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Bilal Philips
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of belief in God and its actions for humankind, as it is essential for submitting the will of God. They stress the need for confirmation of faith and holding onto one's own values, as well as the ways in which people change their minds and become aware of their own values. The speakers also touch on the impact of race on society and encourage listeners to read the Quran and follow Islam to achieve human civilization.
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To raise for you.

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And that is the statement of those who say,

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God created this world and left it to run by itself

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is not involved. It's too insignificant. He just created it and left it to run by itself. They accept there's got to be a god. So they are what they call deists, they believe in the existence of God, but they don't believe that God conveyed His Word to humankind.

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No, they say that's

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fairytales. There's so many religions around the world, everyone claims that he's right. They're all wrong. They're all made up by human beings. Of course, the possibility that one is right, and the rest are all wrong. He doesn't

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reflect on that one, he just sees all of them claiming to be right.

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And they have different teachings, therefore, he can only conclude they all must be wrong.

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if one accepts that, then of course, he also doesn't know who his Lord is. He said, he believes in God. But he doesn't know who God is. Because common sense tells us practical, common sense tells us that if a man set up a factory,

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and he put an advertisement in the paper, for people to come and work in his factory, and he hired all of these people.

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And then, on the day, when the factory was supposed to begin operations, they all came down to the factory. And he didn't tell them what they were there for. What was their individual jobs, and they walked into the factory. What do you think they're going to do? Is each one going to go and find his place in the factory and slot in and just be working in the factory is just humming and working well? Or is he going to go to the canteen where there is tea being served, sit down with his friends and chat until somebody comes along and tells them what he's supposed to be doing here?

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If nobody told him, what do you think would happen to that company? It would be a

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resounding success, or a stupendous failure. It would have been a failure, of course. And what would he say about a businessman who did that? We'd say he is an idiot.

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He is a fool.

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He is dumb, stupid, unwise, we have a whole string of terms for him,

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all of them indicating foolish.

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Now, if we can accept that, with regards to accompany, what about the world? And what about the God who created this world?

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For us to say he didn't tell us what we're supposed to do here is to make him like the owner of that company.

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He is the most wise is a law describes him in the Quran, or Arsenal, hacking in a camel hacking in

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the most wise of the wise.

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One of his names is Al Hakim,

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the absolute wise.

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So wisdom demands that he would inform human beings of their purpose on this earth.

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Beginning with the first human beings, they would be informed why they are here.

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That's what wisdom demands. We accept it in our own lives, for sure. On the scale of God, who is all wise it is beyond him. It is beneath him to have created this world and not informed people what their purpose is. So true belief in God.

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Where one knows who one's Lord is, requires the belief that God sends

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messengers carrying his message to humankind, informing them of their purpose here.

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That is, without a doubt, absolutely necessary. belief in God requires that we believe in Him sending messengers with the message that he wanted to convey to humankind.

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in the end, we know that

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God's message was created was sent to the first human beings, referred to as Adam and Eve.

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That message which was sent

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was, in fact, Islam.

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We can say that the religion of Adam and Eve was Islam. While a Christian cannot say it was Christianity, nor can a Jew say it was Judaism. Nor can a Buddhist say it was Buddhism. But we can say it was Islam, because Islam means submission to the will of God.

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which encompasses all of the messages which were sent by the prophets of God, to humankind, submission to the will of God.

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There is only one God.

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And he created only one race of human beings. I know people say no, there's different races. There's the Mongoloid race.

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There's the neag roid ways. There's the Caucasian race and so No, this is nonsense. There is only one race, the human race, won the proof of that the lower left amongst us.

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if a man from the quote unquote, Caucasian race from the north,

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from Norway,

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whiter than white,

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blond hair and blue eyes, he needs a transfusion, and his blood type is all negative, his family

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is all positive, their blood can save his life, but another man

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South India,

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blacker than black?

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Whose blood is all negative, can save him.

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So what is that saying? Who is closer to him, his own family who look like him,

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or that person from South India, who seems to be the total opposite of him.

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These are the signs which are law left amongst us, to remind us that we are one human race. And as such, God revealed to that human race, one religion,

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he did not reveal a bunch of different religions, thereby confusing human beings. No, he only revealed one religion, human beings changed it. And he would send more profits and they would change it again and he would send more profits.

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But all the time, it was one message as a lot said walcot bafna ficolo, mutton Rasulullah ner Buddha law, which then a Buddha who I've sent to every nation,

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to every people, a messenger, calling them to worship

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Allah alone,

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and to avoid the worship of false gods. One God, one human race, one religion, Islam.

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That is the message that I wanted to share with you tonight. Knowledge of war Lord is takes us ultimately to knowledge of Islam. So as we need to go back

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I understand who our Lord is by reading the Quran. Ramadan is around the corner. And it's the month dedicated to the Quran. As I explained it was the month in which the Quran was revealed.

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So we dedicate our time to reading the Quran but we should read it with understanding,

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read it and reflect on its meanings. not read it as a ritual. So that we fall into the category about which Allah said of Allah tada Barun Al Quran, Allah ko lubaina Fallujah, will they not reflect on the meanings of the Quran? Or are their hearts locked up? sealed?

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Let us not be among those with sealed hearts in this month of Ramadan before us. Let us open our hearts to the Quran and read it with understanding and come to know who our Lord is. Because at least a third of the Quran is dedicated to explaining who is our Lord.

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And that is why

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surah Allah class

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Torah and a class on who Allah had a lot of Samad Lem yell it will have you lead while me akula Khufu and I had this surah

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this chapter, as small as it is, the prophet SAW Selim said, One who reads it has read a third of the crime

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because that surah is dedicated to explaining who our Lord is on who Allah had, say.

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He is a law, the uniquely one

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Allahu Samad, the one who depends on nothing and all depends on him. Lemmy Allah

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He does not give birth while I'm you lead, nor was he born, while Amir colo Khufu

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and there is nothing similar to him.

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So I asked a law

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to let us walk away tonight with the renewed desire to want to know Islam, and to know who our Lord is

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and to implement that knowledge in our lives. So that this nation, this nation of the Maldives, can rise again

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and be counted among the nations of this world that have contributed have contributed to human civilization. It is with Islam, that we will achieve that without it. We never will barakallahu li walakum wa rahmatullahi warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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