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AI: Summary © The importance of not making assumptions and not giving up on prayer is emphasized in Islam, as it is the third form of Islam's day job. The speakers discuss various ways that one may affect their day job, including forwarding money, causing difficult time, and possibly leading to death. The importance of inter acknowledge and expressing one's anger towards the Prophet is emphasized, as well as the punishment of non Muslims who commit certain sins and the punishment of those who do not believe in Jesus's teachings. The speaker also mentions a woman leading a prayer in a mosque and her negative reception, as well as the importance of watching and not being disrespected by others.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was that Mr. Rasulullah he was early or minetta Bahadur Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And welcome to lessons and phip

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we have the Hadith number 158, which was narrated by Anna Sabri Malik and the chapter we are studying is the chapter that deals with. And then brother Mustafa,

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narrated by Alice had been medic or the alarm, Allah's Messenger sallallahu wasallam said, its application made between the event and ikoma is not rejected. Now, we've talked about this Hadeeth a lot. Last time we met.

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I'd like to ask I know that you know the answer to this. But

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the question that a lot of people ask is, Why do we always make it than

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that is, let me rephrase that. Why do we always make supplication and do are between a man and a farmer? And we see it rejected?

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It doesn't happen, it doesn't come true. So, what is the answer? to this question, Mustafa.

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There are certain conditions through which that that must be fulfilled, in order for someone to go out to be accepted, for example, that is food should all be Helen, what he drinks should be highlighted and what he earns should be valid. Okay, this is true, the Hadith and Muslim, so Muslim where the prophets Allah Salam told us that there is this man traveling,

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and he has dust on his hair and clothings.

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And he raises his hand to allies, and cause a law with his names and attributes, yada, yada. Yet, his earning is haram. His food is haram. His drinking is haram. And the things that he's wearing, are also Haram. The Prophet says, so how does he expect expect Allah to answer his prayers. So if we look at this Hadith, we find that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is describing a man with things that usually are considered to be means for your prayer to be accepted, such as traveling, the Prophet told us that whenever a person travels, his law, his application is accepted and rejected. among three, of course,

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the second thing that he has dust on his hair, and clothings. And then there's a hadith where the Prophet says that Islam, that there is a man who has dust on his hair and clothings and his hair is not calmed. And he calls Allah, if he says, Oh Allah, I swear that you must do this, Allah will answer his prayer, and he will execute what he wants him what he wants Allah, to do for him. And the Prophet also mentioned raising the hands and this is one of the things that Allah answer prayers to those who raise their hands. And the evidence is that the Prophet says that it's awesome, that Allah subhanaw taala.

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If, if one of his servants raises his hands, Allah is so kind. And Allah azza wa jal is so shy to reject these hands that are have been razed to him. So he will give him whatever he asks for. And finally, the guy is asking Allah with his names and attributes by saying yada, yada and Allah whoever calls him with his names and attributes will give him yet because he had this obstacle. He had this great hurdle. The prayer would not be accepted, because his earning food, drink and closings are all from her. Let her run

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sources. So this was rejected.

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Do we have any other comments? Mustafa would like to say that there are more than one form of his day job.

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There are like three forms. One of them that God will give him this thing that you want in this life or he will see with lira for him in the afterlife or he will simply

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use it to just make something not bad happened to him. Okay, there is another Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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tells us that if a person makes dua,

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Allah azza wa jal will make one of the three and I'll explain that in an example. I say, Oh Allah, Grant me 1000 euros. I need the money for one reason or the other. So Allah azza wa jal providing that I am doing all what's necessary, because there are manners of making

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such as double Malik

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I have been respecting and asking from a law. Yes.

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How do I start my node?

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Firstly, we have to personal very good, you have to praise Allah. And secondly, what do you do Fadi?

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for us.

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When when performing when making dua supplicating

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you praise Allah and then you pray.

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You mix a lot on the Prophet that is a Salaam say aloha masala, Adam Hamad because the Prophet tells us Allah sent him that all applications are blocked, unless you prey on the Prophet that is Islam. So it goes through the heavens, but it's blocked. If you pray on the Prophet, Allah. So Sam, it's given wait. So let's assume that I've taken all the measures needed. I did praise Allah, and I did pray on the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and then I started my application. And I said a lot, Grant me 1000 euros.

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The Prophet says, as a salon, there are three steps. One, either Allah will give it to you three choices. And it's not my choice. It's Alice choice, and he knows best. So either he gives you 1000 euros. And this could happen in in different ways. You know, of course, it will not rain, but it will come to you through one way or the other, you know, someone that you've borrowed, that borrowed from you, ages ago, he came comes back and give it to you, or someone gives you credit for something and he rewards you you may inherit you may this you may that there's so many ways, Allah delivers his risk to you through, you know, astonishing ways. The second thing is that Allah will divert an

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evil thing that might have happened to you

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that that is almost the same cost. For example, I've requested Allah to grant me 1000 euro. Now Allah azza wa jal

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wishes in decreased subhanaw taala. Or decreed before that there should be this disease, this illness, this

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form of

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bad thing to happen to one of your kids or to your wife or to your body, Aliza gel, probably would have decreed that you haven't an accident, to repair your car and the car that you smashed into, it would cost you 1000 euros, by you, praying to Allah to graduate 1000 euros. Allah Xhosa will save you the trouble and you will not have this accident that was supposed to happen to you. So this is one one way of it. The third thing, the third choice is that you ask Allah for 1000 euro, Allah doesn't give it to you. Allah doesn't divert it, divert the bad thing that could have happened had happened to you what he saves it for you on the Day of Judgment. So when you come on the Day of

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Judgment, and you know that you have so and so good deeds, and so and so bad deeds, but you tend to see something extra on the side, and when you ask, what are these good deeds here doing here? I didn't do them all I will tell you that these are the applications you made and we did not answer it, then we answer it now. So it's all depending on Allah's wishes to panatela choosing the best for us. You know, there are so many times that maybe if we are given what we ask Allah for, then it would not be good for us. That's why Allah delays it. There are so many times we wish that

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A grant says this or that, and it doesn't happen. And five or 10 years later, one discovers I remember a friend of mine, that he used to pray so hard when he was a teenager, that his father allows him to own a dirt bike, you know, dirt bikes. And he was so crazy about dirt bikes, he this guy was 15 years old, or 16 years old, and his father would refuse.

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Now after 10 or 15 years later on, when this man became a father himself, get married, settle down, you know, cooled down because he was, you know, freaking freaking freaking out. At the time when he was 15 or 16 years old, was hyper. After 1015 years, the guy recalls and says Alhamdulillah Now, I realize if Allah would have answered my question, my my, my supplication, and my father bought me that dirt bike, I would have been dead now. Because I know that I would have done things that even Keven Knievel would be able to do them. I would do things that are out of the question, but hamdulillah Allah did not answer my prayers on that particular subject. So you don't know where

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goodness is. You don't know what's best for you and where it might be.

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I believe it's time to move on to the following Hadith Hadith number 159.

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Narrated by jabber, may Allah be pleased with him? Allah messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, if you if anyone says when you use the event, or Allah, Lord of this perfect call, and of the regular prayer prayer, which is going to be established, kindly give Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the right of intercession and superiority and send him on the day of judgment to the best and the highest place in paradise which you promised him. He will be assured of my intercession on the Day of Judgment.

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This Hadith

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tells us what a Muslim should say, after the exam.

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And you should ask Allah azza wa jal for the to the prophet SAW Selim that he gains alpha, sila, and alpha Leela. It's a place and a degree that only one is entitled to have it. And the Prophet says Salaam Salaam that I hope to be that Chosen One and he is the chosen one. You remember, we talked long ago about the intercession on the Day of Judgment, and how the prophet SAW Selim intercedes to all humanity. Then He intercedes to the believers and so on. So, if you say this supplication after every da, that is, if you say this application after every advan, then in sha Allah, with the grace of Allah, you will be

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counted to receive the intercession of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, yet, unfortunately, not everybody recalls this, as I said, that there are so many applications, but every one of us is indulged in his worldly life, he is indulged with his studies his effort to earn a decent buck, and he works nine to five he does this he does that just in order to get by and forget that Allah azza wa jal provides the risk, forget that we are here in a transitional period. Afterwards, it's hell forever, or heaven for ever. We have a short break. Afterwards, we will repeat, and we'll try to comment as much as possible. So stay tuned.

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So this is something that you have to point out to the to them in the Bible, something which is I think, very rarely needed by the use, which is staying firm on the cloth. This is just one of the greatest examples for me of how to control your anger within the framework of being the cleanest religion, the cleanest jurisprudence, and in the meantime,

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the kindest religion to animals.

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Let's talk with Fallon a minute as he interviews guests and discusses a variety of topics, everything from youth issues to religious

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issues. Join us here on

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Santa Monica. And welcome back. Just before the break, we had the Hadeeth of jabber, may Allah be pleased with him on the supplication that a Muslim says, after the event, and we said that whoever does this receives what Mustapha.

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Either three of one things. Well, either one of three things, no bumalik session or session of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, who says supplication, after the event received the intercession of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the interest, there are different types of intercessions. Can you intercede? Can we all intercede?

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Anybody has an answer? Well, first of all, Allah has to allow us or give us the permission to intercede. Now, that's on the Day of Judgment. Yes, I'm talking, generally speaking. Can we intercede? No, no, no. Yes, we can.

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Can you give us an example?

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Like, from a master slave, for instance, from talking about intercession, that is at the sight of Allah azza wa jal, I'll give you an example. So that we cut to the chase as they say, the Prophet says Alison's Salaam, that if 14 men pray the funeral, prayer on a dead person, they will have the right to intercede for him.

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Yes, for owner level. So this means that by you performing prayer on the deck person, Allah Xhosa will accept your intercession. And it is said that those who fail to reach the level in Paradise, same as their fathers, as in the sorts of poor, Allah says that their children will come to their level with their intercession, Allah will elevate their level and paradise so that they would be in the same level with their parents and vice versa.

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The parents would be elevated to the level of their children. This is because of the mercy and generosity of Allah azza wa jal, as on the Day of Judgment, we are told that there is the greatest or the major intersection of all which we've mentioned, like

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1015 programs ago, when we said that all the people go to Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and then finally to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asking them to intercede so that Allah azza wa jal would relieve them from the hardship they are facing on the Day of Judgment.

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So in some narrations, though, it's weak, but people, scholars use them sometimes. They say it is so hard and horrific, on the day of judgment, that even the non Muslims, the Kaffir says, Oh, God, relieve me from this position, from the way we're standing, even if you're gonna throw me in to help throw me to hell. But don't let me wait and anticipate. So this is the greatest or the major intercession, a shofar to an ultimate, there is another form of Shiva, and that is when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam into seeds, to his followers, to the people in Paradise, to be elevated and great. So if a person enters paradise, and so and so great, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, and

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to see it, so that they are elevated, and of course, this is all by the permission of Allah azza wa jal another form of intercession is that the Prophet intercedes to people that they have been decreed to be and have, because they have committed certain sins. Now,

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it's well known to you that non Muslims, those who do not believe in the oneness of Allah, will be thrown in hell forever for eternity. There is no coming out period.

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Now those who believe in the oneness of Allah, such as Muslims, or the followers of Moses, when there were no messages But Moses or the followers of Jesus, when they were following read

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Jesus and believing in the oneness of Allah azza wa jal before prophets masasa lamb was sent to all mankind, those Muslims, they might have done a few cents here or there. And Allah azza wa jal has judged that they must be punished in hell, for a short period of time or a long period of time. God knows, maybe a year 10 100 years, Allah knows. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, intercedes

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to these people that Allah does not punish them in hell. So they do not enter hell at all. So this is another form of intercession. And also the Prophet salla salam intercedes to those who are already in hell.

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So let's assume that Allah azza wa jal is punishing this person in hell for 10 years for the census that he has made. The Prophet comes and intercede for him so that he goes out of hell and straight to heaven, even before he does his time. And finally, his intercession to his uncle. What's the name of the uncle Fadi

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Arbus? Well, I bass is in heaven in Sharla.

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Abu Abu Abu Talib is inhealth, the one who supported the prophets of Allah Most, but he refused to declare the Shahada. So the prophets Allah Salam intercedes at the sight of Allah azza wa jal for him so that he is the punishment is reduced, and he's not punished severely for what he has done. You remember, Mustafa, what is his Spanish punishment?

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two stones, or two pebbles that are going to be in a sandals that are going to make his brains boil. Okay, stones put into burning stones, that is not normal stones, burning stones that makes his brain boils out. And this is the least punishment in hell. Yet, our pilot sees himself to be the most severe being punished. So it's not a relief for him. He thinks that no one is is harder than he is getting punishment. But there are so many, many else being punished. Other than that, this is the last Hadith in the chapter that deals with event. Do we have any questions? Or should we move on?

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Yes. Well, there was an incident in the United States where a woman led prayer.

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And the person who, who, who said that then was also a female.

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So kind of female make anything? Yeah, it's an American Islam. So that's the American version of it. If you go too far east, maybe you find the Chinese version of Islam of something else, you know, calling for that. And

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this is common sense. It's been 15 centuries, since the Prophet time, till today, and all those who are calling for the event where men

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it's been 15 centuries to date. And all those who are leading prayer worldwide are not talking about 100,000 or 100 million, or a billion. I'm talking about access of one point, like, what 810, eight or 9 billion Muslims. And no, nowhere we have heard that a woman leads prayer. And don't be deceived by the titles, you know, Dr. So and so are Professor so and so if they don't know that the language itself if they don't know Arabic, and if you listen to the recitation of the Quran, it's a joke.

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because it comes from America does not mean it's bad. It doesn't mean it's good. Definitely. We have scholars to go for an ask. We have the Holocaust, and before that, and we have the whole, the sacred and purified sooner to cross examine whatever allegation. There might be, for example,

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it's very clear Hadith. Narrated by Ayesha many reported by a Muslim and others. The Prophet said Salah Salem, whoever innovates anything in our religion is rejected.

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So let's apply this to what this lady did in this mosque. And if

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It's not a mosque. So they tell me, it's a place in a chapel or in a church, because they tried to make to perform this prayer in a mosque and nobody accepted it. So the only place that would give them

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shelter and a place to do their stunt was a church. And this tells you about the sincerity of those performing this prayer, and those conducting it.

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Nevertheless, now, if you I've seen, I've seen the video clip,

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and it was astonishing, you know, seeing this woman next to this man, and seeing that woman in front, prostrating and bowing in front of that man, and I've seen the men you know, looking instead of looking downwards, or looking sideways and just waiting for the right, pause to gaze and enjoy looking at, this is an Islamic and if you look at the sooner itself,

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during prayer, the Prophet says is awesome. If the Imam makes a mistake, men should say

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Chapin Allah, and women should say

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nothing. It's not permissible for women to talk at all. They should Clap, clap in this prayer, because her sound in the masjid during prayer may disrupt and distract people. So how come? What happens if this woman becomes an Imam? And she says, Fear Allah? Oh my god, Fear Allah. Definitely fear Allah. But after listening to you, what you're doing is you're asking me not to fear.

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And she menstruate. So what do we do we give her a test a checkup before she performs prayers, just to know if she's Miss reading or not. And, and there's so many things Allah tells us to lower our gaze not to look at women. And the sooner is to look at the Imam or his delivering the speech. So what should I do once that she's old? And what happens if we have a genius? Imam, female Imam that is 25 years old, blonde with blue eyes. That would be one hell of a prayer to follow.

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This is against it's logical. You don't have to go through it and and say, well, we have now I heard that there is another one in Italy, and a third one in probably Bangladesh or somewhere. And they're all trying to destroy Islam with their religion, but with the way they're doing, they will not succeed. Muslims will not look even at them. The Prophet says I saw sermon defeasance, though, so hey, the best rows of men are those at the front. And the best rows of women are those at the very back. And the best rows, and the worst drawers for men are those at the back. And the worst rows of women are those at the front. So the closer they are to together the worst It is so I don't feel

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like we have to elaborate a lot on this. I'm afraid that also this is all the time that we were allowed to have for this program so Sharla until we meet next time to Manila, or Santa Monica or to La warahmatullahi wabarakatuh