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Mohamad Baajour
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so now on equal health law

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smella hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main fauna on final Bhima alum Tana

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Was it not in your camera? I mean, we ask Allah Subhana Allah teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what you told us and increase us in knowledge and peace brothers in the back, can you please

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now Allah subhanaw taala bless this gathering in sha Allah, may Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who are surrounded by the angels and Rama Allah subhanaw taala descend upon them and Allah subhanho wa Taala will shower him with a chat with them with the with his tranquillity inshallah Amin herbal Alameen with Quran filmer and Allah I mean you're blind me.

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As you heard the my respected brother Imam Nadeem mentioning, today we will be starting a new series.

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And this new series is called Divine Messages, Divine Messages, which is the stories of the Quran

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when when someone someone

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gives you a gift, let's say somebody gives you $500

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And then he gives you $5,000. And then he gives you $1 million dollars.

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When he wants to show His favors.

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When he wants to show His favors upon you.

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He will remind you with which money

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with a million dollars, right? He will remind you with the best thing he ever gave you.

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He will remind you with the best favor he has ever done to you.

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In Arabic

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and our street language. I'm not alone, but we can fake everything okay, maybe caffeine isn't enough isn't sufficient. I did this for you. Type. When Allah Subhana Allah to Allah in the Quran wants to tell us what is the best thing that he ever done for us?

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Is it

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giving us eyes? Is it giving us parents? What is the best thing that Allah subhanaw taala Have you ever done or mentioned the Quran that ever done to us? And that is our LM Mia CFI him, maybe Kofi come when you feed him and then

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he can kita bye you.

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Him the best favor Allah subhanaw taala ever bestowed on this ummah, is the favor of the Quran being recited upon us. I want them yet for him isn't sufficient for you. Just talking to the kuffaar of Quraysh isn't sufficient for them that they have this Quran the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala recited to them, from whom from the best man ever created from Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam isn't that enough for them? So yeah, when

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and I want everyone to ask himself and ask herself, how was your relationship with the Quran?

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And when we say that

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we mean that how often do you open this book

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and not only read read with the double

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Isla he can

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leave the room.

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Wally Carrera. And

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this book. We mentioned that many times before that it was revealed and the reasons why

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has revealed not only to listen and read and memorize and unfortunately, this is what we concentrate so much on reading and re citation and listening and make sure my son is half is half as half as half as whether he understand he does not understand. I don't care. No, that's not the reason the Quran was revealed. This is an excellent first step. All this reading, reciting, listening, memorizing these are all means to get to the reason why the Quran was revealed. The Quran was revealed Kitab Anza now Allah you can Mubarak Naish, Lea de baru Jaquan Lea Debreu FNA yet, Varun Al Quran am Allah colluding AlFalah the only reason why we are not pondering upon the Quran is that

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means there is a luck on the source of reception is it's clogged, it's blocked that's why we're not enjoying this Quran. So the question we go back again, how was your relationship with the Quran and when we hear that

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the Sahaba used to finish in three days and then seven days one Quran

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the whole Quran

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when we hear our our Hanifa Imam Shafi mimetic three days seven days sometimes I'm gonna done once a day, Danny How far are we? Unfortunately, we put all the concentration in Ramadan and after Ramadan is over, we closed this book but this book is not guidance in Ramadan it's guidance for every single day key tab and

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in this book, there is a sun now we're gonna show you and for some now who have celiac one, what is your problem what what's your issue? It's in the Quran the solution to beyond the only condition to beyond and luckily shape, clarity to everything who's saying this the Creator, so we should have a constant relationship with the Quran. So please Jaquan please

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put a schedule like we call it an Arabic word in order to say word, no. Wow, rather, you're saying right. So make the Word.

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Word Yeah.

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Without the accent comes out.

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So what can you handle half an hour, one hour, Jews

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have a choice. But to leave to stay one day, a whole day without opening a page of the Quran. This is not a good sign. Some of the Anima called that Hijra.

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You have deserted the Quran if you stayed one day without opening the Quran. Please Jaquan sometimes we stay after phygital group. Sometimes you come early. Before fishing now fishers at 640 for example, you woke up at six o'clock from six to 640 you cannot do anything at home except pray the Torah Kasana that's it. So come home, our do it at home whatever you want. That time till the federal the GEMA is started. Just open the Quran 2345 pages. Every letter is 10 Hassan and if you can, which is now Subhanallah we will be questioned about this.

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This Don't be very happy. I have the newest iPhone, the newest galaxy, you will be questioned when Elon ALLAH blessed you with this Namor called telephone, iPhone smartphone. You have it in your pocket. And we all brag brother. Do you know how many Quran apps I have? Everything. How do you How many of you read Allah Hey,

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everyone's Ramadan? No, it's like their idea how close is gonna get to your heart.

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That's the closest thing to my heart. That's it, take it open finish put it back. But you know, your

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doctor's office.

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Anytime you have to stay, walla walla he I know a brother that every traffic light.

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He put he doesn't waste it. He talks the way he reads as much as he can. Every traffic light. It's a long, one minute traffic light. He said one minute, five, six lines rather. Five, six lines you're talking about?

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Maybe seven 800 Hustle. Every hustle is multiplied by 10 Look at the people investing for the year.

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And we have some of us Jaquan have not touched the Quran since last Ramadan. And by the way,

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do you know that Ramadan is in five and a half months?

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Allahu Akbar. This is when the Sahaba used to make a DUA, Allah who made a living out Ramadan who amongst the set along with the living Ramadan.

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This is when they used to ask because they know the value of Ramadan. So add one more insha Allah to Allah keep us alive to witness Ramadan, you're going to close your eyes and boom Ramadan is here brothers

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Prepare this and that. So let's go back to the Quran please refresh, revive your relationship with the Quran, any any amount, but do not leave a day go by without opening the Quran. This is my they said,

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if you want to talk to Allah, make dua if you want Allah to talk to you read the Quran.

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If you want to talk to Allah, make dua, if you want Allah to talk to you, yeah, au Halina, and then all of us talking to you. So Hannah, Carolyn. So let's refresh our relationship with the Quran. So why did we start this

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series and Sharma because for many reasons,

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Allah subhanaw taala. If I ask somebody here that he is in his 50s or 60s,

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I tell him Brother, tell us a couple of stories what happened in your life.

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He will have or she will have at least if somebody is in his 50s, Allah in 1975 in 1982. And at least he has 100 200, maybe 300 stories one day, we were sitting here one day, or during the war, and here we can, everybody has so many stories, and this is a human being who lived for 50 or 60 years, right? And every one of us has so many stories to tell when we sit with each other. Oh, yeah, what happened to me when I went to college when I many stories

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for you, Allah subhanho wa Taala for from the beginning of creation from them Alayhis Salam, all the way to the day of judgment. He picked those 30 stories to put them in the Quran. So can you imagine how important are they? He could have put millions and millions of stories you're talking about a very long period of time, he picked those theory or soul stories and put them in the Quran. These are not bedtime stories.

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They are there for a reason, the style of the Quran. Sometimes it is about halal and haram. Sometimes it's about the nations before us. It's sometimes about what happened with Rasul Allah Islam. But better and sometimes stories about the prophets and sometimes stories like the stories we'll be studying here in sha Allah Allah, the story of the Bacara why Bacara why from this whole surah the longest surah in the Quran 200 And something I had many stories in it, Allah picked the Bacara to be the name even though the Bukhara story of the Bukhara maybe if you added up it comes out to one page, why Baqarah So, all these stories inshallah Tada we will be discussing, one of the

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main reason Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran Subhan Allah.

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Allah, Nepal so Allah Yuka H sanel cosas.

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Let's start with the first chocolate. What does the word this mean? But sometimes you story

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in the Yeah, and if you have a out of the Adobe dictionary

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have no.

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I'll give you a hint. Where's the word? Where's the word? Plus Noun?

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The verb? The verb of course, I'm not gonna say it because if I say if you're gonna guess exactly which Surah which surah

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the word the

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No, there is not going to be a

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struggle. There is one surah that the meaning of the word of the verb is mentioned. And it

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is mentioned in it

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I can't hear on second.

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None whatsoever. No less than a calf.

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story. I can give you another hand. One

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person told another person go

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and do the verb from here

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what why is that? I don't know which which story I'm talking about. No, no, not the cuff.

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Musa um, credit

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your clothes.

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What did what did the mother of Musa tell her daughter?

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The kid

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could see right

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cervical cancers Cassia she Annie, Casa tetap Bal fr to follow the traces. This is what Casa Casa de verb means follow the traces. And same thing when you say a story, you're saying, you know, step by step, right? When did it start? What is the medical model and then there's good and bad and so this is the steps proceed.

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It is also mentioned in surgical calf with most which was the

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first at that

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first day I had email Kasasa Yanni they followed that the trace to see where did they leave the fish right? Okay, so Allah subhanaw taala said no nakasu sand castles, the best of stories, Allahu Akbar. So Allah subhanho wa Taala saying that we are narrating the best of stories so these stories are the best of stories without without any any doubt.

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Another reason for these stories that are they are revealed foxes in Casa La La home, yet affect karoun And tell them the stories so they can reflect. And this is the main reason from this year one. First, it's great to know why Bacara Wi Fi and why this why that great, great information. But that's not the goal of the stories. We want to learn these stories so we can take a lesson reflect upon them. And if we ever faced by something similar, this is where you're supposed to act otherwise the same punishment that happened to these people will happen to you. And this is one of our problems that we are facing right now. We are not learning from other's mistakes. And this could and

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have detailed everything. So when we when Allah subhanaw taala tells us a story they did this this this and that and look what happened to them as how the Sabbath the people of Saturday they did this this and that they thought they're going to play around or trick Allah subhanaw taala look what happened to them. So don't do the same.

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Another reason for here why are we studying this? We're calling an apostle Allah He came in Russell, man who said b2b He flew back.

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We are narrating and relating these stories from the prophets before you so we can keep your heart firm on this Deen.

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Is there any better time that we need something to make a steadfast on this deal? Allah had the best. The best time that we need to be reminded about how can we be firm on this deen is now and Allah subhanho wa Taala every time Rasulillah Salam goes through difficulty, he told them a story.

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Look what happened to you. So look what happened to Musa alayhis salam look at what happened. So he consoled him, you know, make him feel like you know

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it was Roman Catholic that could zebu they have been told that you are liars. We're all them and they were harmed. So be patient here Muhammad, Salah and innocent similarly, the stories are also to us.

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Also these stories to us, so we can reflect upon and this is a form that you can will make steadfast on this Dean

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Subhanallah the story in general, but one time when I when I when I give a lecture to students in colleges or schools,

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the lectures like 45 minutes to one hour. And then in the lecture I mentioned the story for a minute, one minute from the 45 and then you ask any person who attended

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What do you remember from the lecture?

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The story,

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the story, everything as they forgot the story? Oh, yeah, that guy that you mentioned your habibi. That was five seconds. And

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so similarly, of course, Allah subhanaw taala is the king he knows that these stories will have a tremendous effect on on the people.

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Look at the can fi causing him Ebru

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legally Al Bab Subhan Allah, in their stories there has been if you if you look at the translation of the word Deborah,

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you will find that translated into a lesson.

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But Allah subhanaw taala did not say in the stories there is a lesson to everybody, no, literally Al Bab to people of understanding men of understanding they will really take the lesson and implement them in their life. Look at the word Abraham.

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Abraham, what is the closest verb you could think?

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have you here Abra

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Abra right Abra means cross, right Subhan Allah. Look at this.

00:20:11 --> 00:20:18

In the stories, Allah said there is Abraham. That means before you hear the story you are in this side

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is nothing on anything. And after you hear the story, you will cross to the truth Subhan Allah, Tala min one side to the other side,

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you will cross from the side of ignorance to the side of knowledge. So, in these stories there is an Abra Abra is not only a lesson, it's not a moron. But it's also that you will completely change after you hear this story. And you implement that story in in your life.

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Some of the stories we will do today is just an introduction. If you're waiting for the study, it's not going to happen. You need

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some of the stories. I'm just introducing the lecture today. And next week we'll start the stories in Java. We will start next week because a lot of brothers before they asked me can you please tell us in advance so we can, you know, read it at the same time. Next week will be the story of Al Baqarah. We're going to start so a little Bukhara with the story of the Bukhara some of the stories you will be discussing is the story of Kobe and Javi. The story of the people of the calf, story of Qarun the story of mother of Musa alayhis salaam. We're going to start we're going to talk about the story of men early for around the believer amongst the people of frown.

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Anybody know the lamb Bimba aura

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the lamb Binda.

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Excellent see not too many people know him even though his story is mentioned in the in the Quran, without his name, but it's mentioned in the in the Quran, the story of his harvest Sabbath, the story of the Hood Hood of moose of Solomon, as hobble of dude, little Carmine and the story of Lachman, these are just some of the stories we will be discussing in Charlotte Allah. So please bring your families make it a fun night and everybody would benefit in sha Allah Tala all these lectures will be also live stream and they will be taped and also on YouTube. And last thing I want to tell you in Charlotte and please don't forget, tomorrow we have a beautiful lecture brother times

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a man is a graduate of amalgam Institute. He will be here giving you the lecture tomorrow. And also on Sunday we have the workshop we've been waiting for. This is the last time this workshop will be offered for free. We did this last year we did it for free this year. I did it for free this year also, and this is the last year the brothers want to charge for this next time shall not take advantage and benefit from it be in the letter Allah, bring all your families inshallah Tada, there will be babysitting, and there will be also food to buy between

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between ourselves and another. The whole lecture is going to be from Dora all the way to Tasha. And finally, please, if anybody is in the media business on making short videos or stuff like that, please see me after the class. Zack unlocker Baraka, Luffy calm or Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I did not give one chapter to them or their body

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use of

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she took one already

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