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Brother Eddie gonna show you on the show. Salaam Alaikum. Peace be unto you. We have another exciting show for you every week we have an exciting show if you would exciting people who join us this week on the Dean's show. My next guest who was with the likes singing with working with Run DMC Sinead O'Connor, Alexander O'Neal, and many many other famous songwriters and singers. But today he's on the D show, Abdul wrote to tell us his story and his journey to Islam.

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There's only one Jesus was his messenger.

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Why did that maybe, maybe it's just to break the ice. salaam aleikum. Wa Alaikum, salaam, peace be with you, too. How are you? How are you having good, I'm not too bad. Thank you. Thank you for being with us here on the D show. It's a pleasure to be here. Now the time is short. And we love to give people that nice taste so they can continue coming back. And they can continue to look into snom. And we clear a lot of the misconceptions. We have a lot of scholars who come on and we also give the people a treat people who come from other faiths. They used to be Christian like you were and people who have had many different experiences. And you used to be with the likes of working with Run DMC.

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These are like the founders or like the icons are the originators of hip hop. Let's start from there. Tell us of your days when you are back with some of the likes of Run DMC Sinead O'Connor, who was it out? Whoa, what it was. I was working for a record company back in the day. And what we did was we actually bought the rights of Alexander O'Neill's tracks.

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It was fake and criticize. Yeah. And we met him in the studio. We've done the remixes. It was a very nice size. Very nice man. You know, he had some, some issues, but we're not going to go into any of that. But it was nice working with him. Run DMC was was a remix. Yes. And his wife Justin Simmons. Yeah. Who?

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I don't know how to describe her vocals. But I think I don't think she did any more work after that particular track. Yeah. And that was very short lived that experience there. And the same with Sinead O'Connor that was a remix that I did. So I didn't actually get to actually physically work with her. It was just doing a remix of a track. That was called 1000. mirrors. Yeah. Which was a beautiful and well written track. And

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the remix I did, was well received. So now you said something in Arabic. And I always say that just for the non Muslims who tuned in, they think we're saying some code words. What do you say?

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What is that all the facts and praises are to Allah, the creator? And then right there is a roller coaster effect. You said a lot. And I'm somebody. I think this is some Arab guy. I mean, guy who's a lot of law is the one God The one who got the one guy. Yeah, the God of Abraham, the God of Abraham, of Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ of Moses, all the prophets. Yes, that's right. Or the sun in the moon over creative, everything that exists. That's a lot. That's a lot. Yes. And it just one extra note on that, that it's it's a system language, to Arabic, Aramaic, and many people, they don't reflect. And they don't think that Jesus, he never spoke English, he spoke Aramaic. And he would say Aloha,

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Aloha, Aloha, the same God he's calling upon as the one who you're praising and thanking thank you for clearing that up. And now you with some of the celebrities, you were performing at concerts. Your dream is to be a star. Oh, yeah. He called it back then. Yeah, back then. These are days that we call jolly. Oh, yeah. So we want to give the people kind of just a taste of what you were living and how you came to the sweetest of sweetness of things.

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So what what give us a preharvest things going? What were you aspiring to be? Were you trying to be MTV? Were you on MTV? What were you wanting and striving to accomplish? I was striving to be a so called

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you know, r&b superstar if there's such a thing.

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You know, I was working out of Toronto, New York and Los Angeles I worked with many different producers and songwriters and did

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A few albums as well, Russell Simmons. Well, I didn't get to work with him. He's like a famous dancer right here. Did you know him? No, not personally. But, you know, I had some, you know, some some very good interest from one of the prominent writers and producers from Los Angeles. He goes by the name of babyface. He's produced all of the top artists that I've heard of him baby face. Yeah. Yeah. It's been a long time ago. I can't even remember his his name in a long time ago, too. But these names these are these are popular figures. They still are today. Yeah, they still are. Yeah.

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You know, I was striving to get to the top of that song called letter. And why for money, for fame for money for fame, you know, but this is what I'm saying that for me. Once I was taking that journey. I never ever felt as though I was doing something I was totally satisfied with.

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There was always How can I put this?

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I always felt as though I was acting a certain part of me was always active. Never been totally real. Real. true to myself and to others in that field. A facade. Yeah, you're putting on a show. Yeah, Mr. Show, man. Yeah, Mr. Show.

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But, you know, I said, when I was on stage, I never really felt like I'm, you know, I was being myself. Yeah. Now, when did At what age did you start to sing and then you start to get involved in the music business. Um, when I was about maybe 1718, I started to sing I used to. My brother was a classically trained on the piano. So I sort of liked to watch him. So I kind of learned a few scales and a few chords on the piano, but I wasn't really singing until maybe I got to about 1718. So people told me that I had a good voice. Yeah. And you started to develop from there. So you are also coming from a Christian family. Do you sing also in the choir? No, I didn't actually buy I used to

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be an altar boy. And

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every Sunday, yeah. What So were you practicing Christianity was your family. Christians? Are you going to the church? Yes. This is what I was doing every Sunday. At the same time. Not singing? No, I wasn't singing at that time. Yeah. Are you seeing on Saturday? hang out at church on Sunday school, church and Sunday? Yeah, I should do my little fingers play the piano every Saturday morning. Yeah. And that was more or less how that. Okay, so how are you mixing the two in what is you know, are you godly? Are you looking, you know, to like, are you religious or not religious, you know, you got the music thing going, you're aspiring, you know, you're at the club, I'm sure we're

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not going to get into details. There's drinking. There's all sorts of things going on there. And but then there's the church. So where are you at? Well, I was

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going to church,

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doing my thing. And then slowly came away from the church, but always had

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the creator in mind because my mother taught me about God. She didn't teach me about him having any partners and nothing like that. She just taught me about God. Okay, so that's how I understood, yeah. Okay, so you are just like, most people, they're born in a family, they don't question anything. And you just feel like this is the right thing. Yep. Now, at what point did you start to question at what point did you decide, okay, you know, I gotta get a little more serious. And at what point did you start to ask the more crucial questions like, what's the purpose of life? Well, you know, I went through quite a bit

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in my lifetime, where I didn't ask any of those questions. Yeah, you know, because I was too busy doing things that, you know, I wanted to do for myself, and didn't you know, always had, you know, God in mind, but I still went on about doing my business and just left all that the villages stuff behind. Yeah.

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But along the way, a couple of Muslim Brothers stopped me in the street, and asked me if, you know, I knew anything about the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, which at that time, I didn't, So was this just a random? Yes. Really what they had, like $1 table? No, it wasn't $1 table. It was just a brother who just came up to me, I don't know why, but he just came up to me in the street and Muslim approaches, as opposed to me in the street and asked me, you know, she can probably you know, cannot be talking. I'll speak to you for a couple minutes. I was like, okay, so So let's take a break now, and we're going to find out what this Muslim said to you will be right back.

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There will always be someone that will be there to say something negative, but at the same time, there'll be someone that to say something positive. Just hold on to the rope of Allah, everything in this universe, rely on me for answers don't kill women. Don't kill children. Don't kill the old people don't attack the civilians. This is what the prophet Mohammed told.

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The prophets are solid never ever start a war against anybody.

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Back here on the deen show with Abdullah ro,

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and you're talking to us about your journey to Islam, which you saw Islam simply means to acquire peace by submitting surrendering your entire self to the one guy

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Koreans peace. You can't get it unless you get it from the one guy. So that's Islam. And a Muslim is one who does Islam. So this Muslim approaches you out of the blue and he's like, what?

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Well, at first, I was prepared to stand and talk with him. Where are you going? I can't remember. I just know I was. I was going to a rehearsal. Okay. Let's go to rehearsal. So I was kind of like in a hurry.

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Then he asked me, he asked me a few questions. And then he went towards, do I know anything about the Prophet? Muhammad peace be upon him? Yeah. And

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I'm sure I told him my background was from the Christian faith. So he made reference to the Bible, and asked me Have I not read about Muhammad? In the Bible? Mohammed in the Bible? Yeah. Okay. I said, No. And then I thought, you know, I really don't have any time for this.

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Like most people, we don't got time for Yeah, so he, you know, spoke a little bit more than than I said, Look, I've got to go because I'm late. And that was the end. So he just dropped the seat or something. Yeah, that's exactly what he did. Because the thing is, I've never forgotten it. Yeah, you know, even though it was, it did not have an effect on me at that time. It's something that stayed with me because I've never forgotten it, just like one of those spontaneous things that happen in your life, and we're not a million chance that someone just comes up to you and starts talking about Islam. So okay, so you leave that off, now you go, you gotta go, I gotta go, I gotta

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get this Grammy, I gotta work for that. Okay, what happens next.

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So it's quite a bit of time as a, you know, elapsed since then. And I find myself listening to a lot of conspiracy theories, documentaries, and so on and so forth. They're interesting, informative, but they will feel the muscle at all. So remember, I moved to East London, it was an Islamic bookshop. Me and my son was standing outside that bookshop and I said to my son, son, do you know really needs something to feed my soul? I've got so much information at home, but don't do nothing for me. I just need something that's gonna feed me. So at what point where were you in your music career now? What did you have, like many of the things that that you know, women money, good times what you what

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people perceive as good time you were having that I passed through that you pass through that? Yeah. It didn't taste the same. Got played out. Yeah. Okay. So now something the soul is calling you something. Yeah. Okay. Now, my son, you know, he turned around, he said to me, Dad, look at this poster.

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And the poster said,

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the purpose of life. I had a picture of a baby on the front of it. Yeah. So for that looks really interesting. So I walked into the shop. Oh, by the way, it was part one. I walked into the shop and I spoke to the brother and he said to me, um, you know, show me the shelf with the DVDs. That was part two, part three. And I was just like, you know, I want all of this because it looks really interesting. He said to me, nah, bro. Just take the first one. Which is what I did. I took it home. I put it in. It was a lecture by a brother called Holly. Yes. In colleges in purpose of life. Yeah. Okay.

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When he started to speak, I paused it. Yeah. I said, You know what, I need to have something to eat.

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Have a wash, sit down and watch this because this sounds like it's gonna be very slow. You just happen again, to be somewhere again, worse. That's why the Muslims are there. And you see a DVD, you're in front of this. Muslim Shaka, because he had the way he had the window. It was like, there was books and DVDs. And it looked very attractive. Yeah. So I just stopped, looked at it. Yeah. And like I said, it was my son who pointed out to me, yeah. Okay, so now you take this, you're yearning for something more than just the material thing. Just seeking the pleasures of the body, your soul is yearning, you get this purpose of life, you get home, and what happens?

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I just knew it was gonna touch me. That's why I stopped it before I you know, because about two, three hours longer. I thought, you know, I really need to be sit down, relax, to take all of this in and

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sat back down, start to listen to it. And the words that you know, I was hearing it was like, I was being reborn. And also at the same time it was though, everything I was hearing, I already knew it. It was just laying dormant and waiting to be woken up again. And, and I knew, you know, I thought to myself, yeah, this is definitely for me. Until he said, You have to pray five times a day. This was shaytaan knocking on the door. Yeah. No, I don't have time for that. You know, because I'm still on, you know, my music thing. And, you know, I don't have time for that. Yeah. So continue to listen to it. And, you know, I felt Yeah, there was so it definitely made it had an impact on me. But the one

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thing that stood in my way was the fact that you'd have to pray five times a day and I didn't understand the timings, but it was in the morning, afternoon, late afternoon, and evening and night. I thought no, that's best um, can't do that. But everything else about what he explained the purpose of life. Was it something where you felt like okay, something came upon you over you with some mystical or was it something that you use your brain and just open your heart

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So your heart was ready to take in the true. And was it something that it was intellectually stimulated you mentally? That's exactly how it was. You know, it came in my mind was listening to these words. And whilst it was it was trickling down here, I could I could, you know, I just knew that what I was hearing it just it was to me it was just it was just true. It was the truth. And it was from, you know, it was from Allah was a rational, logical, it was rational, scientific, logical, scientific, he used as many examples as he could to try and, you know, to shed light on, you know, what people have a lot of misconceptions about today, as far as Islam goes, Yeah, many people can

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watch this actually, this actually had a great impact on the purpose of life. I think you can go on internet, just put Khalid YesI purpose of life. And I think it's out there people can see it for free. Yeah. So now you see this and now there is some okay. He explains the purpose of life, he the concept of God is real simple. You know, one guy just got all the rights are given to the Creator, and that to demigods, semi gods and all these other weird things. So what happens now you need to start Did you take the testimony of faith? No, no, no, what I did was, I kind of delayed it for a few weeks.

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I asked my wife to Did you see like in the video where they have lists, you know, so many different lists. On the lineup, there's like 20 eyeshadow.

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And La ilaha illAllah.

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ana Muhammadan, Abu

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they all be a witness that there's no god but God and Muhammad is the messenger.

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I saw that and But you see, the thing was, you know, shaken was still you know, whispering in my ears like, that's not for you, man. You got more important things to do you know, that remind there is a deep and authentic saying for the last amount of message, final message in America. He said what when a person is about to accept Islam, the way of submitting and spreading to the One God shape kasi? Are you going to accept Islam and leave the religion of your forefathers? And are you going to become a Muslim? So was this something like he was coming in some, you know, put pressure on you, you know, fear? What will? I have to be honest, the dust didn't come from that side. Because

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I already, you know, knew in my heart that Christianity was not for me, and what I understood what I was taught, what I heard, as far as this lamb goes, I knew it was truthful, and it was the truth. But I was still battling. Yeah. Because I knew I would have to change my life. And I would have to stop certain things that I was doing, and just, you know, become submissive to the religion of Allah. So I deleted but my wife, I asked her look, I'm so busy working in the studio. Can you please go back? And get me? Maybe Part Two or Part Three? Yeah. She went back. There was no purpose of life. And in part three, but when she went back there was all gone. Yeah. But she got me a

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different, a different lecture. It was called the signs of the hour. Signs of the hour. Okay.

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Well, but when I listen today, that's from that French scientist that became Muslim. No, that was from

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shake phase from Australia. All right. At the time, that's where he was.

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I certainly don't watch this. This was for about two hours long. And okay. In between that two week period, I had gone to some lectures as well, that's right, listen to the speakers live. So you're enticed by what is what's being presented about Islam is making sense. So because the time is short, what finally has you come to a decision like, you know, what I need to become one who is in compliance with the creator wants me to do I need to become a Muslim. This is when I listened to this lecture, where the brother spoke about

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the beast coming up from the earth.

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You know, having believer in your head printed in your head, or non believer, Judgment Day, and so on. These are the things that just finally made me realize there is no time to delay anymore because I delayed, like I said, for about two weeks, they had you really focusing on death, death, yes. And also, you know, your judgment, the day of judgment, the mercy of a law, you know, whether he decides whether he's going to, you know, have mercy on us on that day or not. And there was no way in this world that I could delay it for another second. I remember it was 12 o'clock at night. I want you to take my Shahada right away to give you know, just I want you to do it right there on that spot.

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Yeah. And did you couldn't because it was terrible.

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What I did is I called the province first thing in the morning and I said to them, Do I have to do I have to do this now.

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So what they did was they invited me to the house in the evening and handler, you know,

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gave testimony, faith and took my Shahada and I've never looked back since we're gonna be right back for more here on the show don't go nowhere.

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I am not afraid to stand alone.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid of

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everything the This cup is insincere submission to the one who created it, because it's following the rules of gravity. By definition, this is how we can say that Islam has been here since the very beginning of time. Anywhere the Muslims went to people embrace Islam in massive countries nation, and this is something that is amazing never happened on the face of Earth. When people saw a practical way of life of being truthful, being honest, making sense of everything that they do. They worship and they buy and sell.

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Now, you became a Muslim, and we're almost out of time. Again. Did you have to go through any crazy weird rituals? Did you have to go get dipped in a pool? What What did you have to do?

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To become the one that has totally consciously submitted to the one guy? What do you do? I just started to read. What did you have to say? Oh, what? Sorry. Okay, I'm sorry. My pleasure. I'm sorry that you had a break. Right? Yeah, I had to. Firstly it was set in Arabic. Yeah. But when the brother translated it, I had to say that I testify that there is one God.

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And his messenger is Muhammad, his final messenger. There's no God worthy of worship except the one God. You said that, and then Muhammad is the messenger. Now, many people don't know when you say that. That includes all the preceding messengers, Jesus Christ Moses, Abraham, at their time, you would say the same Shahada, the same test. There's no God, but God, Allah, and Jesus is the messenger at that time. But today, the last and final, Mr. Muhammad peace be upon him. We don't worship Him, we don't know.

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Elevate him to God or the right hand of God. But he's just a teacher, instructor, a messenger that we follow on how to get close to God. Now you agree to that. Wilson, what are the prayer now? Well, times a day? Yeah, well, you know, the most that was one of the biggest battles and challenges for me, which was to actually learn the prayers so that I could offer it and perform it. It took some time now implementing Islam, the prayer, the second pillar of Islam, it's like a medicine starts to change your life starts to keep you away from evil. Now, just fast forward, did you eventually start to implement it? And how did by implementing Islam to develop your character did you start to leave

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off many of the evil vices? Well, the thing that for me was, I obviously learned it in English first, yeah. And those were the most inspiring words that I heard for a very long time. And I couldn't wait to learn Arabic, to be able to offer my slot in the language that has been prescribed by law for us to offer our Salah, which took time, but I was in it straightaway. Yeah. You know, because that's something I had to do. So how do you feel now? I feel like you know, family law could never stop. I feel I've been blessed. I feel that all Muslims who've been guided life, you've been guided to Islam, you it's a blessing from Allah, it's a mercy from him. And, you know, I could you

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know, one day they will know, inshallah, one day will not pass where, you know, I feel naked. If I if I didn't say my prayers, yeah, I feel that something is completely missing. If I didn't get the internal clock now Time, time is time to prayer come to success.

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Make five minutes, take five minutes, and just pause from chasing the world. We'll get back to it. What a beautiful feeling, though, isn't it to know that you know what, sometimes you know, believe it or not, I'm in the studio working today. And you know, the closer the prayer comes is the more interested in the work, the more intense the more focused on me. But when I leave it and I stopped and I said most of times, go make ablution and get ready for prayer. That is a beautiful feeling. A lot of the craters certainly bless you because he gives the world the richest to anybody. Only love someone he gives him the proper understanding of the truth. And this is a proof and testimony to the

00:24:50--> 00:24:59

love that Allah is loving us to your heart was open. It was open and you let it in. Some people just closed they just you know

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They're not ready. You got to alleviate and get rid of and eradicate all the hatred and the MDT and this racism, and then open your heart. And you did that this is amazing. Tell us now. Now, you also you left off the music business but you're now singing just vocal. Yeah, just vocals no musical instruments. And like I said before, when I used to do you know that music performances, I always felt like I was acting and what I said, whether it has substance or not, it wasn't enough. Yeah. And then, you know, I had a recording studio. I was going to sell it, which I did. You had you had your own recording studio. You What did you do? I just got to the I sold my musical instruments. I've got

00:25:40--> 00:26:22

rid of quite a bit of equipment and was left at a bass Central's before I was going to get I was going to get rid of that for let me just do one last song in the studio for old times sake. Yeah. and ended up doing my first machine. Yeah. Which is called none greater than the creator non greater than the Creator. That was my first shout out now you got to give us a taste. Now you got to give us a taste the people who are viewing. You mentioned it and many people already in the Muslim world know who you are. Can you sing it for us? I'll give you a little rendition. Yes, please go ahead. Please take it away. He created the universe. To Him belong the heavens and the earth? The

00:26:22--> 00:26:32

everliving he is the first He's the owner of mercy. He sent His messenger

00:26:33--> 00:26:39

to warn His creatures of the grave danger

00:26:40--> 00:26:48

in worship in a bar, then on law, there is none great

00:26:50--> 00:26:53

then the creator

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00:27:02--> 00:27:04

there is nothing greater

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than creator.

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Oh who like

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Masha Allah, Allah will do. Thank you very, very much. If somebody wants to pick up one of your CDs, where can they get it? Well, they can go to www dot Abdullah road.com. And

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on that song you just heard is on the patient's album patients, you can go and buy that online if you want to. Or my second album, which is called the journey, the journey. Yeah, there's some beautiful new sheets on here. heartwarming and you know, go out and support the cause you'll see the work that I'm doing, inshallah and this is just your voice on the just my voice no musical instrument. Wow. That's amazing. That's amazing. It's the mercy from Allah. Yeah, believe me. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Yeah, I like to thank you and for sharing your story with us. And may Allah continue to bless you and keep you striving forward. All the way to Jenna paradise

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YouTube of ami, Isabella, Heidelberg. Thank you. For these a few buttons. These are for me, those are for you. Oh, my Masha Allah. Thank you very much. And you've heard it here several times before, that there is none great tour, then the Creator.

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It's very simple to understand. There are so many people coming to Islam because Islam gives you peace, peace with your Creator, peace within your very self. And then you can have peace with the society, everyone around you. Islam is calling you to peace. God Almighty is calling you to that which will bring you life to be successful in this life. And not only in this life, to be the best in this life, the best character, the best manners, away from all sorts of evil corruption. But then you'll be successful in this life and in the next, and we're all striving for paradise, because death is a reality and the Day of Judgment is near. So let's be ready. Let's do the good deeds but

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the foundation needs to be built on something strong. And that foundation is that you worship none but the Create tour and not his creation. And you strive to follow and emulate the last and final messenger that was sent to mankind the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Thank you, and we'll see you next time here on the D show until then, peace.

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He created the universe

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alone the heavens.

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He is the

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He's the owner. He sent His messenger

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The great danger

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there is none greater

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