Kamal El-Mekki – Signs of the Hour #08 – Minor – Mountain of Gold

Kamal El-Mekki
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salam, O Allah, Allah avacado at hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah mean what he was talking

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about and welcome to signs of the hour we're continuing with the minor signs that have yet to come now

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some are really strong look at this one it's a Muslim nurses by NSF d'amato Milan and Nabi sallallahu. Sallam said that the our will not be established until no one remains upon the earth who will say la ilaha illAllah. It's just almost hard to to imagine right that there will not be a person on the planet who say that Allah. I said again, when you hear about this, the lifting of the Koran, the destruction of the Kaaba, you immediately understand that this is towards the very end of time, because we saw towards the end of time that someone will say our forefathers would said Laila Allah so we say la ilaha illa. That's all they know. And that's all that existed upon about Islam at

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that point, because at that point, when you know that Allah Allah, you know, everything about Islam, that's all there was to know. That's why it saved them back back then. Or at that point, it will save but today to say let Allah not pray and you know, drink and eat haram and think you will go to jail and it will save you doesn't work as a scholar, see, because

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there's a lot more to do and to be done. But in the future. That's all that they'll have. So it will be enough to save them from in eternity in the health care bill.

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So we said those indicate very end of time, so they will not be established until no one remains on earth who will say now that a lot that means it's very end of time.

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Next one,

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from some Urban Agenda. rodella, who narrated the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the error will not be established until the mountains are removed from their places, the mountains are removed from their places. And you will see great things which you have never you've never seen before. Now, what are these great things, and there is awesome didn't mention them just there's going to be a lot of amazing things that will happen. Now that doesn't mean you know, the iPhone 15 coming up amazing things like really amazing, not, you know, lame social media apps.

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So the mountains will be removed from their places. What does that mean? It could be one of two explanations number one, by Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanaw taala will move these mountains from their places. And sometimes you you see videos of amazing things. There's a

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there's a video, I think it was in Italy, it was just the whole side of this huge mountain just sliding right off. Just coming right off like that, you know,

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not volcanic eruptions, but mountains being removed from their places. So Allah subhanaw taala can cause that to caused by human beings. Human beings removing mountains, reclaimed land, mostly, you know, its mountains. It's interesting. If you look at, like, for example,

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the Netherlands.

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Ireland actually has a lot of reclaimed land. Bahrain has a huge amount of reclaimed land. So basically, they did it differently though, in behind they take from the ocean bed and then come and pour it out on the surface again, and extend the land. So the ocean gets deeper, but places that have mountains, they'll do you'll be surprised by the amount of Dublin for example, also in Ireland, a lot of the land, reclaimed land.

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St. Petersburg in Russia formerly Leningrad also lot of reclaimed land, Hong Kong. I remember going to Hong Kong on the plane. As we're getting closer to landing you look out and all you see is just these mountains is being pushed into like broken up and pushed into the the waters to create more space more land anyways, so it could be mountains being removed from their places seeing amazing things the President didn't specify, could be biological, it could be by human beings moving mountains from their places. Next one is a student intermediate. The last one was by Bharani. This one was a little hungry. rhodiola generates a Navy sauce lm said by the one in whose hand is my

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soul? What are the NFC ba de la tomasa had

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to kill Lima ceiba ins had to kill the miscible in our nappies established until predatory animals will speak to humans. So that means it's going to happen and it's going to be not just a one time thing, but it's going to be quite common that this person, the wolf will speak to him that person that Tiger will say something to him, the lion will say something to him. And what will they say doesn't matter? And who cares? It doesn't. That's not the point. It's not like and if you tell your friend, today, a tiger said something to me.

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Then your friend will be like, well, I'm very curious to know what the tiger said. Should you be more curious that the tiger spoke us like what if the tiger said this chicken tastes good? It is not about the message of the targets the fact that Tiger spoke so enemies are seldom said to Kenny merci by all means we had to kill him original.

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Yeah, had to kill them.

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Yeah, region, either but sold he

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sold he was iraq una de Hmm. So here it's saying and until a person or speaks to. And of course, it's a two way conversation to the tip of their whip. And their, their their sandals strap, the sandals strap. And someone probably says, What if they invent the shoe in the future that can speak to you know, or the eye whip? What do you need to whip for? And then they're going to produce a whip. The point is that, that if it's just something technological, there's nothing miraculous, and from the signs of the hour about it, if it's just some device that you hold, but the person speaking to the tip of

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your shoes speaking back to you, and you speaking to it, because it has to be a two way conversation. Because if it's just a man speaking to the shoes, just a crazy person, all right. But if it's the shoe speaking back, then it's something from the sons of the hour or something out of the ordinary. All right,

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then we'll talk a bit Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, Bhima Lu, Min, buddy. And then his thigh will inform him of what his family did in his absence. And of course, give an example of this one, people. So this is the cell phone, because you put it here in this pocket, and you pull it out. And you talk to your family and they told you what happened when you left. But there's nothing miraculous and it would you does it make sense that the cell phone is paired in this Hadith, or put in the same category as lions and tigers constantly speaking to people,

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inanimate objects, speaking shoes speaking and then your cell phone which is just a device that connects you to your family and they tell you what happened in your, in your absence? Doesn't really sit with those other three things, right? So how Allah Allah Allah, this is something in the future, all right. But it is as an abyssal allowed, as Adam said, it is authentic and we believe whatever is authentic from the Prophet salla Salah. Now what if someone says, well, but you guys are just believing in this, you know, you've got no evidence doesn't make any sense. Of course, it makes sense. All right? Before I answer that, this is another Hadith narrated by Abu hurayrah de la Han

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Whoa, the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He said, Well, a man was writing a cow. anything strange about this howdy? Yes, the man is writing the cow. Why are you writing a cow, right? So the cow turns towards him, it turns towards him and said, I have not been created for this purpose. I have been created for plowing. So it tells him I'm not for writing. I'm for plowing the land.

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Then the process.

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Okay. Added he didn't just end the story there. But he added I and abubaker and Omar, believe this in this story.

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You see, because there's something not normal about it. The cow turns and speak to this person. Hey, why are you writing me I wasn't created for writing. I'm created for plowing the earth. So the person says I and Oklahoma

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believe this story now, he didn't ask them, but he knows. So which category will you fall with? Before I explain the logic, before you know the explanation? Will you fall in the category of the LM and obachan? Omar? Or will you be with those other people who don't believe this story? Then the problem went on. He said that a wolf caught a sheep. And when the shepherd chased it, the wolf said, who will be its guard on the day of wild beasts, when there will be no Shepherd for it except me. And then the person narrated that and he said, I know, but could also believe it. Because the wolf is speaking up. All right. So how do we explain this? It's very simple. If someone says, Well, this

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is not logical, or this is not scientific. I explained many times that most people don't know what scientific means. And they use it very, very incorrectly. Right? But

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are there animals on earth today that speak? And the answer, of course, is yes. And people think of, you know, parrots and all kinds of birds that speak you know, and I know you've seen videos of pet dogs and cats speaking, or saying a few words, doesn't matter. The point is, birds are the most eloquent when it comes to speaking even though they may not understand what they're saying. But birds speak who created birds, these animals? Where did they come from? Who created them? Allah subhanaw taala. So we're, we're agreeing a lot. Pato created an animal and made it able to speak. Okay.

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Can Allah subhanaw taala take an animal that he already created? That doesn't speak and make it speak?

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Yes, and he'll make it speak German to what there is no problem whatsoever. People try to make it look like they're logical. You're extremely illogical, if you believe in Allah azza wa jal, he can make anything speak. So what is not logical here? You understand the logic or not make sense? All right.

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but things that are like out of the ordinary and supernatural, which don't necessarily have to be phones, and satellite dishes and things, but things are supernatural, out of the ordinary, and we don't want to fall into the, you know, this, always interpreting things according to our present world. Then

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another sign of the hour.

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Yeah, the prophet SAW Allah mentioned that I will not be established until the people will be given a widespread rain, but nothing from the earth will grow forth. This is nurtured by

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that. And there is no timeline given here. No timeline given. So this could be any time in the future or it could be now but basically, it will rain but nothing from the earth will grow there'll be no Baraka in rain.

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The next one is mentioned by Mr. Muslim in by Abu huraira. Delano the hour will not be established until the Euphrates, the El ferrata Euphrates River uncovers a mountain of gold, over which people will kill you and they will kill each other out of every 199 will die. And each one of them will hope that they will be the only survivor out of each 199 people will die. So, okay, the what's interesting is number one, as we speak, the Euphrates River is drying up, you could Google it, you can go visit it. But as we speak, the Euphrates is drying up. The problem said this 1500 years ago, and it's drying up as we speak. So it will continue to dry up until it uncovers this mountain of

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gold. Now on this mountain of gold is uncovered. Everybody tries to go get that gold. And everyone's so greedy people start to kill each other. So we're traveling to get the gold boot camp together at night, you know, this person will kill everybody in the camp because he wants to be the only one who gets that. And when he gets there, other people will try to kill him, and so on and so forth so they can get that goal. So

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out of every 199 will die trying to get the gold. But what's sad, the person who said each one of them will hope that they'll be the only survivor.

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One of the scholars said, the fact that they hope that they'll be the only survivor that means they know that out of 199 die. That means they know this, Heidi, it's possible. But it's also possible that news travels that out of each 199 die meaning a huge numbers are dying trying to get this gold. And they know that news, but they still think you know there's a 1% chance and Shall I can make it I'll be that 1% everybody thinks there'll be the 1%. So why did the President tell us that? Why do we learn the science of the hour so that we know how to behave when it happens if right now you're watching TV and you hear that the Euphrates River, a part of it dried up and uncovered this mountain

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of gold? What would you do?

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Do you have to act upon what the processor said? If you hurt if you hear about it, don't go Don't say, oh, I'll be that 1% or make dog make the car on the way.

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Don't go. That's what this what we were told so that we act accordingly. So the only time I was telling people jokingly that,

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that if you were the first one to discover the mountain of gold, then tell me. Okay, and then we'll go before the news before everybody knows about it. We'll take our share, and then we'll step aside as the people kill 99 out of 100 All right, so

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that was the Euphrates drying up and uncovering a mountain of gold.

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Also inside a Muslim, this is in Medina, the city of Medina expelling its residents, alright. So the prostate limb says, a time will come upon the people, when a person will invite his cousin and relative saying come to prosperity come to prosperity, and Medina is better for them. If they only knew by the one in whose hand is my soul, no one will leave we'll leave it willingly except that Allah will replace them with someone better. So the city is just going to be people will leave it willingly and then someone better replaces them. So it's just going to have the best of people. And then possingham said indeed, el Medina is like bellows, expelling impurities, you know, bellows are

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created there use it to to generate like a strong force of winds for blacksmithing and other things for a foundry metal foundry. So, Medina is like bellows expelling its impurities and the our will not be established until Medina expels its evil residents just as bellows expelled the impurities of iron. So that so people will start to leave the bad people leave Medina good people replace them and they just get rid of, you know.

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But anyways, there was a story to tell there, I'm gonna skip for a minute. But that's what's going to happen towards the the end, end of times. Next one, the ruin of Medina. So is it populated? Or is it ruined? Or is it abandoned? You have to understand immediately, that this will be different time periods. So it's not like we have 50 years left, for the end of the world where everything has to happen. There's plenty of time Allahu Allah, where things can happen and the world can change. This one incident of Buddhahood was even Jabba rhodiola and who narrated that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, When Betamax This is taken, Medina will become abandoned. And when Medina is

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abandoned, there will be a great battle. So now we're seeing Medina, populated in one Hadith and abandoned in another Hadith, different time periods. Now, there'll be a great battle and when the great battle occurs, Constantinople will be conquered. And when conscionable which is Istanbul today, and when Istanbul are conquered, Constantinople is conquered and Costantini is what is today Istanbul, on custom tinea is conquered the job will appear. Oh, oh, there's so many things to talk about here. Right. So we're having we're seeing Medina being repopulated because when the gel appears, the safest places to be in Medina and Mecca. So, but it just said the Medina is abandoned.

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That means that happens then it's repopulated again. So, Constantinople has something Yeah, that's Istanbul. So Istanbul, according to this, howdy, Muslims will lose control of it. And then it will be regained again after a great battle, and then the gel will appear. Let me see if that's the next Hadith I have. No. But

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there are actually a lot of explanations. A lot of back and forth here.

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Yeah, we're coming to the separate one for the conquering of Constantinople. So we'll continue as we are.

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There'll be two rulers. This isn't say Bukhari and Muslim. This was the first one there will not be established until a man emerges from katan. Who will lead the people without takamasa Raja Raja Min katan, your super NASA biasa. They will not be established until a man emerges from kavon who will lead the people with his stick? So

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so some people said that the fact that he leads with a stick indicates that he's going to be severe. He's not going to be like a kind, just rule is going to be severe. That's why he's got a stick. That's one opinion. But Willa Holland, the more correct opinion is that if she rules with a stick, it shows that

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This is a quote to me. He says the fact that Muslim says your super NASA biasa, Kenya, and is the comet

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is to come to NASA that people will actually accept him when he went to him. Yeah, that people will actually accept him and they'll follow him as a leader. And

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they'll obey Him. So why does he have a stick? Then? How does the stick show obedience? And not that he's harsh? Because they said, He's rolling with a stick, not a sword. So he just points with it just like something you hold like for decoration. You know, like when, when a king holds a scepter is the scepter for smacking people when he's just holding it right. So He rules the supernatural, he directs him and guides him with a stick, he doesn't need a sword. So that indicates that people are obeying Him, they accept him that he is a legitimate and he is from Taiwan. So he the scholars who argued that he is just and righteous, they use that argument. And then if nobis rodilla and who

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narrates that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said about katan what are the lumen kufan could loam soil, they're all righteous. That adds more to the argument that the company is a righteous man. When will he emerge alone on an island? There are no hints here. But it sees but it seems that he's a righteous assala a righteous person and not someone who is a tyrant.

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But then there'll be another ruler His name is Jessica

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La La Lu

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Hata em Lika Rajim minal marwari ukar hula, hula gotcha. All right. So the nights and days will not pass meaning the day of judgment will not come until a man from our mobile is a freed slave. Until a slave will rule he will be known as Joshua. Some scholars said Elijah is the same as the man from capanne the one the first one the righteous man ruling with the stick but others said no that's not possible because

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he cannot be as freed slave and brief him on katanya knees from the the great tribes and the from the leading tribes or from amongst the Arabs pure How is that man from cotton gonna be a slave? That's not possible. This is a different man from an melotti and he will be known as Georgia so I'll Georgia here? Is he going to be a good ruler or a bad ruler?

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they said in in classical Arabic the meaning of that name is someone who constantly shouting and so they saying that according to the scholars are saying that a person who is a Jew in this case will be someone who is not worthy or someone who has bad character All right, so that means that a gesture is not a good ruler but someone else like a bad person coming in the future

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Okay, we've got

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some things about the Maddy that's one we're going to get get into the major signs before the hour. But for now, this is an urgent for me on the first of the tribes to go into the to into demise die out will be koresh and it is almost as if a woman passes by a sandal and says this was the sandal of a quarter sheet. So which could indicate that they might disappear suddenly? What does it mean the woman will walk by and say the sandals used to belong to someone from crush it as if it indicates that they die they go suddenly and if they start to dwindle over hundreds of years now they're gonna have remnants left over but the fact that the woman is saying oh this used to belong to a Qureshi as

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if of course she and as if he left recently and just left her belongings behind so something What is it something kills them they die of something we'll learn how to an alum we don't know and it's not even for anyone to speculate here There were not there's not enough material or hints for anyone to guess and think oh, it's gonna be a genetic this or it's gonna just leave that

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Okay, let's see what we can do here with the conquering of Constantinople.

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And similar Buddhahood when beta democracy's taken, Medina will become abandoned. When Medina is abandoned, there will be a great battle and when the great battle occurs, Constantinople will be conquered. And when Constantinople is conquered, the journal will appear. So we can see clearly this is towards the end of time, Constantinople is conquered. So then what is happening like where is

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how do we lose Constantinople Istanbul today? So we had scholars disagreeing right. Some said that Istanbul

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will be lost. So the Muslims are in control of it. Muslims will lose

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control of it. And then we'll regain it again towards the end of time right before the jet. That's one explanation. And honestly, that's the explanation that makes a lot of sense that even though it's a Muslim city, now, we will lose it, whatever it is. And if people start Oh, that's because they will join the European Union, you don't know that we don't even know there will be a European Union. 1000 years from now, we don't know the future. So whatever it is, it will be not considered under Muslim control anymore. And then the Muslims will regain it towards the end of times for the before the emergence of the digital, that's one explanation, and very plausible. The second one,

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probably a little insulting to people who live in Istanbul, or to Turks, Turkish people in general. Some scholars said, we lost it. We lost it a long time ago, when Kemal Ataturk came, and he did all the things that he did. That's when we lost Istanbul. It's we don't consider it a Muslim city anymore. But the truth is, if you go to Istanbul today, and you probably going to go for one thing, actually two things. One, you're going to go see the sights and what are the sites that massage it. So you are going to Muslim city to see this massage to you're going to go off because of a cover up. But that's not the point. We're all fasting. Right? And hungry? Not the cover. Let's stick with the

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the site. When you go to Istanbul, will you hear the other being called? Will you see people in hijab? Will we find a place to pray? Yeah, yes, there will be alcohol and other things. But will you say this is not a Muslim city? And is it any less Islamic than Cairo, for example, or less Islamic than, you know, Dubai, or any other place and it's actually more Islamic than the bay? I don't care what anybody says. So how can I be a Muslim city and that's not a Muslim. So anyways, the point is that that opinion has its issues as you can see.

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this is a problem then describes here, this will happen. He describes a custom tinea Constantinople and he says that similar to Medina that Have you heard of the city part of his in the water the other part is in the water they said yes, he also la he said they will not be established that Hamza Hata Yazoo una Alfa mean Benny is hot.

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It will. So 70,000 from Benny is hacked from the children of his hack will charge or march towards it, to take it over. For either Joe Ooh, ha naza lu filomeno, Cthulhu Bisbee Salah Willem your movies on. So when they get to it, they're just gonna camp. And they're not gonna fight with a weapon, or shoot an arrow at it. So there's some scholars against that arrow, they shoot an arrow, it could be that they will shoot an arrow because something happened to technology. But it could also be that they will shoot a gun, the problem they don't want to say the word gun, just create confusion and it will be 1400 years of people being confused from this hadith before we finally

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understand it, and it's not about all of us. You know, some people like Well, yeah, we can understand it. Yeah, you know, but before guns were made, how would people understand this hadith for 1000s of years? Anyways? God, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allahu Akbar, they will say Allah, Allah, Allah and Allahu Akbar, and then so part of the city will collapse. And then

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and they will say to me, again, until the other side collapse in that city, again until the third part of the city collapse. So they take it over without using any weapons or anything like that.

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other eight out, he says, There must be some mistake because it says, You have zu ha, Sabrina alhfam in Benny, is Huck from the offspring of his harp, and Arabs are the offspring of and not just as but and the muslimeen. Also, and in this camp, the offspring of his Maori right, so I'll call the AR Rahim. Allah does great scholar. He said, No, no, the Arabs were the ones intended not not the children of his heart but Arabs. But even in theory said no, he says that this Hadith, you do Allah our room use limone theocracy man, he said this hadith indicates that the Europeans will become Muslim towards the end of time. When I live at causton tinea yaku Allah at home, comma nataka.

00:29:41 --> 00:29:46

Hadith, Taka dumb and Zhu ha Sabrina alpha min Benny is half.

00:29:48 --> 00:30:00

So he says in Cathedral himolla this that the conquering perhaps the conquering of custom tinea, or Constantinople or Istanbul will be on the hands upon the hands of a group of

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them this group of people who are European who were, you know, Romans only from Europe from Europe, which is, you know, from Asia basically the part of Asia known as Europe. And then they become Muslim and they're the ones who go and free custom tinea just with their babies and toddlers without shooting a single arrow, which is really, really powerful.

00:30:26 --> 00:30:43

And there's a hadith then and there that shows that that they a group of them, of Europeans leave and come and join the Muslim ranks Barrera de la narrates and then the, the rest of the army will say hello, hello lubaina ouabain Allah Deena Sabo, Mina

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Nakata, whom Yani then the Muslims will say fekola Muslim en la la Hitler, no, hollaway Naka, ouabain Aquafina so this group now leaves the gutter army of the Muslims and this Western or this European army and then a huge group leaves and becomes a Muslim and comes so they will come and say, hey Muslim, stand aside and let us fight those who left our ranks and the Muslims they know ally will not stand aside and let you and they basically and leave our brothers. Anyways.

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The conquering of Constantinople without any fighting is something that definitely has not happened yet. So it is from the future signs before the day of judgment.

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Mm hmm. Either the marriage that is of no medical dilemma and who says and the haka fadhel castanea ma tm sa conquering of Constantinople will be towards the end of time here and close to the Day of Judgment meaning that the times and those towards the end Alright, anyways, that's it for today. dakila Hayden, for your attentive listening for following on Hammad was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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