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“Amazed by the Quran”, Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan draws a comparison between two ayahs from Surah Tawbah where in Allah SWT emphasizes in a subtle and beautiful way the power of the reward of the heaven. Tune in to explore the treasure and appreciate the perfection of the word of Allah.

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah alihi wa sahbihi Burien Salaam Alaikum everyone welcome to amused by the Quran a series in which I'd like to share with you what I find amazing about the Quran. Today I'll be sharing with you two IRA that belong to the same surah they belong to sort of Joe Biden and comparing these two if we're going to see how I live in a very subtle and beautiful way emphasizes the power of heaven of which reward of Heaven is greater. So I'll begin with the first one this is the hundreds if wasabi Kunal or luminor Marina will answer whether the Natalia sand or the Allahu anhu Mara Diwan de la hula hula Abdullah whom Jeanette integer data and

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Holly vena cava Abaddon, the legal counsel alim. Those the first and the foremost who came forward among those who migrated and those who aided meaning the mccanns and the Medina ins will Latina tomorrow when the sun and all of those that have followed them with excellence May Allah make us from them about the Allahu anhu model do en allies please with them and they are pleased with him.

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Eid Allahu wa della Hoon Jeanette integrity Dr. han har and he's prepared for them gardens at the bottoms of which rivers flow holiday in Africa but then they will stay in it forever radical falls on a limb that is the ultimate success. Another Ayah from the same sort outlets has what are the La Nina well molinard Jannat in HD mentality Helen ha

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Allah has promised believing men and believing women gardens at the bottoms from right underneath them reverse flow. So the previous I was the flow from underneath, but this is right underneath meaning right at their feet the rivers originating holiday nafi ha the in which they will remain while Masaki na Eva and good and pure suitable homes, that they can find tranquility in fija nazianzen in the gardens of Eden. Previously we were told gardens now we're being told gardens of Eden janati Adam, so this additional meaning of Adam, what it was no mean Allah He Akbar, and great contentment that they will feel from Allah, meaning Allah is incredibly pleased with them. And that

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is even greater than all of the rewards previously described. valleca who will also leave that, in fact, is the ultimate success. So you find this really small shift, you have Valley kalfas will love him, which is that is the ultimate success. So that's the great success, versus Delica. Who else also love him that is, in fact, the ultimate success is an additional who are the domain. And what that does is it adds an emphatic tone to this ayah as opposed to the other both belonging to the same Surah Now if you compare the two rewards agenda, you'll find that in this case, what Allah has done, in fact, is he's offered first of all gardens that are more intense in the reward because

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rivers aren't just flowing beneath your feet, they start from right under your feet. So this is actually the idea of at that you're standing at the top of a waterfall, where it starts where it springs. The other thing about you know, beautiful homes and the previous IRA you saw that you know, unless promise gardens but then there's no more description. But here and in the previous I Allah did say that they are allies pleased with them and they are pleased with Allah. But here he said, a great content or Ridwan, the the noun is used, which is a kind of permanence and, you know, transcendence, the great contentment that they will enjoy from Allah is greater Akbar, it's greater.

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It's in fact that Allah is describing that the way Allah will be pleased with them is greater than any other award they've ever experienced. And once he gets to that, he says valleca, who else allowed him that, in fact, is the ultimate success, he adds in Hua to this, the point of subtlety. And the point that amazes me about these two is, is they're about

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1617 hours apart, meaning I was giving a speech, he says something 1617 miles later, he says something similar. And while you're speaking, to be cognizant of the fact that I described gender, and I described it in more emphatic tone, so and that was a more emphatic context, in which I described something that is far more powerful. And now I'm describing something that is not nearly as powerful. So I should tone it down by just one pronoun. That kind of conscience in speech is impossible. That's just impossible. I can't keep track of what I said. And how much I emphasize something, you know, people remember for instance, think about it like this. People remember what

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they say. But it's very hard to remember how emphatically they said it.

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Maybe I remember I saying I was tired. Maybe I don't remember saying man, I'm really tired. The the added emphasis, I just don't remember not conscious of it. Maybe you can get me to recall it. I think I did say something like I was tired. Right? My exact words are impossible to remember even from like 20 minutes ago. It's kind of people say my exact words were and then you play the video and those weren't exact words. That's their own speech. And that's not even years ago or months ago or days ago, it's minutes ago. It's minutes ago, that they can't recall exactly what they said. The Quran takes into consideration exactly how it speaks. And later on as it adds even the most subtle

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nuance, it adjusts the speech and takes into consideration what was said before so it can be compared with what was said about

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Unless has similar things in the Quran. If you're reading this translation, you'll find things are very, very similar, right? Lots of things are repeated. But when you study the Arabic, you'll find that those similar things are actually just a little bit shifted just a little bit different. And that little difference is actually where the treasure lies and appreciating the perfection of the column of Allah. May Allah azza wa jal give us the ability to appreciate his perfect word, Mata Kala hoody. Welcome salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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