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AI: Summary © The importance of praying at home and staying engaged with remembarking of Allah is discussed in a video session. The speaker emphasizes the importance of flexibility in actions and rethinking one's actions to make them all up. The speaker also advises against afraid of one's worship and suggests talking to a family counselor to understand one's situation better. The importance of communication and respect for one's own family is also emphasized. The recap of the annual column pm program and a social media campaign to encourage donating is also mentioned.
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waiting a moment for the stream to get started in sha Allah

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okay just relax he will. Allah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Hebrew Allah Allah, he was happy at moraine a Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. My apologies for the time change today I had a couple of things that came up that required immediate attention. But at the same time, I wanted to make sure that we were able to have the session today because y'all have questions are very good, very important questions.

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So inshallah we're here to try to answer them. Okay. Let's go ahead and jump right into it.

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questions related to fasting.

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Someone asked if you're on a plane and don't know if it's sunset, how do you break your fast? You just guesstimate, basically take a look outside if it's dark, then you can pretty much

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bank on the fact that you know, you can open your fast now we can show a login. Alright, the next question is for Kufa. Now again, for anyone who does not remember exactly the terminology, Kufa is a penalty, oftentimes translated as expiation, which is actually a good translation, but just not everyone's familiar with the word. Alright, so kafala is like a penalty, when somebody intentionally violates a fast of the month of Ramadan, specific to them without they are in adults, they are obligated to fast and they violate and break the fast deliberately, then they have to pay a penalty. Okay? The penalty is prescribed in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that they have to

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free a slave that they're capable of doing that than fasting two months if they are not capable of doing that. Then feeding 60 Mr. Keene 16 people who are a need a day's meals. Okay, so those, those are the penalties. Now.

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There are some questions in regards to the penalty. The questions are as follows that

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this feeding 60 poor people, for example, have to be offered for each day that was missed. And so first of all, let me correct something here. It's not you don't pay the penalty for the days you missed. You pay it for the days that you broke. Okay. Number two, is that let's say somebody violated broke their fast on multiple days, they did it two separate days in Ramadan. Okay, do they have to pay a separate penalty for each of the day? So fast? 60 days for this one and 60 days for the second one, feed 60 people for one and 60 people for the other one. So there's a difference of opinion on the issue.

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A classical difference of opinion. The majority, actually, my mother came up Shafi Ahmed, the Maliki school, the shaffir a score the humblebee score, they are of the opinion that yes, if you missed multiple day, if you broke multiple days, you violated the fast on multiple days, you will own multiple penalties, multiple explanations. Okay. The Hanafi school is of the opinion is of the position that

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you only need to offer one penalty for all the violations that have occurred. So if you broke the fast on two days, you only need to offer one penalty, once you've offered the penalty, then you do it again, then you'll have to offer a new penalty. Like it's not retroactive. But when you are offering a penalty, it will be on behalf of all the violations that you have committed up to this particular point. Good luck with that honor. All right. So there is a difference of opinion. So, as we always say about these kinds of instances,

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either point of view is valid. Either point of view is valid. And either approach that someone takes is valid. What I always do here in the q&a is I just share what my point of view is. So in this case, in this instance, my point of view is that

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one penalty one expiation would suffice for all the facts that have been violated up to that point. Well, Lakota animus, Allah and Allah knows best okay?

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The next question

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some some of the next questions are about salah and worship.

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someone saying question about attaining the edge of the reward of hygiene omura by praying fudger and then remembering a lot till sunrise. Okay.

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So someone's saying that I have parental commitments,

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and without my own transferred to go to the budget for the congregation, especially a fragile time, how can I take this either? If I pray at home, does it apply only to bring in congregation what counts as remembering Allah during the time between federal and sunrise? Okay, so there are a lot of different questions that the person has in here about this issue. Let me try to explain it in a nutshell, the Hadith is very general, the Hadith is generally talking about someone who prayed fudger and then remained engaged with the remembrance of God till the sun rises, okay. So even if somebody ended up praying at home, they can still attain that reward in that virtue, number one.

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Number two, if somebody has need a necessity, where they're not able to remain there, they had a ride, they came with someone, they're dependent on somebody else, to get to the machine and get back, if they just remain engaged in remembrance of Allah, while they're going home, while they're being dropped off, at home. And then as soon as they get home, they sit down to once again, remain engaged with the remembrance of Allah, they can still attain that reward. Okay, because it's a necessity.

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And what all constitutes a remembrance of Allah. Well, anything that is done for the sake of Allah, that involves a reward from Allah, whether you are, you know, making Vicar making you are reading for on studying something reading translation, listening to a lecture, whatever the case may be, all of those things will factor in. All right. And so, now about the earlier point that I made about the fact that Well, look, if you don't have any kind of ride or transportation, you're dependent on someone else. So you need to get home. And so just stay busy. With the remembrance of a lion as soon as you go home to kind of sit down and re commit yourself, that all of that will basically count and

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you'll get the reward. Somebody might say, well, how can you say that? Well, we have a general principle and a general guideline and that is the idea that, you know, the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala is very, very vast. And whenever we're talking about doing voluntary deeds, optional deeds for for reward, the default mode is flexibility in the remedy Once you're at

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the mercy of God is all encompassing and most accommodating. Okay.

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The next question is, what to do, if you made errors while learning follow the actions do you have to make them all up?

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So, this is

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a bit of a, this has some detail to it. Generally speaking, the idea the rule is that you would you would make them up.

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However, some scholars have stated that if somebody was in the process of learning,

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then in sha Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will give them the reward of it, and they are accepted by Allah and the person need not repeat all of them and they can just move forward. And that is what I would recommend as well. But luckily, Tyler okay.

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There's a lot of questions here.

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Let me see something.

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Of course, there's

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some marriage questions in here because

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so here's a couple of questions and I'll start with these because they they kind of touch on you know, Lina to the other in the last night of Ramadan, etc. Somebody said yesterday was an odd night and perhaps a little other. Okay.

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Not last night. I guess they sent the question in today before All right, well, tonight is going to be I spend the night in a bother in worship, but got into an argument after budget.

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Does that nullify my good deeds and was my lender to other wasted No,

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of course not good to get into an argument. I'm not trying to say it's completely fine. Right? Don't walk out of the masjid and be looking for somebody to fight with. But at the same time, understand that Allah subhanaw taala His mercy is greater

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All right. So I hope that that helps. Um,

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someone asked a question that.

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Okay, the question is regarding family forgiveness from Allah and acceptance of our worship, especially in the month of Ramadan.

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I haven't spoken to some members of my husband's family because of not visiting them for years. The reason for not visiting is because of the fear of possible danger to lives of me and my children, traumatic experiences fear of the ally, and my husband, believing them and accusing me and my children of whatever they said about us, he would yell at us, he would repeat things that they said without thinking. And this caused him to have negative emotions towards his own children.

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The person goes on to say, I've never prevented my husband from seeing them or financially supporting them. And when they rarely speak to me on the phone or visit, I treat them as guests. The problem is that my husband and a few people in his family are hurt by my not interacting with his family, they don't understand the reasons I feel like they might have the wrong thoughts in their mind. Like maybe they think I hate them. I don't hate anyone. I'm afraid that my worship might not be accepted because of hurting these people. And I'm not sure how to reconcile that. So that Allah forgives my sins and accepts my fasting. So there's a very complicated family situation in here.

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There's some advice from a religious point of view, I could mention number one is the people that you are having this trouble with, make the offer them

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make the offer that not only make God that your relationship with her, make, pray for them, make law for them,

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that Allah blesses them or whatever they're doing, making your offer one another brings the hearts closer together.

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You know, give some stuff up on their behalf,

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do a good deed on their behalf, give some charity, make the intention or love, give them the reward for this. That will soften the hearts and bring the hearts together. Okay. And then communication, talking it out with your husband is going to be very important. And then the biggest piece of advice that I'll give is talk to a family counselor, a therapist, talk to somebody that can help you make sense of the situation and, you know, try to understand the situation better. But you have to talk to somebody, a counselor, a licensed therapist, a counselor, etc. Okay. Now, the next thing is that you're in question is, you're afraid that your worship might not be attempted because of hurting

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these people, if you're not actually actively hurting them. Now, again, I can't speak to this situation, because I've only heard your side of the story. But I can answer your question from your point of view. If what you said is true, that you're being very fair and balanced, and you're not trying to harm anyone, and you're trying to be respectful, but at the same time trying to protect your children,

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then you're not wronging anyone, you're not doing full play anyone, you're not oppressing anyone, you're not violating anyone's rights. So therefore I don't think you need to worry about your deeds not being accepted.

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And if that's the case, and you ask Allah for forgiveness, and Allah will indeed forgive your sins, and Allah will indeed, accept your worship, will love to tell them to so.

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I hope that that helps. All right.

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Some questions in regards to da

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Is it necessary to put your hands up while making your eyes? What if you are driving, so it's not necessary, but that is how the proselytism would make the art is narrated by like, dozens of companions. Okay, if you're driving, no, there's always exceptions to the rule. Sound like to say that radi Allahu taala hanuma. He says he saw the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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on the day of alpha, and he was making drop at Hajj. And so he had both his hands raising making

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the rope that was you know, on the rope tied to the neck of the camel.

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Or sometimes it would be connected to the nose ring and the camel is very sensitive about that. It was sitting on the back of the cabin. So after a while, the rope slipped and fell when it felt a little bit of tug, that camel started to lower its head. So the proselytism reached down and grabbed it with one rope and then just kept one hand up continuing to be drawn. So in that sense, obviously, if you're driving, keep both hands on the wheel, and just make go on it's not a requirement. But if you are sitting like this just set home by yourself making broad then you should then you should raise your hands. Right again, you'll have to, but it is recommended. Okay.

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All right. Um,

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Okay, someone is saying that I would like to do about asking for my children to be guided and for them to become righteous. People say to us verse 38, from chapter three. So that's it. I'm rod, is that do I appropriate to ask for existing children to be granted guidance? Isn't it asking for a new child who advocate the Isaac area robber? Miller don't give up in academia. So you're correct in noting the fact that the DA is actually asking for new child. However, there's another verse that I can recommend that has a similar meaning. But then I'm going to share something with you. Give me just a moment so I can pull up that other verse.

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It's at the end of season four upon the end of surah, chapter number 25. All right.

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Okay, Chapter 25 verse number 74.

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robina, habla namun, as wodgina was to be Yachty, Naka, Raja, our union which I know what's up Lina Mama,

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my Lord grant,

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our Lord grant us in our spouses and our children, the coolness of the eyes, and make all of us as families, the leaders of the righteous. Alright, so that seems to be a little bit more directly in the vein of what you are inquiring about. But now the big thing I wanted to say is remember at the end of the day, you can use these to us. But what is most powerful and most effective and most beautiful and most sincere is just in your own words, single Allah.

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I really worried about my kids, Oh Allah, please give them the love of the guide their hearts, give them

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give them the love of Allah and His Messenger,

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cetera etc. So that will be the most effective way to make dua for your children. All right.

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Okay, so with that, in sha Allah, what I'm going to do is I'm going to wrap up the q&a session for today.

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So a couple of notes though, before you head out tonight at column live.com. So if you go to

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you know, very powerful sessions and reflections shared by the instructors alum. So please tune in there. All right, so that'll be tonight. If you go to column lytx comm you can set a reminder converted for your timezone be notified when it starts, etc. So I'm going to call them live comm number one, number two. If you've been keeping up with these sessions, you can find all the previous sessions. If you want to use Instagram, they're all saved on my Instagram account. Number one, you can also go to the following YouTube channel. You'll find all of them saved over there as well and they're being uploaded to the following podcast so you can listen to them there as well in Chalabi

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ninja Thirdly, go to support column.com and support the work that we're doing these last few days and nights of the month of Ramadan blessing days tonight so 27 night donate contribute so that Giardia so that plant the seed for a tree that will continue to grow long after you're gone will continue to benefit you and your family in the life of the hereafter. All right, and then the

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one thing someone had asked a question let me answer that question. I apologize. Is that okay if Is it okay if I in my sujood saying Allah in NACA 412 habla alpha, yes you can absolute so that there are four Laila to other love my neck I fall into hibbeler Alpha for I need

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a line you are in Nick awful when you are the oft forgiving to hibbeler for you love to forgive her for it, so please forgive me.

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You can absolutely say that

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St. Jude as well in your optional prayers in your, in your prayers tonight in chat loving Allah. Baraka lafay comm So, lastly, and finally before I go, because we are, you know, going into the 27th night

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blessing nights, last few moments of the month of Ramadan, I want to specifically remind everyone to make dua for Muslims everywhere from Muslims everywhere. But you know, it's in front of us right now, a particularly big draw for our Palestinian brothers and sisters, and what they're dealing with, it makes for the protection and the sanctity of the Sacred House of Allah subhanaw taala admissions officer because unfortunately, and tragic leads being violated. So please, not to do eyes are needed. everywhere all over the world. My people are hurting. But I just felt I have I feel a particular connection with Philistine and Miss adoxa. And so I'm just requesting you to keep them in

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your class tonight. Zack will have hidden botica Luffy was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh catch up.