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The speaker discusses the fears of people on social media and the importance of guidance and forgiveness for Islamists. They also discuss the Prophet's actions, including his actions regarding the Moore's Book and conflict between the United States and China, and his stance on love and fear. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not following too many rules and not following the Moore's Book, as it could lead to negative consequences. The speaker also discusses the Prophet's stance on sex and desire, as well as the need for people to focus on their actions.

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As a perfect human being

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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was like every one of us

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a person who had things that occupied his thinking that worried him.

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And each individual has things that worries him.

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Some of us may worry about the future and what it may carry.

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Some is worried about

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what to have for Iftar today, or what to have for sure. All what they care about is their stomach.

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How good or how bad the food is.

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Some worry about gaining money, regardless where they're from halal or haram and they spend hours plotting and strategizing and trying to collect and hoard money, even if they have to deal in riba or accept and give bribes, or cheat people, no problem. These are their worries, others worry about

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womanizing or partying or drinking intoxicants, or doing drugs. And this is all what occupies their minds. A lot of the Muslims are addicted to social media, they worry. When is the next time I'm going to be on Tik Tok or YouTube and watch endlessly, filth and haram things.

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This is what they worry about.

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What you worry about, defines you.

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It tells people who you really are.

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And the Prophet alayhi salatu salam mores.

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Were not close to these things at all. They were not overworld the matters.

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Rather, they were about what pleases Allah azza wa jal, the most thing that preoccupied the prophets thinking or his salatu salam and worried him a lot is how to get people into Islam.

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Allah says in the Quran, then perhaps you would kill yourself through grief over them. Oh Mohamed, if they do not believe in this message and out of sorrow, this would cause you harm because it engaged him physically and mentally sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Imam is Saturday. May Allah have mercy on so said that the prophets Allah Salam was so keen on guiding people to Islam that he did all what he was capable of doing. He will used to be happy and jubilant when people are guided, and he used to become sad, and filled with sorrow over those who reject His call out of pity over them out of mercy for them. And this is why Allah ordered him not to preoccupy himself, feeling surely

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over them to that extent.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam was worried a lot

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for people not to enter hellfire, and this is why he wanted to guide them. He

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tried his level best to save everyone.

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His uncle Abu Talib, whom he lived

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with for decades.

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Abu Talib was a good man. He protected the Prophet la Saltzman did all what he could, so that no harm would reach him. But he could not accept Islam

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until it was

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his dying moment.

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On his deathbed, the prophet kept on going to him, saying to him, oh prophet of Allah, c'est la ilaha illa Allah testify that there is no God, where they will be worshipped except Allah, a word a phrase, I would testify in front of Allah for you, and for you in your favor. Just say it

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And next to his bed is Abuja Hill. And Abdullah have Neoma Obioma. You have nil Mahira. They kept on

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discouraging him.

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In saying to him, would you abandon the religion of your father Abdul Muttalib

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and your ancestors.

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So he was hesitant between the prophets Allah salams encouragement and the discouragement of these two disbelievers until he said, and that was his final words, that he is following the religion of Abdul Muttalib meaning that he's unwilling to say the shahada,

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said by Allah,

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I will keep on asking Allah to forgive you, until Allah prohibits that, and denies me that. So, Allah subhanho wa jal revealed the verse in Surah, a Toba that it is not permissible for the Prophet alayhi wa sallam in those believing to ask forgiveness for idol worshipers, even if they were related to them, after it was obvious that they are among the hell dwellers.

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In another incident, it shows you how the Prophet was carrying this worry

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for the whole entire ummah.

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The Prophet visited a Jew boy, who used to sometimes do some errands for the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he used to serve the Prophet alayhi salam, though he was a Jew.

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So he felt sick.

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And the Prophet went to visit him. And he sat next to his head

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worried that this boy might die and enter hell.

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So he called him to Islam and said to him,

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accept Islam.

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The boy looked at his father and the Jew father said to Him, obey, about Qasim obey the Prophet. So the boy said, a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow under Mohammed Abdullah Surah accepted Islam and he died. The Prophet came out of the house, with his face lit

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out of joy and happiness and said, Grace be in Praise be to Allah azza wa jal, who save the boy from hellfire because of me.

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The Prophet also la salatu salam carried the heavy weight

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on his chest,

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worried for his OMA, what will happen to them? Personally, I care only for myself. I don't care about my family, about my children. All what I care is that I'm good, I'm healthy, I'm wealthy, I'm having a full stomach. This is the attitude of a selfish person.

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Not the prophet or a swordsman, he cared for the whole entire ummah.

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Once he was reading few verses of the Quran,

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a verse

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from the Quran that Ibrahim said and another one that ASAP is be upon him said, talking about Allah's forgiveness to those who disobey Him

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and how merciful he is. So the prophet could not hold back himself. And he started weeping and tears came from his eyes, raising his hand saying, Oh Lord, my ummah, my ummah.

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This is what he was worried about. So Allah asked Gibreel to go and Allah knows,

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asked Muhammad, what is

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happening? Why is he weeping? So when the Prophet told Gibreel

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that he was concerned

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of the future of his OMA

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and Jabril told Allah azza wa jal, Allah told Gibreel to go back to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and say to him, oh, Mohamed, we will please you with your ummah and never disappoint you. So don't worry. This is a promise from Allah Allah

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people nowadays in Ramadan

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care a lot for their

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children's school, they tend to wake them up quick there is only 510 minutes for the assembly of the school. You have to go and catch your school do this do that.

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They care about worldly matters. If you ask them about fajr prayer,

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they didn't pray. Okay when you woke them up for school to do or didn't to pray? No, they will pray insha Allah when they come after the heart maybe after answer, if not, Allah is Most forgiving, Most Merciful.

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The prophets are a Salah to serums greatest worries, or one of them was the prayer.

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I bought them omega of N NS

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reports that

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uncle's of his from the among the unsolved, told him that once the Prophet was sort of

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engaged in worries and deep thinking, and you can see it on his face. So when the Companions asked, what is worrying you a prophet of Allah. He said, It's the prayer. I would like a way to assemble people and to notify them. And this was before the event was prescribed.

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So some of them said, why not? Take a horn?

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the Jews?

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And he did not like that. And some say why don't you take the bell like the Christians? Others say what about lighting fire, like the fire worshippers to bring it to the people's attention? The Prophet did not like any of those. Um, the liveness aid, may Allah be pleased with him, the companion went home. And he was also worried for the profits worry.

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It was occupying his mind. And he lay on his bed, half asleep half awake, when he saw the vision,

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telling him about the event. So he went to the Prophet Allah system and told him I saw this vision. And the man said to me to say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, and he told him exactly the format of the event. And the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam, was pleased with it, and acknowledged that this was from Allah. And he ordered Abdullah him and his aide to say it and teach it to Bilal. So that Bilal would call the ZAN.

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The prayer was

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on the prophets, mind, Allah, His salatu salam, even on his deathbed

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when he would sometimes faint, and when he wakes up, and asks the first thing that people pray, and they say, No, they're waiting for your Prophet of ALLAH. So he orders them to bring him lots of water to take a bath that would strengthen him. And as he is attempting to stand up, he faints again. Then he wakes and asks about the prayer, and he asks for water again, and takes a bath, and goes on and on.

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Because he's concerned about the prayer. To the extent that according to Allah, may Allah be pleased with him, says that the last words that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam gave to us the last instructions was a sala de Sala to Amma Malakut a man.

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Be careful and observe the prayers, observe the prayers and take care of the slaves you have under your control, be kind to them, be dutiful to them, feed them and clothe them. These are the two things that the prophets and Psalms, last instructions or commands to the ummah.

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And the Prophet SAW Selim was also

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careful to unite the OMA

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not on nationalism,

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not on tribalism, rather on to hate. And this is the strength of the Muslim ummah.

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Don't look at these divided nations that we have today. Each one of them is

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keen on their own power and sovereignty, not on Islam.

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While the Prophet alayhi salatu salam focused on uniting the whole ummah.

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Under the flagship of the hate, and this is why on his deathbed

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when he woke up,

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after suffering from the pains of death, he says, me the curse of Allah fall upon the Jews and the Christians, why?

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They took the graves of their prophets as places of worship. And this is why they worship their prophets, they take them as gods, they consider them as saints, and they swear by them, and they have statues of them. So the Prophet Allah is some is cursing the Jews and the Christians in front of the Muslims so that they do not follow suit, and whoever does will have the curse of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam falling upon him. And this is why his grave was not made as a shrine, he was buried underneath his bed, in his house, not in the masjid, not anywhere else, whatever he died, he was buried. And this is why Mother ISIS says it was not taken as a shrine or would be made above the

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Earth. It was a normal grief.

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The prophets Allah said love also feared.

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And he was worried

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that his OMA would fight over dunya.

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And he said to them, by Allah is not poverty that I fear for you. Rather, I fear that Allah opens this dunya and gives you from its adornment, wealth and health, as was done with the nations before you, and this would lead you to compete over it like they've competed before you and it would destroy you, as it had destroyed those before you.

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Among the people that

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the prophets Allah sallam was worried from

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and he

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relayed this worry to his ummah, warning them or those

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Imams who misguide people.

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The Prophet said Dalits Islam, the most, I fear, and this worries him. The most thing I fear for my OMA is the misguiding Imams. There are Imams

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may have knowledge, may be articulate.

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But they are misguiding the OMA whether they do this for money, or for authority, or to please those in authority. So they don't care about what pleases Allah azza wa jal, rather, they bend the rules, if not break them in order to serve their hidden agendas.

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And this is what the prophet Hassan was worried about.

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Also, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to care a lot for his companions.

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And among the, those whom he was always worried for, were a hello sofa.

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The people who had nothing, and I mean, nothing they slept, lived

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in the masjid.

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They had nothing except the clothes they were wearing.

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So, such people the prophet would always Ali salatu salam

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tend to give them whatever is extra, whether it's food, as in the hadith of Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him when he was starving. And he fell on his face out of starvation when the Prophet met him at a sloth Salaam. And he helped him to get up and asked him to follow him, went to one of his houses, and found that there is a glass of milk. That's the only food in all the prophets houses.

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So Abu Huraira was happy thinking that finally I'd have something to put into my stomach. It was this bad.

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So the Prophet told him, go to the masjid and call the people of sofa.

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And they were about 70 or 80 men. So Allah said, he goes lunch, and they came and Bismillah they all drank from the same glass and it was still full. And then he handed it to Abu Hurayrah and Abu Hurayrah drank his fill, and then said Wallahi there

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There's no place for anything else, oh prophet of Allah. It shows you that the Prophet worried immensely about these poor companions of his. And sometimes he cared for individuals like Sajna Rabbir in the Battle of OIT

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when the battle ended, or was about to end, and the prophet sent one of his companions to check on sad, very sad, I don't see him I don't hear His voice.

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And he found him

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giving his last breaths.

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And he asked him, the Prophet is saying to a salatu, salam, how are you?

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And he said,

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Read Salam upon the Prophet Ali's Islam, give him my Salam. And say to him, I'm finding the scent of Jen.

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I'm so close to profitable, I can feel I can smell the perfume of Jenna.

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And this shows you that even on the battlefield, the prophet as Sam was worried for his companions.

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And the Prophet alayhi salatu salam always worried for all of his companions.

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You remember, he talked about the 70, I'm sorry, who were ambushed and killed in Burma, ona

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and how he remained for a whole month, making dua against the tribes that ambushed him and killed them because of his worry for them.

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And the Prophet alayhi salatu salam finally

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made lots and lots of dua to Allah azza wa jal, which we should also follow suit.

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And among what he used to make in a long dua,

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he used to say whether treasure added dunya Akbar Allah Hamina.

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Oh Allah do not make this dunya the greatest of our worries.

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And we have to analyze?

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What is it that worries us? In this life? Seriously? Sit along with yourself and just

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calculate, check. Do you worry about the car that needs to be repaired? Or about the bills that need to be paid? Or about the children how to guide them back to Islam or whether they're not doing well in school or not? Do you worry about your spouse or your parents? Do you worry about paying the rent? Do you worry about building a house or buying a new car?

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All of these are natural worries. But where is your bucket list? That is related to the hereafter to what pleases Allah to a draws you closer to Jannah to what fills your grave which soon we will be inhabiting

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fills our graves with

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favours and blessings from Allah. Nobody cares about this. Rarely you will find people even considering this in their wish list or bucket list. This shows you that we've are so far away from the way of the Prophet sallallaahu Salam, who is our role model