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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative consequences of doing things for the sake of fame and pleasure, including causing cowards to feel sorry for themselves and causing fear of criticism and harm. They stress the importance of acknowledging the harm of doing things for a name and fame, and the need to be mindful of their actions. The treatment ofics is to be conscious of the harm and to not do things that are outdoors. The speaker concludes by discussing metatheism and being mindful of their actions.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam O Allah Mallanna via via a mavado photo Villa Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem introducer authority, ima II. quinto for our two two alpha Carrasco highroller Sara colonna Zim respected viewers and listeners We begin by praising Almighty Allah for the many favors Allah has bestowed upon us and mutations be upon our beloved Nivea creme de la Vallee wa sallam. Continuing with our series on the purification of the heart. We have started off by speaking about iclass sincerity because the whole amount of Hadith they used to begin the compiler ation many times with enamel. amaru Binya de deeds will be judged by its

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intention. And the converse of it would be perhaps one of the greatest spiritual calamities, which is really doing things for us temptations, and doing things for the sake of name and fame. We have yesterday spoken about the hams and we also briefly touched upon the aspect of some of the signs with regard to ostentation. What are the signs of being ostentatious? What are the signs of doing things for the sake of name and fame? The olema of the soul of Allah ma who are in this field who have told us amongst the things is that laziness and lack of action and lethargic when alone and all of a sudden days and enthusiasm when doing things in public. This is not to deny encouragement in

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terms of the environment. After all, we all know the famous incident has had hands a lot of yellow Taran otonabee, cream saucer of yellow Sula. Honza has become a monolith, because his situation and his spiritual state while being with you is different, when he is with his family alone in in the home, and maybe a cream sauce himself that does not does not who has the law, there is a time for this and there is a time for that. So there is an aspect of being inspired by the environment. But if a person is solely motivated by doing things in public, and he feels lethargy, in doing it when he's alone, it is among the signs that we have to be careful about. Similarly, when a person does

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something when he is praised, and he does not do it when he is praised. Again, there is a place for encouragement and inspiring others maybe a cream sauce lamb used to encourage the young people when he saw Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu coming I know hastily and running towards the masjid, for fear of losing a rocket via cream sauce from said okra, you know maybe we sacrifice and so great is your enthusiasm. But next time Do not run into the masjid, you know, such beautiful so there is a place for encouragement. But it should not be that we do things only for the sake of when we are in public. We do it when we are praised. We do it. And we don't do it when we are not praised. Or we

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are not in public. These are some of the signs it also shows us the importance and the directives and the guidelines to Allah in this field have given us to save ourselves and save ourselves from rehab. Then part of the treatment part of that your so while I might have made mentioned that self purification of filth for things, to be able to save yourself from Rhea and ostentation, and name and fame is to purify yourself from love of praise, fear of criticism and blame and desire of benefit from someone else besides a law and fear of harm from anyone else besides a law that is part of the treatment that we have to end part of the cure and treatment that we have to move towards?

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That is why nebia Kareem saw some tolerable live near bus of the allow Tron One day while I'm under omata Oh my son, remember he the entire creation come together to try and harm you. They cannot harm you more than what Allah has decreed. And if the entire creation come to try and benefit you, they cannot benefit you more than what Allah subhana wa Taala has decreed. And what are the treatment? Or am I have written part of the treatment is be aware of its harm. Be conscious of the harm of doing things for name and fame. We spoke about the Hadith which warned us with regard to eat yesterday, but be conscience. Many of our listeners might be aware that in madressa, we used to do you know

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calima and one kalama was kalamera takeover

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The fourth Kalima, which was the most difficult to memorize. And in there there is a phrase Alo mania also be can be a movie star Pharaoh kalamalka on a movie called I seek your forgiveness from associated partners to Allah knowingly and unknowingly. Here the allama have written no unknowingly is that you start bringing and doing your deeds for name and fame. So, the first aspect of the treatment of Ria is the being conscious of the harm. Other particular aspect of part of the treatment is veiling one's action, you know, trying to conceal your action. Now, it does not mean that we should not do things in public. Sometimes there is a need for it, and I read this is in the

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beginning in took to sericata Fannie Mae, sometimes to give charity openly is good window for her. But if you conceal it, it is better for you. So sometimes there is a need to do things publicly to motivate other people. But this particular aspect we have to keep in mind is, we have to try and conceal our good deeds. Abandoning a deed, out of fear of Ria is just as serious as Ria itself. We don't abandon a deed because of fear of Ria, but we are careful with regard to this particular aspect. And Mr. Mallika Malala was asked once, he said, I started off doing deed concealing it, and then later on it became to be known amongst people. And Mr. Mallika Talalay did not find any type of

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difficulty with regard to it. And one of the other aspects with regard to it is that abandoning valey one's action and as I said, there is sometimes a need with regard to doing it in public, but as far as possible, a person should take precaution with regard to this particular aspect. That meant that he should try and do his deeds solely for the sake of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. There is another discussion which has come up with regard to this aspect, and that is whether you can do deeds for the sake of Jonathan Janda. But of course, that is a technical aspect. However, given the harms, with regard to react, we have to be very careful with regard to it. And as such, we

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must make dua with regard to it. Or am I have written that one of the things that we are supposed to recite, to save ourselves for Maria is recite surah to us in abundance. If lassman sincerity retrato has in abundance, make dua to Almighty Allah. And let me conclude today's program with this beautiful do allow metatheoretical Beeman and

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Emily mineria O Allah purify my heart from hypocrisy and purify my deeds from Rhea name and fame. May Allah grant us a class in whatever we do, and keep us away from Ria waka Dhawan and unreliable Allah