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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the ongoing operation in Myanmar, which is supported by the RO ro h bills, and the use of ro h bills as a tool against evil and the community's responsibility to protect citizens. The community is actively working to support terrorist groups and bring light to the situation in Bangladesh, where the current president's use of rhetoric has caused mixed reactions. The discussion also touches on recent terrorist attacks on Muslims and the potential consequences of Islamist extremism on political and economic environments. The speakers encourage people to share information and make a small part of the story.
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is used in my country as a weapon against those who only only want to live in peace, who only want to assert their basic human rights, especially in the areas of the ethnic nationalities, * is rife. It is used as a weapon.

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Welcome to the dean show how you doing my next guest, CJ Wheeler, man, most of you haven't heard the RO ro hinga. I didn't know much about him. I mean, some things just don't make the news. You know, you got the signs when some fanatic some crazy evil person goes and blows up something. And next thing you know, the whole world. If the person has a certain passport looks a certain way has a certain color. It seems like that gets more news. Why is that? The whole world comes together, Stanford, Paris, Stanford, Stanford, and we should stand together as humanity against the evil that's perpetrated by some evil fanatics. But we got to keep it fair and balanced people. What about

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the row hinga, United Nations and all of the humanitarian the human rights organizations have labeled this what's going on to these people. This is a modern day genocide. Women were all the feminists, everyone if you didn't know you're not going to have no excuse after the show. They're being raped and little kids and are being drowned. And men are being an innocent who are being tortured. And it's madness. It's * on earth. So you can continue to stay ignorant. But after this, you're not going to have an excuse. We can do our small part to create awareness. And I'm going to be helping to create this awareness with my next guest, CJ Wheeler men, on the dean show,

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investigative journalist, columnist. And someone who's made also a turn for the better someone who also used to be full of hate, call himself somewhat of a bigoted, hate, hate racist, but he made a change for the better. There's hope for everybody. And this is what touched my heart to have someone like him speaking up on behalf of this persecuted people. So this is an exciting episode. Don't go anywhere.

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Welcome back to the deen show. I got CJ Wheeler, man, how are you, my friend? I'm doing very well. Yeah, thank you for finding the time to be with us. You're a columnist for the Middle East, I investigate investigative journalist, then United Nations, the major human rights organizations have said that this is the most persecuted minority group in the world. But the question is, where is the world? It seems like the international community, you know, when you, most of us myself, also, and I'm guilty of it? We don't. I mean, you got to kind of like go on your own investigating people like yourself who are brave enough to talk about this. But why is it that the global world is a community

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tragic, other tragic events happen and people are out there? And, you know, it's sad anytime something like this happens where an innocent group of people or person is harmed and the whole world comes together and pray for Paris pray for this group. But what about the Rohingya?

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Yeah, I mean,

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bluntly, I mean, brown Lives Matter and Muslim lives don't matter to the Western lady international community. We've seen it time and time again, from Bosnia, for instance, with intelligence agencies had about six weeks one and what was going to happen in Terminator. We had 8000 Muslims killed. It wasn't until years later the clinton decided to intervene there would have been in Syria. A bomber when he drew a red line in the sand and about a half a million Syrians have been killed since

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So, when Muslim lives are on the line, even though a lot of these, you know, most members of the international community have signed on to the UN principle of rock to protect, which means that they a sovereign state is unwilling or unable, or is the threat or the number one security risk to humans, within NATO citizens within sa, well, the international community has an obligation to intervene and to protect those lives. But similarly, when it's brown, or Western allies, and you know, whether that's Rwanda, Rwanda or elsewhere, what's the community, it just sits on its own, the international community just sits on its head.

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Even more cenospheres, the fact that not only is the western international community sitting on its hands when it comes to the genocide that's taking place in in Myanmar. They're actively proactively mobilizing and backing and supporting the genocide there. You've got China, which is fully back to me. And now you've got India, which says it back to me and my counterterrorism operations in that country, when there is no terrorism, terrorist activity taking place in that country. That again, it's just a big play for India to to back the genocide against most of the 1.3 million Muslims who live there.

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And Israel continues to sell weapons

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to China and neighboring Muslim majority states have said they don't have the finances or resources to take care of the refugee problem there. So you know, it's not a case of doing nothing. The Western Lake community is doing something they're actually helping.

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Tell, tell me, CJ, let's back it up. For the layman. The person who is hearing about this for the first time, can you break it down for us? What is the part of the world this is where this is happening? And what's happening? How did this all start?

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Yeah, it started I mean, Burma, as it was, was called, was a British colonial project and the British there

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a couple of 100, several 100 years ago, I brought in Bengali libraries from what is now Bangladesh.

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And I use them for, you know, basically civilian infrastructure projects, shape, international foreign labor, but basically.

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And so there's a what is now 1.3 million population say now I think,

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in a diaspora, I think population is closer to about four or 5 million.

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They're basically a statement of people because Bangladesh no longer considers them to be Bangladeshis and Burmese are considered to be part of the Burmese culture. And so they've always been scapegoat and vilified. There's basically four decades of solid evidence of periodic mass killings, torture and expulsions. Whenever political opportunists within the military which I have needed somebody to vilify to, you know, help justify their brutal and oppressive regime, Will It Blend rain, go for it? So they're both the political scapegoat for time immemorial. So this is the RO ro hinga people, and this is in the country. It's right next to what China and India is that

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right? main Omar? Yes. And this is now people that have been there for for hundreds of years. Yes, right. And they've been persecuted for these these hundreds of years. And now is this something that's just coming to light or it's gotten to, to a whole nother level? It's a whole nother level since about 2012. So, you know, me and my arrows in our transition period from transitioning from being a military military junta, to basically a quasi democratic state.

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I mean, you know, it's a bit of a joke that it is democracy is basically just a part of a figurehead to give the contrary, a friendly democratic face. She is effectively powerless. But that doesn't implicate her from the genocide taking place in Myanmar, because she's used rhetoric.

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The same kind of rhetoric was set aside use to demonize Syrian opposition as jihadists or terrorists or Islamic extremists, when they were younger, far from that would have Syrian people were far from that.

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And so she is complicit in the genocide, even though she might get a pallet. She's certainly complicit and has added fuel to the fire with what's happening is so so the crackdown really began in about 2012 is during this transition period, they've really stepped up in the middle of the median amount. military has really stepped up its operations to dispossess to kill the torture to loot. Enjoy, you know, it's still the ring of public

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I think now 300,000 now internally displaced, and, you know, seeking refuge on the Bangladesh border, I think there's something like 80,000, who have now successfully cross the border illegally into Bangladesh, or in one of the three main refugee camps there, but, but the great majority are trapped there on the border, basically, at the whims of the

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So these are people that their ancestors were on this land. They were born on the land. So now there's specific rights that have been taken away, they they're not allowed, correct me if I'm ever wrong, they're not allowed to vote. They're restricted now to internment camps, is that right? They're not, they're not allowed to have

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two more than two children, something like that.

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And basically live in, you know, segregated apartheid living conditions, at the best of times. Now, there's a Western times where, you know, you know, apartheid, segregation almost sound quaint compared to what's happening today, this is full on ethnic cleansing project, and even the United Nations issued a statement two days ago saying This means the technical definition of ethnic cleansing, I really commend you, because sometimes people like they jump on into trend, it's kind of like trendy, when, you know, there is something going on in the world, and, you know, celebrities, everybody will jump in, and, and they'll bring light, and they'll help to mitigate, you know, a

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certain tragic situation, bring light to it, and then the media will jump on, and now, you know, people will have to account, but you're one of the few, I really commend you, you're doing some great work creating awareness on this, why don't we see is it just people are ignorant about it? You know, yeah, I think it might be a combination of ignorance. I mean,

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the western mainstream media is a selective outrage generating machine.

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And, you know, the lives and, and plot of brand people, particularly Muslims in a part of the world where most Americans are, or many people in the West can identify on a map.

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You know, it doesn't really stir a lot of media headlines in Western media, you know, the Western media. I mean, if it wasn't the social media,

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you know, many more wouldn't know what's what's what's taking place there.

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You know, that I will say, I've seen a little bit of, which is encouraging.

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What started off maybe with Middle East die, and Al Jazeera, and that's top of that list, which sort of cover, you know, the apply for the crisis with Muslims around the world.

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I mean, I even saw cnn cover story for the first time, a couple days ago. So, you know, noise has been created. I think, you know, enough people are paying attention now for the debates, you know, headlines to be common. And once you have headlines, then you have a debate and discussion. And from that General, you know, policy follows. So, hopefully, policymakers, there's enough pressure on them or growing pressure, that they're unable to sit on their hands and ignore what's happening. Let's talk about the tragedy of so many I'm hearing so many innocent women are being raped. I mean, systematically by the army, you know, houses are being whole villages like 500,000 at a time Is this

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investigation several months ago, and found that basically half up to about 50%, of all random Muslim woman had been subject to some sort of sexual harassment or *. I think one in three, verifiably, right. So I mean, you know, children who have been diabetic while they breastfeed from their mothers. I mean, some of the atrocities that are coming out of there, I mean, matching are equal to anything that as long as they're carried out in Iraq or Syria, but because borders extremists are carrying out these act of terrorism.

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You know, if this was some sort of Islamic Lee, bucko around, or the Islamic State, or archiver, operating in carrying out this genocide in Myanmar, and Myanmar was a Muslim majority country, and the Buddhists were being persecuted. You can pretty sure there's a trust, it just wouldn't be getting, you know, not only getting more media attention, but we'd probably have us drones flying over the mo now we'd have special forces, Special Operations, forces being dropped into the country putting down their lives. Talk about there's a an extremist monk, and we I mean, we don't obviously blame the the Buddhism for these extremists. But do we see as Muslims I mean, Muslims have become

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nowadays professional condemning, you know, we're always you know, things that have nothing to do with Islam are the Muslims in America some some fringe element, they go and do something, you know, evil, and everyone is expected to condemn. We don't expect you know, the whole Buddhist world to come out and condemn

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But do you see Do you see? Do you see some some prominent like the de Lama and others coming out? And what's their stance on this? Yeah, I mean, the Dalai Lama

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boater would be horrified with reactions.

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And horrified by the rhetoric used by what after is the the Buddhist extremist monk who has a 969 movement in a country, which is basically, you know, that's his self describing sort of his Burma has been lauded. So, I mean, he takes his cues and his inspiration from, from genocidal mass murderers. So, you know, again, I mean, we use a double standard hypocrisy when it comes to

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you know, Muslims versus non Muslims, you know, Muslim extremists, those non Muslim extremists, nobody is coming out. And I've seen the entire Buddhist community to condemn the rhetoric and the actions of a bit him or his followers or militias to take their inspiration from him in that country. But, you know, when a an extremist arrange Muslim, who's adopted the perverted ideology of ISIS terrorists out there screams attack somewhere on the streets of a Western European city, suddenly, we expect 1.6 billion Muslims to condemn his actions. But when a Christian does similar or a Buddhist similar, you know, that expectation or obligation, forced obligation isn't there, we see

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the power, you strike a great example. And, you know, I'm from my parents, I came over about 40 years ago from the former Yugoslavia, Bosnia, the war that happened there, and the struggle that was going on there, you know, against also something that many people are ignorant to what was one of the greatest genocides if not the greatest genocide after World War Two. And you have Slobodan Milosevic, the word criminal, who was using this hate speech and pumping up people. And then we see the the evil effects of that. And we see the same thing what's happening here, you see these people in prominent positions, pumping up the people, and the people like sheep following along and then

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dehumanizing, we see what happens. And you can kind of contrast that then we have a similar thing going on here with some politicians

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in my seminar, or even just in the world, in general, what happens the dangerous thing when you start dehumanizing people, so they are less human? It just like okay, so their, their their blood is not as valuable as the next man's blood. Yeah, I mean, you're saying that everywhere, you're saying you're saying that

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911 became a,

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you know, a pivotal moment in the way the West was portrayed, you know, the Arab world will and or Islam. I mean, Hollywood is always, you know, hollywood travels and Muslims and Arabs have always been negative, you know, Muslims or Arabs in movies are always trying to suicide bombers or, or ruthless oil shapes. So, or some sort of slave rapists that, you know, we've seen, I mean, all genocide, start with words. The, you know, the genocide that took place in Bosnia started with, you know, several years of demonizing Muslims as the other and as a fraction of Serbian values and Serbian culture and Serbian wavelength. And, you know, that's what's happening everywhere in the

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West. I mean, and that's what's happening me and my others, Buddhist extremists portray Rohingya Muslims as a threat to me and my civilization as a threat to their values.

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And when you do that, you and you portray

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Islam, for example, as a threat to your boundaries, what you're saying is, Muslims are an object to be securitize, we need to securitize these people because they're a danger. That's how security policies from that logic, the security security policies have formulated and implemented. And so and, you know, with that means, you know, increased surveillance that means, profiling, that means entrapment. That means, you know,

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you know, the whole communities being responsible, you know, collective responsibility, which is a war crime. So, you know, we're seeing that me and my, we've seen that elsewhere. I mean, it's it's dangerous times, and I wrote a piece for the Middle East Side, my column shortly after Trump

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was elected. And the piece was basically what happens in the United States, given the, you know, the 16 years of demonization and a variation and dehumanization of Muslims in the United States, and you have somebody who has been rewarded with that type of rhetoric. Now the prison what happens the next day after the day after the next catastrophic terrorist attack takes place the United States and is carried out by a Muslim. I mean, you've already set the foundation for a very civilian internment camp.

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So what is

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CJ? Tell me what what inspired you and, and motivated you to speak up for this for this persecuted people? Yeah, I mean, you know, I, I, since I mean your viewers might not notice that maybe you know my history but you know, I lived in Indonesia for 10 years, you know, which is the world's most populous Muslim country. In 2005, I witnessed a an outsider led

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by a terrorist attack on jimbaran beach in Bali, and which, which got about 16 people. So, I've been, you know, in Thrones is studying terrorism, and you know, I'm studying, pursuing my masters in terrorism and counterterrorism at the moment. It's something that I've studied amateur Lee before I moved into academic field with it. But when I initially started trying to understand the mindset of why people would blow themselves out and taste the beans with them, I blend religion and I actually became in blending religion and blending Islam for those various effects. I myself became an anti muslim bigotry.

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And thankfully, couple several years after that, I realized I'd been wrong and depressed I decided to study Islam, the deeper I started to study, terrorism, realized that faces was crudely wrong and evidently wrong. And, you know, and same Soviet trying to to,

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to, to bring the world's attention to what really does motivate and inspire these these services. Excellent. So you know, to justices. It's humiliation, for instance, you now have the Salvation Army made by Salvation Army or the American bear in, in Myanmar, Astra is unknown. I mean, there are a small militia group who have been accused of carrying out terrorist attacks there, me and my response or self defense of others, but I haven't carried on signatures detected it purely for self defense. There are Hindu Muslim, but you know, we in the West, once they kill a, maybe a couple of Burmese military officials will you know, you'll see narratives on website or be radicalized by

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jihadist ideology. Islam is radicalizing people when really they're just being on the receiving end of a bomb themselves. And they're, they're defending their communities. So you're familiar now you're really intensively studying, you know, advocating for the study, academic research on terrorism, Robert Pape, and you have the University of Chicago and others they've done studies funded by the Pentagon that people aren't How come they don't have on CNN people like him people like yourself, who are bringing to light these these facts, you know, most of the people they're trying to make it seem like Islam is the root of this terrorism. But when intellectuals like

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yourselves academics, when when you look at the facts, that's totally the antithesis of, of the truth. Yeah, it's, I mean, it's tragic. I mean, you're, you're just gonna watch fox news or CNN in the aftermath of a terrorist attack, which has been inspired or or, or, or carried out by ISIS. And you'll have the usual pineal conga line of islamophobes.

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You know, shameless opportunities like Majid Nawaz, who, who will posit that it's, you know, it's not, it's not blowback from Western foreign policy. It's not, you know, I voted ideology, and it's not, you know, social structures. Its social and justices there, I heard the root of this. Instead, we talked about radicalization, and we're talking about radical Islam and the main use about radicalization radicalization itself, that word was you know, purposely or term was purposely injected into public discourse by the Bush administration, because the Bush administration was in no mood to talk about the you know, the the root causes or reasons why our fighter and be loved and

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carried out the 911 attacks. But I did not want to have a discussion about why our military bases were in the Holy Land, they didn't want to have a discussion about how we, you know, handle a Palestinian Israeli conflict in an even manner. They just want to talk about why we you know, and, and support some of the most despotic oppressive regimes in the Middle East and elsewhere. Instead, they wanted to shift

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blame away from anything that might make them culpable and shifted entirely to you know, in other people's culture.

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What can the average person do they tune in and they're, they're hearing this, you know, the heart gravitates towards wanting to do something good for their fellow man and they see like, okay, you know, this could be my family tomorrow. How can I help out? What can I do now? They're listening. What what I'm powerless Like what? Give me some advice. What can I do to make a difference? a positive difference? Yeah.

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You're here in western democratic

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Hearing on sites and, you know, make noise noise attracts media meteors, you know, is, is always attracted to bright, shiny things. And you know, there's nothing more bright and shiny for the media when there's a lot of public noise and staring. And that's really,

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you know, the noise that's been created on social media, about what's happening in Myanmar is the reason you're now seeing, you know, the process of Myanmar make its way to CNN, to CNN, then policymakers are gonna start paying attention because their constituents are paying attention. So, I mean, you know, even grassroots things, you know, sign petitions, online petitions, petitions, call and email your your congressman or your senator, let them know that, you know, it's intolerable that the United States is sitting on their hands doing nothing, while you know, home people being exterminated, I mean, these things do create action. But if we, if we just, you know, maintain our

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silent race, and, you know, not no actual fallout from that.

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I really commend you. Again, as I've said, you know, your, your voice has been strong on this, and I hope many will, will go ahead and follow in your footsteps to help create awareness in this and, and see the truth,

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which is kind of distorted in out there. But you bring a light to it really is going to help a lot of people we're trying to do our part. And I really commend you, thank you so much for finding the time to speak with us here on the D show. I really appreciate that. I'm sure our viewers do also think.

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And there you have it, thank you for tuning in doing our small part to create some awareness. And every everybody if everybody does their small part, send a tweet a share, do something to get this information out. And that's how we can make a change, we can make a difference instead of tweeting something that is of no benefit. This actually has some benefit to make as our guest, cJ willman was saying make some noise, make some noise so people can hear the voice of the persecuted who are out there suffering, mass murder, they're being tortured, women raped. You can close your eyes. But you heard this. So you heard it. Now you can go ahead and do your small part. Bring the humaneness out.

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And this is what really amazed me amazes me about people like cJ willimon, who were on one side, on the hate side on the hate train. And their their their hearts are coming alive. And now you see people like this, who were once propagating on the hate machine, anti muslim, anti Islam, and now they're speaking he's speaking on behalf of this persecuted minority. I commend you, CJ, make sure we hook up when you're in Chicago. I really admire you taking a stand for this persecuted minority and letting your voice be loud and clear on this and making a shift that change for the different speaking the truth on these matters. Very important. You've brought some great things to light and

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thank you everybody for tuning in. Now do your part share Sharing is caring get the information out. Thank you very much. See you next time here in a diesel subscribe if you haven't already. Until then. Thank you Peace be with you salami

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