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spelar hamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah also happy to meditate Abuja. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and welcome to lessons in the chapter we are studying is the chapter of the call for prayer and Hadith we have that we begin our program with is Hadith number 156 brother Muhammad

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Rahim narrated by jabber Raja lavon. Alas, messenger said to be loud when you announced as an altar deliberate, deliberately, and when you pronounce the karma arch quickly and leave between your Amazon and your iqama time for one who is eating to finish his food. He also reported from Abu hurayrah de la Juan, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, No one should announce Hassan except the one who has performed ablution he has he also reported from Zayed bin and Horace rajala lawan Allah messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the one who announces that Assange should also pronounce the comma narrated Abdullah bin is eight in another generation of the Hadees reported

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by Abu Dawood. I saw it the other day in a vision. And I wanted to announce it Allah messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, you pronounce the karma.

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Okay, thank you. And unfortunately, all what you've heard was unauthentic. So the four virgins are all authentic, it's weak, so we don't have to apply them, we don't have to elaborate on them. Nevertheless, the first one tells us that a karma should be quick. And advance should be slow the reason? Because then we want it to reach as much as possible. And as far as possible, while apama is to declare that it's time for prayer. And everyone should be in the masjid at the at the time of their karma. So there is no need to raise the voice. And there is no need to make it in a slow tone, as they're all ready, and prepared to pray.

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The second Hadith, it says that it's not forbidden, it's it is forbidden for a person who is not part here to perform at hand. Which means that before you call for prayer, you have to perform a solution. And this is not authentic. And the scholars say that it is not a must, because that is not a leading the prayer is the call, it's a notification. So you do not have to be in the state of evolution when you call the US. And

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the third Hadith says that he who announces that Dan must announce the karma, but also this is not authentic. It's an open thing. If a person makes it then and he allows someone else to make the farmer or the Imam instructs another person to make the karma, it can be easily done. And finally, the fourth Hadith, or the virgin tells us that the Prophet allowed Abdullah Herman's aid, the person the companion that saw the event in his dream, he allowed him to recite the karma, while the other end would be for Beloved, but again, this is not authentic. So I don't see any reason for us to go on. And to talk about these studies. That does anyone have you have any question?

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Okay, we move on to the following headings heading number 157.

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Narrated by Abu huraira will be pleased to him. All those messengers along will have some set. The Martin has more right to determine the time to knowledge the other and the Imam has more right to determine when to pronounce the ikoma. The more than has

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The right or has more right to determine the time to announce the event. Which means that the man is not observing the direction of the sun, it is not paying any attention to whether it's time for a van or not, is it time for prayer or not? Because this is the this is the job off. Then what then? So he's the one who is entitled to to call for the assignment or not. While the Imam is the one who is entitled to tell them, then to make a comma, because when the prayer starts is the Ivan's job. Yet the Hadith itself is weak, then it's not authentic, but the meaning it sounds acceptable, beloved, beloved, may Allah be pleased with him would not request the Prophet Allah is awesome to

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make. And then he would observe, and when it's time for Salah, he would make the event himself, but he would never make a farmer unless he requests the permission from the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, so before a comma he goes and visits the Prophet Alayhi Salaam in his house and asked him Should I make a comma or not in the profit whether agrees or disagrees with that? The following Hadith

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are these number 158

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narrated by NSP medic or the Mohan Allah's Messenger sallallahu Sallam said, its application made between the event and the coma is not reject

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the application made between us and and a farmer is not rejected. And

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seriously, this is one of the greatest hobbies that Muslims should pay attention to. Now, none of us claim to have to not have to have something that he needs. Everyone in this world has a list of things that he would like them to become true, a lot of wishes, that he would like them to turn into realities. And the best way to make things come true is to go to the source, which is Allah Almighty. So you have to supplicate you have to make prayer to Allah azza wa jal to grant you what you want, and what you need. And this cannot happen unless you know the times where allies will accept your supplication and that is why we tend to stay in mosques and tell people to stay in

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mosque between event and a farmer. So if we try to figure it out, in very quickly, what are the times that are most likely for Allah azza wa jal to answer your call, nor

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the time times, sometimes in the middle of night until, until middle of the night be more specific.

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The I don't know for after middle night enter until down prayer, no. Friday, third of the night, the first one,

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the third third of the night. So the last third the rest of the night. This is the time where Allah azza wa jal descends and asks, Are there any people seeking forgiveness ships that I forgive them? Are there any people that are asking me or requesting me to give them something so that I could give them

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a bumalik? The Times also, when it's raining. Now, the time when it's training,

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though, this was mentioned by IBM, may Allah have mercy on his soul in his book, and

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yet it was regarded as by if it's not authentic. And this was regarded by by the scholars of Hadith. So this does not count, though. raining itself is a blessing of Allah. Do you know what the prophet SAW Selim used to do when it rained?

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Mustapha I think he used to be worried. No, no, no, on the contrary.

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Muslims to come out and perform

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and drink from this rain. Drink. No.

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No dough. No. bumalik

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take what he had in his house out into the rain. Again, no, no, Fadi?

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No, because thought sugar actually is also not authentic. It's very easy. It's supported in Sahih. Muslim, that whenever it rained, the prophet SAW Selim went out in the rain and exposed some of his body to that strain, and he would tell his companions that this

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crane is near to from Allah azza wa jal, it came from heaven. It's a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala. And it shows that the prophet SAW Selim, whatever is close to Allah, he would, most likely like and expose himself to. So this is what the prophet SAW Selim used to do, in rain, not to pray, not to supplicate, but to expose himself. Now, this does not mean you have to soak yourself

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in the rain, but it the first drops of the rain. It's it's the sooner that you expose yourself to some of it. Any other times have Fadi

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in the cabin by the door called blabbermouth doesn't. This is again, it's not it's not a time it's a location.

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So we're talking about time but to embrace one's self or to do to put oneself chest and stomach to the Kaaba and embrace and multi ism where the door is of the cab. There is no authentic hadith, confirming this, otherwise people would fight like crazy and kill each other. Well, this is wrong. It is not authentic. So we do not do it. I'm talking about times, times and positions, not necessarily locations, and Mustafa is an hour Friday, when his application will be accepted and excellent. What is this our there is about 17

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different opinion of scholars. But the most authentic one is?

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No, no, that's one of the seven opinions.

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The time of Egypt is like before measure prayer.

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It is the last hour the hour of the day of Friday, which is just before the sunset of Friday.

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Any time else for bumalik prostration. in prostration, the Hadith.

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English, the closest a person is to his Lord to Allah is in the prostration position. So if you can ask and pray to Allah as much as you can, because Allah will answer your call.

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Excellent. After the final two shaha just before concluding your prayer just before to sleep, after you finish all the Tisha hood and the solid on the prophet Isaiah slam. You make prayer because the prophets Allah wa sallam said that you may choose whatever you like from prayer so you should try your best and

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make supplication to Allah azza wa jal anything else do

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those terms include and haram and offshore I mean, what later what you've gathered everything that we know, you thrown everything that we know Muharram Ashura, that hedger whatever these days have a lot of content Of course, of course. And, and the reason behind this is what Ayesha, may Allah be pleased with her said that Oh, Prophet of Allah, that if I am if I succeed in seeing Laila to color What should I say? So he taught her a supplication. I'm afraid we have to stop here but we will be in sha Allah right back

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your brothers and sisters would come to a new edition of escudo

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Please go ahead. You can read it in Arabic. And you can also understand the meaning in your own language, the different the fussier and interpretation of the meanings of

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almost every language that exists on earth by the use of the water. Zamzam is for whatever intention you drink it with solid from Asia, his father, as the way and he asked about how can he help very,

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very bad or the act of worship is a part of the unity of worship has to be paid to Allah Subhana Allah and in accordance with the guidance of His Prophet sallallahu

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Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah and welcome back. Just before the break, we were talking about the times, that it's preferable that you make supplication to Allah azza wa jal, so that Allah azza wa jal will answer your call. So do we have any other comments? Brother Malik. Yeah, I just have one more time that we forgot to

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explain, you modify your modify. Again, this is one of the times that the prophet SAW Selim asked us instructed us to do as much as supplication as possible on that day. And there are so many other times and we can find a lot of them. Brother Mustapha. Yes, we see a lot of brothers,

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between a comma. And then. And they don't do that. And when it comes, when, after they finish the prayer, after the home has went and we finished prayer, they start doing the event at the door. So So what do you advise? This is an issue that a lot of the scholars

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argued about, which is, what's the ruling on supplication after you conclude your prayer? Now, even taymiyah says, may Allah have mercy on him, that the place of supplication is before the sleep

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after to sleep is the place of Vicar where you say so pantalon hamdulillah Hello, Akbar. And the thicker that comes afterwards. A lot of the Muslims do this common mistake, which is that after they finish their prayer, they raise their hands and start to supplicate. And they usually have something that they've memorized by heart. And usually, they just repeat it. And then some of them wipe their faces. Some go to the extent of wiping their whole bodies, as if they're bathing.

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And I've seen so many weird stuff in my life, from the brothers, after Salah, there are brothers that immediately after the slim, they would put their hands on their heads. And I kept watching the brothers say, Are you afraid of UFOs? Going to fly? What? Why do you put your hand on your head? said no, I'm making Vicar. What kind of Vicar is that?

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This is innovation? Did the Prophet do it? So Sam, did the companions do it? If they did we do it we follow suit. But if not, then this is an innovation is not acceptable. Other people have seen this, that after they finish their prayer, they kiss the thumbs of their, their thumbs, and they wipe their eyes three times.

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Now this is really, you know, strange. And so you go to the guy said, Dude, what are you doing? I said, Well, if you say Allahumma salli, ala Muhammad three times and you rub your eyes, then you will not be become blind.

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Wow, that's cool. But again, do you have any evidence that I can do this shared with you today? Well, my share set so word of mouth. I've heard it somewhere. I don't know what Where was it? I think maybe radio Israel.

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You got your information from the wrong source, my friend. You have to have authentic hadith to apply this. And it goes on and on and on. And it's very simple and easy. follow the footsteps of the Prophet so so that you will be with him on the Day of Judgment. So as brother Mustapha has noted, it's correctly

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observed that there are people between event in a comma, sit idle, doing nothing in the mosque, maybe just watching the peoples go by here and there. Maybe the best of them would recite the Quran, which is a sacred and an excellent thing to do.

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But immediately after prayer is over, they start to supplicate. And there's nowhere in the Sunnah, where it says that, after prayer, supplication is accepted. Nowhere, while the Hadith we are reading now, as it tells us that this application between the author and the farmer is not rejected. So you are instructed to do this. Now. Do you have any other Yes, question but simplification during frustration? You find that many people resent the LM gate frustration a lot, even after the email comes up. There's a lot to say that showed the elongate the frustration, okay, very huge length of time. And then after that, when they come up and they say like, have the channel and then I'm says,

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the extended prayer. Right or Now there are two questions here. One, what's the ruling I'm not going

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Anywhere, just *ting

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what's your ruling on prolonging your prayer? After the Imam has finished? He made it to sleep. He concluded his prayer. But you still want to do more supplication and add some more. What's your ruling on this? And the second question was what's rolling on prolonging the prostration? though? You are following me ma'am. And the Imam has risen from the prostration position, and now he is in the sitting position. And yet still, you still have like 20 to 30 seconds left of supplication. You don't want to interrupt that?

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To answer the first question,

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prolonging the prayer after the Imam has concluded it. And the scholars say it's okay. Because by concluding the prayer, you are not missing anything, if you prolong it a little bit, because eventually going to conclude it. What's not permissible is during the prayer that you prolong one of the deeds of the salah and not follow the man

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as in the position where you prostrate and you continue to prostrate while the Imam has

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raised from that position and is going to the other

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place of prayer. You get my point. Why is that? Simply because the prophet SAW Selim has instructed us and said, if the if the Imam bows, you bow immediately, if he raises his head, you raise your head immediately. If he prostrate you prostrate immediately if he sits between prostration you sit immediately. So prolonging it would be

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if you will be disobeying the order or instructions of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam at the very end. The Prophet did not say when he says Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah you conclude the prayer with him? No, this this was left open. So this same question was asked to chef bin bass. May Allah have mercy on him? And he answered that it's okay to prolong the prayer after it's concluded. And there's nothing wrong in that.

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Any more questions? Yes, no, I have some Christian connected to it. supplications

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what is the application as application that sometimes are slow, slow, sometimes do after prayer or

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prayer know, sometimes, sometimes are slow do the prophet SAW Selim, what was reported to us? We have like books of supplications Rabbana. It has certain certain rocky nada, but not, he would say,

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the manila folder and so on.

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There's so many of them. You just cannot list them. But you personally may ask Allah whatever you want. Whether in Arabic, or in English, or any language. You wish, you pray to Allah and ask him whether it from this life or forgiveness and paradise of the hereafter.

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Fadi? Yeah, I was wondering, we just talked about the times where it's preferable to perform supplication and the could be answered. But if we perform supplication in in other times, isn't not permissible, like for instance, after, during Roku, or when you send up from Rico, or Africa, or anytime during prayer, is it permissible or not? No, it's not permissible unless it was mentioned to us by the prophet. So say, for example, it's permissible for us whenever the Imam recites a verse of the Quran. And in the verse of the Quran, it talks about hell, or punishment and you say I seek refuge, Allah azza wa jal always talks about paradise and reward and you say and you say, I seek

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Allah as a generosity, this is permissible.

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But when you are in the record position, there are certain when you are in the bowing position, there are certain supplications that the Prophet told us to do. Chapin that have been all the while behind the subwoofer, podosome Obama equity row and so on, to come and intervene and say something out of it. supplication like, Oh, God, guide my, my children to be a good Muslims here is wrong. Yes, because it's not a position for supplication. As for the record, the Prophet says, of the movie harab you may glorify Allah in the record position in the sujood. On the contrary, the prophet tells us

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that we should ask Allah, we should supplicate to Allah. We should call Elijah as much as we want. That is why it's preferable that one, a limit himself to the positions that we were instructed by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa he was selling them Raja Mustafa,

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is it permissible to memorize the supplications of certain people other than the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and repeat them? Now, again, this is a problem that many people ask about. What do we mean by supplication of people, for example, I read this

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is this application, and I trace this down is has not been said by the prophet sallallahu sallam, nor his companions. It was written by Cher show and so the words are very nice, you know, they rhyme, they are close to your heart, and they're beautiful. Now for us to do it, it's okay. But for us to think it's the sooner it's wrong. For us to spread it among people, it's wrong. Because then it would be misunderstood and thought to be of some significance for you to pray to Allah saying any type of drug is acceptable. Therefore, if you see something and you like it, and you think that it has some magnificent, magnificent stew it and it may be nice to pray, it's okay. But don't spread

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it. Don't write it down and give it to people. And don't assume that it is better than the sooner because always as soon as much, much better. Nevertheless, sometimes one of us would like to call Allah Xhosa. Because is all what we say in accordance to what's the prophets are salams that Hadith know, when you say Oh Allah, make my wife happy and make her satisfied with all the money that I have.

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Is this from the center?

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Is it is it allowed for me to pray like this supplicate? Yes. Then Likewise, if I eat something that a shareholder and a man wrote, and I like it, I may say it, but I may not spread it. So that people will not confuse it too sooner and start to recite it thinking that it has certain powers connected to it. I may not also think that it is better than the sooner because nothing definitely is better than the sooner.

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The hadith of Allah Subhan Malik. We did not go through it completely. Though. This episode this program was lost, not in translation, but it was lost in answering all the different questions. I have one issue left. But unfortunately, I don't think we have the time for it for today's program, therefore, until we meet next time, Family Law was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.