Ahmad Saleem – What is the Value of this Dunya

Ahmad Saleem
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 describes a scene where a goat is seen walking and a woman talks about buying a package for her husband. The woman mentions that the package is worth less than what she thinks the world worth and that people will buy it for the scope of their eyes. She also mentions that prophets of Allah's holy Selim have said that the value of the world is far less than what they hold for it.
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Another time Profit System is walking and he sees a dead goat.

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And he says, who is going to buy this for him?

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And he held the ear of that dead goat.

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The Sahaba as they all gathered,

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they said yes of Allah, even. I mean even if this thing was alive, nobody would bought it, buy it for the complex disease. It's got this and that all the problems.

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Then prophets of Allah holy Selim told the Sahaba that this world

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and the value of this world

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is far less than the value that you hold for the scope in the eyes of Allah subhana

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