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The speaker discusses the importance of inner peace and gratitude in Islam, as it is crucial to achieve it. They also mention the use of social media to boost people's desire for spiritual entertainment and encourage people to practice "obsessive behavior" to achieve change. The speaker emphasizes that change is not a permanent thing, but rather a continuous process that takes time to achieve.

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Which we are ashamed of something we know Allah knows about, we really shouldn't have done it, we feel bad about it. And by

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pressing ourselves, eventually, some tears will come.

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And if we do this, on a regular basis, we tried to do it from time to time consistently, then our hearts will soften.

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So all of the characteristics, which we tend to think that was the Sahaba, we are

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2006. UK

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How can you expect this from us?

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reality is that Islam is Islam.

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Islam is Islam 1400 years ago, 1400 years hence, it's the same Islam. Everything that was possible in those days, is possible now and will be possible in the future.

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It is only for us to follow the guidance. And to do it.

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Inner Peace is what the world seeks.

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We have it

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if we only take it, it's been given to us it is there in Islam.

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we are living the same search as the non Muslims. So we seek the inner peace from the material things around ourselves, if I get a big car, a big house, kids, lots of money in the bank, I will be happy, I will find my inner peace, reality is no

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it will not come from these things.

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Inner Peace is something it is an affair of the heart.

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A person can find inner peace, with nothing, having nothing of the material world.

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Yet the inner peace is there.

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what we need to come away from, or come away with today

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from this presentation

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is a practical approach

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to developing in our lives, gratitude and patience,

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gratitude and patience, which should be manifest

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in our families,

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in our workplace,

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in our places of study.

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Everywhere that we are, it should be there with us.

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But for that to take place,

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we have to make a change.

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That requires change.

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We cannot continue the way we have

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done up until this point.

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A change has to take place in our lives.

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These points that I've mentioned. Gratitude and patience is something that I'm sure you have heard 1000 times before.

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Maybe not exactly in the same way that I presented it. But you've had lectures on patience. You've had lectures on gratitude. And now I gave you a lecture on gratitude and patience.

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we have to ask ourselves

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why did we come here

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today and this conference?

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Did we come here for entertainment?

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Many people go to conferences for entertainment to be entertained.

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We have a new speaker coming. We have a different speaker coming whatever. He's going to entertain us

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spiritual entertainment.

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But nonetheless for entertainment.

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Some people come to socialize.

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Meet people we haven't met for the last few months.

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Whatever good to see them sit around, eat meal, chat about life and things, etc. socializing.

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Some people come because of peer pressure.

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All my friends are going, I gotta go. I don't really feel like going. But since everybody is going, I may as well go to

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some people come to conferences for what? For romance.

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There are people who come to conferences for romance.

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Maybe they might see a sister

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Amita brother who has a sister.

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So they're coming to the conference for romance to get married.

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Other people come,

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in this case, for example, to see BP

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who's BP

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below Phillips.

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We haven't seen him for a year, you know, let's see what it looks like. Now, a year later.

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Come to see the speakers here. I saw him

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heard his lectures and I never seen him before I got a chance to see him there.

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Some people come

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because they know that the conference is a good thing. So they have been doing a lot of bad things. So let me go do a good thing to erase some of those bad things.

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And then some people come to boost their he man he man is low and they come they hear the speaker etc. in mind comes up. It rises there around other people who are keen, etc. They hear them speaking good speaking things about Islam, etc. that boosts their mind.

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So people come for a variety of different reasons.

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For but reality is, if we didn't come prepared to make a change,

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this evening, will be a waste of time.

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This evening will be a waste of time.

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time wasted, which will be asked about on the Day of Judgment, your time and how you spent it.

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time wasted

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if we didn't come prepared to make a change.

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Without that

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we practice what the psychologists call obsessive behavior.

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obsessive behavior, what is obsessive behavior,

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where you keep doing the same thing

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while expecting different results.

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You did the thing you didn't get the result, you should have gotten, you did it again, you still didn't get the results you should have gotten, you keep doing this thing over and over again, expecting

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a different result. But in reality, if you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same results.

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They also call this banging your head against the wall.

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This is a syndrome banging your head against the wall, the wall is not gonna break. Your head is gonna hurt every time you bang it on the wall.

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This is called obsessive behavior.

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Psychology, psychological disorder.

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This is what we are displaying.

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We come to conference after conference after conference.

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And we go back unchanged

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the same way we were before the conference.

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During the conference. Yes, we felt this way in that way and all but after the conference, we're back to where we were

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till the next conference.

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Isn't this obsessive behavior.

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The only way out of this

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is change.

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That is the only way for us to change. But what's the problem about changing? People say change takes a long time. Rome wasn't built in a day.

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takes a long time to change.

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You can't teach an old dog new tricks.

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Leopard doesn't change his spots.

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All kinds of statements basically say you can't change.

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But reality is that we do change.

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We change in other ways.

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And in fact, change is instantaneous.

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If you think about it change is actually takes place instantaneously