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The Prophet sallavi Houghton is expected to bring about the month of Brah, with a focus on improving behavior on social media. The importance of learning to read and recite the Quran and interpret verses and words in order to reflect on the Bible is emphasized, with a mention of Jesus reciting the Bible and a video featuring Jesus himself reciting the Bible. The segment ends with a mention of a video featuring Jesus himself reciting the Bible.

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acordo Mattice mount was the for Allah Hi Lea welcome First of all Mr. Feeding my brothers and sisters in Islam.

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They come important opportunities in our lives that are like no other.

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Whereby we are able to achieve in them what we could not have achieved in others.

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At the same time,

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our hopes and intentions may go on and on without ever achieving any of them.

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Today, by the Grace of Allah and His mercy upon us, we welcome yet another of these amazing opportunities. The month of Ramadan once again, the month of the Quran, the month of Ryu renewing our contract and promises to Allah, the month like no other month in the year.

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So praise and gratitude is to Allah, the One who has extended our lives

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to reach Ramadan. And so we asked him to complete his favor upon us by accepting our fasting and worshiping in it, Amin, ALLAH SubhanA wa Allah said, Oh, you who believe fasting has been prescribed upon you, as it was prescribed upon those who were before you, in the hope that you will attain piety and protect yourselves. Allah subhanho wa Taala also said, the month of Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was sent down from the Preserved Tablet, a guide for all people, and it distinguisher between truth and false. So whoever is living at the time of this month, let them fast this month. But whoever is ill, or on travel, they may make up those days on other days. This is

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because Allah wants ease for you. He does not want hardship upon you. So completed today's so that by the end of it, you gratify Allah in celebration of guiding you and in the hope that you become grateful beings. My brothers and sisters, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when Ramadan arrives, the doors of Jannah are opened and the doors of hellfire are closed, and the devils are chained up,

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agreed upon.

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Some young people asked me, why do I still get bad thoughts in Ramadan when the devils are chained up? The answer to that is what the scholars said. It is in general, most of the devils are chained up, but you still have the shaitan that accompanies you. And whispers things but they are weaker, and they don't have much strength. Secondly, the shaitan is leave a little bit of memories for you just before Ramadan in the hope that you will reflect on what they told you before Ramadan and remember them. But the truth is they are much weaker. And everybody does feel in Ramadan, that they are stronger in worship Dante.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said something amazing about the first night of Ramadan. Do you know what happens in the first night? He said when the first night of Ramadan arrives the devils and the more evil devils

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are chained up. The doors of hellfire are closed and not one door can be opened. The doors of Jannah are opened and not one of its doors can be closed. A caller then calls out an angel. Oh he who wants goodness come forward. And oh he who wants to who wants evil, desist and stop. And every single night in a month Allah chooses many worshipers who are saved from the fire as a guarantee. In Ramadan. The acts of goodness and worship are numerous in number and type. So choose and do whichever you fancy. For all the goodness is rewarded multiple folds in a way like no other month. Let Ramadan be your supporter and witness to get closer to Allah and escort you into paradise. I say

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paradise. That's the correct word for the highest place of Jannah called fair dose. Otherwise Jana is called gardens for those is what the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, ask Allah for the highest place for for dose and don't settle for the lowest. Recite, read and ponder and reflect upon the Quran every day and night of this month. give in charity. Pray the days and nights add extra acts of goodness and worship which you didn't do before. Reflect upon your shortcomings and see what you need to improve on the most important being your own character. Look at your relationship with your parents and children, siblings and relatives. Look at your good habits and improve on them. Look at

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your bad habits and work on putting an end to them once and for all. Take care

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them one at a time and make the decision and you will see how much willpower you actually have. Beware of spending its nights on forbidden things on social media. Go to sleep on listening to the Quran, or reminders of goodness or do some prayers you can say, beware, beware of the biggest killer of good deeds, your tongue and your fingers in backbiting and gossiping and insulting others, and know that the biggest type of gossiping, backbiting, insulting and teaching bad things to others, is when you write it on social media, it stays and you are judged for it, even after your death. Beware of the sinister plots of marketing campaigns and advertisers in Ramadan as they seize the

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opportunity to sell us services and things that are forbidden. Do not let them destroy you. My sisters and brothers who cook make your intention in cooking Iftar meals to get the reward of breaking people's past and Ramadan. Think of others as well, who may not have family such as international students and those who have become Muslims and do not have family to give them comfort or support during Ramadan. Remember that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said Whoever makes food for a fasting person will break their fast for them to break their fast on it will have a copy of their reward. So who is ready to

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do their goodness in Ramadan and exert their energy to reach the highest places of paradise? I say what I say and I ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us and our sins so ask Allah to forgive you.

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Alhamdulillah Allah,

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Allahu Allah.

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Wa Salatu was Salam ala Mala Anna the human body he was the he was so happy as you mean, a hit but if Allah Maha Shula meaning Hoonah Kamala Houghton Surya What do Akira come when FCB happy Ramadan? Well, he had been nice vitiligo at the Quran if you saw it in her ear, let him tune into the Boudin out of according billiat

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la had done last year shook fullblood Quran if you Ramadan, find them yet follow Allah in a shahada Ramadan al Karim Ferb look at in Quran he che on assessee

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fairly coolin falaka be coolly Huffin Takara AHA Sana Illa Asha I'm fairly well had the lady yet a TA will be here well who Allah He shall come akala rasool Allah Azza wa sallam fella who as Ron ferrata Serba cathedral, middle Muslim ina eland massage all the way on kupuna Alice Malala and Masai yet Luna her for me pneumonia Dima humara woman who Manemma whom Ruthenia Oh Stella Oh actor for Ramadan Sharon Quran will Kulu URI to a new UN jasola Aleta wearable Akira. America Yep, well I can

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let the owner behind la he had the third row filled Kira donated the burden WHAT THE FUCK couldn't watermark on him yet.

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Falcon little Kalina Manhyia shoma Al Quran fee Ramadan while cathedral Can I have more mahatmas huffy, axotomy Mira doing a novelry il Myrna al Maqsood we're doing

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yet in tinware Haider. Phil had the full Esma when the jolla to Loma mineral Quran who were an E Hakuna Mahajan. Lennar three heard the hill hired with a new three year Asuka si il Hesson. One Naija ma one MLB will hurt Turner MLB love wood and Neff hammer oni wa Murad Allah azza wa jal laminal yet forgot call Allahu Allah, Allah Kitab and Isla you can mobile rock only at the bottom

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layer the borough the Wali at the girl who

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were her the layer yet the mineral karate Surya artl Holly eliminated a book while good analemma and no rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he and Mr. Heston are at an IQ 30 Min Tilawat he will be in Atlanta Fe ahaadeeth He here alpha rhythm with a wearable camera can Alhadeff mean Valley Canada women equity Robinho when Aisha ma to hear when one of him or her whenever he Shabbiha learn a number rally him royalty rom Omura Iran, even Elena Inishmaan Ibn Al Kim meet well KV Figaro, Athena live Quran

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Allah Allah giulini, well manfaat attained Eman as rule Kira whatsoever the book, one at the her regime in heavy he adorato Laulima

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thought was, you know, Michelle ravine I mean Allah heeta Allah walk with us, Barnaby. Hello Karina was soo kina was a co owner of Dalu Worldcom in Kona Kubla my brothers and sisters, I want to give a very quick piece of advice which I have noticed every Ramadan. You know, the month of Ramadan is the month of the Quran and every letter that you recite in the Quran the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did say that you get 10 One to 10 Hassan ad for every single letter you recite. So Elif is a letter and lamb is a letter and meme is a letter that's up to 30 rewards. Also, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam encouraged us to recite and read the Quran. And if we can, it is a good

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thing to finish the whole Quran during Ramadan, this is a good thing. But the point that I want to advise my brothers and sisters is this. If you can, try to make time to read from the Quran with pondering and reflecting.

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Look at the verses and I know that some of you don't know Arabic, try to make a time in the day to choose a Surah or two, to look at its meanings and what Allah wants to tell you in it. The moment you can recite the Quran and feel that the Quran is reading you. And you are really thinking about the verses or what they are telling you, then you are truly living with the Quran. Why not combine the two rewards together, getting the reward for reading, reading and reciting, and getting the reward for understanding contemplating and reflecting on what the Quran is telling you. For example, let's say you read from Surah to Girod where Allah says, law is her common column that a people mock

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and really kill another people. Maybe the other people are better than them. And look at these verses and say to yourself, Am I one of these people? If I am, let me improve on this and stop it. Let me work this Ramadan or not being one of those. And I'm not saying just with the tongue, but also on social media. You read a verse which says for example, those who are very careful on their prayers and they look after their five daily prayers, ask yourself, Am I one of them? I want to be one of those whom Allah mentioned in the Quran, start to look at yourself and improve on that. Not just reciting verses and words without comprehending anything at all. My brothers and sisters, that

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is where the secret is for Allah subhanaw taala has did say in the Quran. It is a Book which We have sent down upon you, in order that you may reflect and ponder upon it and know the meaning behind what the verses are saying, and so that you may remember and rise I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us the benefit of this great Ramadan and the Quran and make it the garden of our hearts. NUS Allah hakama Bella Ghana Ramadan and your team Madalena Shahara Bill Kabuli well follows the period when he want us to who be money he was with the Hebrew Academy and yoga Shara full a little Kadri whale Jilin me mongkol Maha Iman and YT Serban fulfill Allah Houma. Takata means MB, Allahu Masha

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Allah fie him and I'm still feeding, which I'll never see him in a vertical silo in L carnitine. Or John Nephi him in only economical robbing bureau of medica or hamara. He mean, was a Luca Minella at Cooley hygine. He were actually my alumna, I mean, who am LM now, when I will do but when I will become an usher equally. I actually he were actually him an alumna. I mean, who am I alumna alum Allahumma in Nana's Luca and Heidi Messer, Ella cab Dukkha whenever you want to become insurer Rima either be here Abdo wanna be yoke Allahumma in Nana's location Natoma Kurata, la hemen COVID In our ML when I will be coming in Rwanda Taraba la Hammond COVID In our ML when a Luca antigen Allah Quran

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chlobo In Kobita, who will say your year let me know about Allah in the La Jolla certainly later it didn't go that way and had an infection. It wouldn't look good. It went badly. Yeah, I thought Kamala come to the karoun Rasul Allah Juana Divina Muhammad while early he was such a big marine what happens