaw taala. The second important point that we need to state about is that the majority of the draft of the prophets of Allah who are our examples in worship and conduct was about Athena praising Allah subhanaw taala, extolling Allah honoring the law, you know, that the whole concept of asking Allah subhana wa, tada should be

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secondary to honoring the law as well. So you need to ask yourself, Am I worthy of, of my drug being answered? And if you look into my life and your life, sometimes there's these little negligence is that means that we are susceptible to being rejected. The third aspect, I think that becomes very important now that, you know, we're deconstructing this concept of drama, is that there are operative times for drought to be answered. opportunities where only those who are truly determined will take advantage of them. What are they in the depths of the night? And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, in a manner that befits His Majesty descends near to the earth in the last third of the

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night, and he says Helman sir even Is there anyone who petitions and requests of me something that I may granted Halloween Mr. Faron? Is there someone asking for forgiveness, that I mean forgive them? Allah Subhana Allah to Allah shows us that this is an opportune time the prophets I sell them said in a hadith narrated by Muslim as is the previous one, a parable Maja Kunal Abdullah Robbie, the nearest a person is to his Lord is when they are making sujood when their forehead is planted on the ground, nearest to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and Allah says fess Jude walk, work tarab, make sujood and draw near at the end of sort of a crop. So the closer you are in devotion to Allah, the

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more necessary it becomes for you draw it to be answered. Now there's a beautiful Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, where he says to us that all of Dora is answered, and the Hadith is narrated by the man, the Buddha would remember, it's an authentic hadith. And he says that all of that is answered because the one who inspired you to make Dharma is Allah. But sometimes the answer is not the way we want it to be answered. Our heart doesn't see the answer from a law because our eyes haven't seen it. And that's because our hearts are darkened and unable to see the realities for what they really are. So whenever you make drop, there are three things that will

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result. Either Allah will give you what you want, in the way you want it at the time you want it, and that's rare. Second, is that Allah will give you what you want, in the way you want it, but not at the time you want it. A lot more

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reserve it for you in a different capacity. And third is that Allah will make a measure for you for that drop in a capacity that preserves it for you different to the way that you wanted it you will get what you want, but different to how you want it. You might say, Oh Allah preserve my health, Oh Allah make me Well, you still suffer with your illness. But that accident that could have happened that would have made you more ill in a different way was averted. And therefore begin to see the world with your heart, not just your eyes. For Allah Subhana Allah to Allah tells us about those who are held away from him for in the head atomic apps or what I can tell Hulu Latif Isadore, there are

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some whose eyes are not blind but it's the hearts in the chest of men. That has become dim. May Allah enlighten us and allow us to see the truth for what it is and accept our May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Indira to him subhana wa Taala also Lila whom Allah Selim was into abetik alesina beginner Mohamed Salah la hora de was seldom was Sarah Monica