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The speaker discusses the characteristics of Hadith hadith, including its necessity and inconvenience, and the importance of praying. They also touch on the restriction of musical instruments and the use of shampoos to prevent them from burning homes. The speaker emphasizes the importance of killing snakes in case of war or trouble, and uses hamsters and shampoos to prevent them from burning homes. The operator also mentions the history of the Hadith and its use in praying.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim hamdulillah salat wa salam wa barakaatuh Abdi Mustapha Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And welcome to lessons in fact, we have one Heidi's remaining with us, and then inshallah we will move on to a new chapter. The chapter we are studying is the conditions of Salah. The Hadith has the number 179. who read it for us,

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please now read by Abu huraira, the Allahu anhu Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, kill the two black ones during Salah, meaning prayer, the snake and the scorpion. Now, this hadith is authentic hadith. And it tells us that it is allowed for us to move during solid Mustafa For what?

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For any necessity, such as carrying a baby, and this hadith

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killing the snake or the scorpion. So this is a necessity. It's not a sign that of your virtue, and you're a good committed Muslim, that you're praying and you find a cobra coming crawling towards you and is about to bite you. And then you're about to bite the dust. And then you say, Well, I'm going to continue praying, no, you have to, it's a must that you move and kill it. And scholars say that movements during prayer is divided into four types.

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Friday is divided into four types. The first type is the movement that is regarded as a lot and without any legitimate reason.

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And it's in sequence. And this type of movement, scholars say nullifies prayer. Can you give me an example Hammad

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movement that is a lot in sequence, and has no legitimate reason? Yeah, like some people are used to

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rub their skin and skin two times three times without any reason. Yeah, but this is not a lot. Now to say a lot meaning that Mustafa if you run away, for example, if you run away, that's a lot. So if you're praying, and then Oops, I forgot the food in the microwave. So you go and move and go to the kitchen and, and and take it off or turn it, turn it off. And then go back to prayer. Is this acceptable? This nullifies your prayer immediately? If a person's if a person answers the phone, talks on the phone, if he takes and I've seen this,

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I've seen weird things. People answering the phone during prayer. And some brothers said that they've seen people taking a piece of paper in taking their pen and writing a note while praying because they don't want to forget this thing that just kind of came back came into the mind and then they put everything back again. This is a lot of movements that could be considered to be nullifying salad. So this is the first type The second type which is moving a lot, but not that much.

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Which makes prayer which the movement itself is

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not preferable not recommendable. So you move but you move slightly, such as the people while praying, some of them play with their beards. So while they're praying, they do this.

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Or they play with their

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what we call shamov the thing that they wear on their head, so if it was slightly if you're moving from one position to the other, it just picks it or so it does not bother us, okay. But if you're moving it all the time or some people play with their watches

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Prayer. And I've seen people while while in prayer, adjust their watches to the clock in the masjid. So the guy says, yes. Okay, now, we're okay. This is also

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though it is movement, but because it's not as much as running away, because it's a few movements. It's not recommendable, it's macro. And it's a sign that your prayer is not complete.

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The third form of movement, which is considered to be

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little, and scattered, and there is a reason for it. So this is permissible.

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It's not in sequence, it'll you make it once in the first record, another one in the third record, and one, the fourth record, and it's little, it's not as much. So this is okay, such as a person praying, he wants to make prostration, he fixes the position of the Washington prostrate, because he's afraid that it would hurt his wrist, or any of this sort, it's little, it's something that is negligible, then it's okay and permissible. And the fourth type is the obligatory movement that you have to move,

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such as if a person in front of you leaves his his position leaves the row and go out and goes out of it, then it is obligatory that you fill his position and walk a step or two to fill that position. And this is

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permissible and sometimes can be obligatory.

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If you get this itching in your head Mostafa, while praying,

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and it really itches, so is it preferable that you, you know, scratch your head, or try to fight it until prayers over then you jump on your head and start scratching it? I think it's preferable to scratch your head, because it will not let you concentrate the Emperor. Do you all agree with that?

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you'll agree with this Friday? You try first not to scratch it. But if it's going to distract you from focusing on the prayer, then you should just scratch it, then this is the same answer almost. Yes, this is true. If it's going to distract you, you have to do it. Otherwise, the rest of the prayer you will not contemplate on. And this is exactly as we find in lots of mosques. What while prayer while we're praying, you hear a mobile phone of one of the brothers going off. So what do we do?

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And the phone keeps on ringing? And the brother refuses to turn it off? Or to answer the call.

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And it stops in the caller calls again. And again. And again. And again, throughout the whole prayer and the phone is is ringing.

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After the prayer you asked the Brother, why didn't you turn it off? He says I didn't want to move in prayer and which would void my prayer. It was this right? No, no, I think I have to make his mobile off and after that, because it will disturb itself while praying and also maybe another

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Do you do by this? Malik? Yes. You think you should turn it off? If a caller calls, you should turn it off? Well out of experience, I believe that this is not good.

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Because no matter how many times you call, you turn it off, he's gonna call again because he gets the busy tone. So when you turn it off, he calls again, and we turn it off. He calls a third time, the best thing to do is to turn it on. So he hears the people praying. And then he realizes that Oh, that's why he can't answer the call the call. Do you have any remarks? Yes sir. switching off switch

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it this is possible. But when you have a key lock on with your mobile, this means that you have to take the mobile and see where the key lock is unlock it and then turn it off. And this would may cause you confusion. But to begin with, the best thing is that turn off

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the ringtone before you go in the mosque of romantic

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interest turn it off. So my rings are off completely. Yeah, well, this is the best thing to do. The thing that I also would like to

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bring your attention to is that a lot of the Muslims unfortunately, put ring tones that are songs

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that has a music notes to it. And this

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is forbidden in Islam. As you know, songs are musical instruments are forbidden in Islam. And this is the direct instructions of Allah azza wa jal in three verses of the Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, ala Bahari and elsewhere, and also the consensus of the four schools of thought they all the four Imam agree that musical instruments are forbidden. And I wonder how people and where are their minds, when they go to the shop and they pay them a certain amount of money and tell them to download this song or that song? What are you trying to signify, showing off to people that you know these songs as normal ringtone would do the job it notifies you that there is an

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incoming call for you. So, one should always try his best to inform people and tell them whenever he hears the mobile God go Go's going off, that this is not

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permissible. If you have a ringtone that is a song. And especially this happened many times in mosques, while people are contemplating or people are praying, in the middle of the prayer, you hear this mobile with a sound of a female singer, sound, you know, singing as loud as she can in the middle of the mosque with a famous song, and everybody in the prayer would immediately click to the song. And instead of instead of saying subpoena, I'd be allow them to start without, you know, intending that it's not within within their control, they start to think about the song during prayer. So imagine how many sins befall on this poor thing, who paid his money to get this song

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downloaded to his mobile, it's a sin, and one should be avoiding it. But most of us include, or exclude the ringtone that come actually with the standard phone, not the ones you download. Now, even even those that come with,

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by default, from the company that manufactured the mobile, there are songs in your mobile. You know, like in some mobiles, you have the B ringtone, or the mosquito ringtone or the Ring, ring,

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ring tone, this is okay. But if you go to Mozart 40, or you go to the fifth of Beethoven, if you're on to Baja, and oh, you put paying for Backstreet Boys or whatever, these are all forbidden. You may not do this because these are musical instruments. What about the Nokia? 221 this in the phone itself? It's like it's the same thing that I mentioned this anything that has music? Isn't music, his music? He cannot do it, can't you? You can, it brings joy to you when you hear a tone that has you know, different tones. This is unacceptable. And in Islam because it's considered to be music. And Islam tells you music is not allowed at all. Now, what's the wisdom of that? We think we need

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the whole program to explain to you the dangers of music, but I'm afraid that my cameraman says that we have to take a short break. So stay tuned.

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Go ahead and recite from the beginning because I had a few comments on the previous edition It was great. I would like to share with each other some comments on a few letters. So I would request you to recite from the beginning if I please

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do not be afraid to say yes

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to not say yes

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this is wrong. There is no such a citation.

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Man amiya Miu

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Miu as

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VSA method

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long the

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morning me

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and welcome back.

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Before the break, the brother read to us about Herrera's Hadith, which said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said kill the two black ones during salaat. That is the snake and the scorpion. Now, one of the brothers may come and argue and say, well, the prophet SAW Selim was white, and he did not like blacks. So what do you say to this? Now? Is this acceptable in Islam at all? We have no race, segregation, none whatsoever.

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And we have companions, married, marrying blacks and blacks marrying from whites and there is nothing as long as you say, La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah, they're all equal at the sight of Allah azza wa jal. And they all you know, different, depending on the amount of virtue they have in their hearts. So when the Prophet says, I said, I'm kill the two black, this doesn't mean that you go out carrying your nine millimeter and see one of them homeys in pop him, you know,

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just kill him. No, this is not acceptable, of course, because the prophets not talking about blacks and whites, he's talking about these insects, a scorpion and a snake. And, again, the color is not a determining factor, meaning that if I'm praying, and I find a white snake coming said, well, the brother is okay, he's not black, no, you kill the snake The color is just a general

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thing. So if you have scorpions or white scorpions, there are yellow scorpions, or there are black scorpions. So the color is generally there there are black. But if you get a different color, then you have to kill that

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snake or Scorpion automatic. Is there a certain snake or all state all snakes? Well, at the very beginning, there were all kinds of snakes that you may kill. But then this was obligated by the prophet sallallahu Sallam identifying a certain snake in the house, not to kill. But all other snakes, yes, you may kill those, according to what I know that you make all kinds of snakes, except those that in your house. You may not kill them until you notify them when you say, Whoa, notify snakes.

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You want me to see a snake in my house and say, Excuse me, if you please leave the house. Yes, the Prophet says that the there is a possibility that these snakes are your brothers of jinn. So you have to notify them. This doesn't mean that you have to stay at home. You may leave, you may take your children and go, but you have to notify them and give them a notice of three days. And then you may do whatever you want. If they do not move and come out. The Hadith is inside Muslim where a man was newlywed, and he went out and he came back home he found his wife standing at the door and he was so jealous. He was so angry and she told him wait, don't jump to conclusions. There's a snake in

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my house. So as soon as he went in saw the snake he threw the spear at the snake and the snake jumped at him and stabbed him and didn't stab me It bit him and he died. So the Prophet came and said I suppose I'm that don't kill these armor in your houses that live in your houses until you notify them and give them notice. There are types of snakes that the Prophet said that had two dots on top of them and they are quick to make pregnant women miscarriage and they can kill with with their looks and so on to be also killed by according to my what I know all snakes can or must be killed Mustapha one year to find the snake videos hate on a specific language or any languages. I

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don't think that snakes carry language tag saying that this is a French language. So

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don't say Oh, yeah, you just notify them because if they again, they understand your language. So you ask them by Allah. If you fear Allah azza wa jal leave this house, otherwise I'm gonna kill you. you notify them in this manner. And

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afterwards, you can do whatever you wish. Any questions remarks? Yes, sir. Is this like a specification

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You can only kill scorpions and snakes? Well, that's a good question. That's that's a very good question. No, this hadith tells you that whatever harms you, you may kill it during prayer. So this is not only scorpions, and snakes. So if you get

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the black widow, you know, this spider, they call them, what they call torrential or whatever, I don't know the name not good with those. I don't want to be, I don't really want to meet them. But if you get one and said, this is not a snake, it's not a scorpion. Well, I don't think I can kill it. No, you have to kill it, you have to squash it if possible. And likewise, if you get a dog with rabies, also is attacking you that no one tells you to stay anything that harms you. You have to stay away from it. Most of what about non poisonous snakes, you still have to kill them?

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Well, apparently, yes, you have to kill them.

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But I have to also refer back to my references again, and check it out with some of the scholars to to check their opinions, because what appears to me that all snakes are to be killed. And if they're not poisonous, we don't know what else they could do. So if

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Anaconda the big

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snake, it's not poisonous, but it can crush a man to death and swallow this man. And it would be good for about what week or two. And then it moves on. I just meant like a like a small snake like that doesn't.

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It doesn't doesn't do anything like

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a peaceful snake,

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or a baby snake or what I think that it's all harmful. And it all does bad things too. So if we have an order to kill Scorpion snake, the Prophet says I did not identify which snakes to be killed, so we should kill them all. It's exactly like

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killing mice, you have to kill mice. But nowadays, we get people with hamsters, and they buy them and they wash them and you know, put shampoos on them, they put them in nice cages, they feed them, the small white rats or so on. And they think that's good. No, it's not all rats are to be killed. Because the Prophet told us is of some that they would burn your house. They go and they take any piece of cloth and they go into any where that there is fire, and they light this piece of cloth and they move on and burn the whole house. This is what the prophet said that so so apparently that you should kill all types of snakes unless there's another Hadith that tells us No, not all of them.

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at the very beginning, when the Prophet migrated to Medina, Salah Salah, he ordered the companions to kill all dogs.

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This was the very beginning, so they started killing all the dogs. Now, the dogs are usually nudges impure, and and, but there are things that you may use them for, is permissible for you to keep dogs in the case of in the case of the

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fear of enemy, not the fear of an enemy to guard oh yeah for guarding. Okay, what else was tougher for hunting, hunting and what else? agriculture. Like when you look for the plantations, or any of the farm and the foreign? The dogs farm? No, I like to guard

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your farm safeguard your crops, yes, and to safeguard your cattle sheep, as German shepherds and this cold German Shepherd because it's known to accompany sheep, and so and so this is permissible. So at the very beginning, the Prophet came and said, kill them all. And then this was obligated. And the Prophet told them Do not kill the dogs, except the black dogs that have that has two white spots or yellow spots on his head, because this dog is a devil. So black dogs are to be killed is permissible, normal dogs No, you have to leave them. It's okay to leave them because you may use them in

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the things that we've mentioned earlier. As for

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snakes, it's so appears to me that the order instruction to kill snakes is general so one should kill them. All unless there is another Hadith that obligates this I don't have any knowledge of it so it should be kept. Likewise, if one has a scorpion and he takes the sting off the scorpion, it doesn't become harmful does it

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doesn't bite. If it cannot stay, then it's not dangerous Does this mean that one should keep it and preserve it? You know, make make it his pet. No, this is not acceptable. And and and i don't think that anyone of the scholars say this, we move on to the following chapter that deals with sutra and what the sutra mean? sutra means the scheme is the thing that you put in front of you before praying. And what use Do we have from this? It prevents people from passing between you and it. So it keeps your distance for prayer. And we have one Hadith to begin with is Hadith number 180.

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Who's read it treated,

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narrated by Abu Haim been alive? So may Allah be pleased with him. Allah's Messenger sallallahu Sallam said, if the person who passes in front of another person in prayer knew the magnitude of his sin, it would have been better for him to wait for 4g than pass in front of him. Now this has this tells us it is a sin

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to do what to pass in front of a person praying.

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And in this Hadith, the Prophet told us that if you only knew the magnitude, you would have stopped for 40. And he did not specify for two minutes for two hours for two days or 40 years. And scholars say that it is 40 years. Yes.

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Also Muslim has added

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there's another version Yes. Well, okay, that's good. Fat did not create this Muslim added that it 44 boys.

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Well, the scholar say it is 40 years. So it tells you that the magnitude of the sin to pass in front of person praying, and this indicates that a person should have something in front of him, whether it's a visor, whether it's a chair, whether he's praying to a wall to a pillar, or to a person sitting down, this would also do the job, but not to pray in the open. And in case a person was praying in the open, then for you as forbidden to come and cross between his feet and the position where he puts his forehead. This is his praying prayer area and you should not trust your spouse on that. If you do then he is the central the one who's praying he is the central because he failed to

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put this sutra or this screen in front of him and you will get something also similar to that because you deliberately passed without

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taking any consideration. I'm afraid that this is all the time we have for today's program in Sharla. Next time we meet tomorrow, we will try to go through this hadith and talk about the issues related to it. So until then, Fiamma Allah wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.