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LACMA Raheem hamdulillah salat wa salam. ala rasulillah Hina Vienna Mohammed Al Sabah.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Hi, and welcome to lessons and

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we're still studying the chapter that deals with menstruation. And we have Hadith number 121 121.

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Learn under him

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narrated by Miata.

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We didn't consider what didn't consider a brown, meaning muddy color and yellow discharge, after purification from menstruation as anything impure. Now, one simple short note, forgive me for saying this, but I've noticed notice that every time you read the Hadith you say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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And although

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calling or making Vicar, the name of mentioning the name of Allah is something that is good. Nevertheless, we have to avoid having something innovated. Now, when do we recite the Quran? We mentioned Bismillah R Rahman Rahim only in the beginning of every chapter with the exception of surah Toba so 113 places. We begin the Quran by saying Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. But whenever I want to recite a verse of the Quran, I do not say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim I say immediately our odo Billahi min ash shaytaan regime and recite the Quran.

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Likewise, in the Hadith, it is not sooner to begin reciting the Hadith by saying Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim mainly because the Prophet didn't do it. I saw Sarah. And also because then you may confuse people and saying it by seeing you do this. They say that well, to read Hadith you have to say Bismillah R Rahman Rahim and this is not the case. One would argue and say then why do you begin every program by saying Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim? The answer would be that there is a hadith saying that anything that is begun without mentioning the name of Allah is cut or

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not complete. It's in complete. So it is the custom of scholars to begin their session with Bismillah R Rahman Rahim but if they're going to begin every single Hadith by saying Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, then it is a different story. Anyhow, Omar is talking about yellowish and brownish discharge, why is this? Now bleeding

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comes in a situation comes to a woman. And when the bleeding is over, she's purified, which means that she takes a total bath and she prays. The question is, how does a woman know she has been purified?

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How would she know that she has the Torah. scholars say there are two ways.

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One, some women simply are purified by the stoppage of bleeding of menstruation is no more she doesn't see any bleeding. And by this she is considered to be five other women and this is the majority. After the bleeding is over, they see a white thread like discharge

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and they can can see it and this white thread like discharge is a sign of their purity. The minute the woman sees it, this is pure. It's not mixed with any yellowish or reddish or brownish substance.

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Now, it says may Allah be pleased with her

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That we did not consider Brown, which is multicolored and yellow discharges after purification. So she tells us that if a woman is purified, the bleeding stops, the ministration stops, and she knows that it's no more, or she sees the white thread like this charge. Then the minute she sees this, she takes a total bath, and she's able to pray.

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Some women a day or two,

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they get this yellowish or bonus, discharged whenever they go to the toilet. So they think that oops, we may have purified ourselves earlier than we were supposed to. So they used to ask, would this be considered to be part of the ministration omata tells us No. And this is the rule. If a woman sees her purity, if she's purified, if the administration and whether by the blade stop stoppage of bleeding or by seeing the white thread, then that is it. She may not be bothered by any yellowish or brownish discharge that comes afterwards palace is finished. She may pray and fast as she wishes and it has nothing to do with her monthly period. But also One should not

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be quick to purify herself. And that is why Aisha may Allah be pleased with her used to tell them that don't rush things because women used to show her

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what they wipe after wiping, they show her the color and she would say she was seeing some yellowish or reddish or brownish color before she they see the purification before they see the white thread and she would tell them Do not rush. Do not rush yourself menstruating until you see purity until you see the purification which is by the white threadlike or by the stoppage of the bleeding. The following Hadith Hadith number 122

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rated ns are the Allahu the Jews used not to eat with a woman during her menstruation period. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said do everything else apart from sexual intercourse with your wives. Now again, if you've noticed, our religion is based on

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so many things that we differ with the other religions

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even in the clothes we wear even the our appearances you know growing the beard, the Prophet says that I saw Sam grow your beard and a cut short your mustaches

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differ than the Jews Christians and fire worshippers.

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But I mean, this time we can see the Jew I mean the Hebrew people the day just like us, they just like Muslim. I mean, not the way they're wearing the clothes. But you can see you know, they they have they have a lot of Lahiya beards, yeah, well, this this is like the general case. Now. If you look at the population,

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you will find that it is not the case. Only those rabbis and the student of knowledge may do this. And the beard itself is the Sunnah of all prophets of Allah. It's even it's even mentioned and the Holy Quran, when Moses came back, may a piece of blessing of Allah be upon him, and he got the tablets with him. And he came and found that his tribe were worshipping this golden

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cow or whatever. He as we mentioned in the Quran, he started blaming outturn his brother, I think I'm pronouncing him right and iron. And it tells us in the Quran that Aaron said, Oh, brother, Moses, do not hold me from my head and from my beard.

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And this is the

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Sunnah. And this is the way of all messages of Allah. And this is nature, human nature, men, by nature should grow beard. This is natural. And it's a strange thing that Allah did not tell us to do something.

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So that we would complain and say, it's too difficult for us to do. He told us just leave it. Now imagine if Allah in the Quran tells us you have to

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shave your beard every single morning in the afternoon, who would have complied with this? A lot of people would complain and say, God, this is too much, or twice a day or once a day, there's just too much man, I feel like leaving it, I don't want to do this, it's a burden on me. I'm a soldier on the country's telling you leave it should say that shady. Satan comes. And Satan the devil comes to say, leave it, why do some effort, move it, remove it and do this and do that.

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When the Prophet salla, Selim told us to differ from the Jews and the Christians, and to grow our beards, because the majority of Jews and Christians don't go to Pitt. And this is what you can see, only those who are

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rabbis and student of knowledge and extremists from the Jews grow their beats. But the 99% do not do this. So even if they do this now, even if 100% the Jews and Christians grow their beard, this doesn't mean that we have to defer to them and, and shave it. It's not it's a imagine that you get this Rabbi

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praying five times a day, in the direction of Kaaba, we say what we have to differ with them and Okay, if they're praying them, they're gonna pray, no, it's not the case. The Prophet is giving us a short justification, you have to do this. And maybe it would make you feel better to know that you are different to them. And but not all the time. So, in there are so many things in Islam, where Allah tells us that you have to be different than the Jews and the Christians. For example, we pray, wearing our sandals or without

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the prophet SAW, Selim tells us that pray in your sandals, because the Jews do not pray in their sandals. So you have the option. If you want, if you're praying in a you're praying outdoors, pray wearing your sandals or your shoes, okay, as long as it has not no filth, or dirt on it. But it doesn't mean again, to go into the mosque wearing or sandals or boots, and praying in the first row, because people will not accept this. So we have to be different to the Jews. This Hadith tells us that at the time of the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. And it says that the Jews use

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us not to eat with women during their menstruation. So whenever a woman has her menstruation, they will kick her out, go out for a week or two come back later on. I don't want to see you don't eat with her. They don't touch her. They think that she is a menace. I know that some Muslims share this unfortunate, wrong concept. And they think that women are men, but they're not minutes as the case with men. Not all men are men is also there are good and bad. Nevertheless,

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they did not eat with her. And they did not sleep in the same bed with her because they thought the minute she has the menstruation, she's an evil thing. She has to be thrown away. In Islam. It's a religion of

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me medium. It's in the middle. We don't go to the far extreme to the right. Or to the far extreme. To the left. The Jews are away from their wives when they have the menstruation. The Christians don't get don't care if she's menstruating or not. They have intercourse as if nothing is wrong with that Islam, no fix this thing and made things right on the right path. We will take a short break and inshallah after it we will continue our topic.

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Shall on the straight path we would like to discuss the niqab from an Islamic and social political perspective. So sometimes some non Muslims they might not understand the full Islamic pictures. Anyone can say anything about it? Yes. So when can we who speaks what Islam?

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This is the biggest. Who speaks for Islam? No, they are not selling. They are not selling but we are talking about now the general rule. They are not sending but they are going against what has been established. It is his own is the head at a specific time people would see it as a threat. Exactly. How do we how do we explain to them it's not really a threat. It's actually good for the country as well. But if we don't participate, how would we ever reach to our rights? Can you clarify with us? What should be the level of political participation of the Muslims in the West

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Santa Monica Rahmatullah Welcome back. I think we should read Hadith 122 and also we should hear Hadith 123 afterwards and then comment on both Hadith inshallah brother Mustafa narrated ellisville the Allahu the Jews used not to eat with a woman during her menstruation period. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, do everything else apart from sexual intercourse with the wise. Okay and the following Hadith

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narrated Ayesha are the ohana Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to order me to put on an easel and then correct me while ministry. Okay, these two hadiths tell us what we're support we we are allowed to do. And we what we are not allowed to do, for example, had Anna's tells us that the Jews used to

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abandon their wives used to

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put them in isolation, and stay away as far as possible from them when they are in their menstruation. We know that the Christians don't have anything regarding purity, and their religion in the sense that they don't have to wash, they don't have to clean they don't have to perform ablution before praying or doing anything. So their menstruation is considered nothing to them. So they have no problem in intercourse, while a woman is in her menstruation. In Islam, it's in the middle, between these two extremes. In Islam, the only thing that a man is prevented to do with his wife when she is menstruating is intercourse. But other than that any form of intimacy, any form of

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playing with his wife and, and feelings and then rubbing

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is okay is acceptable. And it shows us that the property see the relationship is not only intercourse. And this is very unfortunate. A lot of people think that the relation between the man and his wife is only intercourse. So if she's menstruating, then dumper can do whatever you want and outdoors or travel or whatever, because she's out of order, her expiry date is seven days, then afterwards, you may refresh the webpage and go back again to normal This is wrong. The Prophet Allah is assembling his wife would get her monthly period, nothing would change. On the contrary, he would come close to her Allah salatu salam, in he will would make her feel wanted. Though he has

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alternatives. He has eight other wives. But the feeling itself is good. And this is an advice to all husbands, that when your wife is in her menstruation period, she feel that she is missing something. And by you staying away from her, you're, you're emphasizing this feeling. On the contrary, you should do what the prophet SAW Selim used to do, you should get closer to her, you should give her more love and caring in this short period of time, because she needs it a lot. The Jews used to consider

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menstruating woman as filth, that should be avoided, they should could use to consider her body, her clothings as an impurity and adjust. So they would not sit with her. They would not talk with her, they will not even eat with her. And the Muslims are completely opposite to this. They treat their wives their daughters as

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normal, as they usually do. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam as in the hadith of Ayesha used to kiss her and caress her and play with her so as a lamb, though she was in her menstruation, but he, he did everything except for the intercourse.

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And the Prophet alayhi wa sallam used to put his head in her lap, and he used to recite the Quran. And this shows you the amount of love between him and her and his all of his wives because the affection has to be there. It's not a physical thing. It's not

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something that one detaches from. She's your wife. She's part of you and you're part of her. The profits are salon was used to let her comb his hair. And I know a lot of rough tough men

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That won't won't allow the women to get close to them. And this is wrong. The profit is the perfect man. And he used to have his wife allow his wife to come his hair and do everything else as normal. It's there's no problem of in a woman having her menstruation. This is a natural thing. It's not a curse. It's not a disease. It is something that is natural. It happens to every one that is female, not male because you have a problem then Hadeeth 124

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narrated if not best, by the Allahumma Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, regarding a husband who has sexual intercourse with his wife, during menstruation period, he should give out one dinar or half a dinar and charity.

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He should get one dinar or half or half a dinar as arms are to charity. Now this hadith tells us about what a person does if he sins. What would he do in order to compensate for his sin? Because if a person sleeps with his wife into courses with his wife, while she has the menstruation, this is a sin. It's mentioned in the Holy Quran that you should refrain from intercourse with administration wife, this is not allowed in Islam. But

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Allah azza wa jal knows that people could get weak and shaytan could get strong. So what would happen if a person fell in this sin and committed it? The Prophet here says that he should pay or give out one dinar or half a dinar.

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So which one to choose?

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Now what is the dinar? A dinar is a currency. The scholar say it is equivalent to four and a half grams of gold, four and a half grams of gold. So depending on how much a gram is, you can calculate what you should

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into coursing your wife while she's menstruating is a major sin.

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It's forbidden. And it's haram because Allah tells us so and because also of the medical implication on both parties, on both the woman and on the man and lots of diseases are transmitted through this vulnerable state the woman is in that is why it's forbidden. But now let's come to a dinner or have a dinner. So which is which?

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That does anybody have any

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idea? Which which one to choose a dinner or have a dinner?

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Didn't think so? Probably you're not married yet so you don't even Mustapha I could guess that maybe if a person did it on purpose, then he pays one dinar okay. But if he was tempted to then he gets half the dinar, well, purpose in tempted is the same thing. Because if you're tempted and you do it, then you will be punished for it. See, if a person he didn't know. He didn't know. Well, if he didn't know, then there's nothing wrong in that because Allah says in the Quran, in the NSE. Now, if we have done it by forgetfulness, we did not know that Allah will not hold us responsible for it. Now, temptation is found everywhere. And if you're tempted, and you answer your call of temptation,

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you are sinful and you are punished accordingly. But scholars say dinar and halfa dinar depending on when this intercourse takes place. So let's imagine that a person is sleeping with his wife, she's pure. He has 22 or 23 days of bahara of his Okay, they're sleeping off and on. It's okay. Then

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today he's had intercourse with her tomorrow she has her menstruation. If he makes intercourse this day, he should pay one full dinner. Why? Because he was enjoying himself the past 2322 days. So there's not that big, urgent need for intercourse. But if he waits for a whole week, and then he's tempted, and he then he falls into sin and commit and has intercourse than he pays only half a dinner. Why? Because the need is much far greater than it was a week ago. You see the catch is different depending on the needs.

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If the need was not there, then he should be punished more.

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But if the need is there, though to sin, though it's Haram. Yet he was tempted and he did it. So the compensation would be paying

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this half dinar the following Hadith Hadith number 125

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narrated by Abu Musab Al hodari, Abu Saeed Al Audrey opusa, Abu Saeed and hodari By the way, say it means happy. So you should be happy when you are reading this hadith. Okay.

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Allah messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, is it not the case that a woman in her menstruation period? Neither praying or purpose? Of course, this is a part of a very long Hadith. But what do we learn from this hadith? Simple. A menstruating woman does not fast and does not pray. So this is as simple as it gets. And I don't think we have to elaborate more on this hadith. But what happens if a woman fasts without knowing, and this happens with lots of the girls when they're young, and they're not adult yet. So a girl is about 910 years, 11 years old, and all of a sudden, boom, she gets her minister.

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So she's shy. She doesn't tell her father, she doesn't tell her mother. And she goes by. And she prays with her mother. And she fast Ramadan with them. And she doesn't tell them that she has her menstruation. And six 710 15 years later, she realizes that this was wrong choice. So she asks, What should I do? Well, the answer is typical. and easy. The prayers are unacceptable. And she don't have to pray them again as they do. They are not required. required to be prayed again. A minister waiting woman does not pray period. And when she's clean, she does not pray them again. But

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the fasting of Ramadan is a different story. She has to fast these days again. So if she is asking 10 years after the event took place, she has to calculate how many Ramadan's Did you skip? Usually is two or three Ramadan's because two or three years and then everybody knows that she's a grown up woman now. So it's a two or three months, then how many days do you calculate? She says, Well, usually six days to seven days. So let's assume seven days by three you have 21 days to make up for the days that you have fasted when you had your menstruation which you're not supposed to do. Okay, my Am I sinful by doing this? Yes, you are sinful. Allah azza wa jal will forgive you if you repent.

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I'm afraid that this is all the time we have for today's program. So until we meet next time, Fairmont Allah wa salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh