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Abbas from Nigeria he says that if I learn if I listened to the Quran from recorded tape or a CD or from the internet, and I learned from it, is it the same reward as learning from a scholar? Who is one to one teaching me that is no. The reward while listening and reciting to a scholar is far greater because when you listen to the Quran being recited and you mimic that with the reciter, or you imitate him, it's a one way road. So you are simply imitating without knowing if you are pronouncing the letters correctly or not. If you're doing the tidge read correctly or not. You need a third party, you need someone sitting with you listening to your recitation in order for him to be

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able to correct you. If this is not possible, and you don't have one available to do this, then yes, besides reading listening to the recorded core and and learning from it would be your only option. And it would be the best option available. But if there is someone and I believe that nowadays there are so many websites online, and so many volunteers worldwide, who know the Quran, can be with you online and give you a one to one coaching in how to fix your recitation and the last soldier knows best