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Salam Alikum

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Smilla will hummed allow salatu salam ala Rasulillah while early he was a happy woman who Allah, La Molina myInfo now one foreigner Bhima alum Tana in Casa MyHome would you would do our logomania will become an MLM or cubilia Xiaowen FC latesh bahwa in line SMA, or Barnala to the Fluvanna bad data now habla Milla don't Karasuma Inaka Intel hub

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it's a pleasure to be here, just like Malachy for the gift, I don't deserve it. May Allah subhanaw taala put blessings, his blessings and baraka and everyone, in every person who works for this Deen for Islam for spreading it.

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I want to start with a story. And always when we start with stories, I can capture your attention. Hopefully, it's a beautiful food. So hopefully I can take you away a little bit from the food.

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The one of the icons of the Hanafi school of thought

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is all the abuse of is a very famous student of Imam Abu Hanifa. And his his student narrated the story

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how the Abu Yusuf was an orphan. His father died as a young age, they were poor, didn't have much. So his mother decided to send him to the market to work and make some money to support himself.

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However, all the abuse of in the market found the Halacha, the class of Imam Abu Hanifa.

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And he used to sneak out from work, go and attend the class. The mother knows about it, go to the class, pick him up, put him back in the workplace.

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This is day one, day two, day three, day four. Finally she came to the class and Abu Hanifa was sitting all the abuse of a young man sitting there. She looked at Abu Hanifa

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Imam Abu Hanifa and she said, You know what? You're ruining my child. You're spoiling my child. You're taking him away from our source of income that can help him

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Al Imam Abu Hanifa the faqeer as Imam Shafi I used to say about him Kulu Nassif, hilfi al Lunala, Abu Hanifa, every scholar of Fick is a child, if you compare him with our Hanifa. So he looked at her and says, Woman, leave him there. Let him learn. One day, he will eat. I'll falou the edge. It's kind of dessert. That's only kings and high, rich people, dignitary, eat it. She looked at him and says, what took her child moved, looked at him and says, By Allah haba Hanifa, you're getting old. And I think you're losing your mind.

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Years later,

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before that, Abu Hanifa decided to take him out of the market, pay him daily, what he was gaining from work, and he taught him years later,

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I will use have become the Kali of Baghdad. The judge of Baghdad is like the Supreme Court these days. And one day, he was sitting with Haruna Rashid Ameerul Momineen, the leader of the believers,

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and then they were eating, and they served them dessert. And guess what was the dessert?

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I'll follow with what Abu Hanifa predicted. So he looked at it and he starts smiling.

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So how long the Rashid looked at him, he says, Why are you smiling? It's a desert.

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He said nothing. Yeah, Mira more meaning. It's nothing. He said, No, you need to tell me. So he told him this story. And how una Rashid says May Allah bless Abu Hanifa he looked at you with his heart. He didn't look at you with his eyes. And look what this brought up. I'll follow the Abu Yosef. Every time I come across this story. I remember a story happened to me in Jeddah where I studied Islamic study. After I moved I had to work to get to

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Logistics reason to get permanent visa to sit to stay in the country and to study. So one day I was in labor and delivery as you some of you most of you know, I'm an obstetrician gynecologist. So they called me to for a delivery. Next day, I had fic exam. So I brought my books with me, because sometimes delivery takes long time and I may be able to study. So I left my book and it was book of book of fear along the way. And when to see the patient came back, one of my colleagues next to me looked at me and said, he picked up the book and he said, What is this? What is going to give you? How much more you will make?

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Very common question, very common concept. We look at knowledge, how much money it will bring me.

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And I remembered, of course the word of Allah

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in the Quran, and most of you in sha Allah, you know, there's a lot of doulas there is a lot of supplication Allah Titus for banana Robina Atina for dunya Hasina have been allowed to Saku banaba in Daytona, and on and on and on. And if you look at almost all these da except one, there was no teaching that teaches you and me to ask for more.

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Except one

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in sort of Baja. And Allah said it through Rasul Allah is salatu salam, and it's a DUA, worker, Robbie Zinnia. Alma, oh, Allah, increase me in knowledge. Increase me in knowledge, teach me more. Never, ever is enough. And knowledge because that's a very common question. A lot of people ask, what is knowledge? Which one? So everybody has to go and become an Imam, and share her and memorize the Quran? What about the others? The answer in a simple word and it's not my words, scholars word is any kind of knowledge. Number one halaal is allowed by Allah subhanho wa taala. And number two, brings you closer to Allah subhanho wa taala. That's what you should pursue. If it is otherwise,

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then you need to think about it.

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Is this easy? Is this available? Is this something we want to do? What will make me do it? A lot of people asked me this. What made you go and study Islamic Studies? And you're already an offset Russian gynecologist? Why? Simple answer from Rasul Allah salatu salam. And this is a Hadith by Mahalia and it is all Buhari and Roswaal a salatu salam said this to each one of us, your Rasul Myra Su, and a salatu salam said the following May you read the love will be higher on you for coffee Dean

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Mejuri dilla who be higher on you factor Hofer, Dean? Whomsoever, Allah, my Creator and yours? Once higher, goodness, goodness, general for him or her?

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What does he do to them? Allah, give them more money. Give them big homes, more cars, more vacations? No, you factor houfy diem. Teach him or her the inner meaning of this beautiful Islam that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave you and me unfortunately, the time we are living in the materialistic life we're living in this become one I have time. This become when I can. After I finish things, one to two difficult not available. I can do it.

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Every time shaitan come to you with this. Remember with another Hadith of Rasul Allah Salatu was Salam. And he said the following and this is in Imam Muslim and Narrated by Abu Hurayrah men silica or you can yell Thomas will be here enema. Men silica Bari en el Tomas will be here in Lima. sal Allahu La Kotori Hattori SallAllahu Taala who be for a con el Jana. Do you want to go to Jana?

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I don't hear an answer.

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Any doubt?

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Do you think you can?

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In sha Allah I love this in sha Allah

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Yes for sure. But I need to work for it. Simple answer by Roswaal a salatu salam start learning start learning look for it when Salah Qatari can start the path, anything, a small lecture, a small book, a small course bigger whole Islamic studies it doesn't matter he did not define it he said just take the path do it like you want to be physician teacher it CEO all these are fine, but why not? The other one with it. You take this path and that's the Hadith, Salah Qatari or new take the path sal Allahu Allah who will be de biryani Nanogen Allah will make it easy for you in this dunya and more important your path to Africa to Jana. He didn't say after he said to Jana, you want to go

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to Ghana, start learning, start learning. Take support students who wants to study Islamic studies. They want to be a lawyer but they want to be a lawyer with learning Islamic rulings, both together, two of them together. So put focus on this aim, focus on learning. Do you want to be edge Do you want to be looked at as someone with a status Sure. You want to people? Do you want people to invite you everywhere? You look at you they want your company? Sure. Do you want to be in Geneva and the AHA but not in the first level? Up high? Absolutely. Learn? Allah said that in Surah tel moja della Yarrow, Fila hula Deena aminu, Ming qumola. Medina O'Toole Aima da Rajat Allah who will elevate the

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believers, true believers. And those people of knowledge, people of knowledge, the he Subhana will rank you up in

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stations in levels of Jannah, not the base hire up by the fact, you learned. I don't want to take too much of your time. Two more points. And this goes to the sisters, specifically, but the brothers help is needed. Everyone in this room, a mother already a mother to be or wants to be a mother. And there is a famous poetry. People who know how to be in this room probably knows it very well. And this is the poem. The poet is actually hafler Ibrahim. He's a very famous Egyptian in the early of the previous century, and he said the following alone Medora certain either Odetta adductor Shaban by evil Araki, mothers or mother is a school. Mother is a school. If you prepare it will prepare it

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will you will prepare very well. generations to come. Mother school if you want to. If you prepared her. Well. You are you already prepared? Very good generation to come. Last point I want to share to Alamo lane. This is a line from seed no more I don't know gerbil famous Sahabi who rasool Allah salatu salam looked at him and he said yam was in need of a book or a swami salatu salam looked at him. Imagine this is you and me. And he said, Yeah, Muhammad, I love you. I always say I wish it was me. And I'm sure all of you and he said this. It's a long Hadith, but I'm going to choose just few and he said Tala moraine learn this knowledge for INETA Aluma Hola. He hatia learning this knowledge

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for the sake of Allah is will lead you to the our love and fear of Allah. wa Taala whoo hoo a badda. Seeking this knowledge is an act of worship is an act of worship.

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While back to anhu, jihad, looking for it. buying the book, finding the book, look at the website is jihad act of jihad. One Mudaraba to Tasbeeh studying it is an act of glorifying Allah, an act of glorifying Allah

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I will end up with what I started with corrupt visit Nima your Allah I implore to you in front of all of you that each one in this room give us an increase us in knowledge one and the DUA I started with I will end up with your Allah teach us what is beneficial to us and benefit us from what we already learn and what we already know. desoxyn Allahu hyaluron Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.