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The Prophet's actions, including his mission to encourage women to wear dresses and wear masks, his motto of being a humble servant, and his actions to obtain theSAU's wealth and children, all led to the deaths of hundreds of women. The use of painters and nail polish on people's nails, the use of mud and a solution to measure the size of a person, and the use of water to avoid complications is discussed. The importance of trimming and removing nails is emphasized, and the use of the god's words to teach individuals to be strong and secure is emphasized. Visitors are encouraged to not let people go without knowing who they are and what they have to say.

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hamdulillah had a bit I mean some Allahu wa salam o barakato avacado ab de Ameen. Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine Welcome to lessons in film.

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Last time we stopped at Hadith number 59 and today we're going to go on to Hadith number 60. So Whose turn is it? Brother Mustafa.

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Narrated anus may Allah be pleased with him. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw a man, there was a place as much as the nail on his foot and water did not touch that place. He the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Go back and perform evolution well.

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Now, this hadith was narrated by Ennis and as Eben Malik, the Companion of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam

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this guy's story is is out of this world, he was just a kid, when his mother,

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by any chance, any of you knows his mother's name.

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Okay, I thought not. This is another problem, what that we should solve and try to solve pretty quickly. This is our heritage. These are our superstars whom we learn from them how to live, have to be actual Muslims.

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Anna's mother is almost relaying. And she is from Medina. And this Companion of the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam.

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She has another story, and then we go on to tales and stories and so on, and we could, you know, drift far away from our topic, but it's essential.

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Almost, Elaine, when the Prophet SSM came into Medina, she brought her kid and us and she told him or prophet of Allah, this child will serve you, wherever you go, in whatever you do. He is your humble servant. And she was very, very wise in doing this. He did not pay us, of course, but she wanted the blessing of Allah to be with us. She wanted us to learn from the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he accompanied the Prophet for 10 whole years. He stayed with a prophet SM for 10 years in his house when he traveled. So he reported to us lots and lots of hadiths. And of course, by that he became one of the scholars of Islam, because he was so close to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam.

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He taught us a lot of the sooner and he talks about himself. He says that I've accompany the Prophet Allah sorcerer for 10. whole years, never ever. The prophets, Allah Salam spanked me, abused me. Never, ever the Prophet alayhi salatu salam told me, why didn't you do this and that, for something I didn't do? And never ever the prophet SAW. Selim asked me, Why did you do this? For something that I have done? The Prophet was easygoing, sallAllahu sallam, he wasn't tough. He wasn't tough. He was so kind. And I says, I never touched any skin softer than his palm. Whenever he shook hands with him. And it says, I never smelled any bad odor or scent from him. So the law to sell them though

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they were poor. They did not well, actually, they were not poor in the sense that they didn't have anything they had anything and everything they wanted the Prophet I sent him, yet he lived as a humble prophet of Allah. And as Eben Malik whenever you hear the name

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It has to click, because he is one of the greatest companions of the Prophet. He is the the servant of the Prophet alayhi salatu was salam, and the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when almost relaying brought your child to him. And she asked him to be his loyal servant, the prophets, Allah Allah has embraced his hands. And he prayed and said, Oh Allah, grant him long life, grant him lots of wealth, and grant him many children. And it says, he was among the very last of the companions to die. He said that I have buried almost 100 of my descendants. Allah has blessed his children and his grandchildren. And he was one of the wealthiest companions of the Prophet that is, due to the that

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supplication that or that prayer that the profit is

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made for Anna's going back to the Hadith, Anna's may Allah be pleased with him, reported to us narrated to us that the prophet SAW a man and this man had as big as a nail, this is a very tiny spot that was not washed. While performing evolution. The Prophet told us gentlemen told his companion to go back and perform evolution again, because his prayer will not be valid, unless he performs perfect and complete evolution. And this

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leads us to another point, which is

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a lot of them painters, if you paint a house, or paint a wall or a door or whatever, sometimes you get stains of paint on your skin. And the prayer has been called for. So you go perform ablution the paint doesn't go, you have to remove it with

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a thinner, whatever, with gasoline or whatever. But you don't do this and you pray. Is your prayer valid?

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No, it's not. Why? Because you did not complete your evolution.

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Likewise, the sisters that were manicures on there are nowhere near nail polish.

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So we think I don't know why they do this. You know, we you look at the people from the west, the ladies from the west, you don't get long fingernails. And they put the red polish as if they're beasts, you know, just finishing the praise and putting their nails and then their necks and eating them alive. I don't know why Muslims do this. Okay, the Westerners may have a reason or two behind this. But why would the sisters do something like this prolonging making your nails long in Islam is forbidden. The prophets Allah subhanaw taala says it's part of nature to you know, trim and chop your nails and not having them long so that they would not allow dirt to

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be under them. Nevertheless, it's not our topic, yet, the sisters that wear nail polish, if they want to pray, if they want to perform evolution, they have to remove their nail polish. Otherwise, their ablution is void and it's not acceptable. So the Hadith tells us that we have to cover all the names mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah, while performing a dilution with water, if we skip a small portion, a tiny small bit, this is unacceptable. If you pray and you recall it or remember it or see it, then you have to pray again you have to remove it and perform ablution again, and this can be imagined in cases of people working

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in their offices, and using the liquid paper.

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And while using it then they put the arm on the paper without noticing. And then there's a

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an area of their arms that is covered and the water cannot penetrate it and they perform ablution they perform prayer and after they finish the prayer they look at their arms and oops.

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They find it they have to remove it. Perform ablution again, perform the same prayer they have performed a while ago once again because it was not accepted.

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This was Hadith number 60 Hadith number 61.

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Narrated Ennis may Allah be pleased with him. Allah Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to perform evolution with a mood of water and wash with a song up to five moods. Okay, this hadith

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We talked about it previously.

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But there is no harm in talking about it again. The prophets Allah said I'm used to perform a pollution using mud, what is mud?

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Now, measurements are either done by weight, or by size. So we have kilograms, or pounds in weight, and we have leaders in size. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to perform a solution using mode, one mode, and this is a unit of measuring the size. And scholar Safe Mode is whatever is gathered in the hands of a normal, normal person.

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So whatever I can gather in my, in the palms of my hands, a normal person, what why do you say, normal person, we don't want to get someone from the NBA that holds a basketball with you know, the tip of his fingers and say, This is a mod, this is six liters, man, I'm talking about a normal person, I don't want to get anyone from a midget that has tiny hands. And then this is a mod This is not even enough to drink, not a normal person. Whatever gathers in a normal person's hands, this is called and would show the Prophet used to pray, excuse me, used to perform a solution with a mood. Now, if I put water here and try to put it in the glass, it would probably fill three fourths of it.

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This this big, maybe a little bit less. This is the amount that the Prophet salla salaam used to consume in Moodle, and evolution. It resembles the amount we use, right? Wrong. definitely wrong. We consume approximately like three to four liters. When we perform a solution, we turn on the faucet and we start performing a solution. And it takes lots and lots of water people saying people talk people chat while performing a blue ocean, the water is running. And this is forbidden. The amount that the Prophet is used that is awesome was three quarters of a normal glass and wood.

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And he used to perform total bath he used to take a total bath or a shower. It's not a shower, they didn't have any showers but he after a sexual after sexual impurity after intercourse or

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wet dreams or whatever. And nocturnal emissions, the profit used to take a total bath. And he used to consume four to five modes. So imagine four scoops to five scoops of water, which is not more than three quarters of a liter, let's say a bottle of one liter of water. He used to wash his whole body, we consume more than 10 liters at least. And this shows you how far we're drifting from the sooner one would say well, we have rivers, we have reservoirs, we have dissemination plants. So why consume? The answer would be because it is the Sunnah of the Prophet that is our solemn we should do this. We should try our best to consume in our lives, not out of stinginess now, but out of

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appreciating water, appreciating the blessing of Allah azza wa jal, and by the way, this is the call worldwide for reducing the consumption of water for preserving the water resources. And this was done at the time of the Prophet la selects, almost

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15 centuries ago, and now people are calling and requiring this. We have a short break. Stay tuned, and we will be right back in Sharla.

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Get questions that bother you. What about issues of concern to you? Would you like to share things on your mind with us? Are you interested in solutions based on Islamic perspective? Please join me live in meet your advisor every Friday at 9pm Mecca time here.

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Welcome back to lessons and

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we stopped talking about the amount that the profit or loss of salon used to consume when performing a solution and this was

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whatever is gathered in the hands of a normal person and used to perform total bash also, using four to five woods, in this is called far and saw is for wood. So, this is the meaning of saw and I as I said that this is the profits way of doing it, what we're doing in our bathrooms, turning on the showers and you know, showering for about five to 10 minutes and consuming so much water. This is completely in not in accordance to the pseudonym, one would say so, would you like me to bring the water in a bucket in a small bucket or a liter of water and then well, if you can do this will be fine as good straight consume

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you to be conservative using water and the consumption of water. It's great, but it's not that practical nowadays. So if you're gonna shower, try to minimize the amount to use as much as possible. And try not to sink in

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during that because it may prolong your showering process. This is a 61 Hadith 62

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narrated by Omar or jolanda Allah's prophet sallallahu Sallam said, If anyone performs the evolution completely then says, I testify that there is no God but Allah alone, who has no partner and I testify that Mohammed is his servant and apostle, the eight gates of Paradise will be open for him, and he may enter by whichever of them he wishes. And another version also added Allah put me among the penitent, and put me among those who are purified.

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This Hadith

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a great Hadith.

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It tells us, it teaches us how to supplicate and again, we come back to the current situation of Muslims worldwide. They are drifting away from the Quran and Sunnah.

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If you notice that Islam has governed all aspects of our life, it tells us what to say. When we wake up. It tells us what to say, when we enter a toilet. It tells us what to say when to eat, when eating tells us what to say, when we go out of our houses, right in our cars, come back every single action of our life, we have a supplication to say, one would say, why the complication? Why so many things, there are no complications, none whatsoever. This connects you with your Lord connects you with Eliza gel. Instead of singing or chanting. You do these applications to feel that you are a servant of Allah to gain the support and guidance of Allah and then you are protected. You are

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insured by the divine power. And that is one of the things that the Prophet teaches us or the his Salatu was sent him he tells us

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you perform the volution What should you do? Well pray No. After you finish up pollution, there is a gift from Allah azza wa jal. What is that gift. absolution itself is a gift, because it cleans your limbs. Now, how many times do we wash each and every limb? mentioned in the evolution

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process. We wash it minimum of five maximum of 15

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because we pray five obligatory prayers per day. So if I'm going to perform ablution for each and every prayer, I'm either going to wash my arms face and feet once or three times. So it's either five or 15 times per day. Imagine this. I remember once I read it somewhere, God knows where that

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Muslim Student was preparing his PhD.

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And his professor was a non Muslim, they were living in a European country. So once this student asked for permission to perform a solution, so the teacher, Professor showed him the tub, where he would perform a solution. So the guy started performing a solution. And when it came to his feet, he raised his feet and washed his feet and this

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tub. So the professor was outraged, said, How dare you wash your feet? in the same place? I wash my face every morning.

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And because I'm not used to this, so the students smiled and said, Professor, how many times do you wash your face? Said I wash it every single morning once said, Professor, I wash my feet 15 times a day. Which do you think is cleaner? So Islam is a religion of purity and cleanliness? It teaches us that we benefit out of it, when it tells us perform the pollution. We are benefiting. We're cleaning ourselves. So is there any added value? A prophet says yes, after you finish? You say this application? What is this application? Can you read it again? Sandra, please, I testify that there is no God, but Allah alone, who has no partner and I testified that Mohammed his servant, and

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apostel, the gates of Paradise will be open for him. And he may enter by whichever of them he was. Now,

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this application is not that difficult is it? Is the testimony. It's the kalama it's the word that by saying it, you become a Muslim. And it's very easy, you testify that there is no god worthy of being worshipped except Allah who has no partners. And 99.9% of all denominations believe this, who created the earth and the heavens, they would say, God, Allah, Lord, whatever, but they mean the same entity, La ilaha illAllah. Now they drift and divert when they say, Well, he has a son, he has a wife, he has a father that, but they all believe that it is the only one. He is the one who created Earth and Heavens who created us. So we testify this, this is the first part that most of of

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humans believe in share, that there is no God but Allah. And that is why when they are in crises, when they have a problem, they don't go to graves.

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They don't go to tombs, they don't go to worldly things, without even feeling it, their hearts go upwards to the heavens. They cannot imagine who they calling, but they know they know that he the Almighty is the supreme power that could take them from whatever problems they are encountering are facing a shadow. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah has no partners. And then you testify that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is his slave and messenger. He's not only his messenger, he is his slave. He's a human being, who was sent to us, like David, Solomon, Moses, Jesus, as Abraham, no, all the messages of love of Allah He is one of the chain of messages and prophets of Allah.

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Okay, what happens if I do this? It's very easy, it's simple. Allah, Allah, a messenger say, says that, the eight gates of heaven of Paradise is open for you, and you may enter which one of them you wish? Now, of course not. The minute you die, when you die as a Muslim as a believer, because you used to say this, Allah azza wa jal will open the gates of heaven for you and you will enter from any of these gates how many gates does heaven have?

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It has eight gates. How many gates does hell have?

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It has seven gates, and we hope inshallah, that none of us none of our viewers of course, will get to know anything about how inshallah we will try our best to be in heavens and in heavens alone. So, if you say this supplication if you say this testimony after will do you are accredited that inshallah you'll get the chance to enter any of them eight gates, and we're told previously by the prophet SSM that one gate is for those of

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who pray? The other gate is though for those who perform pilgrimage, the third one is for those who make jihad, the one is specially and specifically called a rayyan. For those who fast so there are different gates for different sorts of peoples that are known to do things and Allah azza wa jal would grant them to enter Paradise through this particular gate due to their worships. And Abu Bakar Abubakar, so the the first Caliph of Islam was given the the good tidings of the prophet Isaiah, Sam, that he is among the one that may enter from any gates. He wishes to May Allah be pleased with him. And at the end of the Hadith, also, there's an addition and another version, where a person

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says, Oh Allah, make me among those who repent. And among those who are purified,

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and a Muslim, always repents. One would say, of what, I don't have any sense. I don't drink, I don't fornicator I don't kill people, I don't steal well, yet still you sin. And the minimal sin that any of us could do is not to appreciate Allah's blessing. So if you look at something that is haram, using the gift of sight, then you are sinning. If you if you do not look at Tara, but you don't appreciate this gift of and blessing of Allah, you are sending in that is why our Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to ask Allah for forgiveness 70 times in one sitting

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70 times. This is more than what we do in a month's time, probably. Yet, he always asked Allah for forgiveness, he depends to a large origin, not necessarily from doing sense, but to repent from not perfecting whatever worship you are doing. That is why a Muslim always have this thing at the back of his his head, that I'm a sinful person. But I trust others forgiveness. That is why I'm thankful. I'm grateful. I'm going to do a lot of good things. I'm going to supplicate I'm going to pray I'm going to be a good citizen. And then if you die, you die as a good citizen and a good Muslim. And this is why we should always keep this in our mind that we should all the time supplicate to Allah

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and know the Sunnah, in what the Prophet used to do, and what the prophet SAW Selim used to say, and by doing this, you may enter Paradise because

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ask ourselves, why am I on this earth? What's the reason of my creation? To get my BA masters PhD, to get married? To have family? Then what? Then die, then what is either heaven or hell? So, let's start from the very end from the last thing, which is your destination? It's heavenly sha Allah, you have to work hard for it. And the things that enables you to enter heavens are these things mentioned in the Hadith, if you supplicate say, a shadow Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah sharika wash Mohammed Abdullah Surah mahama journeymen, Pachauri, if you supplicate this, whether it's an Arabic, English, Tagalog, French, whatever, whatever you say, say it, believing that you are

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communicating with Allah that knows all languages. Allah subhanaw taala will will grant you what you're seeking, what you're looking for, which is paradise. I think that this is all the time we have for today's program. Until we meet next time, fear Manila was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.