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hamdulillah sal Allahu wa sallahu wa barakaatuh ab de la sua marsudi home, Safa Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajibade assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And welcome to lessons in

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the chapter we were studying Mustafa is prayer.

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This is not the chapter

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the chapter resetting Mustafa is don't cheat.

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Okay? Mohammed, the condition of the conditions of salaat. Guys, you have to reconnect refresh the page every time we began because you have to try and connect things together. So we're setting the conditions of salaat Hadith number 174. Narrated by Abu huraira May Allah be pleased with him, Allah messenger sallallahu Sallam said, glorification of law, meaning sayings panels for men, and clapping of hands is for women, Muslim added during prayer. Of course, the addition of Muslim was quite essential because if we did not have this, people would have thought that saying Subhan Allah is only for men. So women should not say Subhana Allah. But once he put this addition, in salaat, we

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know that this is only during Salat. And the origin of this hadith was that the prophet SAW Selim went once and was delayed for coming to salad. Because he was delayed. The people called for the salad and Abu Bakr and led the prayer, the first Gulf. And when the Prophet came out in Salatu, salam, the companions of the province started clapping.

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And they were clapping because they wanted to notify abubaker that the prophet SAW Selim came.

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So abubaker noticed that and he went back and the Prophet prayed is about certain. Afterwards, the Prophet told them that the clapping is only for women during prayer, men should not clap, but he gave them something

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that replaces that, which is saying Chapin Allah. So if the Imam makes a mistake, or you want to notify the amount of something, you may just say, during the Salah, sapan, Allah Subhana, Allah Subhana Allah, this

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makes as a form of notification to the Imam. And again, we come back to the issue of segregating men from women. This shows us that there is a difference, because even even during salad, when one would presume, and say that shaytan is as far as possible, and Satan would not be present during the salad. Nevertheless, the prophet tells us that women should not speak during the salad, they should not.

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Their voices should not be heard during the salad. If they know this, that there's something wrong The only thing they are allowed to do is to clap. The following Hadith Hadith number 175

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narrated by turriff bin Abdullah bin seafield may well be pleased with him from his father, who said also last messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam when he was engaged in prayer, and heard a song from his chest, like the burbling off apart from briefing now

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diminisher here is telling us how the prophet or his father of love the show here, is telling us how the profits that are selling them used to have this sound as if the pot is bubbling you know when you have boiling water and the pot is bubbling

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There's this strange sound coming out. He's telling us that the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. You the companion used to hear this noise or sound coming from his chest. And why do you think that this is happening? Because the Prophet Allison Sam was weeping. And this is a sign of your prayer being accepted that you weep and prayer, you should try your best to weep in prayer as a sign of your fearing of Allah azza wa jal and of regretting your sins. And if you try to compare our situation, with a situation of the prophets of Salaam and his companions, you find great differences. For example, the profit is a sham, as we've heard, used to weep while praying

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abubaker May Allah be pleased with him? Also, when he used to pray, people would not be able to understand what surah he's reciting, because of the amount of weeping and crying he does. Mama pop was also like this. Sometimes he might recite one surah of the Quran, and fall sick afterwards for a day or two, because of the amount of fear in him, Othman evanoff fan also may Allah be pleased with him, used to recite the Quran and pray night prayers, it was reported that he wants to read the whole Quran in one record.

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And this is authentic, reported by Earth man melodies with him earlier. And so on and on and on all the companions used to wake up in the in the night and pray the whole night for Allah azza wa jal, and they used to weep. And Allah mentions in the Quran, that one of the attributes of the believers that they weep, and they fall in frustration weeping for Allah azza wa jal. Now,

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do we have this study?

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Not really. Why is that? What do you think? We don't have this amount of weeping and fear of Allah azza wa jal

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because of the distractions present around and how the Muslims have become, today, their hearts are not as pure as the hearts of the dead. That's exactly the point. Our hearts are not as pure as they used to. When, at the time of the Prophet that is a sham. Any other reason? I will Malik because we're not truthful.

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We're not sincere, and truthful with Allah. Mustafa?

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Yes, because we have basically led astray from our way from Islam.

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Our way from the way of commerce, so, okay, do you have any other contributions? Well, it's almost the same thing.

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The problem is, our knowledge is not as much as theirs. And our fear of Allah is not as much as theirs. So the more knowledge you have, the more fear of Allah, there should be. And I'll give you an example. Most of us

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may commit a sin or two.

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And the reason for committing this sin is that, although we believe in heaven and hell, but our belief to it is not that, you know, certain, to the extent that it would prevent us from doing bad things, and it would encourage us to do good things. I remember once I was visited by

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a student, who was traveling the following day, to a foreign country and a Muslim country to complete his studies. So he came to my house for advice. So when I was telling this boy because I knew how his style of lifestyle, so I told him, that when you travel to this non Muslim country, be aware. Now don't think that because you're out of this country, and your father and mother are not watching you and there's no a man of the masjid no teachers that know you, no one else knows you. That this allows you to do whatever you want. Be careful because Allah azza wa jal is watching.

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So the guy requested permission to speak. It's not military, but he requested to say what's in it what was on his mind. So I told him, I told him, Okay, go ahead. He said, Now, imagine that I do exactly what you tell me to. I pray. I fast I'm a committed Muslim.

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Do not fall naked. I don't drink. I do not gamble. And I don't do all the other sense.

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Imagine and then I die.

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And after death, I'm waiting to go to Paradise. Someone comes and says, Well, that was April Fool's. There's no heaven, and there's no help.

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So I would have wasted my whole entire life for nothing.

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So, excuse me for saying this. But

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isn't this the case?

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I've wasted six years of my life, being a good Muslim, and then boom, nothing. There's no heaven nor hell knows a big joke.

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So I told the man, I told this young chap, that I completely agree with you.

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I'm completely in agreement with you. A lot of people have the same feeling. But let's reverse it.

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Imagine if you're not a good Muslim, another committed one. You don't pray. You fabricate. You drink booze? You do? You do this, you have all the fun you want in your life. And after 60 years, you die, thinking that there is no heaven and hell, and Wham.

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They come to you and throw you straight into hell.

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What would you do? Then? The guy pause for a second. I said, Well, I didn't think of it this way. I always thought of it. The first way. I told him Yes. Because shapen comes to you. He always he only wants you to think of it the first way. But to think that, okay, if I do bad, I'm gonna be punished. He never talks to you about this. And for you to know, Fadi, what are the things that a person should know to realize if he's on the right track or not? You always you have to do is look around you.

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All this perfection, we see all this creation of Allah azza wa jal, we have points that there is only one God and that is alized origin. And if we know that Allah azza wa jal attribution that is wise, great, the powerful and so on, we know that he would not create us and leave us astray. He has to tell us what to do. You cannot go to the market and buy this gadget you know, electronic device with all these gauges and buttons and state of the art and accept expect the manufacturer to put it on sale without putting a manual. without providing it with a manual. Allah Xhosa would not create this, these perfect creations of his without giving us a manual what to do. So Allah azza wa jal

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gave us the manual, he sent to us a person to explain this manual to us. It was the Prophet Allah is not sham. So we have the Prophet so Salah, explaining the Quran. And from there, you can tell that what Allah azza wa jal wants us to do is correct. And it's authentic. And you believe in the oneness of Allah and then you believe that there's Heaven and Hell Otherwise, there is no guarantees for you. So you have to go back to the basics and learn why people love Allah azza wa jal why people with knowledge know that the heaven and hell exist. And that is why this caused them to get closer to Allah. And that is why is causing them to weep from the fear of Allah. We have a short break, so

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please stay tuned.

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Violence have spilled over onto this escalated into violent clashes between police and protesters.

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And we're also hearing of injuries on paternalist Charlie McGrath says the cuts will heat further suffering on ordinary people that for decades, but the fence needs some

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serious and thanks for

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joining me as I explore issues, pressing issues facing the Muslim world today from the one sided civil war in Syria, to the genocide in Burma from the Arab Spring to the elections in the US. And yes, even the Euro debt crisis in Greece. Honest reporting on a channel you can trust and I won't leave an issue untouched. Don't miss the oma tonight with me Malik on your favorite channel.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and welcome back. Just before the break, we were talking about how the prophet SAW Selim and his companions used to pray and weep, and how our hearts are as solid as stones as hard as stones. And we don't weep from the fear of Allah, due to the lack of knowledge. We don't know Allah azza wa jal, and we don't know what he wants from us. And we don't have anything that draws draws us closer to him, except these few things that we do every single day and night and thinking that we are good Muslims, while we are not. And

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to tell you, or to show you or to give you an example, if one of us were to be given

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a blank piece of paper, and would be an he would be requested to fill in this paper, as many as he can remember the attributes and Names of Allah?

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Do you think the we would pass 30 or 40 names, lots of people would not pass this. If we were asked to write about the meaning of

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Allah's mercy on our allas allas kindness lot for life, we would fail to do this, there are attributes of Allah names of a lot that we do not know the name, the meaning of them.

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And we just say them, while if we were given a blank piece of paper, and we were told to write the lyrics of one of the famous songs, we would probably need more and more blank papers to write them because we know so many of them, ignore, I am pleased with him, wrote a book.

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It's three volumes, the book is in three volumes, approximately 1200 pages.

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And the book was called My daddy to Sally key female nozzle, he can do what you can assign. So he came to one

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verse of the Quran of the Fatiha

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and he wrote 1200 pages, just contemplating on this verse

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1200 pages,

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and on one verse only. So imagine, then they just compare the knowledge they had, with the knowledge about Allah azza wa jal that we have. One would argue and say, Listen, why should I weep?

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I didn't kill anyone.

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I don't fire indicate I don't drink and consume any intoxicants. I don't steal, I don't gamble. I don't bribe I don't do any of the major since then, why should I weep? The same question would be reversed. And you would be asked, Why did the prophet SAW Selim weep? Why did the companions weep? They did this because they were afraid of a law. They love the law so much, yet they fear the law so much, and it has to go in parallel. And they looked at the blessings that Allah azza wa jal have

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put, and given them and they were afraid that they did not thank Allah Xhosa enough to suffice these blessings of Allah. They looked at their sins. And by talking about sins, we don't necessarily mean major sins, but there are minor sins and they are there are recommendable things that they did not do or not unprepared things that they have done macro, and so on and on. Now, we should weep more and more than they did, because we have more actual unreal since then that they did and this tells us the difference between them. And us. We move on to the following Hadith

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spelar Rahim narrated alira the other one, I had the permission of Allah messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to see him and his house at two times. And when he when I entered to him, while he was praying, he would clear his shirt is assigned to me. Now this hat is not authentic. It tells us that if you want to give a signal to someone, you make clear your throat.

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This is clearing the throat. So in this Hadith, it tells us that I only had two times two permission to enter to the house of the Prophet s of silence.

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Wherever the Prophet wanted to allow him to do so while praying, he would clear his throat but this hadith is not authentic. And that is why we move on to the following Hadith narrated wildflower or the Allahumma I asked bilello the Allahu How did you observe the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam replying to their citation, he means the companions.

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How did you observe the Prophet so I was Allah replying to their salutation while he was engaging in prayer, he bled said he used to this way, and he believed demonstrated by spreading Islam.

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Now, this hadith

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tells us, again that if a person is praying him he may not answer back when people salute him when people say assalamu Aleikum, he may not say why.

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Because this would be considered as

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Paddy buddy nullifying is Burberry speaking by talking, and talking and speaking during prayer is not permissible. So, it'd be an Omar, may Allah be pleased with him and with his father asked Bella Bella, please with him. So how did the Prophet do it?

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When people came in and said, Somalia, so Bilal described that by raising his palm, so it's like saying, why they come set up. So while you pray, you may do this, if somebody says Assalamualaikum.

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And I think it's worth

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noting that

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a lot of Muslims nowadays, salute each other, by raising the hands or by doing this or by, you know, raising their their eyebrows or by saying this. Now, these are all forms of salute

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to our off the Christians and the Jews. And I mentioned, may Allah have mercy on him that it is not permissible for a Muslim to do this, to salute to make Salaam using his hand or finger or his eyebrows or his nodding the head? This is not permissible. So, yes, no. So if we can combine between Salah mala, can we move like this? lamonica for example, no, this is also not acceptable to say Assalamualaikum in raising your hand unless the person you're saluting is far away. And your voice will not reach him as if in the case if a person is about four or 500 meters away from you, and if you say Salaam Alaikum he'll not hear you. So you wave to him, say saying salaam aleikum wild

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waving. So this is okay. But what people do nowadays when they come in a meeting and they introduce so this is gentlemen so and so and he says,

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nodding the head itself is not Islamic, and also nodding the finger by saying this or by saying that or whatever salute. This is an Islamic art Islamic salutation is to say assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato this Islamic way of doing it and it tells us that it also teaches us how it when Omar may Allah be pleased with him, was so keen on learning the Sunnah every single thing that the Prophet did that isn't said he wanted to learn and know exactly how he did it. Why he did it, so that he would also follow suit.

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He had any remarks Okay, the following Hadith

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narrated by Abu Qatada. May Allah be pleased with him. Allah messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was offering prayer while he was caring on the altar of Xena. When he frustrated he put her down and when he stood up, he lifted her up. Muslim also added while he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam led the prayer in domestic. Okay. Now this hadith tells us about the movements allowed for a person while he's praying. As you remember that we said that movements if you move a lot during prayer, this is not acceptable.

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Mmm, Abu hanifa and the followers of the Hanafi school, say if you move three movements or more, your prayer is invalid. Is this true for Friday?

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Yes, I think because there was a person who moved out many times in his prayer and then his prophet, the Prophet told him to repeat three times. So I asked him every time he moved to Thailand, repeat three times and then he told him that he was moving. So how many times do you think the Prophet moved while carrying Xena

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I'm sure he carried he moving more than three times while doing this. But with with this opinion, I think many scholars have said that is that it is incorrect. And there is no why three, why not four? Okay? Sounds good was tougher.

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Because it has to be more than four because if it was two records, he has to move to like two times every record before. So you don't want me with the opinion that says, three movements nullifies the prayer, there is no evidence test, you have to have evidence. This Hadith tells you that he used to carry Puma and he used to carry her during the prayer and wherever he bow the prosthetic, put her aside, and then she moved and picked her up. And this is a lot of movement. And this was during prayer when he led the prerelease Salatu was Salam. O magma is the doctrine of

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do we call

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people after their mothers or after their fathers?

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The only time we call it was we shouldn't call them after the mother's but because of zeta is the daughter of the Prophet. So Sarah, she is more important to us than her husband. But does anybody know the husband's name?

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Any clues?

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That's not even a fan. Is that correct? There was no?

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Robbie, he's the Companion of the Prophet that So Sam, she embraced Islam before he did. And she migrated to Medina, and he did not he was captured on the bat in the Battle of, I think, budget if I am not mistaken. And she,

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her his wife, though he is not a Muslim, and she's a Muslim,

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a necklace that belonged to her mother Khadija, and send it to the prophet SAW Selim as

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his ransom so that he would be freed. And the minute the prophet SAW that is awesome. He had this feeling you know for Khadija. So he asked the people, he told them that apparatus is my son in law, though his non Muslim, and my daughter sent this necklace to me. So you make your choice. What do you think? So immediately, without any questioning, they said, let him pray a prophet of Allah, Yanni. We don't want a velocity is your son in law and so on. Now, there are lots of things connected to this story. As for the marriage contract, was it void, because she's a Muslim, she's a non Muslim or not, we're not going to go into details. So the prophecy Selim set him free. The man

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went back to Mecca, gave all the people their belongings and their goods and the deposits that he had, and then went back to Medina and embraced Islam. And he went back with his wife, Xena, the daughter of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I believe that this is all the time we have for today's program. So until we meet next time family law for Santa Maria calm