Indeed, Allah WILL Test YOU!

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Allah says we will test you. So a day for you a day against you. If you are healthy, your health will never, ever remain forever. If you are alive, your life won't remain forever in this world, you have to go somewhere else. Similarly, if you're a person who has wealth, you're not going to remain rich forever. You have a job, it's not going to remain forever, unless we will have to change the days. You know regarding warfare. Allah says what you can monitor we know how Beynon.

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The days Allah rotates them around for the people a day you win a day you lose a day you gain a day you lose and so on. Why? It's a test. When Allah says, I have created you to test you will law when you mature a little bit and you think about it, it is absolutely true. Allah has created you to test you because nothing happens according to your liking. It happens according to the liking of Allah. Your very identity was chosen by Allah Who are you your parents, your complexion, your race, your nationality, whatever it is, that you did not have a say in it. I can only not have a say in something, if it is an examination. If it was my own thing, I would have a say in everything. You

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get the point. You have an exam of any nature on Earth, you will never know the questions in advance. Unless you're in South Africa, where Allah Subhana Allah grant us is, I see the uncle saying if you have the money, but in the eyes of Allah, obviously that's on a lighter note guys, but in the eyes of Allah, you cannot cheat. You cannot deceive it's a test. Allah is watching.

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Nothing that is displeasing to Allah is worth it. Nothing.

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You know why you're compromising? the Hereafter, the eternal hereafter can burn to him boon Allah Jalla wa tada

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ne Allah says, You love that which is right in front of you now, but you're forgetting about the archaea of the hereafter which is everlasting. In surah. Allah Allah which we hear at times, in many of the Salawat especially Juma and read, a lot of the times we hear it, Allah says it in there, that you know what?

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The author of the Hereafter is better than this life by far.

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So my brothers and sisters, don't be deceived by the materialism around you use it in order to lead a comfortable life within the obedience of Allah. May Allah grant us all good sustenance Say, Amen. May Allah give us wealth that is sufficient for us and wealth that we can use to earn paradise. You