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Wajima Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim was guru Vindicator be Meriam even tuber that mean actually have Mokona shall be for Taco that mean duty him a job for our Selena Elaine Hannah Fatima Salah by Sharon so we saw that Allah who love him okay we now move on to the discussion of CU data now Meriam Ravi Allah Maha the name of the chapter is Surah Maryam by the way, the meaning of Maria is r&b The one who worships Allah subhanho wa Taala mashallah many sisters. Keep the name Maria and it's a great name. It's an amazing name. And now we would unpack and explore what Allah subhanaw taala says about Maryam and her child alayhis salaam that is Isa Alayhis Salam. And in chapter three Jews three

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Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the mother of Maria the wife of Imran, if God let him rot in Marana or be in Naruto, laka mafi, Bucklin him or her vara when the mother of Maryam had vowed to Allah subhanho wa Taala that I would offer this child that is in my womb that I have conceived as a devotion to your deen Oh Allah subhanho wa Taala chapter three Jews three verse 3435. And then of course, she gave birth and then she discovered it was a girl. And the incident continues there in chapter three. Okay, so let's go into the discussion. Now. It's essential, it's imperative for us to know this detail because it's part of the Quran, but more so that, you know, often we are in the

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discussion, it could be a friendly discussion or people just asking us regarding Lisa Alayhis Salam and Maria Maria lajuan Ha. And unfortunately, our knowledge is very, very limited. To start off, we have a dedicated chapter in the Quran that has been dedicated in the honor of Maria Maria lava Anna, the mother of Arreaza Alayhis Salam. So what does Allah subhanaw taala say to us and how does Allah open up the discussion join along my brother join along my sister, verse 15, Chapter 19

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or other verse 16 Apologies verse 16. What guru Phil kita be Marian, and mentioned to them the story of Maria meaning read along to them, recite to them narrate to them, oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what guru Phil Kitab in the Quran Maria even doubled that mean annually her McCann and Sharqiya when she drew away from her family to go to a place far to the east, right neighbor that literally means to her to throw something in Flickr they talk of Muna betta Bay room una banda is in Tibet that when she moved aside, she moved aside in a desolate, desolate Gela Lane makes mentioned she moved aside. Even double admin only her from her family mccannon a place shalltear On the east.

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So wherever the house was somewhat to the eastern side of the house, she excused herself and she went there. Remember, like we said before, the Quran focuses on the aspects of guidance, and the Quran omits the in between aspects, which does not have a link to a point of guidance for us. So there are many things that could be understood that are implied that are Mustafar that I appreciated, but Allah subhanaw taala would often fast forward the deal and the narrative and if that particular point needs to be impressed again, Allah subhanho wa Taala will impress it again and again, because the point is the reflection, the introspection and to internalize that message. So

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narrate to them Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the tale the story of Maria, even Tibet that mean Ali ha when she moved a desolate she moved away from the family mccannon a place a location Sharqiya to the east.

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Many scholars say that she went there to take a ritual bath, a horsell. She had completed a cycle, and she was now taking a vessel a ritual bath. And hence she went there. Of course, it was nothing what we would assume as a shower or an ablution facility, but according to the norm and the practice of the time, whatever structure was in place, she went there to take a bath Alayhis Salam Radi Allahu Anhu up for her that mean Dooney him hey Jabba Subhana Allah verse 17, she screamed her

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From the people so that no one can see her. That's the modesty of the that's the modesty. If you read in the hadith of a Buddha would, when he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would go to relieve himself, he would go to a distant place, he would go to a distant place. So, in the teachings of Islam, whenever you are going to uncover, you know, the, the modest parts of your body, be to respond to the call of nature, or to take a bath or a ritual, hosel etc, I believe is one a modest believer is one male or female, that he or she will cover themselves cover themselves. The Sahaba was so modest, the concluding verses of the 11th Jews of the Quran 11 Jews of the Quran

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surah HOOD Surah Hood, which is chapter 11, as well, Allah in Whom yet known as Rhodora, homely stock forming, I laughing, I started showing that the Yaba home that when they would change the clothing, then they would crouch down, they would bend forward, and they would try and cover their private area so that it doesn't get exposed. Of course, Allah subhanho wa taala, then told them that there is no need

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to subject themselves to such stringent measures, that you are changing your clothing, which is an absolute necessity, you're in total isolation, and that also for a very short period of time, and there is no other human there. Allah Hina your stone Shuna Thea boom Yaga mama used to ruin our Ma, you're alone, because the truth be told that although we cover ourselves and conceal ourselves, nothing is hidden from the Almighty. But that speaks volumes on modesty and morality. A great scholar was asked, what is the basis of any Islamic culture? What is the basis of an Islamic culture? And he said two things, simplicity and morality, simplicity and morality. So it's not like

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we don't have functions. We get married also. But we do it simple or other. We ought to do it simple. I always say we can boast about our funerals to non Muslims. Oh, wow. This is amazing. Islam is great. You bet you so quickly, nothing lavish, not so exorbitant. You don't have to have a lifetime saving for a funeral parlor and you don't dress him up in exclusive clothing. You clad him in simple clothing, whether he is a king or a barber, or Elbasan anything? Yeah, Athiya been lucky ma'am. Allaha was a loser Latin la ruku Allahu Allah su do that. Learn la lucha your harmony. The poet says I was very particular about my dressing and my garb and how I would attire myself, and

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today they cover me and grabbed me and shroud me with something which doesn't even have sleeves. But that's the garb that is given to every person who passes away once I lose silent and La ruku Allahu Alonso, Judah. And they offer a prayer upon my Kolb's, in which there is no bowing or prostration. Because that is how we were taught and that is how we were educated. Learn Lulla higher harmony, hopefully that the Almighty will pity my soul. So we can boast about the simplicity of our funerals. But how about when it comes to our marriages? I'm afraid, I'm afraid we're going to drop our heads down in shame. How exorbitant how flamboyant how exclusive, how expensive, how opulent it can

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become, and money is just thrown away.

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So anyway, that I was saying that the Islamic culture is based on two things simplicity and morality. So the point here is in verse 17, when say you need to know Maria, Maria, Lahore and how when to take a bath and let me say the scholars have used both reference Rafi Allah Marina and Alayhis Salam are the Allahu Anhu in alayhis salaam, Ravi Allahu Allah, may Allah be pleased with Allah Salam, may the peace and the blessings of Allah descend upon her. She was a woman like no other woman. She was just amazing. What Maria my Bernetta I'm Ron. Well, Maria Maria Bernetta, in Milan allottee, sonnet Farrugia and Allah subhanaw taala says Maria is the daughter of Imran who had

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saved God did to her chastity, morality and modesty. So what does that mean? Dhoni him a Java she screened herself from the family. You know, you could have a shower but the door is open or the door is closed and it's not bolted and people just come in and out. Then it defeats the purpose. It defeats the purpose in the context of the Quran, whether you be Dean Z Netta Hoon Illallah baru, Lottie Hin

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and a woman should not reveal her beauty to anyone but her husband. It is only between spouses. It is only between spouses where it

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is permissible for the entire body to be exposed to each other. Of course, even there the scholars will tell you that without necessity without necessity, one should not unveil or or you know expose himself or herself to her spouse, but it is permissible between spouses only after that there is protocol and there is hierarchy and there is the sector and cover for every person for every person

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both for a male towards females and a female towards males, Fatah that mean don't him hijab so she screened herself from the family for auto Selena Elaine Hi ru Hannah Fatima SallAllahu Buchon Surya. So now what happened while she was there with scholars say that she was performing little Taxila she was performing a hustle lo and behold Allah subhanaw taala says we sent our angel for our so now we sent Elaine her towards a row Hannah our angel, Allah makes reference to Julia as Ruth Ruth meaning soul units did only mela aka Toby row Haman Emery King Alami Yasha, Amin, Reba de and the row and know who La ilaha illa and afecta code. So we know say that Jibreel is known as row hole Amin. And

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the reason why he is known as row is that he brought revelation and remember revelation gives life life just like when the soul is inserted into the human. And again, if you look into chapter 23, Jews at in Surah mi noon, where Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the formation of the embryo. When it comes to the soul being inserted into the fetus. Allah says some man shot and now who are her, then we take that embryo into a different form. So just as the soul gives life to that fetus, Revelation gives life to Earth and Sedna. Gibreel. Allah has Salatu was Salam is referred to as rule for Selena la Rohana. We sent to her Our Angel Jibreel Fatima SallAllahu by Sharon Surya, who

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assumed the appearance of a perfect man before her. So

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by Sharon Surya, he came in in the form of a human. Now, remember I say that Anna Maria Alayhis Salam, a modest, bashful, humble, simple, innocent soul performing a ritual, her ritual hosel, etc. And suddenly, to her surprise, she is seen this human form, human form, of course Jibreel in the most beautiful appearance, her natural automatic reaction was that of fear, panic and uncertainty, like who is this? Any person who is modest, any person who is modest, and suddenly you're sitting in your house and the door just opens up, you're a man and a sister walks in or your sister and a man walks in, or you know, hotel room, and suddenly at an odd hour in seclusion, somebody comes through

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there a person who is Allah fearing that that that would be extremely challenging and daunting to deal with. And that's precisely the reaction of St. Anna Maria. So let's just go through that words again. Fattah methyl Allaha Fatima salah. He took the form the appearance by Sharon a human. So we yet in a total, you know dumb metal filter in a total human form. In other words, it was not revealing any angelic appearance in any angelic appearance. So what was the reaction of say Donna Maria, she is in the shower. And suddenly this just happens. Verse number 18. Carla, she said in knee are also Bill rock man in the older Bill rough man. Oh my Allah.

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Oh, she said I see protection in a rough man. In the other Urhobo I seek protection. I seek amnesty. Just Just try and imagine the panic that gripped and seized the heart of Meriam some say she was 13. The opinions vary from 13 up to 20. In terms of her age, this is not mentioned again in the Quran. But scholars of the field have given different opinions. So she was a young lady she was a young lady in our Uzu I seek protection in a man Minka from you in content Tatia? If you are one that fears Allah if you are one that fears Allah, then take heed, take heed from this year, which which is mentioned in July lane as you have been to Bali bill is the other a tequila to Bali bill is the

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other if you feel Allah subhanaw taala as it's apparent from your appearance, and you appreciate that I'm asking the refuge of Allah and the scholars have written something very amazing.

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When it is a person who fears Allah, then you would say to him ask the protection of Allah and that's enough for him. If it is amorphic a hypocrite, you tell him I'll expose you to people and that will become a deterrent. So for different people, you would use different deterrence. If it is a monastic, a hypocrite the evil person said hey, I'm asking Allah His protection. It doesn't matter to him because he doesn't feel Allah but a person who's Allah fearing and that was the appearance of course.

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You know, that that that he was noble and biannual Quran hockeyville OMA has written that someone might ask the question, How was she convinced our she convinced about you know, the nobility of this person? And and he answers that, you know, Allah subhanho wa Taala had made the ambience in such a way that s s Gibreel responded, which is to follow in reverse to come. She was convinced that this is a divine personality. Okay, so that's it. That is verse 18, in which Maryam or the Allahu Ana asks refuge in Allah from this person, please like move away. You're a man fearing Allah. This is just too awkward. So what's the response of this angel unknown to her at this stage, that it is an

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angel and that is verse 19. Carla in Nama and Arasu, Laura Beck, Carla in Nama and Arasu, Laura big.

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He said, Verily, I am the envoy of your Lord, I am the messenger of your Lord. And from this of course, the scholars did use the permissibility of the angels conversing with nonprofits. So communication and mocha llama between the angels is not limited to the MBR Lima Salatu was Salam, of course, the conversation of where he to the point of resided and prophethood that is only for for the prophets. Because we know that Maria Radi Allahu Anhu was not a prophet or Marcel Nam in public Amira xuelin in New Hey Illa Regina new Hey la him. So Maria, Marathi Allah and how was this exceptional in the noble woman but she was not a prophet as the consensus view of the scholars is.

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So we learn from this that the mullah ICA would also communicate and converse, and they can speak to a nonprofit, someone who's not a prophet. Okay, tada in nama Anna rasuluh. robic, I am the messenger of your Lord. And guess what? No, you can just imagine say Dona Maria, Maria. Love Anna like holding her breath. Okay. All right. So you are the messenger of my Lord. And then what Leah by liking olam and Zeki. Leah by lucky hula means lucky. I have come here to give you the glad tidings to convey to you the good news of a pure son that is to be born to you.

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So this is the good news that has been conveyed and that is verse 19. A son will be born to you Hola. zakian por Zakia Nuff said Zacky Zakia cartel tariffs and Zacky yet employed enough? pure, sinless innocent.

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So each development is more startling than the one before she is there alone. Suddenly she sees the appearance of this person. She goes into somewhat of panic and anxiety and she says please, you look like a man that feels Allah. Can you can you kindly move away I'm asking the protection of Allah. He then gives the assurance and comfort to say Well hang on. I'm I am not a human. I am an angel. I am the messenger of your Lord. Alright. And then what? So I've come here to give you glad tidings, what Glad Tidings li i have a lucky column and Zakia to give you the glad tidings of a child to give you the glad tidings of a child. Now automatically the reaction is and this is in verse two in the

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toilet Anya co nollie Hola. garlotte Anya Tononi Oh llaman all mem says ni basher while I'm a co busy Yup, Maria Maria lava Anna analyzing the possibility of the arrival of a child through one of two avenues legitimate or illegitimate, Permissible or impermissible, lawful or unlawful. Permissible is marriage impermissible is through zinna. Legitimate is through union and a Nikka and illegitimate would be the unlawful. Now how am I going to get a child while I'm young SNI Bashar when no man has touched me. That means I am not married. I'm not wedded to anyone while I'm a cubilia Well, I'm a cubilia and I have never been unchaste or adulterous or immoral. So I am free

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from the halaal and the Haram I'm free from the permissible and unlawful. How is it going to be possible for me to get a child? Well, we stop that dead in our tracks to keep that momentum going

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That's the beauty of the Quran my brother. Explore the Quran, study the Quran my system. So we conclude on verse 20, in which say you did the now Maria Marlene has Salam asks Gibreel How am I going to become a mother and receive this child when I'm not married, and I've never committed an act of adultery or suddenly Lahoma sallim ala Nabina Muhammad, while early he was hobby chameleon or Hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen