Nadim Bashir – The Fortunate #04 – Keeping and Exposing Secrets

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of Prophet salallContinou's actions, including secret agreements and broken promises, and emphasizes the importance of protecting and sharing information with others. They stress the need for people to trust and hold onto their families and reputation, and for people to avoid sharing information and maintaining their own values. The importance of privacy and privacy in relationships is emphasized, and sharing certain information can lead to evil behavior. The speaker suggests that sharing secret during death events is crucial to protect oneself and avoid becoming a victim.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim and 100 leisure benign Amin was sought was someone that was fully human Hamid wala early he was a big marine about so every Monday night, we are taking one matter from the life of the prophet sal Allahu Allah He was send them something that is considered as a character of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam. As I announced that we were talking about secrets, sharing secrets, sharing information, and so forth. Before I do want to get into this subject matter, there's one thing I do want to mention is that one thing that we as Muslim community members, I'm just not, I'm not talking about only this community, I'm talking about Muslims worldwide. If there

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is one thing today that we have truly violated, it is the honor, the dignity, the sanctity of the other Muslim brother or sister. This is one of the biggest issues that we're lucky we have in our Muslim communities, we in front of each other, in front of each other, we behave a certain way. And for other people, we behave a certain way behind people's backs, we behave a certain way. Now, in the time of the Prophet said, a law of water, he was setting them. A lot of times, before I go into the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salam, a lot of times we think that information that we share with others is so trivial, and so minut that we can share with others. This was not the case. Let me give

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you an example. And the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Hafsa, the daughter of Ahmadinejad, Barbara the alotta on her husband had passed away. She was a widow. Almost even a katana wanted his daughter to marry someone who is considered as prestigious. Someone who is honorable, someone who has dignity, at that time, or smell and all the data on whose wife, the daughter of the province awesome. She had also passed away not long ago. So Earthman was looking for a wife. So I wanted to hop off came to Australia, but not a fan and said, Oh, man, you're looking for wife, my daughter is a widow. How about you marry her? I can get her married to you. Or smanos

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on who said that? Let me give me a few days to sleep on it. Give me a few days to think about it. A few days went by, or this man was your water, the iron said and he turned down the offer very respectfully. He said that right now at this moment, I'm not interested. But what actually is happening in the back or behind the scenes is that there is an agreement or a talk that has taken place between him

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or there's agreement between him or a conversation that's taking place between him the promise of settlement Oh bucket all the time. Now, when northmen turned down the daughter of Almighty been a hotdog. They went to obergurgl the alotta on and said this is what I have in mind. Can you marry my daughter and our worker said that he also turned it down. And this time when he turned it down on me I'm gonna hop off says I was even more hurt. Now later, a few days later, the province of some he called the Amani Baba and said Your daughter is a widow. I am proposing to your daughter. If you're okay with it, I can marry your daughter. Now at this at this point, our obika Rodon who said he said

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that I knew that the Prophet SAW Salem wanted to marry your daughter. And this was an agreement and an agreement but this was a conversation that had taken place. The fact that this was a casual conversation that took place between Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam, and oboe, Viola de Lyonne. He knows about this yet, and we don't and we know very clearly the great relationship between our karate or the iron and Amara and the prophesy son. We know how great that relationship was. Yet at that same time, oh Bukka realize that when there is a conversation that has taken place between me and the Prophet, I cannot conceive I cannot expose that secret or that conversation to him in a hubbub. A

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casual conversation is taken as an Amana. This is why it is so important that when we have conversations, and if it is understood, between you and the other person, that you they want you to keep this a secret to yourself, then you have to honor the dignity and the respect of that other Muslim brother. Now the Prophet said Allahu Allah, he was sending them when we talk about secrets. First of all, when someone entrusted you with something, you have to keep that to yourself. The Prophet salallahu alayhi wa salam says that there are three signs of a monastic of a hypocrite. Number one is when he talks he lies, meaning that when he talks you don't know whether he's saying

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the truth, or whether he's lying. Number two, way though why the lover when he makes a promise, he breaks his promise, way that too

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Amina Hana. And one thing I do want to mention is, this is not one time here and there. Today we label people will not fit, just because one time they may have not fulfilled their promise, we all are weak. But if there is a person who is habitually lying, or they are all times they break their promises, is still not the place of you and I to label someone as a monastic or a cafe, something that we do very easily today. And then finally, the province something he says in the Hadith, where either tahmina Hana that when they are entrusted with something, they betrayed that trust, when someone shares with us information, then it is our responsibility that we keep it as an Amana. In

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fact, the Prophet sallallahu it was something he mentioned in a hadith narrated by JB Rhodiola. And we're in he says, either had death or Roger noble Hadith When a man says something to you, so multifactor and he turns away and he leaves for here. Amana, the chromosome says that this is an Amana. Now, of course, if they're giving you information that you know, Allah has given us an AKA Allah has given us a brain, we understand that this is not some information that is sensitive, then there is no problem and sharing it with others.

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Let's talk about some other things that happens in our in our daily circles, secrets regarding our family members, we should never share these kinds of things with other people. Sometimes we become so close to someone else, we begin to share all information. This is what is going on with my children. This is what's going on with my job. This is what's going on this this and that we began to share very sensitive information. The Prophet sallallahu ala he was somebody has mentioned a hadith, that when you keep a friendship with someone, keep it at a moderate level, keep it in a way where it's considered as a friendship. You that person does not need to know everything about your

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family, unless there is someone that you truly, truly trust. And you've and they know you're Amana and you trust them completely, then that's a different case. There are a few people in our life, probably one or two people that we know like that. But we do not go around to everyone sharing our information, sensitive information regarding our family, we keep it to ourselves, what happens in my family, what's happened, what happens between closed doors, we keep it we keep it like that. We find this even in the seat of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we don't find the problem of going out and telling the Sahaba about what is going on inside his house. If there was anything, it was

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the wives think about this. It was the wives of the Prophet son who would say that this is what would happen at our home because that will be an example for other people. It was a sunnah of the Prophet, or there was a Sahabi, who would be at the house of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and they may say something that a night the Prophet SAW, he did this or he did that. And then that was an example for other people, but otherwise we should not infer share information like that.

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The other thing, sharing information about our sins, one of the worst things, the most despicable things, one of the most despicable things that either Allah subhanaw taala is something called moja Jara Jara, what is Bucha Hara? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that a person who has committed sin, and Allah highs that sin, Allah conceals that sin. But the next day the person he goes around telling other people in a boastful manner, that last night, I committed such a such sin, or before I committed such and such sin. Allah on one hand is trying to cover up the sin. Allah is trying to maintain our dignity, our honor, but we on the other hand, we go and we share that

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information. This is something that is very dis disliked by Allah subhanho, wa, Taala And subhanAllah. Today, we find so many people, because either they're trying to have influence from other people, or they're trying to impress someone else, they begin to share information of that type. Now, the other type of sins that we may share, and this is one area, I will say very clearly that there is no either right or wrong. There's no right or wrong. This is case by case. But nonetheless, this is a question that has come to me many times. Imagine a man went to go and he went to go proposal someone, he went for a proposal. Now in this case, what if the man has or the brother

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or the sister for that matter? They have a dark past. Okay, they have a dark past mean that they have done things in their life they're not very proud of, they did something when they were not close to Allah subhanho wa taala. But now that they're close to Allah, they have left all those bad habits and so forth. Now you all know that imagine just put yourself just tried to draw up the scenario. Imagine a man or a woman has done something very vile in the past. They go in they get married.

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They don't share that information with each other down the road, they find out that Oh, my husband or my wife does such and such thing. The very first thing that happens is that then the the trust becomes quite shaky in a marriage, that oh, you you did something in the past. And why did you not tell me we share things with each other these are these are things that husband and wife will say with each other, they will say to each other, that you should share this information to me, now that you have not shared it with me and I found out about this from a third party source. Now I can trust you. This is a lot of times this happens in marriages, but the same time the man or the wife, or the

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man or the woman will say that had I shared this information with you in the very beginning, you probably would have said no to the offer. So this is not something that there is a very, there is a one rule of law regarding this matter is case by case. The opinion that I personally I am leaning towards is that there is no need to share that information. Unless unless there is some rumors that are going on in the community. And you want to put those rumors to rest. And you go and you propose to someone or your child is proposing to someone and they are another family that your child or your son or your daughter has been proposing to or or they have been proposed to if they come with these

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kinds of questions, then case by case you look at that kind of situation. There is no clearly right or wrong in this kind of situation. It's a very, I would say this is a very difficult situation. It is there is no doubt about this. It's a very difficult situation. Now.

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A lot of the many cultures, you know when a husband or wife get married, and the very first night they spend with each other. A lot of times what happens is that the next day family members will gather around the you know, the friends will gather around the husband, you have some the the girls of the family, they will gather around the the the new bride, and they will ask them like you know what happened last night and so forth. First of all, you know, as adults, we know what happens by the same time. It's sad that in many cultures this happens. And in many cultures, people do share information. Information like this indifferent, intimate information between a husband and wife

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should remain between the husband and the wife. Now yes, at times you have to go for some other reasons you have to go to a therapist or something of that type and you share that kind of information. There is patient, you know patient, confidentiality, and so forth. That's a different matter you can share. If there's a serious situation and you've gone to a therapist or a counselor, you can probably share some information there but we should not be sharing any of our kind of information with anyone else. There's a hadith Narrated by Abu sorry, the Hadith or the yellow outline, where in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in min a Charlene nurse this one is

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very carefully the province of someone saying the most wicked amongst the people, the most vile, the most despicable amongst the people in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa taala. In in the law he Munzee that any Yama Yama, or Raju, youth de la Emirati he was of the lady from my insurance era is that when a man goes to his wife, and she comes to him, and then he then he shares that secret with others. What happens between once again between a husband and wife should always remain between a husband and wife. Now, the next one, what about information that you know that if you share with others, people can have an evil eye against you, people can harm you, this happens will lie so many

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times when people and we all know that Black Magic is something that is an absolute reality, we believe in it we believe in. In the evil eye, we believe in hesed. We believe in all these things. A lot of times these kinds of things happen when we began to share with others what is going on. Imagine a person has 100 things, everything lined up in their life, things are going normal things are going smooth in their life. No major hiccups in their life. You know they have a stable job, they have a good family and their loved ones healthy, they have a good income. Now at that time, what happens is that when we began to share with everyone, everything good that's going on in our

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life, first of all, we don't need to share all of it what's going on people today are going on social media, sharing their things, what they're doing and so forth. And I say this honestly that a lot of times, the where where the Hasidim come from is from social media. Imagine every single thing going on in good in your life. You put it on social media today I went here today I went there today I got a raised today this that another person on social media is thinking to themselves that I'm going through such a difficult life and this person on the other hand is going through such a normal life, a peaceful life. That is

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is where the hustle comes from. Going back to the story of use of Alayhis Salam, usually some comes to his father and says, I have seen a dream. What did he What did his father say? Yeah, buena yella, taco sauce ro IACA Allah, wa Tikka for your key do like a Qaeda, if you go and you tell your brothers about your dream, then they will, they will plan against you. So this is why it is always very wise, we don't ever put ourselves in that kind of situation, if there is some information about us Alhamdulillah we keep it to ourselves, there is no need to tell the entire world. Now, what about information that we receive regarding someone else, this is a case where we have found out something

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about someone and is not that we went forward and we investigate this information that has come to us. Now, if the person who's doing this, if it is if it's causing corruption, then in that case, we have we have an obligation that we must go and we not and I don't like to use the word expose, because expose has a very negative connotation. What I will say is that we go and we inform someone who is responsible, someone who can, who can help deal with a matter. The next one is if I am in front of a judge, or I am in front of a person who is considered as an authority figure, then at that time too, we cannot keep information, private to ourselves, we have to share that information.

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Imagine if someone has called if someone asked me and they are an authoritative figure in the community or in the society, and they say that we need to know something about this or about this person. And I know something about that person. In this situation, you know, that if I tell this person of authority, they will keep it to themselves they will not go and you know spread the news in the entire world, they will not take you to social media, they will take the take care of the information and they will do they will take action accordingly. They will take the right action. In that case, you can you can share that information. In the case of Musa alayhis salam, the man came

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Moo fil owner has sent an order find Musa because he's responsible for killing another person. What did this man do? This man knew about the information he came all the way to Musab al salam. And he said Musa they're after they're after you, when the Quran talks about this and the Quran never said that this person was sharing the secret of fit out and so forth. Because this person is looking after the benefit of someone else. In this case, then you can you can share that information. Or when you want to protect someone, you can share that information. I'll do love and obey. And buddy I'll muster luck. He said yeah, oh Lulu like Raja Anna Eden, Medina, the Ukri journal awesome. And

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when we returned to Medina, the Honorable referring to himself will drive out those who are not honorable referring to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Zaid, even alikom heard this, he heard this. Now going back to the Hadith I shared with you earlier, when two people are in a conversation or someone is saying something, and then you walk away you should keep that to yourself. But in this case, because I'll do I've been obey is planning against Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he went to the province of Salem, and he says Yara, Sula, this man is planning against you. So in this case, when he came and he shared that information, we all know what happened

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that Abdullah bin obey came that on and he says, I testify that you are the Prophet of Allah. And even though yes, he was saying the truth, Allah subhanho wa Taala said that these people are the Munna feeling, they say that yes, you are the Prophet of Allah. But in deep down in their heart, they don't believe that you are the Prophet of Allah. So in this kind of situation, once again, if there's information that we have, we can it can be beneficial to someone or there is a Muslim or in sharing it with others, or there is a harm in keeping it to ourselves, that in this kind of situation, we need to share that information.

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Now, information that we get that is not proven what do we do with that information? We don't spread it. Go back to the Hadith go back to the story of if or the story of ISIL the Allah going on when she our mother, I should have the Allah that I know her when she was wrongly accused of committing Zina and so forth are having an affair now. Oh, the biller at that time Allah subhanho wa Taala he mentioned that this was information and you we all know what happened and how there was news and rumors spreading in Medina. Allah says in the Lavina you Hey, buena, and Tashi, I'll fire Keisha that those people who like to spread factory Sha fillerina Amen hula hoops. Lehmann fit dunya will

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Accra regarding those people who have Iman Muhammad Ali Manfredonia

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I will ask it in this dunya there is a punishment for them in the alcohol, there is a punishment for them. Now,

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what about sharing someone's information? While after they have passed away someone shares information with you, that person has passed away? Can you share their information? Or their secret with someone else? The answer is yes. If someone has passed away, you can share their secret secret with someone unless listen to this very carefully. Unless they have asked you to please keep this to yourself. Unless they have told you to please keep this to yourself. Once again, go back to the story of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he told her they follow the Allah the line about all the people who are the munafo and even after the Prophet son passed away, Are they fun,

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never would go around telling people were not enough, enough enough, he will never do that, in fact, are able to help Bob would come to him and ask him, am I amongst them or not. And he said you're not amongst them. He made that very clear. But he never went around and share that information. So in this case, the problem seller made this very clear that I don't want you to share this information. But in a case or in a scenario where the person shares with you information, but they don't, they don't. They don't create a stipulation that I want you to keep this a secret that if that person has passed away, then it is no problem in sharing that information with someone. And the reason I say

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that is because in the in the time of the Prophet Allahu Allah, he was sending them before the Prophet SAW Allah Saddam was right before he had passed away. He had called his daughter Fatima, Fatima was the only one of the surviving children of the Prophet SAW law while he was sending him when he when he passed away. And without going to the whole story. He said two things. He said one thing that made a father cry. And then he said one thing that made Fatima smile. And at that time I was sitting over there. Now imagine, just imagine someone is saying something in someone's ear. And the first of all the cry, or you know, then they smile. Any person would be curious, what do they

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say to you? And so I Isha went to Fatima and said, What are the products? I'm telling you? Because I'm curious to know, at that time fought them I said that this is the secret of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I'm not going to share with you. After the person passed away. Then I shot again, came back to Fatima and said another problem has passed away. Is it okay now for you to share that information with me. And at that time, Fatima, robiola unhashed. She shared that information that once that what she said was, the Prophet SAW Allah said, I'm told her that every year Jabra either comes and he recited the Quran to me this year, he did it twice, meaning that his

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time and his dunya is coming to an end very close his time, his time of leaving this dunya has come very close. And then not only that, but then he told her about her position in Jana, and so forth. And this made her this made her smile. So nonetheless, we find that if in this case, Fatima shared the secret the Prophet after the Paulson had passed away. So if that is the case, if someone does share the information, there is nothing wrong in

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in once again, sharing that information after a person has passed away. Finally, there's a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu. It was sent him actually this is regarding AnnaSophia Ultron. It says that the Prophet SAW Selim and it says the Prophet son came to me while I was playing, playing with the boys, he may salaam to us, and he sent me to go take care of something. This delayed my return to my mother, meaning that I took care of something and then I took a long time. And when I came back, when I came to her, she asked what detains you mean? What took you so long? I said was last summer had sent me on Aaron. Then she said, then she says, what was it? What did he send you on? At that

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time? Annette said, Oh, my mother, this is a secret between me and the prophets, Allah Salam, even a mother and this happens, Allah, you know, like mothers, in many cases, they come and they will say, you know, you know, they play that mother card very well, you know, you don't know who I am. I'm your mother, you're my beta. You can tell me everything you want. And you can tell me and you have to tell me, you know, you know, and they go into this whole detail of Managua, gentlemen, Dr. Pillai, you know, I gave you birth I fed you I took care of you. Now you must share the secret with me. And once again, go back to the story of Anna's Anna said and think about this. First of all,

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Anna said that this is a secret because Paul's a must have told him go and take care of something. And he may have told him in a certain way that he knows that this is a secret between me the Prophet SAW Salem. And what's amazing about anuses mother is that she never said Ah, this is wrong. You know, this is bad beat. This is disrespect and so forth. She said to us that do not

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disclose if this is a secret between you and the province of Salem, do not disclose a secret to anyone else. The mother thing about this, the mother is emphasizing she's encouraging this good habit. Die is something that as parents we need to do, if there is something that our child knows. Now, of course, don't take me literally, there is of course case by case it every, you know, different cases, different scenario, different situations. But nonetheless, in this case, when Anna said this is a secret between me and the Prophet, the mother of Anas had respect for that. And this is something that was very, very important that she honored that she honored the position of NSO,

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the logline and her own son, so he thought it will stop right here. Once again, the most important thing keeping in mind is that when we have information or when we know things and so forth, when to share it, when not to share it, how to share it and so forth. This is something that we learn from the seed of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and if we can do this properly, we can maintain the dignity the honor of our Muslim brothers and sisters I ask Allah subhana wa Tala to give all of us ability to add who has been sent or hurt does Allah Subhana Allah Homoeo home they can actually do?

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stuff we're going to read this document. Okay, so I'm already gonna play Brocato

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