Bilal Assad – Tricks of the Shaitan

Bilal Assad
AI: Summary © The shaitan in the Bible is a concept that is related to evil behavior and is used in various cultures. It is also discussed, including bribery, political campaigns, and the use of drugs to stimulate desire. The shams of Islam include a belief that the world is the only one who can get you out of the mess, the shams of the world include a belief that the world is the only one who can get you out of the mess, and the shutdown's impact on one's worship is designed to avoid privacy concerns and lead to privacy problems. Prayer for oneself is crucial to avoiding major wrongdoings and avoid negative consequences.
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My dear brothers and sisters tonight inshallah is a very important topic which we use in all our life. The footsteps are the tricks of the shaitan first of all, let us begin by talking about what is the shaitan what is a shaitan? What is a bliss? What is a gem? What is what is matted? What is it I fried? Let's start with these words Inshallah, because they are all mentioned in the Quran. Do Muslims believe in shaytaan? Satan? Yes, but let's explain it in sha Allah Jota Isla, first and foremost, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Quran in very clear words in Surah faltar verse number six out of Allah Masha Donna rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in the shaytaan and Pune I do.

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I do

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in mache upon

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daughter in

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law has been holy Okuno mean us have is Ye. So Allah subhanaw taala begins by telling us the shaitan is an enemy for you. He is your enemy. So take him as an enemy. Because sometimes an enemy you can see a person is your enemy, but you want to try and appeal to his or her heart. Allah is saying the shaytaan is not someone who can appeal to their goodness they are tricksters. So he says take him as an enemy.

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And then Allah says as a matter of fact,

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he or the shaitan always calls you to their group, to their cult.

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So that you can be among the people of the fire. These the words of ALLAH SubhanA wa dawn.

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So what is the shape on my brothers sisters are shaitan

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means literally in Arabic. Anyone who deludes someone from truth, to falsehood, and anyone who delude someone from good to bad from benefit to destruction.

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That's what the word shapen means in Arabic sharpener.

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By this meaning, the shaitan can be in three different creatures.

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The first creature is called the jinn. We'll talk about the jinn, the second creature is the human you can have a human shaitan and a jinn shaitan and there are also according to the Quran and Sunnah there are also animal shaytans

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what is the difference? First of all the jinn. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Quran in very clear statements in many, many passages of the Quran that Allah subhanaw taala created a life form called the jinn

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Allah spent either says or Han Alcon.

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and he created the Jan, The gins from a smokeless fire

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and many other passages even a whole Surah called surah. Turgeon the chapter of the jinn will Ohia Elia and now stemma and affirm Energien say, oh Muhammad, that a group of gins came towards me and listen to the Quran. And there's a long Surah

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a gin is made out of a smokeless fire. So when you look at a fire, and you've got it's made up of several layers, the top layer which is the orange one is produces the most smoke. And then you've got another layer, which is yellowish and then the blue, the blue has absolutely no flame.

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It has Sorry, no smoke. So somewhere in there, that's what the Djinn the Quran says they're created from

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and the Lord tells us in the Quran, that they can see us but we can't see them.

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But Allah also says in the Quran, in aka the sheikh lon he can lie for

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the power of the shaitan is very weak.

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You should not be afraid of the shape on you should not give the shaitan more power than what they are given. The only time to show on overcomes you is when you reduce your power to lower than his power, which means that you give in and you start fearing him or her whatever the shaitan is.

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And in Surah Telegin Surah Turgeon, what number is it chapter in just to barrack Allah subhanaw taala that tells us about the genes that they spoke among each other. When they heard the message of the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and some of them believe they became Muslim. They

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became Muslim. So Jin's, there are believers and there are disbelievers and there are atheists and Christians and Jews and everything. And it seems like the genes that will listen to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam were possibly Jews because they mentioned Moses a lot. And that convert to Islam listen to the process around the Quran, and they spoke highly of it in Surah, Turgeon and in that Surah, the gin say something they said, or

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again at eg

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in Seattle was on every region,

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mean energy in a frenzy.

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He said, they said, and there were people from among the early Arabs, they used to go into visits and open fields, and they have to stay there so on no journey on a travel, and they would get afraid of the gins of the stories they used to hear and they used to get up and I would say origins, origins We seek refuge in You please don't harm us. Allah says that the genes would reply to each other. For example, hombre haka, when they found that the humans were afraid of them, they increased their horror and terror against them. They made them more terrified. So Allah tells us don't be afraid of the gym.

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And my brothers and sisters, the jinn therefore, is a life form which Allah created before the human beings. How do we know what what there is a verse in the Quran for it? So there are several verses, but one verse talks about the story of the great

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leader of all the Shaytards, who His name is a bliss, you all know the name of bliss, right? That's his actual name. And to description there's only one shaitan called bliss. All right, and then we call the rest of his children because the Quran says that Bliss has a really as a, as a whole tribe, he has children, and their children are called a Belissa, plural for a bliss, but they're all really shy towards a bliss was a good person. And he had a role with the angels. And I think a lot of people, they mix, they misunderstand, they say, How is a bliss? How could he disobey Allah and be filled with pride and arrogance, when he was an angel when we know that angels Don't disobey Allah?

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The answer to Debruyne Sisters is that a bliss is not an angel. He has always been a jinn. But Allah subhanaw taala lifted his rank at one stage because he was very righteous. However, inside of his heart, there was something wrong. And the last Fanta Allah tests us in different ways, in order for our hearts to reveal its truth. So we know ourselves. And alas, my bet is fear. Only those who deserve his reward will get it and Allah will Tisdale hearts in different ways, brothers and sisters. So we tested a bless his heart, who was of the jinns and He created Adam. And when He created Adam, and he sent him a new life form after him. It tells us first of all, that the jinns

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existed before us. And then the human beings came after.

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And it leaves got jealous and arrogant. And he asked, Why would God make this human to inherit the earth, and to do work and be honored to Allah and then he ordered the angels to bow to Adam, so at least rebelled against Allah *, the reason why I wasn't there a cold bliss, a Kaffir, a disbeliever. And an outcast was not because he nearly disobeyed Allah, it was not because he merely did not bow to Adam.

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The reason is that IBLEES he, by his argument with Allah, and Allah knows his heart. He actually denied, denied some of Allah's names and glory, His attribute What did he deny? He denied

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that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala is just and fair. And that at least himself is more fair. Listen to what Allah says in the Quran. A bliss said.

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A bliss said

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when Allah told him why didn't you bow down to Adam? He said Anna Hiram Minho. I am better than him. halacha naman Na Na halacha human clean. You created me out of fire and you credited him out of Earth.

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What is it really saying him?

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He's saying, You are Allah, whom you honored me. And I've been in the rank of the angel selflessness Allah better than all of us. He's saying to him, Oh, God, I know better than you.

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And I am fairer than you and you are unjust for making him better than me.

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Allah is unjust, and the police knows better. This is how he made Cofer

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that Allah's Kado and Kadar his predestination and his will was going to come to pass and ablaze disobeyed and disbelieved in Allah's will even he did not accept God's decree. He did not accept God's decision and his will, which effectively means that oh god

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Oh Allah I know better than you you don't make feel choices. Sorry decisions you don't make good world your cover is flawed.

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That's why at least became a disbeliever. Now you might say what happened to us it can happen, but at least knows Allah better he's among the ranks of the angels lived for 1000s of years, his punishment is greater he should know this better. That's why even at least he swears by Allah says why Zytiga mashallah Anika after the long argument, he said wiser Attica, Raj Anamika. We know him as mine. That's where it all began. He said, Oh Allah, by your might, and by your glory.

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I am going to lead all of them astray, meaning all of the children of Adam revenge in Liberia come in home on mahalo seen, except your servants among them who are sincere and devout in their heart. They are not hypocrites. They are not liars. They're not dishonest in their promise to you. When they say their word. They stick to it. They repent to you, they are sincere in their hearts. They are truthful to their word. They fulfill what they promised you when they said the shahada, they fulfilled it. They prayed their five daily prayers they fasted the Ramadan they obeyed you and did not deny verses of the Quran. They did not argue with it. They're sincere.

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You understand but the sisters and Allah says Go ahead. And you use all your tricks. Allah gave him ideas he says Use all your tricks please. Watch the ballet him behind the cameras ulica herscherik home Phil, Phil unworldly when I will. Anyway, I don't want AI to Homer shape on or in LA Hurrah. Allah said to him, go ahead and do all your tricks that you're thinking of say Allah knows exactly what this is thinking, What is he thinking? He told him go and try your best with my servants.

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And join, join with them in your tricks. by diluting or associating yourself with their families, in their wealth

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with their children,

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and give them false promises. If you like you can give all your promises. And Allah Vince's to us the shaitan never promises you in truth is always a deceiver. Now you might think oh my god is unleashed against us. But Allah tells you none and I gave you the Quran I gave you the messengers, I gave you the prophets on warning, I'm telling you, he is your enemy. Now, when you have a vise like that, and enemy like that, then it is easier to tell what is right from wrong. What is good from bad, what is righteous from unrighteous? A lot of people they say to me, well just do good. Alright, well, how do you know what is good?

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The only way you know that is good. Number one, it's instinctive this human nature. And secondly, we don't know all the good, you need to compare it to something else, there has to be a standard. Just like in science, when you do an experiment, to find, you know, the reaction of something, you need something called a control, you put something in a little tube. So it's my science coming in. Now you put something in a tube, let's say water, and you want to make a reaction, and then you got to compare it to what and see what changes happen. If you don't have a control, you're not gonna be able to know what changes happen. So Allah created a bliss and the bliss in the show Tron represent

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evil and wrong. And he told us this is wrong, this is right. And he created people who do evil. And we know that evil from the right people who do wrong people who upset you, people who oppress you, people who wronged you. And what do you learn out of it, you learn forgiveness, you then pardoning you learn mercy, you learn right from wrong, you strengthen yourself as well. You're able to tell people apart, who you can trust and who you can't, otherwise everybody will look good. So Allah brings out all of this stuff, just like he brought it out in the heart of bliss. Now, brothers and sisters, the Chopin after that, they promised that he will lead all of the children of the Malays,

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Salem astray.

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And he said to Allah

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let in a hot attorney in a yo milk piano, if you were if you lose me alive until the Day of Judgment, law attorney can do reata who I am going to steal, steal his progeny, all of the human beings like the way you steer a horse, then he can 100 is the joy here and that's that means this is how you put the reins in a horse and it goes back into the mouth close to the jaw it's called authentic and I will steer them like the way a person steals a horse.

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And then he said when I add the unknown, I will come to them mean benei ad him from in front of them and from behind them

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and a distance from their right and a distance from their left.

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So Allah says min benei at him right in front of them wanting help him and from the back. We're on a nanny him and from a distance because 100 means a distance from the right

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launch one shamayim. And from a distance at the left, why did he say these?

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Because the shaitan is able to come forward from here and from the back. But on the side Somalia, Matt said, the angels that sit on the right and left never leave you alone and they are tremendous. Whereas here in the front in the back, there is an easier pathway.

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However, what he missed the saying he didn't say I'll come towards them from the top and from the bottom. The Shaitan said, I will come from the front, from the back from a distance from the right from the distance from left, but he did not say from above them and from below them. Now this is all a metaphor, but why didn't at least say I will approach them from above them and from below them, which means that he's going to get us from all sides except from the top and bottom. Some of the professors and scholars that told us because

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when you say your drop and turn to Allah, it goes upwards.

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And above Venus

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is your DUA Allah Subhan Allah says La hiya soldered Kalamata Ebola mama llama la salehoo, your foul, to him, a sense good deeds, and the beautiful words dua Unzicker. And Allah does not let anyone any shaitan get in between him between Allah and your DUA, and your sticker

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from below them, when you go to sujood when you're in Suzhou, that's at the bottom, and Allah does not let anyone get in between him and your sujood when you're on the ground, and the shaitan cannot approach you in these two way. So what is the key whenever the shaitan comes and gives you whispers and tries to attack you and tries to delude you, then remember, call upon the Lord who created the shaytaan to save you and connect with him, the shaitan cannot get between and go into sujood in your salad that will strengthen you and weaken the shaytaan so these are two avenues of saving ourselves escort in front of us we see the world because when we look around, what do we see we see all the

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temptations Allah says to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam or Ben than nine acre in

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delta V as origin homes on the horizon Hi duniya Allah says and do not extend your eye out from what you see in the luxuries and the delusions are what they have. This is all just the flower the blossom of their temporary world. So we see things in front of us the shaitan then uses that from behind us sneakily, he gives us whisper sneakily, and from our sides, he whispers to us into our ears. My dear brothers and sisters, we said that the Chopin

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is the jinn. Then what is the human shaytaan does also Allah Salah Mr. Tell us secret Fijian Allah from the Shaitan of the Jinnah shaitan. INS the shaitan of the human, we remember when we said shaitan means those who delude you away from the right path. So it's evil. A Jinn can become a shaytaan and really evil and a human can become a shaitan. And really evil. They are they're really bad friends who become evil. They don't respect the Quran. They don't respect the law, they don't respect even themselves. They've got no shame. They worship their desires and I tried to delude you into the wrong place. I'll give you an example of a human being some human beings a full out shape

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ons that always shine tongs some human beings are shaitan sometimes some human beings are really good, but there comes moments where they're shaped on deludes them and they become transformed to this little shape on for a little while. I'll tell you which types they are they're the people who pray in a day and do everything initiate dawn comes up and say, Man, you've been praying a lot you've done Ramadan, a lot, masha Allah, you know, you got a whole bag of Hassan it started for you let your hair down a bit just for tonight, just for tomorrow, tonight. And then next day, you go back and pray and ask Allah to forgive you. So that moment is one ability, and then you go and say

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you can't do it without your mates. You gotta call your mates. Oh, you can't do your mates without having something entertaining. Why don't you get some cigarettes? Once you get some vapes? Why don't you get some at a gala? Why don't you go to beautiful John, some of them wanted to roll up a joint and do something like that because it will make it just escape the reality of the world. You know, you're going through too much stress. You've gone through two magical problems with your family, you're at work at school, with the Muslims around you that will give you a headache. Why don't you just go and mellow out a little bit and then ask Allah to forgive you anyway, the scholars did say

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that it could be a minus in that other shaitan talks. These are whispers justifications after justifications. But the shaitan looks for the vulnerability and we'll call him a great scholar. He said the shaitan can actually feel can feel your heartbeat and can feel your weaknesses. Something about a sixth sense with the shaitan the gin, the gin shaitan and feels when you're vulnerable and will take you from there. So you got to be aware saled will never shut down as Jim said I will not listen to that. And it requires a bit of matcha had a bit of struggle. So this shaytaan ins comes and tells you come on let's do it and justifies everything for you. You spend a bit of time with

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them. Next minute you find yourself in terrible, terrible trouble.

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My brothers and sisters that's why it was also our selling is to warn us about an evil friend. At that moment that friend is a shaitan calling you to evil you might be with them and say it's time for celeb well I gotta pray that don't worry about solid man you know we can pray tomorrow. We have these types of friends. So Sam tells us be careful of what kind of friends you have.

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Some friends they pray they want to know everything about your family, but your life about personal life because they they just want to backbite your gossip about you or to use it as a weapon against you one day. I tell this to younger teenagers they listen Be careful. Some friends don't make them too close yet you got to really know them. Like one man can't honorable Prime Minister, Dr. Menon I know this person I trust him says did you travel with him? Did you deal with him in business? Have you done anything that involves something sensitive says no. Because maybe you saw him pray a lot at the mosque. He goes here he goes, You don't know him. You don't know anything about him. So contrast

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everybody else right? And sometimes I tell these teenagers because of the type of friends what kind of secrets you tell them. Because one day if you have a Fallout, I've seen a lot of these so called friends. They use that against you and they spread rumors about you to use it against you to get revenge so gotta be very careful with your secrets and privacy and Allah subhanaw taala talks about eight different types of friends in the Quran. And one of them who is the worst that is like the shaytaan is called the azul

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What can a che PA and we live in Santa Paula shaitan is truly a betrayer a two faced

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cheater and liar to the human tells you one thing and next minute throws you under the bus so be careful of these types of human shaped ones as well. And lastly the animal shape I'm also I sell them told us that some snakes are actually shaped bronze gins sometimes they could be there's a hadith that talks about REALLY dark black dogs with two spots above their eyes now I've never seen one like that so don't go around getting all paranoid and thinking your neighbor's dog has a shape bonbons sisters honestly we have this problem among the Muslims with all this stuff.

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And he these types of superstitions that must be a shape on that person looked at me Look at his eyes His eyes look weird. That means that he's he's a shape on

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someone choked must be possessed you know someone you know looked at me in a funny way it must be whatever you forgot your lines off I've got an eye it brother sister just take it easy it Muslims not to be that weekend that paranoid insha Allah who died some I looked up in a cloud I'm waiting for the sign that cloud he has the name Allah written in it. Look at that. That's a sign all that cloud it's dark a bit. Yeah, it's a shaytaan. So we can't

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this is not how Islam and the deen teaches us brothers and sisters are very practical religion, actually. And we have beliefs which Allah Samantha told us about. So let's move on. Let's now talk about the tricks of the shaitan and his deception now that you know all these details, brothers and sisters.

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The first thing you need to know about the Jin shaitan is that the jinn shape on male or female does not approach you in the way you expect.

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They're smart about it. They're tricksters. If they know there's something that you're will be too strong for. Then they will do it don't bring that strong thing to you yet, they'll just bring you a little bit of it followed by another one followed by another it's called the footsteps of the shaitan and this is in the Quran. So to know Allah subhanaw taala says here

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the shape lon, one a photo worth is shaytani fan in mortal, being Fauci.

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Are you who believe do not follow the footsteps, the footsteps of the shaitan and however, if you follows the footsteps, plural of the shaitan then he

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is going to command you with only two things fascia, which means dirty shameless deeds, while monka and M mo sinful acts that's all the shaitaan wants to do. wants to lead you astray and comes to you step by step gets you desensitized. Have you ever heard of that word desensitized?

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The sensitize means that sometime in your life something that is not good in your brain and in your heart. You saw it as big it's a major not good thing it's not a good thing and you wouldn't do it but as time went past type of friends that you're with type of compromise ation that you did type of little tiny sins and haram that you did one after the other lead you step by step to the point where you look back five years back and you say I don't know what I was worried about five years later, that thing that was so big to you and shameful and haram, you become desensitized to it becomes easy and I

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I'd like to comment a little bit in today's modern world, in my opinion, and I think an opinion of many experts that need the music industry itself has changed so much than what it used to be. And the themes of music that surround us playing in our ears over and over and over again, a truly, they are manipulating and truly changing the ideology and the hearts of people. They're becoming desensitized to it.

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there was this song playing somewhere and I won't say the whole story, but somebody said,

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Okay, well, you know, let's play this song at my my wedding.

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And then I said to them,

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this song, can't you hear what the Senate talking about vodka?

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The tongue that alcohol, what current and weed and stuff like that? I didn't really listen to it. I didn't really hear I was just into the beat. And that's what happens. You become desensitized to what is actually going into your ears and changing your heart. What are the themes? The themes in music industry, especially in the West that glitter learn the Arabic even Arabic songs is about? If you look at them, they got a few things. One of the things is betrayal, it desensitizes you to cheating, the husband and wife cheating on each other. What's the problem? What's the issue, so long as you're happy, there are Arabic songs that talk about desensitizing you that way, and let alone

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the Western songs at the moment, the pop and r&b and I don't know what and the bulk all these types of music.

00:26:32 --> 00:26:57

They drive you around themes that just demoralize you. Now you might be saying not every song I heard someone say music is the gift of God to humans. Well, yeah, it makes you feel nice. Some of them for a little while, but actually, it doesn't really solve your problems and the majority of people that listen to the music, they're not really becoming any better. Becoming more toxic these days, because music now has become a very toxic world talks about toxicity

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let alone violence and aggression. That's you know, in the past and rap music, talks about toxicity man. And I think that's why you're seeing a lot of families break apart relationships are falling apart people are becoming more narcissistic, toxic. Even we've even learned new words and everybody uses the word gaslight toxic and narcissistic everybody uses that. You see two two people each one calling the other person narcissist. We're all psychologists now but the music world has desensitized us and created this toxicity within us Maria and women realize it read more about it Brothers Sisters Wallahi I kid you not. I wish I didn't have to say that. Now brothers sisters,

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let's move on a little bit. The Chopin comes to you step by step. There is a story about a man Have you heard the story of boss Lisa.

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Have you hands up if you have heard about pizza? Okay, not too many. Okay, let's let's share the story very quickly. This story is not a hadith. It's the Prophet sallallaahu Salam didn't say it. But m&r bass and one of the companions and some of the scholars like a poverty. They mentioned that and Buhari mentioned in his book, but it's under the heading is sloth Juliet. So the stories of the people of the children of Israel and these stories are also Salatu was Salam Mohamed Salah salem said,

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you can talk about the stories of the scribes or the children of Israel, meaning the People of the Book stories that come from the Bible and Torah, and all the books, so long as they don't oppose your teachings of Islam or call you to sin. But don't say that don't confirm them, and don't deny them. So there are things in the Israel like traditions, which don't go against Islam. These stories have to do with good morals. But before so as I've said, you can't confirm them or deny them. We're not sure if they really happen. But this particular story about Barcelona is mentioned because the meaning agrees with Islam. So the story goes like this that there is there was a a

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there was a worshiper, we'll just call him a worshiper. And he was very respected in the town. He used to worship inside, he was like a monk. And everybody respected him. But he had little knowledge, lots of worship, and he was a monk that did not associate with any bad things and he's just all pure and everything and everybody respected him in the town. And he's there with his four brothers. These four brothers have to go somewhere on a journey but they had a sister who was sick and they needed somebody to look after that no, no other family so they said why don't you go to Sisa he will look after So got a Sisa agreed to look after their sister cutting the story short, and

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he started to take her food and medicine. So one day to shape on September Sisa you know you've never laid eyes on that girl that that woman if you were just look and make sure that she's okay. So then he looked at her once and then he said okay, well why don't you talk to her she's probably lonely her brothers have been away for such a long time. Why don't you talk to and keep accompanies that Alright, so I started keeping up to up to this point is not haram right? But the shaitaan has a trick right and but sister didn't realize what's actually happening. So he kept on talking and from talk

00:30:00 --> 00:30:34

So why don't you go inside and spend some time with an keep accompany her brothers have taken a little while, you know, just make sure she could die in the house and you wouldn't know. So he justified it to look like he's doing a really good thing. So he started to meeting and sitting around and then from there, he got impressed. And he started to let his hair down a little bit. And testosterone levels went up a little bit and all that stuff. And then he started to get closer and closer and closer. In the end, you will no cover that, you know, fill in the gaps. And then he ended up committing Zina fornication with her. And from her they came he, the brothers had taken more than

00:30:34 --> 00:30:38

a year off, she became pregnant and gave birth to a baby.

00:30:40 --> 00:31:16

And so the Chopin came to him and said, the brothers are going to come back and they're going to kill you. So you better do something about it. So what should I do? What should I do? Now in the past, the prophets Allah Selim said that in the past, sometimes they used to see the shape on these to see the gins. Now we don't see them, but they used to see them. And there are many evidences in the Sunnah, that some people have seen them in the past, such as the one with Ebola, it's a long story. And he said to him, You should kill her and kill her baby and bury them together and say she died from the disease. So he did that fear, the shaitan puts fear in you, and puts different

00:31:17 --> 00:31:23

paranoids in. So he did that. When the brothers came along, they asked and he said she died

00:31:24 --> 00:32:01

because she was sick. And what happened is that all four of them, the Chopin came in their dreams, and told them this versus a guy who is lying to he when he did this, and he did that, and he buried her at such a place. And you can see a little bit of her cloth around just sticking outside the grave. That's what shaitan said. So the one of them woke up and says, This is what I saw we a dream. And the other three, they said, You're right, we saw the same dream. Let's go and check. And truly they found their sister buried with her baby. So they went above sis and took him to the authorities. And they sentenced him to death. So when I came to kill him, the Chopin came up and he

00:32:01 --> 00:32:29

goes, Look at you a righteous man, you've done all this stuff. You know, what are people going to say? What kind of a legacy of you left behind? It made him feel guilty, that shutdown makes you feel guilty? And he said, What should I do? And the show Brian said to him, Well, I'm the one who got you into this mess. I'm the only one who can get you out of this mess. He said, What do you want me to do? He said, Just do one thing. And I'll get you out says what do you want me to do? He said, Just make a search that to me, just prostrate to me, you know, and make me in a godly. So he said, Okay, he prayed and made a sense that to me, says You're my God.

00:32:30 --> 00:33:21

And then he got hanged. And the shaitan immediately said, Oh, this is exactly what I wanted to do. I want to do to become a disbeliever into hellfire forever in Newberry, or mink, in the Kafala horrible I mean, I'm innocent from you. I fear Allah, the Lord of mankind. And this idea is actually in the Quran, gamma tennis shape or any is required and insert any code. When America Farakka in the very ohm meme man Who schreeten Allah says, just like the shaytaan when he said to the human being disbelief, and when the human being disbelieved. The Shaitan took a step away and said, I am innocent of what you chose to do. I fear Allah, I am not one of those who do what you do. And this

00:33:21 --> 00:33:32

is actually the hotbar of a bliss. In when when the people are driven to Johanna, to hellfire. It's in the Quran, the hopper of bliss. And he gives a halt

00:33:33 --> 00:33:46

to all the people of hellfire before they go in and he says to them, it's a long verse in the Quran, it says, Hey, listen, everybody. I know what you're thinking. You're gonna blame me. How about we agreed? You do here and all to me?

00:33:48 --> 00:34:08

Nobody blame anyone else. Did I merely invited you, man, I just talked to you. I just whispered I could enforce you faster shipped to me in the middle how to confess the ship to me. I called you and invited you and you accepted the invitation. fell out and Omoni Don't blame me when you know I'm full circle, man. You gotta blame yourselves

00:34:09 --> 00:34:32

when they can in another verse is one that can ner equal me so far. I never had any power over you in that involved, except that I invited you. That's all I did. I just sent you the invitation card. I did it a lot. Yeah, I know. But you listen, I didn't have pal. I didn't bring you with your ear and bring the alcohol to your doorstep and the woman to your doorstep, man. I didn't bring all that stuff to your doorstep. I didn't bring the knife and the gun to you. I didn't do all that stuff.

00:34:34 --> 00:34:36

So then he says How about every bend to himself?

00:34:37 --> 00:34:42

And then he says I am innocent of what you do. That's the that's the final words of this police.

00:34:44 --> 00:34:47

Trick number one might even sisters, there are eight

00:34:48 --> 00:34:59

nucleon in his book a debt what though? And other books. He mentions a summary of eight different tricks that the shaitan attacks us with. And these are eight things that he

00:35:00 --> 00:35:04

He goes after eight goals that he wants in us. Goal number one.

00:35:08 --> 00:35:14

The first thing to shape and tries to attack you with to get you to do is the ultimate one. It's called Schick

00:35:15 --> 00:35:26

to make partners with Allah, just like it, it's about CSR. Why the shutdown does not want you to enter healthcare and get out again, it doesn't want you to be a half a Muslim, or three quarters. mozzie wants to be

00:35:27 --> 00:36:02

half a Kaffir he like just a quarter Muslim, he wants you to be no Muslim at all. He doesn't want you to follow Allah subhanaw taala at all, no righteousness whatsoever. He wants to be a complete garbage stay in hellfire forever. So he goes after Chinook associate partners with Allah. Now if he knows that you're too strong for that, the shaytaan starts to whisper to other friends to come around you to delude you and give you some ideas. Maybe he'll give you friends ideas to come and delude you with money. Hey, we've got a job offer for you. How about that and involves should occur. For example, if you can't get major critical gets you into minor check,

00:36:03 --> 00:36:30

for example, makes you look at you know, this day and age are looking for example, astrology and star signs and zodiac signs and reading your palm and knowing which month you were born in. And then the shaitan come says, Hey, this is cool. Let's use social media to make a trend on zodiac signs and star signs. And remember that he's trying to step by step get you there into Shrek. Why don't you go and do this or do that gives you a little ideas.

00:36:31 --> 00:36:48

So sometimes you may have a family member who is not Muslim and the Shaitan says to you a just out of goodness to them. Why don't you go and share some of their religious acts. And we out of goodness, you don't really believe in it. Just go and do it for their sake. The Shaitan will always work around you in any way

00:36:49 --> 00:37:20

for you to compromise your faith and justify some way of making partners with Allah. That is that's his first trick. So this is the first way and this is ultimately the second one he does if he can't win you over was shook with polytheism he will try to win you over by convincing you to do major sins, major sins, such as alcohol and Zina murder, sorcery, it's in the Quran. For example,

00:37:21 --> 00:37:58

stealing and theft and so on major sins. We had a talk about major sins and minor sins a few months ago, it's on YouTube, you can go and look at it on our YouTube page. major sins. Why major sins because major sins at least can get you a punishment. And if you can convince you to one major sin get you to the next major thing because once you do the first one, you become desensitized. Next one is going to be easier. The shofar is working step by step remember that if he starts off with major sins to working toward shirk, he starts off with minor sins working towards major sins, it will never stop. So he'll start to try to justify major sins to you. And we'll come up to you and say,

00:37:58 --> 00:38:28

Amen. Look, God tells you in the Quran that he forgives his gopher Rahim. He reminds you of the verses the shofar can even go to whispering to you to open the Quran and he says to you, oh look, beautiful verse. What a miracle Allah wanted to show you that verse to tell you He is Forgiving, but so go and do major sin afterwards ask Allah to forgive you man go to camera and do a couple of hombres you'll be alright pray a few prayers your major sin is gone. Who tried to trick you that way?

00:38:30 --> 00:38:34

Listen to this some people this is our show Tom works with them you ready?

00:38:36 --> 00:38:42

You come to a person who lies you try to advise your brother or someone don't lie me say

00:38:43 --> 00:39:10

shaitan comes gives you arrogant says yeah, I lie. At least I admit it. Others people don't even admit it. So I'm good. I tell the truth. But you still lying? Stone says Good on you man. At least you do it you don't hide it. It makes you look like if you say that you lie if you continue to lie as if you do it in open like as if you're not a hypocrite anymore. That this is not a hypocrite these are lies is like to from the lies you can't go hey, at least I'm not like other people who still

00:39:11 --> 00:39:47

get a person who still says you are still but we still admit it and I'm just gonna like other people who are dealing drugs. You got the person deals and drug says you are doing drugs but at least they're handling heavy drugs like other people you got the other guy who was in heavy drug says you're doing heavy drugs also don't sell it to children like others come to the guy cells with the children say yeah. Oh is that I sell it to children but at least I tell the parents about and I only sell them with light stuff come to another person says here i soldier you only sell it might because they want it but I didn't take it. I didn't tell I'll just sell her stuff to them. So now you go to

00:39:47 --> 00:40:00

him and shaytaan That's exactly right on that count. The other guy takes it and sells it says yeah, well at least I don't go murdering people come to the murder and says yeah, I murder people. I don't murder children like others. You know what I'm going with

00:40:00 --> 00:40:10

Detroit said hey at least waste you know I did my time and obviously I'm going to prison for it here I'll keep doing it. Everybody looks at someone else's worse than them I mean you can keep going on and on guys

00:40:12 --> 00:40:41

but then you have other people who beat the shaytaan and they say spinal low I know I'm praying my five daily prayers and hamdulillah and I don't do drugs I don't do any of the major sins. But well I you know there are others Masha Allah who prayed as soon as I wish I can do the sooner I need to do the sooner you get to the gold as little as soon as as soon as goes well 100 I'm doing some of the you know there are other people Masha Allah they don't make so much I wish I can do that and you go to the toilet and he says, Well Hamdulillah I don't know but man there are others Masha Allah the amount of help that they give to other people and how they are to their mum and dad and honestly,

00:40:41 --> 00:41:16

that's what we should be. Allah tells us what feed Alec affiliate NFS in within Fs one. This is what people who compete should be competing in not the other way. Not looking at who's worse than you look at who's better than you in good deeds. The only time you look at someone who's worse off than you is when it comes to blessings, like money, finance, health, family, all of that stuff. Look at those who are less fortunate than you because that will help you remember your own blessings and you become a little bit better and your mental state would be only be happier than to look at someone who's got more than you because then you'll never live happily will always be in stress and always

00:41:16 --> 00:41:17

be competing.

00:41:18 --> 00:41:42

Number three, if the shutdown cannot get you in major sins, it gets you in minor sins and comes up to you and says Amen. You're not doing any major sins. The Quran says if you pray all your minor sins go away. I love that photo, Rahim. Just keep doing that just to keep saying stuff for a lot of you. It's true. Allah's father does forgive you. But the shaitan knows that he's not working on that you see, the shaytaan is trying to desensitize you to minor sins so that you no longer feel any

00:41:44 --> 00:41:54

guilt whatsoever. And then when that's ready, gets you to the major sins. So to footstep, if he can't get you with minor sins, the next step is check this out, hey, busy is you

00:41:56 --> 00:42:04

in he busy is you makes you busy, so that you take up your time in things that are permissible.

00:42:05 --> 00:42:42

Allah says this is highlighted right permissible things. He makes you busy with permissible things and your hobbies until you overspend your time with them. And you miss out on doing good things that would benefit you better. Some people like for example, is nothing wrong with playing games. But some people they get obsessed with their games, they spend their entire nights on them, they then they sleep in past Fudger they spend all their time when they could have done some other good dates and becomes an addiction. Some people they get into their hobbies, or they go into their whatever recreational activities but they go overboard with it so that the entire time becomes that so the

00:42:42 --> 00:43:12

shaytaan makes you so busy with that that you forget some people say they come to pray to the masjid you pray your Maghrib and then you get busy talking, talking, talking, talking talking, you haven't done your son or mother to pray. The shaitaan says yeah, keep talking man talk about you know what's happening overseas and talk about how the Ummah is falling and how all the people are bad and whatever and humbler we're on a good path I shot comes in Mr. Sadhana, pray, the shaitan gets busy with these things. So that's another thing. If that doesn't work, the shutdown gets you with the sixth with the fifth one, it gets you're busy with minor good deeds at the expense of major good

00:43:12 --> 00:43:50

dates. So for example, the shaitan will tell you, a tahajjud, man, see all that Tiktok stuff, everybody's talking about the hazard, the hazard, the hazard, the hazard, the hazard, which is beautiful. But what the shaitan wants to do says do to hedgerow and stay up in the entire night and close to your Fisher, the shaitan comes in says man, you're tired. You've done a lot of the hazard, sleep, sleep five minutes before flushing and say anyway, look, the times that are on the phone, that someone said that they're not real, they're not really the right time. So you know, pray at 20 minutes after that time, just just in case. So you go in and because you're so tired, what happens

00:43:50 --> 00:44:23

you missed the entire visit and the sun rises, the shaitan can use that. The shutdown can make you busy with minor deeds, so that you don't do the major deeds. So always prioritize. If you're a person who's going to sleep in don't do your tahajjud do your first pray once you do a little bit early, but also as I've never stayed up the whole night. Some people you know what they say to me, they say subhanallah after that lecture I heard about waking up Phil Fisher. You know what I do, bro? What do you do? I pray I play games all night because the only way that I can stay up because I don't wanna miss out on my favorite. We're going to do that for the next 67 years of your life. Find

00:44:23 --> 00:44:27

a solution for crying out loud. You just want to play games. That's what you want to do.

00:44:30 --> 00:44:34

Now just gave some minor examples but I think you guys can Inshallah, think of other examples.

00:44:36 --> 00:44:59

If you can't get here with that he gives you a something called innovating in your religion. The shutdown will try to justify your own way of worshipping God. I've met a lot of these types of people they come up and they say, Well, I know this is the better way and I know this is the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Selim. Yeah, I know that this is what the Quran says. today. I wish of God the way that I feel close to him men the way I want to worship Him. So they're gonna make up their own type of worship.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:08

There is no better worship and closeness to Allah than the way a lot told us and the way the prophets Allah Selim taught us and the way the ultimate and scholars have told us not your own way

00:45:10 --> 00:45:44

you know so that's the show Dionysus the year so that you don't have to do what Allah guided you with Number Seven If he can't get you with all that he gets you with religious extremism. So you're so religious he can't get you in any of that stuff. So it comes up to and goes look at all this other religious people look at them doing haram that was doing haram that was doing haram don't don't haram Look at this guy on social media or bitchy he's just doing it for views and likes gala cancel him out. Go and talk about things about make the crit on this person make say this person is a mushrik this person is an innovator this person is a bit odd in the name of commending good and

00:45:44 --> 00:46:13

preventing evil but what he's doing is he's gone really out there and busying his or her entire time watching other people and belittling other people and all that stuff until they grow a hardened heart and start hating everyone around him. And I've seen a lot of these types of People Extremism in that so the shutdown gets you become extreme and focused on accusing other religious people. And that's what I lost my dad it says in the Quran, fella to sedco and forsaken who Allah Moby money taco, never praise yourselves in piety, it is Allah who knows is truly more pious.

00:46:15 --> 00:46:51

So you got to be very careful with these things, run the sisters. Number eight, if you can't get your with that. The final trick of the shaytaan is he turns people against you to make you give up on your practice and work. You'll go and whisper to your cousins to your friends to people around you will make you read comments on social media for a good post that you put up and or a nice video that you shared that reminds people that will affect you, the shutdown will say, look what they're saying, look at that person, look at that person, he'll whisper to people around you to come and put you off your practice by the sisters. This is one of the big tricks of the shaitan in order to use

00:46:51 --> 00:47:22

people against you so that you can give up and hate the day that you even became religious. This is what the shaitaan wants a person to do. And that great Imam by the Imam Ahmed, when he was on his deathbed, he his son entered. And he heard his father while he was unconscious. Doing this is unconscious and he's saying, Oh, not yet. Not yet. Not yet. And the son misunderstood what his father is saying. Muhammad he said to him, oh Father,

00:47:23 --> 00:47:56

after he woke up he says I heard you saying something that doesn't sound good. You're saying not yet you don't want to die yet. You don't want to meet a lawyer that's not a good sign. Well, you don't want to meet a law is and then he said oh no son. Oh, no. When I went unconscious, the Chopin came to me and my dreams, my cut in. I'll talk about that the shaitan came to me. And he said to me, Look, I develop them in the mud. Mud. You've escaped me. I tried all my love. But now you've escaped me. You're on your deathbed. And I knew the tricks of the show and he wants me to let my guards down. So I said to him not yet. Not yet. The Battle of the shutdown will try right up to the last

00:47:56 --> 00:48:23

point that you're breathing right up to the last point that you're breathing. So always be aware of his tricks. Insha Allah Tala. Now I mentioned Karine, according brothers and sisters is a che Tom with whom ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala creates with every human being that is born. This is mentioned in the Quran. That Korean whispers to you and does all those little tricks that cut it never leaves you alone. And it seems sort of coffee for example, Allah says or I'll call up Marino Hall, Rob banner

00:48:28 --> 00:48:29


00:48:30 --> 00:48:32

king can Fe

00:48:35 --> 00:48:37

D the quality

00:48:41 --> 00:48:42

them to na

00:48:44 --> 00:48:46

ye the most

00:48:48 --> 00:48:50

common on eBay on

00:48:52 --> 00:49:31

eBay, Nermeen Nabi that loss isn't sort of cough. And on the Day of Judgment, his his or her own caught in that shaitan that was stuck to them all their life, we'll see. We'll call out and say, oh my lord, oh my lord, I did not lead him or her astray, but they were just so too far that they listened to me. And so Allah will say don't sit arguing and debating in front of me today. Each one of you will get what they deserve. My My promise and My Warnings are said once and they never change and today they will not change I will be fair and just So brothers and sisters, that is the chlorine.

00:49:32 --> 00:49:34

Finally, the shaitan

00:49:36 --> 00:49:56

some people might say look at this grown man who is talking about some supernatural being that we can't see seriously. Well, I refer to the Quran and the Quran is the thing or the the book which told us about him. The Bible said it before the original Bible The Torah says it before the scriptures that came all before shaitan Satan Iblees

00:49:58 --> 00:50:00

the when you

00:50:00 --> 00:50:36

You go to sleep. Some people, they have this thing called a sleep paralysis. Have you ever had that before? You feel like something's come and a weight is on you, and then you can't move and you can't talk. So there's different names called a caboose or a caboose. So you feel these things. And sometimes you see nightmares and you feel like it's real. And there's creatures and things like that. So these are actually the shape on the jinns. Do they harm you? No, don't worry about it. It does not harm you. They just strike to scare you. And the shaitan always likes to put fear because with fear there is vulnerability, so don't be afraid. And if you do have that, and you'll wake up,

00:50:36 --> 00:51:13

just go like this to act like you're spinning towards that direction three times and say, Oh, the bIllahi min ash shaytaan the regime, I seek refuge in Allah from the Shaytaan, The Outcast three times, turn to the other side. So if you're on the right turn to the left, left, turn to the right, and just put your hands in like this and recite the three point score Allahu Ahad calligra binaires called Rebel Philip and Ayrton Chrissie, hatred courses in the Hadith al Bukhari and Muslim were Abu Hurayrah and another companion aucuba regarding the Social Security Centerlink of the Muslims, and the shaitan came in the form of a man and he tried to steal and as a long story, and he said to him,

00:51:13 --> 00:51:48

let me go and I'll teach you something if you recite a democracy every time you go to sleep, no shaitan can harm you. So it was also I said, I'm said he has spoken the truth, although he is a liar. That was the shaytaan that was the shaytaan so recite a democracy Insha Allah, Allah shaytaan has no power over you, my dear brothers and sisters, it doesn't mean anything, doesn't mean that something's going wrong with you know, shutdown can get through even to believers. So brothers and sisters, there is a lot to say about it. I hope insha Allah in the short talk and short talk, that inshallah you all benefited from it. And may Allah subhanaw taala keep us aware of ourselves and not

00:51:48 --> 00:52:16

let us be among those who let the shaitan take the better of us. Remember, he is weak, it is weak, has no power over you. And so do that when you go into your house, say Bismillah when you eat, say Bismillah when you go to the toilet, sell the building and hopefully we'll have to do all these dhikr words and the shaitan will weaken and weaken and weaken and move away from you. So I lost my dad to protect us from the Shaitan of the gins and the ins and from the Shaitan of ourselves, even we can be shaytaan airmen or Salalah on abena Mohammed Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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