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Muslims we are poor vision Muslims we have people who aspire to greatness is the reason why Allah subhanho wa Taala created us my brother's look at the positive light to understand who we are and why we are created not be like those who are forgotten Allah has caused them to forget themselves.

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Brothers and sisters in STEM, one of the greatest suitors of the Quran, is a surah known as surah Yusuf is one of the most amazing suitors Would you agree? It is Mashallah. And what was surah use of all about? It was this it was about this young boy who has such tremendous potential. exquisite beauty. Absolutely amazing, amazing piety. But then he had an almost hopeless future, because he was just about to be thrown into the well by his brothers, to be doomed to be drowned by water in the depths of something where, where his father would never ever find him.

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And to Subhana, Haleakala the everyone forgot about him. But Allah subhanho wa Taala was always there for him when he was saved, but only to be sold off as a slave. Then thereafter, what happened to him after that, what happened to him was amazing. A woman wanted to take advantage of him and his beauty and his handsomeness. And unfortunately, because of that, he stuck to his values and principles. And he entered into this jahannam this Hellfire of this world, which is prison and the prisons at that time and other prisons of now, with nice beds and nice food. And doctors look after you. They were Dungeons, Dungeons, the ones that you've seen in, in various movies, really, really

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bad places to live, and he stayed there for how long years and years and years, until Allah subhana wa Taala fulfilled his victory until Allah subhana wa tada fulfilled his word, until Allah subhanho wa Taala fulfilled the promise that he had made to all people who are righteous, to all people who hold on to his faith, to all of those who are unwavering in the support of his Deen to all of those who bite onto his religion with his and her mala tooth. And what is it? It is this verse in Surah Yusuf with which Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed that shows it while Lavalle buena Emery he will act in the UK thoroughness, Eli, Allah mon. And Allah of assurity will establish his affair, even if

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the vast majority of people don't know that. Even if the vast majority people don't know that. And this is the message that Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed through through the use of when was surah Yusuf revealed? It was revealed in the year called Armand whose Does anyone know but it was a year of despair. It was a year where Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam was in despair, wasn't he? Why? Because he lost two of his favorite people. Who are they? He lost his favorite his wife, Khadija rhodiola Anna and he lost his uncle, the one who was providing for him the one who was supporting him, the one who was defending him from the onslaught of the disbelievers of kurush. Abu Talib, right. And so

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it was a year of despair. So Allah revealed the sutra of hope in that year. Why? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to show the Pseudomonas SLM that after all of this difficulty, a person who will still hold on to this Deen, Allah of assurity will establish his affair, even if the vast majority of people do not know or do not understand. And but Allah we have history to show that if there's any proof that a person requires, who doesn't believe in Allah, and who doesn't believe in the Quran, or the sadhana, the let history be enough of a proof to show that anyone who holds on to Islam will have assurity ultimately, when Let me tell you the examples of the time of Crusaders, the

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time where million people a million Crusaders, worshipers of the cross a million of them, they entered into beta democritus. And what did they What did they do even a few says they did with Bethel MK this what animals do not do to the forest, and they killed 60,000 people in one week. And they ran ransacked places of worship, and they destroyed them and they raped hundreds and hundreds and 1000s of women, and they kill children, and they cut open babies and they killed the innocent and the weak. They destroyed every single thing for 91 years until Allah subhanho wa Taala raised the hero from the heroes of Islam, a giant from the giants of Islam, who said yeah, Islam, Islam who

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cried out from the mountains of Islam, saying woe to Islam.

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With that cry stood up the Knights of Islam 1000 of them 100,000 of them and they struggled and struggled and fought until Allah subhanho wa Taala gave a victory that is lasting until now. Will la hora de buena Marie Wallach in axon se la la moon, and then in the year 656 after Hydra when ebenen alchemy, that treacherous person minister of the halifa at that time in Baghdad when he opened the gates in the middle of the nights, so that the Tatas could come in what happened at that time, a million Muslims were killed. Even Kathy says rather 1.3 million Muslims were killed in how long? One month. In one month. 1.3 million Muslims were killed. And what did they do? They would cut off the

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heads and they would cut off the bodies and they would put it all around the places of worship, until when even the Muslims struggled against them. When the Muslims struggled to take over

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Baghdad from the Tatas and Mongols. They couldn't because of the stench. They said we had to wait outside the camps about that, waiting to go into it for three months waiting for the vultures to have eaten the flesh and for the stench to have gone because 1.3 million people don't decompose that easily. It takes a lot longer a huge amount of time for the river of Euphrates to have washed out all that dirt, and to have washed out all that filth and to have washed all the blood and the and the guts on the bodies of such innocent human beings. But Allah subhanho wa Taala raised the hero and Allah subhanho wa Taala just like he did before, he raised sayfudine coats who fought in the

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Battle of angel loot the idea of Goliath and conquered and took over the Mongols until until they were absolutely destroyed. And as even taymiyah Rahim Allah says had it not been for the Muslims, then there will be nothing stopping the rest of the world with the onslaught of the Mongols.

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Nothing would have been there because remember at that time, we're talking about the Dark Ages. We talked about Europe being in Dark Ages, where there was no one around when there was no one around except vandals.

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And Subhana, Haleakala de Allah subhana wa Tada. Again, the same verse will Lavalle buena Marie Wallach in the UK from naskila Alamo. And in the year 280, a group and sect called a kilometer who had known as the worst sect that Islam has ever seen. The SEC known as the parameter they destroyed Islam in a way you can never imagine. They said that in the year 280. The best halifa sent 10,000 Muslim Knights struggle against this shia sect called the parameter and the parameter circle them. They killed them. They killed all the 100 the 10,000 Muslim knights and they burned their bodies. This parameter was such a devilish sect that they hid themselves as who judge. Then they went into

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Makkah, they killed all the Hajaj listen to this, they killed all the Hajaj. They threw their bodies into the Zamzam. Well, they destroyed the Samson Well, they tore open the Kaaba destroyed the Kaaba, they took the black stone, listen to this, they took the black stone until the black stone was missing from the Kaaba For how long? 22 years. 22 years the Blackstone was missing from the Kaaba. That's right. It isn't there right now. I mean, you know, people say, Oh, the Blackstone is a has got a bit of a depression because of the kissing of the people in the stone. What? That's not true. It's got the depression because the kurama were trying to break it open. Because they thought they

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were diamonds inside it ridiculous fools. Anyway, this is what happened for 22 years it was lost. And then for eight years, no hedge. Did you know that? for eight years, there was no hotel because people were so afraid, so afraid of doing hedge because the fitna of these people, but have you heard the parameter before me speaking about it? You probably haven't. One of them is saying you have Alhamdulillah perhaps you've read history, but the vast majority of you haven't. Why? Because Allah who valbona Umbra he was lacking the accuracy layer Allah moon and Allah will have assurity bring his affair to pass, even if the vast majority people never understand how. And indeed, in this

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time of difficulty, allow will offer surety give victory to us of a surety in this time of difficulty and disgrace for Islam and Muslims allow will offer surety give us victory and success. However Allah subhanho wa Taala will not give this victory and success unless we follow a particular way and a particular path towards the success. My friends, Allah subhana wa tada did not send Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so that he could be cursed.

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Allah did not send her a pseudo lesson or sell them so that they could make pictures of him so that they could they could mock about him being a pedophile and so that they could talk about how he was a womanizer. know Allah subhanho wa Taala sinned Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so that he could be the messenger for all of mankind for all times who are lazy or Salah Rasulullah who build our Deen in happy, the youth Hera who have been equally well Carol caffee rune. He is the one who sent this man. Mohammed said Allah Allah wa sallam, he is the one who sent Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam will be who that was with the guidance and they're in the right religion, in order to make it

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Paramount over all things over all ideologies even if the disbelievers dislike it. Allah also says what Kabbalah hula ugly Banda Allah Rosalie,

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Allah has said Allah says Allah has written verily I and my Russell and my messengers will be the ones who are Supreme. Also Allah subhanho wa Taala says, voila, cassava kalama to Nevada del mousseline, and verily our word and promised has already passed by to our our pious messengers in hula, hula monsoon. Verily, they're the ones who are going to be helped. Why in Jundallah human volleyball, and my armies are the ones that are going to succeed. Our armies are the ones that are going to succeed. This is what Allah subhanho wa Taala says in this verse. So my friends, ultimately without doubt, if Allah is the owner of Qatar, if Allah is the one from from whom victory comes

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from, ultimately without doubt, the end is for Islam. But a people cannot achieve this until they achieve and they hold on to the right way of achieving success. That can only happen if we come back to this Dean. It can only happen if we come back to this Dean for that verse is truly very, very clear. In the low in the law, you may be comin hotter, or you may be unfussy him, Allah will not change a person until they change their rulers. Is that the case? No, no, I didn't say that. Allah says Allah will not change your people until they change themselves. So my friends, what is the real thing that I want to talk to you all about? Today? It is about two important points, or three

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important points. I'll think about the third one soon. The first one that I want to talk to you about, is I want every single person to understand that our true success can only happen through Islam, that Islam has the answers. And it is the only way that can guarantee us the right vision. Remember, I spoke about this, that only when you have a sound ideology? Can you have a sound purpose for your existence, and a sound purpose for your vision? And only then can you have a sound vision? And only when you have a sound vision? Can you actually have the right steps that actually lead towards but Allah if your ideology is wrong, your purpose of your vision will be wrong and so your

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vision will be wrong and ultimately your direction will be corrupt. So my friends stick to Islam and stick to the way of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam by onto it with your mala tooth. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, yeah, a U haul levena ermanno all the Hulu facil me calf, enter into Islam Are you believe enter into Islam in its entirety? In every single thing about the deen my friends, every single thing about the deen whatever it is, you must love it. Love it, put it in your heart until you crave it. This is what what is an absolute must you must enter into Islam in its entirety. Sisters, even if you hate polygamy from happening to yourself, you cannot hate the

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institution of polygamy. It is part of Islam. If there's something about the deen that you do not like it may be something that a lot of you can work on fixing. Because ultimately true success can only come from you holding on to this Deen and every single thing about it will lead you to success. The companions are Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said by Allah There is not a single good thing. There is not a single bird that is flying in the in the air. And that is beating its wings except that the Prophet says that there was some good about it, the prophets or silom would have told us about it. But Allah this Deen contains every single thing that is good for us. Whereas the

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religion of the past didn't have everything that was good for them. Ultimately, Allah subhanho wa Taala says that the religions of the past because of the lot of questions and the Haram that they were doing the extra questions they were asking upon themselves, Allah made a lot of things that are good for them, haram upon them.

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Whereas our religion if anything is over

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Danger religion automatically it is good. And if something is Hillel automatically it's good for us. And if something is haram automatically it is bad for us. So let us come back to the deen and let us come back comprehensively. Also Allah subhanho wa Taala says in Surah Hajj, Orlean surah mala mon sudo in Allah Allah coluna Aziz, Allah Xena in makena, who fill out the akar musataha was aka Mr. Obama. roofie Moncure wala he after battle, oh, Allah says and Indeed Allah will surely help those who help him. Those who if we established them on this earth, they would establish the prayer and they would give us a cut, and they would oblige they would order people to do that which is good,

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and they would forbid people from that which is bad. And for Indeed, Allah is the end of affairs. Here. a sham Titi Rahim Allah Amana Shanti, who was the great scholar of the sea, who lived about 50 years ago. May Allah have mercy upon him.

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Chef Mohammed Amina Shang PT, he says in his book at World by an in this in these verses is a proof. If there are people can only attain the help of Allah, and that a people can only attain success as long as they do what Allah says in the second verse, and that only when they're doing what Allah says in the second verse, are they actually helping Allah? And when they're helping the love, they're assured of the help back from Allah. What is it that Allah says in second verse, Allah Xena, those who in McKenna who fill out when we establish this them and give them authority and power on this earth of karma Salah they establish the prayer, what are those that can give this occurred and

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they forbid forbid against the wrong and the command that which is right. These are the ones and they and it is only when we do this when we go back to the dean that will be helping a lot and as a result Allah subhanho wa Taala will help us my brothers and sisters in Islam the way of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is like the art of New Orleans Auto Salon that arc you know the the folk that the ship of New Orleans auto celeb whoever gets on the ship is saved in anyone else's drowned.

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Be assured of that. Mr. Malik Rahim Allah used to say the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is like the full of new ultra porcelain. You either get on it and thus be saved. Or if you are not on it, then you will all be destroyed and drowned. Also a man came to America Rahim Allah and said yeah, email Where should I put the harem on from? So Eman Malik May Allah subhanaw taala Have mercy on him said, Put your thumb on from where Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam put his or her Ahmad, which is Elijah about five kilometers outside of Medina. So the man said, What if I wanted to put my harem on from Medina itself? Which is a little bit earlier and so therefore it's probably

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better because ultimately I'd be more pious, more righteous. I'm doing it earlier. Is that not better? So Mr. Malik rahimullah says no. He says, I fear fitna upon you. He said what I fear fitna upon you. So at that point, the man said What do you mean? fitna? What fitna, well, then Imam Malik, may Allah have mercy upon him, he said,

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Let those who disobey Rasulullah saw Salah. Okay, those who go against the obedience of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam fell, yeah, Holly funa and Emery on to Cebu fitna tune, I will see Bahamas Abu Ali, that those who go against the way of Mohammed Salah Salem. Be aware lest a fitna or a terrible punishment, take them over. We know what a terrible punishment means. But what does fitna mean? Mm hmm Mohammed, Allah have mercy upon him. In the Tafseer of this verse. He said, I'll fitna who will cook, the fitna. He'll call for the fitna that is being meant in this verse is this belief, meaning that if you go against the way of Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then be aware two things

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could happen to you, either a very terrible disaster and punishment will befall you very soon in your life in this world or the hereafter or both. Or ultimately, ultimately what's going to happen is fifth and are going to come to you which is this belief. This belief is going to come into your heart and but Allah How common is disbelief now? We might joke about something about the deen we might wake up and we have missed fudger and we say oh, you know that's okay. We just rush off to work. We might go to sleep and we haven't prayed Asia, but Allah this belief. We wake up a Muslim and we go to sleep a catheter, and we go to sleep when you wake up a catheter and what is this? This

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is exactly how this belief has become so common. Why? Because

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Leaving the way of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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my friends want to speak about the sooner people divide up things into sooner they say, Well, you know what? The hood is for records. So I'll just pray for records and all the other things is sooner Anyway, why should I have to pray it? You know what, for a person who says that he is from Alyson nojima for a person who thinks he is from the people of Sunnah? How dare he leave the sinner? How dare he leave that which is which he considers to be sooner? It is not possible. My chef used to tell me when I used to sometimes miss my son, and I'll just rush off to do something thinking that okay, Delaware enemies more important. gaining knowledge is more important. He would say it is not

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possible. For a person who wants to be from Allison it will Gemma for him to leave the son of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam not possible at all is it and but Allah irrespective of whether it's sunny or not, it is all from the message of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam which we should all struggle to do. The second point I want you to do in order to bring on the victory of Allah subhanho wa Taala is to struggle with yourselves to struggle once you have Once you've found Islam, and you found the message Rasulullah Selim, bite onto it with the molar tooth and then struggle with your life and with your wealth for this cause. Allah subhana wa tada says, Yeah, you are letting me know

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how to look. Malati Jara Tintin Chico mean as I have been alene Oh you who believe Shall I not guide you towards a business transaction that will save you from a terrible torment to me no Nabila, he will be Rasulullah he believed in Allah and then his messenger what puja he do in a feasibility law he'd be am walakum wa unfussy come. And then you struggle in the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala. With your wealth and with your life, then the compiler luck I'm in control mode meaning that is better for you if indeed you are believers, you have to fear Allah comienza Ruby kumawu the silicom Jannat integrity means that he has an hour he will forgive all your sins and enter you into a

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Gardens under which rivers flow will Masaki not for you but in future natya And verily give you places or dwelling in the eternal gardens of Jana was alcohol falls without even that is the greatest achievement. Then he says, Well O'Hara to have Buddha and something else that you love muslimeen Allah He will photron carried and something else Allah is going to give you in this life? What is that must room in Allah help from Allah wolfforth from Kareem, and a early and easy victory Subhan Allah and what is the victory here that I've seen of the verse means that Allah will establish your deen for you in this earth? And what does Nussle mean? What does help from Allah

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mean? It means Allah will help us with his armies, from the unseen world around us. So my friends, this is the easy way to victory, that we struggle with our life for this Deen, that we find the deen we hold on to it with a molar teeth. And then we struggle for it with our life and our wealth. And finally, my friends, remember one important point just keep on dreaming. You know, these days we just dream. In our dreams, we don't dream whilst awake. And what I'd like you all to do is dream when you're awake, and then put that into into plan. However, when someone starts to do that, one of the problems I've noticed with people is that they focus on helping others rather than themselves.

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First. They think that when we dream high, we must dream about how to help Islam, and how to help Muslims, but then they forget themselves. And this is usually the problem with the dies. Usually one of the greatest problems with the dice, one of the scholars of the past, they used to say that my wife used to say, I hate books. Why? Why do you hate books, because the books take my husband away from me. The books take my husband away from me. And this is a problem. Why? Because the man hasn't worked to rectify his own own role as a husband. There was a story of a friend that I had,

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who told me that he used to work for this large relief organization. Then he went to a to visit a colleague of his who was a new, you know, he was newly back into the dean. He had married a very, very religious girl who was wearing a niqab and everything came from a religious family. And so he went to his friend and says, Why don't you come with me? I'm going to Bosnia for a few months in order to help the Muslims of Bosnia. This was after the war in Bosnia. So he said, You know what, that's fine. But you know what, you know, I could ask the interior ministry for a visa. So that's, that's good. No problem. Go ahead and ask them. Then he went and he asked his wife, his wife said,

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No, I want to speak to your friend.

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So the interior ministry wanted to speak directly to the friend. So she spoke, and she sat down. And so they said that they organize themselves in a room and the sister was in the other room. And so she spoken and she asked specifics about how long when is he going? What flight? is it taking? How long will he be there for me? Who will be looking after him, etcetera, etcetera, who's paid for the ticket, etc. And then when the brothers said she kept on asking all of these specifics, I was curious in a woman who was religious, who is pious, who fears a lot the last day and that is apparent on her. Why is she saying all of these things? Why is she asking so many things and this is

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questions, which you don't expect pious people, righteous people to us. You would expect them to say yeah, go my husband. Please go. I want him to be more active in the deen. And when he asked why, sister, are you asking all of this because I would not expect someone like you to ask these negative questions. At that point. She said My father was a die.

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My father was a preacher to Islam. And my mother when she married me off when I got married, my mom told me all my daughter never marry a die. And you know, shocking. I know you're laughing. But it's shocking isn't it is shocking. Why? Because the duets have destroyed their image with their own families. our own families speak about their problems. Why? Also listens family never never cried that the Prophet system was away in 19 battles. 36 months traveling. They never cried. They were Allah says to them

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was Kuru nama youth Luffy booty couldn't I mean it la he will hikma and remind our wives Rasulullah saw Islam from the beautiful way of Rasulullah Islam in your homes. Why is it that the wives Rasulullah sencilla weren't crying that his their husband was a die, etc. But our wives are crying that your husband's had to add don't marry, don't let your husband become a die because if that happens is you're not gonna have any time. Why? It's because we have failed with our own selves. We haven't started with our own cells. We haven't started with our own families first. And this is my my point of advice. That before you do anything then start with your own self. Allah subhanho wa

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Taala says in the Quran Yeah, are you a Latina, Amano, LA, casa con la yada Rockman Bala either today, or you believe upon you is your own self. It does not harm you if everyone is misguided as long as you are guided. So upon you is your own cells, my brothers, and upon you is your own family start with them first. And I want to end with words of wisdom that I found once written on a tomb of an Anglican Bishop in Westminister Abbey when I was sightseeing in London. And in this tomb, obviously you shouldn't be visiting tombs, right. But this is the tomb of a Anglican Bishop in Westminster Abbey, who died in the year 1100 of the Christian era. Listen to it. It's really really

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full of wisdom. Listen to it. He said when I was young and free, my imagination had no limits. I dreamed of changing the world. As I grew older and wiser, I discovered the world would not change. So I shorted my sights somewhat, and decided to only change my country. But that too seemed immovable. As I grew into my twilight years, in was in one last desperate attempt, I settled for changing only my own family, those closest to me, but alas, they would never have anything of it. And now as I lie on my deathbed, I suddenly realize, if I had only changed myself first, then by example, I would have changed my family. From their inspiration and encouragement, I would then have

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been able to better my locality, my society and then my country. And who knows, who knows, perhaps I may have even changed the world.

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Well, after that one and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Allah is my level of is less now ready to take now double number of students are not given a B hint another great scholar is now not a great scholar of Islam. They said when he died, that they found out that his family never knew that Tao the blobby hint was actually fasting for 40 years.