Blame Yourself Turn to Allah

Bilal Assad


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Blame Yourself; Turn to Allah – Bilal Assad

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Allah says in the Quran

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or either Tony

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Verily the true believers are those

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are those who when Allah is mentioned to them,

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their hearts begin to tremble out of fear or love.

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And you will find that their Eman increases. When they remember the Lord, the man increases and they rely upon the Lord.

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One lady in

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the karuma

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army or

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And those

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who when they do an indecent Act, or commit a wrong against themselves, they remember the Lord.

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And so they asked forgiveness for their sins sincerely from the heart. Allah says and who is there that forgives sins other than Allah? Allah is the oft forgiven, so long as you don't insist on continuing to do them over and over and over and over again. You insist you say to yourself, I'm gonna keep doing it. I repeat, no, keep doing it. You have to be sincere. So Adam alayhis salam, what did he learn from his Lord, have been our best for the Allah Han who says and others of the companions, they tell us

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or actually it's also in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah explains to us caller Rob banner dahlem nanfu Center. They both said, Our Lord, we wronged ourselves. We're in limbo. fildena tarhana, an akuna

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Minal facility, and our Lord if you do not forgive us and have mercy upon us,

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we will be among the losers they lost. They're not blaming Allah. They're not blaming at least they're blaming themselves we wronged ourselves. That's the correct methodology of the believer. You do not blame the shaytaan you do not blame Allah you not blame anyone but yourself. The first

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conditions of repentance is that you blame yourself.

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This is sounds familiar to the daughter of Eunice Allah is when he walked away from his people without the permission of his Lord thinking that he was doing the right thing. And so on. Last minute, I wanted to teach him a lesson. He punished him by the big fish the whale that swallowed him and he stayed in the stomach of the whale, among the glorifies you Subash Subhana Allah the lamb to NFC, all of these words, were there normally is they have a morale demon. When is unknown, Yunus went

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and he thought that we will not punish him because he thought he had done something good

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to me.

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He said, glory be to my to my Lord. There is no god worthy of worship, but you I have wronged myself.

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I have wronged myself, but also so I sent him says anyone who says this door and is in hardship, there is no way out except that Allah, Allah will relieve you from your hardship. Adam alayhis salam Howard said this, Allah forgave them and bestowed His mercy upon them and forgave them when they admitted and turn to our last panel.